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  • Cock Craving Continued

    Your anus is contracting and sucking on my finger as the precum drools from your lurching cock; it is semi erect and I hanging helplessly between your thighs as the mmo tugs mercilessly on it. At the same time excruciating pleasure is flooding your anus as it sucks as much in as it can. Your face is buried in the bed as ecstasy tortures you with unbridled glee. You thrust your convulsing anus out at me as if offering it to me will make the exquisite anguish of deep anal orgasm either increase or go away; you cannot make up your mind which you want.

    After 20 minutes of the most agonizing rapture that a man could ever be expected to endure I remove my finger from your gaping hole. I marvel at how red and swollen it is. However I don’t waste much time admiring the view and instead lay down next to you on the bed so my face is adjacent to your knees and my own pelvis is next to your head. Then carefully urging you back to reality I guide your knee over my head and you lift your arm to allow my pelvis to slide under your face. I am on my back with my face underneath your suspended cock and your face is between my thighs just inches from my own lust engorged penis.

    Unbidden you lower your lips to my semi erect penis and kiss the underside of my cockhead. The touch of your warm lips on the precum wetted cleft makes my shaft do a spastic dance. In seconds my cock is hardening and lengthening as it erects like a stretching cat that has just awoken. You notice and grasp the base of my member and direct it to stand straight up to facilitate your next move. I then feel your warm breath on my balls as your mouth draws nearer to my shaft; then the heat surrounds my cockhead like a hot wet cover as your mouth engulfs the crown of my manhood. Suddenly you have rendered me immobile. I am frozen underneath you as I absorb the sensation of your hot wet mouth suckling on my penis.

    It was as if I was under the influence of an exotic drug that stirred me to climb to the peak of sensual frenzy while it subdued me and held me still to allow waves of erotic bliss to wash over me. You suckled on my cock as if it was a rare font of sweet nectar that fueled your own arousal. I could feel the familiar telltale buzz deep in my cock root and my slit that told me that I was oozing precum into your mouth. Your tongue was busy at work gathering the clear sweet nectar from my vibrating slit as fast as I could make it.

    Driven to erotic distraction I sought out some way to participate in the chorus of ecstasy that was playing in my head. Opening my eyes there it was before me … your tumescent erection, dripping with the crystalline clear evidence of your arousal. Like a fish rising to seize a dry fly I clamped my mouth onto your mushroom shaped cockhead, locking my lips just behind it . Sucking on it with my lips wrapped tightly round it my tongue caressed the swollen head. It lurched in response to the stroking attention.

    The circuit was now closed. Cock to mouth and cock to mouth in a cyclotron of erotic electricity. As we suckled on each other the pleasure waves built up and up increasing in strength and duration. We did not move our mouths or attempt to make each other cum …. Instead we just drew on the fleshy pipes that were rewarding each of us with a flow of precum with each deep twitch. The prostate orgasms were flaring in both of us. Compressing each other’s cocks between our tongues and our hard pallets provided just the right inducement to induce deep multiple dry orgasms. Soon both of our anuses were flexing and contracting as waves of excruciating euphoria flowed into our anal tracts.

    I struggled to remember to breathe as each cresting wave made my mouth tighten and compress your cock in my mouth. Chilling convulsive orgasms gripped my own cock and anus and made my back arch and stiffen as my cock lurched and oozed my sweet precum into your mouth.

    We lay there writing in a yin and yang of pleasure, feeding off each others passion and partaking of the hot sweet reward of fresh precum straight from the tap.

    I knew that sooner or later the need to ejaculate would overwhelm me. I didn’t want to come down from the state of desperate arousal that gripped my pelvis, tormenting my anus and making my cock heavy in arousal. So I gently pushed you over to lay next to me.

    We were both breathing hard cocks throbbing and glistening with saliva. The cool breeze was blowing in the open window as the sun was setting over the hills on the horizon. We said very little laying there in the quiet. We hadn’t arranged this meeting to engage in philosophical discussions or establish an emotional connection; we committed to meet to have sex with each and that was it. Laying on my back as the mmo twitching in my anal canal waned; I was suddenly aware of the sensation gathering in my pelvis; it was the expected need to ejaculate. All the mmo and foreplay that I had been enjoying keened my libido to razor thin acuity. My semi erect penis was beginning to lengthen and harden with the sweet ache of extreme erection . As my cock lengthened and stretched it assumed the gentle curve that I love to show off, so I did. I stood up and planted my feet next to the bed and grasped my hard cock in my fist. I put one hand behind my head, closed my eyes and bent my knees slightly. I then began to stroke my cock as I humped the air in a shameless show of my extreme arousal. My cock was so hard I thought my skin would split; it jutted from my body like a 2x4 suspended from the bed of a pick up truck. The more I showed off the more aroused I became; I was almost insane with lust.

