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I did it again!

I did it again!

Two days from the last mini-O. Today I had an Aneros session with my Progasm Classic and ended up having three little mini-O's right in a row! It was like peak, ebb, peak, ebb, peak, ebb in just a few minutes or less. Wow! This so blows my mind! I feel like I've become ass and prostate sexual. Of course after they occurred I tried my best to relax and get it to happen again. But every time I'd get so close, but never go over. I guess I'll have to settle for what I get each session. But still... I'm way happy with the results I'm getting lately. It's really something else.

I can see why Aneros initially wanted to call super-O's, dream orgasms. As even with these mini-O's I'm getting, I feel like I'm in another world when they occur. So much so that at times I wonder if they really occurred, or perhaps I was hallucinating. Particularly when I'm trying to reproduce them again in the same session. I'm really having a blast with this now! Yeeha! :D

Reader Comments

Posted on 2013-08-01 12:43:08 by artform

wOw!!! Congratulations Love_is!!! So good to see you getting these great launching results, and as you say, becoming "ass and prostate sexual."!!

As a longtime beneficiary of the "do nothing" method, you might like to experiment with that yourself and NOT TRY at all in some sessions. Now that your body/mind clearly is getting this, just deeply relax and see what else it might have on offer.

Not doctrinaire on anything, I too have experimented with trying to make certain things happen, and that has worked for me too, so there you go. See my new "Polishing The Knob" post in my blog here. Maybe it will work for you too.

Thrilled for you getting into the flow here!! All the best further openings and joys!!


Posted on 2013-08-17 10:25:46 by Love_is

Thank you Artform. I have been using the relax, and do nothing approach. It's actually what got me further results and got me this far. But you are correct in stating that I'm trying way to hard at this point. The lure of the pleasure attained can sometimes be so difficult to not put expectations, or really try for it when it feels close. Which of course, makes it run away.