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Aneros Blogs > My Vice & Progasm Ivory Experience (by awired50)

Erotic Shower

I walk in the master bath and she's in the shower. I see her wet and naked body through the clear glass. She ask me if I want her to wash my back. I disrobe and join the beauty in the hot shower. Her body is warm and wet from the warm water, She soaps up a shower puff and begins to wash me. Every crack and crevice with strict attention to detail. The feeling is very erotic. She kneels in front of me and slides up the inside of my legs grazing my cock and balls. She slips my flaccid penis into her warm mouth as she caresses the inside of my legs.The hot drops are pelting all over my body. I am thoroughly aroused as she slides back up my body and has me put my hands on the tile wall. She drags the soapy puff up and down my backside. She glides the puff up and down my crack and I twitch with anticipation. My cock starts to harden as she teases my anus. I am hoping she is going to enter me with a finger but this time she only teases me, leaving me aroused and turned on. We rinse off the soap and dry ourselves off.

Totally relaxed and aroused, I proceed to the master suite while she combs her hair. I get the coconut oil and prep the Vice for playtime. It slips in easily and I immediately start feeling the sensations.I slip a cock ring around the base of my shaft.

A few minutes later she joins me in just sexy panties. She takes me in her mouth. My cock responds hardening with every stroke with her mouth and tongue. She works the device on me as she likes to see the effect it has on me. It gives her a feeling of control and me a feeling of vulnerability.I like this too as I can't predict what the next sensation will be and when. It is titillating.

She pulls off of me and slides off her panties. I take over stroking my cock with coconut oil. She runs her fingers over her slit and spreads herself to slide a fingertip over her clitoris. She teases it as it engorges. She turns on her rabbit and teases herself with the rabbit ears. Her breathing becomes more labored and quickens. She moves and adjust the toy trying to find the perfect spot. I see her beginning to pant and her body starts contracting. She closes her eyes and shakes her head back and forth in pleasure. She cascades over the top and burst into orgasm. Then another and another

The Vice is pumping involuntarily and moving on it's own. My strokes are quick and deliberate at this point and my semen spurts up in the air. At the same time I explode in waves on the inside causing me to thrust in the air and fuck my stroking hand. We slow to a rest and catch our breath. The erotic shower is a fantastic way to set the mood for some special time together..

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A Very Vice Ride

We had a nice time this afternoon together. Started with her giving me a 30 minute head start with the Vice. New level of prostate sensations today. I think I am learning how to hone the Vice into that perfect spot that runs through your whole body. I tried holding for 15 to 20 second intervals a tight as I could. I got a whole new sensation when I released. I became erect and responsive to the Kegels. after a while I experienced a constant burning sensation on my prostate. Two kinds of sensations depending on if I was contracting or releasing. Both very pleasurable. Almost had a feeling of floating. Spasm after spasm.

She joins me and takes my cock into her lovely mouth. I am already fairly erect from the prostate massage. The blowjob increases the spasms and flutters causing me to buck towards her. She tugs and pushes on the Vice as she sucks me. She pulls off and throws her legs aver my shoulders. At this point I am in a kneeling position. She touches herself wit her fingers for my pleasure. She picks herself up with her legs to let me taste her sweet nectar. As she slid back down , I put my hard cock in her wet pussy and we fuck with her legs on my shoulders. Vice still roaring.

After a while I pull out for fear of cumming and she goes to town with her Rabbit. I grab some coconut oil and stroke as I watch her. It doesn't take her long to go over the edge and she grinds the toy to her and she cums over and over. This sends me over the top and I spurt high in the air. The Vice is now on autopilot and working on it's own. We both lie and catch our breath as the feeling subsides.

