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Welcome to the Aneros Blogs. If you are new to the Aneros Community, please register.

Why BLOG? A blog is a great way for you and other Aneros users to follow our progress with your Aneros. It is very interesting to see post by post how a fellow user discovers new things about his body along the journey to the Super Orgasm. A blog is an easy way to track this progression.


Recently Updated Blogs

Helixsynuser [1 entry]

2014-02-17 08:27:04

My 1st session

1st use, started out shooting some aneros marksman lube into my rectum and lubed up the helix Syn with coconut oil, slid in very easily with no problems. I alternated between my back and side and slowly rocked back and forth, felt good but no oh's or groans during my 1st session. Looking forwar... More

Path of pleasure [1 entry]

2013-11-06 19:04:55

3 days in the hole

Being this is my first entry, I'm starting with an introduction. I purchased my first aneros product about 8 months ago. I had been having a increasing interest in anal play after discovering how amazing it could feel. My first model was a progasm. I must say it was definitely a little bit o... More

heydude [2 entries]

2010-02-02 23:13:00

It's been a while

So yeah, when I originally started my blog, I meant to post more often. I haven't had many breakthroughs, so I felt I should put it off for a while.

Ever since my last post, I've been taking longer breaks between sessions. Mainly due to different stresses and time constraints. Las... More

hiredhand [1 entry]

2006-04-17 18:28:16


I guess I am a 59yr old Nubbie. I Need help!!. I have been reading all of your experiances with no sucess yet. I used to be very sexually active until a few yrs ago. I Have enjoyed anal stimulation for many yrs. whenever my wife will do me. She is not into it for herself. I have been taking... More

Hitachi Magic [1 entry]

Hitachi Magic
2007-07-14 11:02:20

Parting words

Do to the number of requests I’ve received I’ve decided to leave this forum, so here are my parting thoughts.

The Aneros is a toy.
Yes some of you use it for prostate health, but the main focus of this forum is using it for pleasure, which makes it a sex toy.

The Aneros is... More

Hornsby [1 entry]

2007-04-04 22:52:34

Hornsby's Journey

I'm starting this blog as a means of chronicling what i learn about the use of the Aneros and my own internal workings as i start to use the Helix.

I've been reading the Forum rather voraciously over the last 3 or so weeks while i've been waiting for my Helix to arrive. This ... More

Experiences [2 entries]

2013-11-04 09:13:11


Wow, I can now say I love the peridise. I have been using the peridise for normally 2 hour sessions lately, until last night. I decided I wanted to try overnight and see what happens. While my intentions were to have it in for sex with the wife, which didn't happen, I ended up with great surpri... More

HunterBoy61 [1 entry]

2007-10-15 22:22:52

My fisrt Aneros

My Helix arrived today so off I head with helix in one hand and ky in the other. Looks like it may be an interesting evening.

Initial thoughts of the helix - It's a lot smaller than I imagined but well made and a nice shape. More

CAN'T WAIT! [3 entries]

2011-01-23 21:20:00


SO, it's getting along nicely. I think I may be reaching the mini/dry-o stage.

With mini and dry-o's, d you get the same satisfaction sense, but it's just less intense?

Today, I didn't feel any satisfaction, but I felt like I was nearing a peak.

First... More

Imp's Ideas [1 entry]

2010-05-26 01:47:00

Imp's Ideas

To quote Jerry Lee Lewis, [I]"Whooowee Baby, There's a whole lot of shakin' goin' on!"[/I] More

63s Journal [2 entries]

2009-10-30 01:40:00

Less is More

Session 2 - Thurs 29 Oct

Began with the primary aim of exploring movement of the Helix and Progasm – any other experiences that came bye would be a bonus.

Firstly with Helix and laying on tummy. Trying to push it out and then draw it back in – used a little manual assistance t... More

IndianaSquirrel [1 entry]

2010-05-11 08:34:00

First Use Report

st read about the Aneros on the Christian Nymphos blog. Props to them. It seems that on the very day I turned 40, urination took longer to start and longer to finish. That was a number of years ago. Lately I've found that while I have no problem [I]getting[/I] an erection, maintaining it ha... More

ineverknew [1 entry]

2013-05-05 03:11:35


finished with ejac. pretty sad super T. More

insearchof [1 entry]

2007-06-15 07:59:04

But Wait! That's not all you get!