    I didn’t wait to ask, I just took charge. I knew that once we touched there would be no resistance. So raising myself up I kneeled next to your nude body. With surprising aplomb I hoisted my leg over your hip, and set it down on the other side of you. I was now straddling your pelvis with my glistening stone hard cock suspended inches over yours. My balls hung down with only a hairs dimension between my hanging sack and your languid pouch.

    With patience that surprised even me, I lowered my crotch to yours. The first thing to touch was indeed our balls. Yours were so hot it shocked me; I could feel their heat penetrating my own balls. The skin of your sack felt so erotic against me.

    Then sitting on your thighs I leaned forward and brought our cocks together, mine on top of yours. The heat of your cock on mine inflamed me. Pre cum oozed from my slit with renewed vigor. It dripped onto your cock head. My cock was an inch or so bigger than your as such it covered yours entirely. None the less my precum and yours mixed together to make an outstandingly slippery coating for our shafts.

    I rubbed our cockheads together repeatly until our combined precum made a frothy white glaze on the sexy image of two cocks engrossed in pleasure. I held my shaft and canted my body so that our two cockheads were pressed together. Leaning forward a little more the angle of our juncture changed allowing our two pink inflamed slits to touch, engaging in a wet kiss. The precum was now running from my slit in a steady stream making both our coronas wet and slippery and just right to frot. So I leaned on one arm and wrapped my hand around both of our shafts jamming our cockheads against each other in a forced embrace. Then with the vulgar grace of an exotic dancer I began to thrust my pelvis back and forth as our cocks rubbed against each other.

    You moaned as the simultaneous sexual pleasure and realization of the intimate act we were engaged in settled over you. I relentlessly drew my cock back and forth on yours. My erection was so long and rigid I had images of a bow being drawn across a viola. Indeed the long arched bow of my cock was rubbing on the instrument of your cock making your mind vibrate in paroxysms of sexual anguish. The music my lust erected penis elicited from you as I drew it back and forth on your cock was ethereal.

    The sexual steam was building in me. I desperately needed to cum, so I did. I willfully allowed myself to let go, relinquishing my semen to the urgency of my release. My stone hard cock went numb as I felt the jolting electrical message to release travel up the shaft of my organ and borrow deeply into my anus. When it reached my prostate it began to convulse but not in mmo. Instead it collected my semen and mixed it with a cocktail of sexual fluids and sent it down my shaft in a flood of ecstatic sensation.
    I could feel the delicate agony of the wad of semen moving down my shaft in the rush to ejaculate. Then as my anus began to contract in orchestrated convulsions that matched the spasms deeper in my anal canal, the steamy flood of my cum was at the opening of my cock. As I looked down at my cockhead resting swollen and turgid on top of yours I felt the deep euphoria of orgasm caress my prostate as I gazed in fascination at our joined cock slits.

    Then as I watched in muted fascination the torrent flowed from my slit. The pearlescent stream of cum flowed from me in a strong steady rope. It spilled onto your cock head inundating it with my white glaze. I arched my back as the anguish of release tormented my anus. Then came another convulsive wave of pleasure and yet another flooding your cock with a thick coating of my creamy sex honey. The torrent was powerful and seemingly relentless.

    When it was over your cock was covered from balls to cockhead with my orgasmic slime. Your eyes were wide open from witnessing the cum tsunami and your ejaculate glazed cock was stone hard from the hot onslaught that coated it.

    With the last drop of my cum oozing from my slit, I released my cock and focused my grip on your cum coated member. Then using my cum as lube I began to masturbate you using all the tricks and techniques I knew. You groaned and arched your back as you gave in to the limbic signals that your brain was generating. It was sensing the pleasure that was tormenting you and made you hump my hand with abandon.

    When your crescendo came it came with the deep pounding of drums and the shrill whine of a trumpet. As you blew your load, your cock in my firm grip you pissed a long hot rope of cum high in the air. You roared in acknowledgement of the exquisite agony that was wracking your cock and anus.

    To be continued ………………………….

