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Aneros Blogs > My journey: 1.5 years in (by fapjack)

Longest O yet!

Hello again! It has been a while since I last posted but it has been fairly uneventful. I have noticed something strange, though. I seem to be more successful during anerosless sessions rather than normal sessions.
I have actually been able to achieve multiple prostate orgasms without the aneros inserted! These orgasms are a bit less intense than ones that the aneros helped make but they are fun none-the-less. I simply begin to clench exercise my pc muscles at any time during the day and I am on my way to an anerosless orgasm. I just have to be carefull with the power and timing of the clenches in order to orgasm this way. I have gotten better and better at it over the last few weeks. Speaking of which, here is what happened last night:

Tonight I decided to try something new. Usually, I go into an aneros session relatively cold. But this time I decided to have an anerosless session beforehand and then use the aneros after a few orgasms without it.
I start outed out just watching some porn, sitting fully clothed in my chair. The first and second orgasm this way take the longest, about 20 minutes to start the first one and 10 minutes for the second. I have noticed that after I get a couple of orgasms under my belt the next ones come quite easily. Positive feedback loops are awesome, aren't they?
Long story short, I have a half dozen anerosless orgasms before moving on to inserting the aneros. Within a couple of minutes I find myself on the verge of another orgasm but something different happens here. This orgasm was quite different. Instead of the type of prostate orgasm I was familiar with happening, I was instead at an incredibly close plateau of pleasure just below it. The only thing is, I was at this plateau for like 10 minutes!!! At first I was slightly frustrated I couldn't get above this threshold but I started noticing how long this event was happening and instead just enjoyed being at such a high level for so long. It was pretty fun and definitely qualifies as my best experience so far.

People are always talking about how no two sessions are alike and I am a true believer of that now. I had no way to expect this new kind of orgasm I encountered. I can't wait to see what else this wonderful toy has in store for me!

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Surprising new peaks

I feel like I have been masturbating the wrong way all of my life. Tonight's session was simply amazing. After a few weeks of lackluster sessions I think I am finally developing a technique that consistently works for me.
The session was pretty typical at the start; I spent about 20 minutes working the contractions and trying to concentrate on any good feelings I could conjure up. Eventually I have a small dry o followed by another soon after. Then, I found myself in a valley for like 15 minutes... I very seriously thought about quitting for the night but something made me keep going, I'm glad I did.
Eventually I was back in O territory and manage to get a couple of small supers. Soon, I found that super o's got easier if I get them consecutively. It was the best kind of vicious cycle ever! Now, within seconds of a super O ending I was able to quickly get another. Every consecutive super got longer and more intense.
At one point I was in the middle of a super and made a conscious effort to continue the exact same contractions that began it. It was the craziest thing, I felt like I was building another O within this one. I couldn't imagine what kind of an orgasm might be achieved if I was successful but I did end up extending that super-O longer than most so it was a win-win!
Eventually after a few more O's I got to the point where the next O didn't quite come so easy, I guess my body was coasting to a stop, lol. I sure wasn't disappointed with what I achieved so I finally called it quits. I summoned a large amount of will and decided not to jerk off at the end. I really want to drive the point home to my body that these aneros sessions are a perfectly valid form of sexual release. I'm not sure if that kind of conditioning will work but I am willing to try anything for a repeat performance of tonight!

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Practice makes perfect

Hello again!

Hi, I'm back after quite a while of not posting. It has been a month since I got my first Super-O's and things haven't gone quite as well as that first time, unfortunately. For some reason I had a masterful touch that first night, I managed to coax several super-o's back to back. I have lost a bit of progress since then, though.
For the past month, I can never really count on a session to be successful and if I do manage to get a Super I usually only get one or maybe two. Even though this may seem like a setback I think that first night of mind-blowing success was an early birthday present of sorts. It gave me a glimpse into just how amazing sessions could be. I know I could get there again but I must perfect my technique.
I have noticed that it has been more difficult lately to prevent myself from clenching my pc muscles hard in anticipation so I will try and tackle that obstacle first.

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First super o!!!

After 17 months of regular use of the progasm I finally did it! Totally worth it! This was my first anal toy ever and it seemed like I would never unlock its secrets. It is only because of the promising accounts of experiences on the forum that kept me going, I always knew that is was simply a matter of practice and patience. It was only just last month that I began to coax great feelings out of my prostate regularly, it got better and better every session. I knew I was on the right track. Just last night I hit the milestone of getting dry orgasms, it made me very excited about my progress!