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Revisit the Big Boy & Vice Sex

Five months into my journey, I revisited the Rocks Off Big Boy. This was my first prostate massager. It is very large. I have never been able to get the last , largest ball inside of me. Coating it with allot of coconut oil and lubing myself well and with some effort , Saturday I was able to slip the large ball inside. Turned out still to be a disappointment as it was not directly on my prostate. In my experience, both of the Rocks Off products I own cause me to become flaccid, even if I am stroking. I can cum that way and have the overflowing type of ejaculation. They will not stay in place either unless you actually sit on them, which lessens the vibration and minimizes the sensations inside. No comparison to the Vice or Progasm. Both of these usually produce very hard erections and powerful Super T's !.

Had a nice time with the wife on Sunday with the Vice. I haven't used it in a while as I have been experimenting with the Progasm. I had forgotten how intense the Vice can be. She gave me a wonderful blow job before starting to tease herself with her Rabbit. I stroke and watch her bring herself to orgasm. I roll over and slide my cock into her now wet pussy with the Vice still inserted. As I pump deep into her the Vice pumps deep into me. It feel fantastic and I can feel the vibrations in the base of my cock. I pull out and she flicks her engorged clit as I finish myself off and shoot on her stomach and pussy. The Vice is still pounding and buzzing as I sit on my knees and bask in the aftermath. I need to work the Vice back into my schedule.

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Always Learning

We were playing this afternoon. Caressing and turning each other on. Just enjoying each other. She stroked me to a huge erection. She coated me with coconut oil. I haven't cum in two days , so I am definitely ready. She gets her Rabbit and starts taking care of herself as it has been a few days for her too. I take over stroking myself and watching her. I never tire of watching her masturbate.

We are dirty talking to each other. She ask why I don't have a toy in. So I get my Progasm. A coating of coconut oil and it slips right in. Immediately I jump to a new level of pleasure. I learned today that when I haven't cum for a while, the prostate too becomes sensitive like your cock does. The combination is insatiable.

She crest to a very nice orgasm and writhed on the bed. I stroke and breath it in.Love the pleasure in her face and body. She comes down and I am stroking and the auto movement has taken over. In fact, it did not take long to start. She takes the Rabbit and presses against the middle of the bottom tab of the Progasm. Great balls of fire !

I exploded in seconds! If Aneros made a vibrating Progasm, they would have a best seller ! I'm going here again !

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Pro Job

Today I had my first session with the wife and my new Progasm Ivory.She started with teasing and a blow job before I put the device in. Several minutes of playing and touching to get warmed up.
I coated the Ivory with coconut oil and slowly slipped it in. I got that familiar full feeling as the Progasm slipped into place.

I start contracting on the device, short ones to begin with. I immediately start to notice those powerful little waves and spasms inside of me. She takes me in her mouth and sucks me in deeply. I try to press and contract harder on the device as she sucks me. I start to buck and the contractions begin. I love the feeling of the finish of the Ivory on my prostate. Very different from the Vice.

She teases and sucks on my nipples which causes my cock to harden like a bat. This is something that never did anything for me before, but I now find it quite pleasurable and erotic. She coats my cock with coconut oil and jacks me off . She coaches and coaxes me as I am flopping on the bed.

The animal noises and reactions take over as she drives me over the edge.This time the ejaculation is shooting and almost forced ! Powerful session today and I think the Progasm Ivory is going to be a great addition to our foreplay. It is a very different experience than the Vice.

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20 O's

Took a nice hot shower.Got relaxed.Got about a 20 minute head start with the Vice. Having many mini Os. I open my eyes to watch her come out of our suite's ( at our home) master bath in a short white robe. her hair still wet from the shower.... Very sexy !! She opened her robe and laid beside me sharing my experience. She caressed and teased me to the point of many internal / no ejaculation orgasms...over and over ! At least 20 ! It was fantastic ! Once she got involved , the eroticism went from 1- 100% !