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  • Cock Craving

    Over the last few days I have come to the conclusion that I am a guy who binges on cocks. It’s kind of like it is with wet orgasm itself. Immediately after ejaculation your libido drops like a rock. Depending on your age and sex drive it can build back up in ten minutes or ten hours. With me and cocks my craving reaches a pinnacle of arousal ending in sating it with a tryst with a guy; there upon my desire for male – male sexual intimacy drops like a stone; weirdly though my recharge of desire for erect cock and cum takes months or years to build back up. In between I would classify myself as interested – intrigued. Typically the thing that is the “thresh hold” between intrigued and aroused is some male porn, especially things that I like to do with guys.

    Admittedly I am no expert in male – male sex as I have only had 3 partners in 5 years. I am an anal virgin, which is fascinating as I was transformed by my rewiring through prostate or anal orgasm. My sex life with men started out as fantasy with no reality. Gradually with the first guy it became a little less fantasy and a little reality. The second guy added more reality and a little less to fantasy. Having been with my 3rd guy about 3 months ago reality is slowly gaining on fantasy. Also my nervousness is diminishing with each experience. As my nervousness dissipates it leaves more room for my arousal to fill the gap.

    Recently as I talked to my “third” guy recently, the recalling of the two hours we spent together got both our cocks hard and dripping. I asked him if he was up for another meeting and he said he might consider it. I am ready by virtue of the fact that as I sit here writing this, just the suggestion that I might do it again has turned my penis to a stone. Part of the reason for my growing desire is his cock. He was hard before he pulled his pants down and when he did he revealed the most beautiful erection. Despite all my well intentioned plans to prolong foreplay I was ridiculously impatient to feel his shaft in my mouth and savor his cockhead sipping and kissing his wet slit as his pre cum drooled onto my tongue.

    My recharge has shortened. I am only three months and I am ready to binge on his cock again.

    So after our chat the other day he challenged me to write about the second meeting we might have. This is a case of a true interface between my fantasy sex life with a man and my real sex life with a man. That being said ….. here is chapter two framed as a dialogue from me to him.

    We both recalled our first meeting with great arousal and a certain level of anxiety; less for me and more for you. You were very nervous but your nerves didn’t diminish that elegant erection you revealed to me as you gingerly slid down your under pants. I was the first man you revealed yourself to sexually. The impact of this event was not lost on you as your penis was pointing upwards, stone hard as your heart pounded with equal measure of arousal and embarrassment. Your cockhead was elegant in its turgid agitation. I love cockheads and yours was supreme among them. Your coronal ridge has that gracefully artistic arch like form that makes it look like a fine art object. Its gleaming pink tautness makes it appear to be as hard and delicate as a porcelain figurine, a perfect penis hand formed in bone china.

    Thoughts of that sexy penis in erection stirred my libido and sparked the hunger for your gracefully arched cock, erected in anticipation of my sucking mouth that I feel now.

    I fantasize a meeting now that will assuage your reticence and empower your rampant libido to suppress your vulnerability and embarrassment and yes your guilt, so that the sensual pleasure seeker in you reveals himself and wallows in the surreal pleasure of male intimacy with me, skin to skin and cock to cock.

    In this next tryst I slowly undress you, slowly peeling off the façade of propriety and social normalcy to reveal a horny sexual man who craves sexual gratification from a man as I do. Who feels in his stiffened cock the desire to use it to probe my ass crack, rub it against my own erection and feel the warm wet suction of my mouth enshrouding it as it is caressed and massaged by my tongue.

    In that this is fantasy I envision the luxury of a private place like a luxurious hotel suite where I would undress you and relax in private arousal. When I finally slid down your pre cum soaked underpants to reveal that rigid prong upturned in its arousal. The slit at the crown of you shaft in suspending a clear bead of your desire from a delicate thread of its own making. Your shaft is gently bobbing as the pulse of your desire tugs softly on it.

    My own cock is erect. I am in a thong that cannot hide the bulging swell of my arousal. My cock is hard and heavy with desire and it is leaking a stream of my own pre cum; the clear sweet nectar of my arousal has wetted my thong to the point that it is now dripping through the surface of the silken fabric. I slide off the flimsy garment as you watch with hunger in your eyes. I am larger than you but not by much. My girth and length cause your heart to race and your anus to throb. As a prostate pleasure person your rewired arousal has discovered your anus and makes itself known at times like this.

    This time I do not lay you on the bed, instead I lay back and part my legs beckoning you to lay onto top of me. You come to me and lay on me missionary style, as you do I grasp your cock and arrange it so it is alongside mine. Hump me I urge you in a husky murmur that tells you my need.