Which finally brings me to tonight. I inserted my progasm, put on some porn, and laid on my left side with my knees up and together. I just relaxed and focused on any sensation I could get. I would clench my pc muscles lightly every few seconds in order to get things going. Soon I could feel the pleasure building. I assumed another dry o, but I’m glad I was wrong! Soon I found that this “ dry o” was lasting waaay too long, it dawned on me that I finally got the super! I just laid there enjoying every bit of friction my prostate was getting. There is one word I keep thinking of when I try to describe it: “exquisite” I never use that word but I feel like it totally fits the sensation. After about 3 minutes I come back down, but instead of a feeling of “completion” I get from an ejaculation I am totally ready for more.

I do a little bit more pc muscle flexing, being careful never to clamp down too hard or clench too quickly. I find that I am lightly clenching with about a two-mississippi gap between clenches, that’s my sweet spot. Soon, I get another super, and another, eventually like 8 more! They all varied in intensity and duration but they were all very nice! I was surprised how easily it was coming to me, like a light switch flicked on and was suddenly a master. Eventually I hit a lull my arousal level dropped under the plateau I was over for the last hour or so. I decided that was a good place to quit. I decided not to finish with an ejaculation, I knew I wanted to save my arousal for my next session!

It amazed me that my journey lacked very many notable milestones and then I happened upon this roller coaster of a month! To anyone else who isn’t having success: patience! You’ll be glad you stuck with it!

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Continued success

Hello, all. Great news today! I seem to be on a fast track to full rewiring lately! My latest session was my best yet. I tried a different position than usual, laying on my side with both knees up in the fetal position. I just laid like that the whole time and did some light contractions. Before long I was able to concentrate on building the arousal by keeping focused on the sensations.
This was nothing new but soon I found that I was reaching new levels of buildup. Every stroke of the toy started to feel amazing. At one point things felt so great that I imagined that these must be the same kind of sensations that women feel when they get fucked. It was absolutely wonderful! This continued for a little while and my level of arousal went down unfortunately. I then fished up with the best super t of my life! I swear, I must be getting soooo close to that super o. I can feel it.
If I do finally get there I promise you guys will be the first to know!

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Steady improvement

Hello, all.

Back again with another update. Once again, nothing major to report. I figured this last session was worth noting because it is the most "rewired" I have ever felt. Usually, my sessions have a flow to them where some points I feel great sensations but minutes later it is lost and I'm back to square one. Today, however, the sensations were constantly in a "forward" direction. I distinctly felt pleasure in just about every movement the progasm made on my prostate. I kind of plateaued at one point for a while and decided to end the session there. The surprises didn't end there, though. The super t was much less penis-centric than usual. The orgasm felt more evenly divided between penile and prostate stimulation. That is definitely a sign that I'm headed the right direction.

This session is continued proof that my rewiring process is totally working. I'm going to continue my strategy of putting a day between sessions, the results speak for themselves!

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Hello all, I have exciting news! Last night, I broke my "no consecutive session days" rule but I am glad I did. It started off like any other session but I was able to actually find a "groove." I have been able to get pleasure from the aneros for well over a year but I have never been able to build the arousal. I have only ever been able to feel hints of pleasure here and there but I have never quite been able to keep it going in a positive direction. That changed last night.

I didn't really do anything special, I just did a few light contractions here and there while concentrating on any pleasure I could get. I was watching some hot porn and playing with my nipples. I have only recently been able to derive sexual pleasure from my nipples so I believe the nipple play was key to what happened next. Soon I was simply feeling a great amount of pleasure on my prostate and was able to keep it building. I felt my arousal level going higher and higher. I no longer had to concentrate on any contractions, my body simply knew how to manipulate the aneros for the best results.

Ocassionally I would thrust my hips upward half-voluntarily to increase the pleasure )I was on my back for the entire session(. I never felt this kind of pleasure back there before it was just awesome. At one point I reached a plateau of some sort where every stroke felt magical and there was just a feeling of satisfied bliss. I don't think the pleasure was at orgasm level but it certainly felt great none-the-less. After about a minute of this I came back down and felt like I was back in the building stage. I wasn't able to reach the same level again, unfortunately, but overall the session was a breakthrough and the best I have had yet!

I am now very happy that my long journey is paying off, and I'm excited to see what's around the next corner.

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Nipple stim and patience

Hello, all.