First a big thank you is due to B Mayfield, Buster, Darwin, Onthepath, Rumel,grateful and many others too numerous to mention! I have been meaning to do this for about a week but all my free time has gone into rewiring courteous of my Helix and MGX. I am fully addicted and have been averaging about... More

insert [2 entries]

2009-11-27 21:17:00


Went to the gym. I had the progasm in my bag. I was thinking about putting in at the gym. After a good work out, the boys and I decided to go out. After I got dressed, I snuck into one of the stalls and put it in. I started feeling it immediatly. It was a long walk to the car. It felt great every st... More

J4 [33 entries]

2011-07-15 15:34:00

Three year Anniversary

Here we are at the 3 Year mark anniversary on my personal Journey. I wonder how many people have come and gone over this period time – how many have tried and found success? How many have tried and given up? I don’t fall neatly into categories for Aneros use but I’ve achieved a lot of succe... More

JACKR [1 entry]

2008-01-21 10:40:00


I have been reading a lot about the aneros and mistakenly purchased the SGX which is a bit small for my 5 10, 175# frame...
Just got the HELIX. Have the day off... Looking forward to trying it!

830 - Lubed up the Helix, lying on my side... slowly inserted it's bulbous tip...then W... More

2013-03-30 07:32:17


12 hours later I'm still not quite sure that my body has recovered. I'm feeling echoes of involuntaries. I don't think they're still happening now but definitely i'm feeling something. It all started last night. I'd been having a bit of a break for a while as my last co... More

jano [1 entry]

2011-09-02 05:07:00


Just a bad experience feedback !

1st point about the compagny:
I have ordered to Aneros, the Vice product 8 months ago.
I well recieved it but without the box ! The compagny Aneros told me that they didn't boxes anymore but they will send me soon. I am always waiting for and my mai... More

jason969 [1 entry]

2006-06-09 09:43:25

need advise

Hello I just ordered my new aneros and cant wait to try it. Are there any groups out there to join for information and pictures? I will keep you informed of my experiences. My concern is that i will cum to quickly. I get hard when i think of using the aneros. should i cum before i use it?

JD3154 [1 entry]

2009-06-16 01:14:00

Trying again for the first time!

Greetings to all. I first must apologize to the Aneros people for
not giving their product a fair shake when I first bought mine about 2 years ago. I tried it out a few times initially without great success and just tucked it away into the assortment of toys I've accumulated. This morni... More

jimp1947 [5 entries]

2007-12-27 01:24:00

Very Nice Session

This session occurred last night when I went to bed. After my pre-session douche and lube-up, I lay down on the bed and started with the Eupho. This was only my second extended session with the Eupho. It is less filling than the MGX and the Progasm, so I expected that the action would be different. ... More

jimstar77 [1 entry]

2010-05-31 14:52:00

An Introduction...

Hi - BuckingBronco introduced me to the Aneros Community. I saw a video on XTube of a guy using an Aneros Helix, I had never heard of it before so decided to investigate a bit and boy am I glad I did.

I bought my Aneros Maximus about 3 months ago and chose this model because I have been usi... More

jjwitter [1 entry]

2009-08-05 17:13:00


i just received my helix about a week ago and love it. i love the feeling of getting ready(like lubing up my anus) . have not had much time to just lay there and let the helix do its job, but i did have a tingling sensation in my cock and it was dripping a good bit of pre-cum. the other night i got ... More

jocco [14 entries]

2011-11-09 22:42:00

Wowy Zowy!

Lots had happened for me since my last entry! Where I left off, I was getting some great sensation in my prostate but not being able to get any further than almost cumming. Since then, I did the smartest thing I could and acquired the Hypnaeros CDs. For anyone struggling or frustrated, I urge you... More

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