    Slowly at first you begin to rock your pelvis and thrust your cock rubbing it on my groin and the side of my cock. The thrusting of your pelvis adds to the vulgar arousal that is steaming in your cock. I put my hands on your muscular ass cheeks as you arousal emboldens you to surrender to the sexual heat that is building in your cock. My hands urge you with each thrust as I caress the firm flexing muscles of your ass.

    Your arousal is now in control; you hump me with abandon casting off any reservations and anxiety and allowing yourself to see yourself laying on top of me, a man, and grinding your cock against mine. Our combined precum lubricates our members and the skin of our groins so that the sensation in sensually surreal ; you envision your own ass raising and falling between my thighs as you fall prey to the divine sensation of the friction of hot hard cock against hot hard cock.

    I stop you before the friction and the mental vision causes you to spill your load on my cock. It is too early for that.

    I guide you off of me and tell you to get on your hands and knees doggy position. You comply with a promptness that tells of your desperation. Your cock is red from the friction of frotting and it is gleaming wet with the mixture of our combined passion. It hangs down with the weight of its need, dripping a stream of clear man honey.

    I part your ass cheeks to reveal the puckered hole that is now quivering and twitching in its arousal. Your have no shame at this point. As you offer me your anus you feel lust and desire and nothing else. You do not know what is happening next, you do not care. All you want is pleasure, and it needs to be anal. Your heart skips a beat as you feel the warm wetted tip of my finger massaging the tender flesh of the opening to your most secret pleasure place. That touch causes your anus to flutter and twitch as a wave of exquisite sensation ripples into your anal canal and sends a chill of erotic sensation up your spine. You spread your knees on the bed to expose more of your opening to my eyes and my probing finger.

    As I rub and tease the opening it begins to respond flexing and contracting s the waves of A Less orgasm are awakened. With each contraction of your anus your prostate convulses in sympathetic orgasm. The prostate convulsions become so strong your anus is now flexing and opening rhythmically like a vulgar metronome keeping the beat of a lurid song that only you can hear.

    My own cock begins to bob in its own lurid dance as the scenario before me exerts its control. The precum is running in a clear rivulet down my cock shaft. My erection looks like the cocks in a men’s porno, the veins bulging as they feed blood to my engorged prong. It is bent in its characteristic arch of extreme desire. My cockhead is blunt and large, swollen in lust.

    Slowly my massage of your sensitized opening is lulling you into a hazy serene place where time and reality has no meaning. The cloak of anal erotic pleasure has wrapped around you and is shielding you from the vicissitudes of daily life. In the serene bliss of anal massage your entire body becomes a sexual experience. You feel your nipples tingling and your anal canal pulsing as waves of excruciating pleasure roll into you in gentle rhythmic elegance. As each wave touches your prostate it detonates a mini explosion of deep pleasure. The pleasure causes chimes of melodic sensation to tug on you cock and ring in your ears.

    Taking advantage of the bliss that I know has numbed you I gather some of the precum from both our cocks on my middle finger. It is coated with a viscous layer of our passion. Using my other hand to hold your anus open I deftly slide my precum lubed finger into the warm silken grip of your anus. It slides in readily as if your hole has been waiting for its intrusion. The sweet invasion sends shock waves of pleasure deep into your anal canal. Each hard spasm of orgasmic pleasure makes your anus clamp down on my finger and your cock lurch as your cock, perineum and anal track begin to echo in agonizing ecstasy.

    My finger engages your pulsing prostate, the sensation ignites a firestorm of explosive orgasms that take on roaring proportions. There is a thunder storm of agonizing sweet sensation rhythmically pounding your annual tract; they are crashing on you like waves on a beach with an approaching storm. The dark grey sky of tumultuous orgasm now has you in its grip. You have no control as my finger strokes the secret spot deep inside you.

    To be continued ………………………………………….

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  • Lurid Fantasy

    There are certain things that just go together, things like milk and cookies, beer and pretzels, baseball and peanuts and movies and popcorn to name a few. But beyond food there are also experiences that seem to be elegantly matched to certain mood setting actions. The combination of the enhancement and the action makes the experience profoundly pleasurable and at times very moving. Examples might be sitting by the warm crackling glow of a campfire in the black of night, or enjoying the flickering golden hued intimacy of candles surrounding a hot tub. For me it would definitely be candles making dancing sinuous shadows as I lie between J’s thighs savoring the sensual eroticism of her hot pussy sucking on my cockhead. Or it could be soft music and scented candles in a dimly lit room creating a relaxed sense of sensual privacy while my oiled hands explore her body and stroke her intimate places as I give her a massage. This marriage of mood and experience is perhaps one of the most magical aspects of our human psychology and experience of pleasure.