I have some pretty promising news today. A couple of days ago after a dud session I decided to see just how far I could go with nipple stimulation alone. I have never been one to go to my nipples for sexual pleasure but I have always heard people in the forums raving about it. So I decided to just concentrate and give it a shot. )It probably helps that it had been 4 days since my last orgasm(

Well, anyways. Long story short, I actually got pretty damned close to having an orgasm just by playing with my nipples! I was quite surprised with the results. I believe it is a true sign of my ongoing rewiring process. I can't wait to actually achieve orgasm with nipple play alone! One day it will happen, I'm sure of it

On to my latest aneros session: This morning I realized just how much a good break between sessions can be. I had been usually having sessions everyday but took a break yesterday. The results were pretty great! Most of my sessions have been duds lately but this morning I had great feelings throughout my genital area with a distinctly greater sensitivity of my prostate. I could feel every subtle stroke of my progasm, it was quite good.
At one point when I rolled onto my side I found that I had some really great involuntary contractions! The contractions were perfectly timed to increase my arousal and I was simply taken on a ride. But, alas, it only lasted 30 seconds or so... Anyways, it was a great session overall and a sign that I should play things a little slower with a couple of days between sessions for the best results.

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My most successful position?

Hello again, nothing major to report unfortunately. This week I have decided to start cutting back on traditional orgasms to once a week or so to improve my arousal levels. Hopefully it gives me the extra push I need to make it further.
My past few sessions have been forgettable but I did experiment with a new position. I tried lying on my left side with my right leg bent up and left leg straight. I got really good prostate simulation at this angle. It was surprising that it is only really working now even though I have certainly tried that position before... Whatever, it was pleasant while it lasted with a hint of a mini o that I get rarely, so I must have done something right!

Btw, I should mention these nice little "micro" o's I have been experiencing about twice a month. Occasionally I build up with lots of good prostate contact and feel a slight jolt of pleasure that usually is the precursor of an orgasm. It is only like half a throb so I don't even graduate it to mini o status but it definitely feels like I'm headed the right direction.

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Up to speed

Hello, all. Welcome to my first blog entry! I will try to summarize my aneros experiences so far.

Last August, about a year and a half ago, I bought a progasm. I was 22 and had little to no experience with anal play at that point so this toy was my first. I thought about getting the helix instead but ultimately decided on the progasm due to the fact I am tall (6'1") and that the size of the progasm appealed to my baser instinct that bigger is better, lol.

Anyways, I was completely underwhelmed by the sensations. I got almost nothing out of my sessions for a while, my faith in the experiences I read in the forums kept me going though. I made sure to use it as often as I could, multiple times a week. Occasionally I got a hint of pleasure so my optimism grew.

One time about a month and a half in, I felt something building and found that thrusting my pelvis and clenching my pc muscles hard actually helped this process. I was focused as could be and even felt hints of an impending orgasm but I simply tired myself out and couldn't make it to the finish line. I later came to the conclusion that I was probably building to a hands free wet orgasm because the sensations were mostly felt in my perenium and involved way too much conscious effort, but simply getting close to any kind of release at all was a positive thing, so my confidence went up again.

I was never able to replicate that experience but then again, I kinda didn't want to. I instead focused on working with my body's natural responses in order to properly rewire myself.

In December I saw a sale for the black progasm ice and decided to buy it. I thought that the material of the original progasm might have been hindering the mobility and that the ice upgrade would be worth it. I have found that the black ice is a bit better than the original so I was satisfied with my order. It was also much more attractive looking too!

For the next 6 months or so there wasn't very many milestones. The sensations simply got slightly better over time. I regularly used the toy, not missing a beat for all these months but I was disappointed with my lack of tangible progress

During the summer I had gotten a strange idea in my head. One time, after one of my better session, I decided to jerk off afterwards as per usual but this time I did something different near the end. I stroked myself close to the point of no return and stopped. I quickly grasped the base of the progasm and moved it with quick little thrusts against my prostate and to my surprise I was able to bring myself over the edge this way! Finally, a bit of concrete evidence that proves I can orgasm with prostate stimulation.

I started ending most of my sessions with this technique with the intention of teaching my body to accept this origin of pleasure in relation to orgasm. I think it worked because around August I was starting to be surprised at how consistently good the sessions were starting to feel. I knew I had finally turned a corner with the rewiring process. Over the next couple of months I began feeling deeper surges of pleasure regularly with a definite feeling of something building! I am convinced a dry or super-O is within reach sometime soon.

So now, here I am today, December 3rd. I can't wait to see were the next session takes me! Wish me luck.

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