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4th session, I think my prostate is starting to live

Hi guys, just to talk about this.
I got my 4th session, I relax a lot more then usual, not trying anything, just get use to the feeling.
A couple time, i had some strange feeling, i very huge hardon, very very excited, almost like on the edge of coming, but not been able to go there. I let this happened a couple time, then at one point I had to finish up jerking up. Very satisfying orgasm, but still not the big O, some feeling of having to pee, huge hardon, edging, lots of precum.....cant wait for the next one

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Posted on 2013-06-13 21:13:37 by sublevel

5th, 6th and 7th sessions, no super-o
just a strange feeling of like a barrier, where i can't get to an O but its very pleasurable. wonder what that point is
i resisted 15min, then had to finish off by hand, orgasm was great ! lots of precum and cum...