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Drifting through deeper levels of relaxation

I have been getting back into Anna Coy's Breathe for the Health of It mp3 series. She guides you down through the body as you consciously breathe into different parts of your body and relax your muscles. It's very soothing and I often fall asleep and wake up energized and renewed.

A couple of times now I have slipped briefly into a deeper trance or perhaps sleep but have been woken up by my entire pelvic and leg region vibrating and shaking uncontrollably. It feels like a sweet release of energy that has been locked up. It only lasts for a few seconds. It wakes me up and it doesn't come back in waves like so many of you experience in your super )active( O's. It reminds me of when I would get cranial-sacral massage therapy done and my muscles would shake randomly as trauma/energy was released from the muscles.

Has anyone else experienced this shaking occurring right as you descend into a deeper relaxation or sleep. I am aware of the jolts that can happen as the body prepares for sleep, but this is much more intense. I feel like my body hits the reset button and my energy is re-balanced.

The human body is such an amazing creation!


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Electric Juice

I have recently been experimenting with semen retention, as I have not had a traditional orgasm in about 2 weeks. During that time I have been enjoying the new found energy and overall orgasmic sensations that can be subtle through out the day. Each night when I go to bed I like to just lay still and focus my attention on my swollen balls. I can feel the electricity or qi that is pooled up in this region of my body. Last night I imagined my balls were full of "electric juice" that was turning and churning like something brewing in a vat. I would then direct my intention to bringing this electric juice up out of my balls and all through my genitals. My prostate and balls were pulsing. I did a few loops with the juice through my micro-cosmic loop. I turned on some vivthomas...lesbian erotica. Watching girls orgasm tends to shoot my arousal through the roof. I then imagined I could orgasm traditionally just by directing the Electric Juice up out of my penis. Waves of bliss soon took over me and I eventually drifted off to sleep. I will have to try this again when I am more awake. This technique is nothing new, but just thought I would share my new visualization/imagination experiments.

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Better late than never

Hello All!
I figured that after 5 years of off and on Aneros use I would finally de-lurk from the forum and start a blog of my journey.

My journey began during my senior year of college as I became curious about this piece of plastic and claims of multiple orgasms and biofeedback loops. I was studying anatomy and physiology at the time and was very aware of the bodies capabilities for learning new "tricks." After reading Brian Mayfield's posts on the forum I knew I had to give this toy a try! I ordered the Helix and soon after was hooked on the new found orgasmic possibilities that did not always have to end in traditional ejaculation. (Haha let's just say I had beat my meat plenty up until that point and I was always kind of jealous when I watched porn because I wanted to experience the non-refractory bliss that seemed to be experienced by females.)

Within a year I had experienced many different nights filled with orgasmic energies. Full-body shaking, anal-contracting, prostate pulsating, bliss overtaking, sessions that left me re-wired and hungry for more.

I ventured over to KSMO and things really started to heat up. I could summon involuntaries simply by thoughts alone. I was truly enjoying my journey. However, I would take prolonged breaks from it all due to my religious beliefs and the moral dilemma that I was finding myself in.

2 years ago, while practicing KSMO, I had a profound experience where I felt myself melt into a single ball of energy. No longer did I have a penis or sexual organs for that matter. I was the orgasm. It was the most intense experience I have ever had in my life. It was amazing and scary all at once. When I came out of my ball of bliss, I was dizzy, disoriented, and felt "ungrounded." Days passed and I started having weird symptoms arise. Unrestful sleep, tingling in my legs, inability to focus my eyes, sensitivity to light. I began to look up possible answers to my problems and concluded that I was experiencing Kundalini Syndrome. This scared me to death. I thought I was going to die and that I was being punished for my sins. During the weeks and months to come I had racing heart beats, shortness of breath, flashes of color at night, and disassociation phenomena where I felt like I was in the third person or like reality had become a movie. It was really weird horrible! My doctor convinced me I was having anxiety attacks and that I should see a therapist. I finally did and he put me on a pyschotropic drug that indeed diminished my anxiety and bouts of panic. However, months passed and I still felt lousy and not myself. In fact I was losing touch with what NORMAL felt like. I took a semester off from school to try and get well. More tests were done and finally I was given the diagnosis of Lyme Disease. I was relieved, finally something to explain all my outrageous symptoms and lack of energy.
Fast forward two years to the present. I am finally getting my health back to normal. I had to go the alternative-health route. Anti-biotics did not work for me. Thankfully I found a chiropractor that did applied kinesiology and chinese herbs/medicine.

If anyone has a health crisis please don't hesitate to tell me about it. I have learned so much over the past 2 years and have tried many different treatments for Lyme as well as depression, chronic fatigue, join pain, to name a few.

So my entry has been all over the place, but just wanted to introduce myself and share what's been going on in my life these past few years.

I look forward to blogging my aneros and other related sexual practices in the near future :)

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