    For me MMO and fantasy are one of those pairs that are just made to go together.

    I was inspired to think about this and make this entry by a dream I had last night. I should add here that she has consumed my erotic thoughts for the last few weeks. That is probably why this particular dream occurred. The dream was an interpretation of a fantasy that I often have involving J. In this particular set of fantasies J is sexually intimate with guys I know as I sit there immobilized in fascination, aroused as hell, fuming with jealousy and cuckolded humiliation as I watch her losing herself in ecstasy as she is drilled by their cocks.

    The dream had incredible clarity; it was not a hazy illusion. I really felt like I was living it and experiencing it in real life. In the dream J and I were with a guy who is a family friend of ours; I have known for years. I consider him to be one of the closest friends I have. He was visiting us without his wife. In real life he often has work related reasons that cause him to travel the 7 hours from his home to be near where we live; we see him when he is here. As a result, we will often see him without his wife.

    In my dream we were at a play at a local production company; he loves dramatic performances. In the dream this friend named R and J and I we in the dimly lit seats in a almost empty performance; she is sitting between us. The play is a steamy love story; the further we get into the performance it becomes harder and harder to separate the play from reality We are the audience but we are also seemed to become the performers; the dividing line between the stage and the audience became very fluid. As we watched the play, it was having an impact on all of us. My cock was stiffening and my heart was racing as I watched a steamy love scene play out on the stage. When I looked to my side J and R were kissing, very passionately. I was shocked!! Her head was back on the chair and she was semi reclining as he exerted erotic dominance over her. His hand was in her blouse as he felt her up; she shamelessly surrendered to him, oblivious to the fact that I was sitting next to her watching in stunned silence as he sucked and teased her nipples.

    He kissed her passionately, driving her to the abyss of arousal. As she lay there in hypnotized erotic oblivion he began to unbutton her blouse. She lay there drifting in an aroused haze, staring at him in silenced awe as he removed her blouse and unhooked her bra to bare her tits. I was waiting for her to notice me and return to reality, but she didn’t. Instead she remained transfixed on him. I was incensed.

    Then somehow the scene in the dream changed; we were no longer sitting in the audience of the play, instead we were in our bedroom. I feel so privileged that the sixty one year old woman I sleep with has the sexy body of a 40 year old. I love to suck her nipples and cunt to arouse her. So it inflamed my shock and indignation to watch his mouth descend between her open legs and make contact with her weeping pussy mouth.

    I struggled to yell out but was stilled as I watched her face assume the relaxed blissful expression of sexual ecstasy building. She cradled his head as she nursed him from her cunt; he sucked the desire from her warm quim filling him with her passion. I struggled to cope with the rage and curious erotic fascination of my adored sexy J being pleasured by another man. The fact that it was a friend that I particularly liked made the situation even more tormenting. Then the scene changed again morphing to them being vulgarly naked together in our bed.

    Her legs were parted as he shamelessly revealed his cock hardening and readying to penetrate her. My own cock was hard as stone as I watched her giving him her dripping cunt. I watched him staring at her dripping pussy with wanton lust in his eyes. As I tried to protest I realized that slowly I was losing my physical presence and somehow I wasn’t even there any more as he was taking his liberties with her and she was welcoming his ovation with parted legs.

    I was reduced to being an invisible presence of humiliation, anger and lust as I watched his cock disappear between her thighs. The mouth of her pussy was overflowing with the nectar of her arousal as he entered her. Hungrily she sucked him into her hair framed cup seeming to engorge his own passion from her sweet cunt honey.

    He had the largest most perfect looking penis I had ever seen; I knew that he was about to fuck her and I wondered how it would fit in her cunt without splitting her open. His cock was long and hard, its ample girth was patterned with a network of veins that were feeding a large purple hued cockhead; that helmet shared crown was drooling a clear string of his passion. It hung suspended from his cock slit with a large fat drop perilously connected to the string. In my dream I watched that large drop of that precum as it fell into her open pussy mouth; the vulgar sight of another mans precum dribbling into her pussy opening made me fume but it also turned me on. And then to my shock I watched his cockhead disappear into her pussy as she swallowed him whole. She shuddered, stiffened and screamed as if she were being electrocuted, but it was not a scream of pain, it was a scream of languid euphoria as he penetrated her quivering pussy with his hard pink spear. As I watched him impale her with this elegant male instrument, I witnessed the effect of his pleasurable erotic torture on her face. It was too much for me to bear.