She teased me lightly with her fingertips. Ever grazing over my cock and scrotum. My cock hardens with her touch. She dips her fingers in the coconut oil and dribbles it on my cock. She wraps her fingers around me and lovingly strokes me up and down. Her soft hands make me squeal with desire. I raise my hips up off the bed and thrust into her hand. The Vice is burning my prostate as I buck and air fuck her sweet hand. She pushes and tugs on the Vice with her other hand causing me to moan and buck harder. The mini Os keep coming over and over as she kisses me and enjoys them with me. My feet are flat on the bed as the Vice thrust in and out of me, matching her strokes. I continue to cum inside over and over again. Moaning and in euphoric ecstasy.

She stops stroking and I take over as she turns her attention to her Rabbit and her own clitoris. She spreads herself with her left hand’s finger to expose her clit for the toy. She teases herself with the nibbling ears just to the left of her hot spot. I see her muscles tighten and breathing become more jagged. She too raises her hip up off the bed to meet her pleasuring tool. It nibbles and teases her as she maneuvers it along her slit. I see her moving it ever so slightly just trying to hit that magic spot, begging to cross over the edge and orgasm. I hear her breathing becoming rapid, almost panting. She thrust herself into the Rabbit and bucks her hips up into it. She cascades over the top and moans in orgasm. He body thrashes as she fucks her toy. She starts to pant again as she throws into another orgasm and another. She goes on for a complete minute of pleasure and orgasms. She looks gorgeous basking in the aftermath as the Rabbit buzzes lying beside her. I am still stroking myself and have had many internal orgasms watching this incredible experience.

I feel the semen climbing up the shaft as I stroke it firmer and quicker. I feel it burning deep inside me and I begin to literally growl with desire. My prostate is pulsing and I am throbbing with excitement. Each stroke it rises closer to the top. I am soaked with a combination of coconut oil and precum. I am thrusting into the air almost out of control with desire. It blast from the tip as I growl like an animal and thrust upward. She caresses me and coaxes me through the ejaculation. It spurts over and over again as the Vice pumps me quickly. It finally stops spurting as I grip myself with cum dripping over my hand and onto my stomach. She comments to me how animalistic that it was and we kiss lovingly.

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Spreading the word

Sharing the news :(

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New insight

Great news ! My lovely wife and soul mate has decided to contribute to the experience here to help others understand, learn and grow ! Look for future post from awired50sbabe for insight coming soon! Cheers !

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Vice Lovemaking Session

Had another love making session with wife yesterday very similar in progression to my previous post " Making Love the the Vice".

When we got to the intercourse stage I tried something different since discovering the Progasm. I was matching my kegels with my pumping into her. It was quite pleasurable but not as auto as the Progasm. I think the thinner neck on the Progasm is the key to the autof**k. So I am thinking my next lovemaking session will include the Progasm for some variety ! Cheers !

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My new Progasm

I received my new Progasm Ivory on Friday but have had a house full of company until this afternoon. I found myself with a short time alone and decided to try it out to see what it was like.

Being I was on a short time frame, I slipped a condom over it and rubbed a little bit of coconut oil on the already lubricated condom.

Surprisingly it felt large on insertion even though I have been using the Vice for months. The .05 inch larger makes a noticeable difference. Also the neck is longer on the Progasm than the Vice which allows you to pull it in deeper and hit different spots. It seems to move less that the Vice does but feels very filling.

I walked around with it in for a few minutes allowing it the maneuver inside me and within a few minutes I was starting to pant and twitch. Very different than the feelings I have experienced with the Vice.

As I said I was on a short time frame so I hadn't even removed my clothes all the way.

I wound up at the bathroom counter in front of the sink with the Progasm in me and pants down around my ankles.

I began stroking and it felt as it was pounding me from behind. I have never experienced anything like that.It was mind blowing intense. Almost violent ! I shot profusely pushing my scrotum against the cool marble counter top until I emptied myself completely. I actually pushed the Progasm out on orgasm but I chock that up to too much lube.

There I stood with my knees shaking and my cock drained still in my grips. saying "Wow, what just happened?"

I am thinking there will be many new adventures to follow. Can't wait to try it during intercourse. I love this thing !

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