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So last nights Aneros session I noticed a correlation between when I got really aroused, my prostrate swelled in size, as did my nipples. My nipples became much more erect and sensitive as I played with them. I was surprised to realize this. Too bad it didn't last all that long. Makes me wonder if this is what women feel in their nipples when they are excited.

But it made me also think that perhaps these physical changes and sensations in my prostrate and nipples are the lead up to a super orgasm experience. Anyone care to comment?

Reader Comments

Posted on 2009-05-21 23:11:07 by LivingLarge

I usually get mini p waves as my prostate swells. At that point I try to relax and let them do their thing. Maybe concentrate on my breathing. As this continues that's when the body shakes begin. I also try to relax through that. My body always wants to tense up, but I have found by relaxing the intensity increases. It's almost like a balancing act. At some point you "go over the edge". At that point the last thing I want to do is think! I just want to experience. I have been reading your post. You are describing so many of the feelings I feel in my buildup to a super-o. Next time you get to an intense point try breathing slowly and focus on the tip of your nose and relax. Remove all thoughts and expectations. Don't try to do anything, no contractions....nothing. It's almost like by ignoring what's happening it overwhelms you. Best of luck. I enjoy your posts and reading about your progress. LL PS. It's funny but I will be coming up on my first year since I had my first prostate orgasm. ( September ) Just the fact that it matters to me tells you what this has done for me. I struggled for quite awhile. But OMG what I would have missed had I not been patient.

Posted on 2009-05-22 12:28:02 by Love_is

Hi LivingLarge, :)
Thank you for commenting! From what you have said, it really sounds like I'm on the right track. I know exactly what you mean about the body wanting to tense up. I'm gonna try the technique you have described next session. I'm excited by progress I've been making lately! Thank you for the encouragement!