    Mustering up whatever energy I could I broke free from the shroud of invisibility that made me irrelevant. I found the will to scream out my protest. My own stifled scream not only woke me up but it woke J sleeping next to me. She sat up and asked if I was alright. I told her not to worry it was just a bad dream; but in an embarrassingly vulgar and erotic way it was a wonderful dream. Satisfied I was OK; she lay back on her side and pulled the covers back up.

    My heart was racing and my cock was stone hard. The fire of indignation and humiliation was still kindling in my mind, but my cock and anus were throbbing with the torrid arousal that the dream inspired.

    I slid in behind J and slipped my stone hard penis in between her warm bared ass cheeks. The heat of her soft flesh caressing my aching cockhead launched me into blissful mmos instantly. Breathing deeply I consciously surrendered to the pleasure that was forcing my anus open and flooding into it. My pelvis was being filled with blissful ecstasy; as the torrent gushed into my asshole it tugged on my cock root and made my penile bulb convulse. My cock jerked and lurched as my prostate began to pump and lurch in ecstasy. Thoughts of the most humiliating and arousing parts of the dream only drove the pleasurable spasms higher and higher, until my legs were trembling and explosions of erotic rapture pounded at me deep in my anal tract.

    When I was over I lay there in the romantic ethereal light of early morning streaming through the blinds in our windows. My anus was twitching and my prostate was buzzing as I languidly thought of the dream, the fantasy and the mmo that resulted.

    I thought of how fantasy is such a big part of my MMO sex life but it is not part of my intimacy with J. Fantasy and MMO seem to go together so elegantly; they are like cookies and milk, movies and popcorn or camping and a campfire. The memory of that dream that would never be a real experience in my life amplified the ecstasy of MMO. I would never want to experience that real situation yet was so powerfully arousing for me it fueled 90 minutes of pure MMO euphoria. But fantasies such as the one I just had are totally foreign to my thoughts when I make love to J.

    When I make love to J, I am there with her, viscerally and emotionally. When my mouth is on her warm pussy lips kissing them, teasing them with my tongue or suckling on her erected clit I am there at that moment with her pussy. I feel the heat of her pussy on my face and she feels the taunting prodding of my tongue that makes her clit stiffen and emerge. When I wrap my lips around her erected pearl, I suckle it and make her back arch as she humps my face and climbs the ladder to seek erotic rapture.

    When I lodge my own warm cockhead in her pussy opening kissing it tenderly with my oozing cock slit, and I slide it into the warm sucking pleasure of her cunt I am there with her watching her face contort in the confused erotic anguish. Making love to J leaves no room in my mind for fantasy.

    So here it is six hours after I woke from the sweet erotic mental torture of that dream; memories of it still harden my cock and make my anus throb as I sit here thinking about it.

    As I savor the memory of the dream that tugged my penis to lengthen and harden I will be drawn to seek the warm sweet caress of J’s pussy. Rubbing my cockhead on her sodden pussy mouth will make all my thoughts of cuckolding, vulgar infidelity and unashamed lust melt away and be replaced by steamy emotions, unrestrained desire and the sweet pleasure of adoration. My engorged cockhead will plumb the depths of the well of her feminine passion to touch the alluring tenderness of her sexual soul.

    As I hump her and caress her and kiss her soft lips my cock will explode in her pussy as it holds my spewing shaft bathing the smoldering forge of her passion with a hot stream of my cum extinguishing the lurid, humiliating and sexy inferno of the dream with a steaming hiss.

    Her cunt will grip my cock tenderly as it regurgitates my creamy passion into her pussy. The agonizing euphoria of that release will be accompanied by the thought that no other cock but mine will ever feel the lush sucking pleasure of her cunt. The fantasy has served its purpose.

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  • A Night of Bliss

    After dinner a few nights ago none of my friends were on line and J was upstairs in the studio working, it was very quiet. I sat at this keyboard motivated for erotic interaction. As is usually the case when that happens I decided to spend some time on erotic writing. So at 8 PM I began editing a strategic part of my novel. It is done but I find great joy in going back into it and tweaking the story. For me, the primary purpose of the novel is to stimulate my arousal and the rewrite effort does that big time. The chapter was describing an intimate interchange between a man and a 19 year old daughter of a good friend. The narrative really got me worked up.

    Anyone who has read my blogs or knows me knows that I am attuned to giving pleasure. In my limited experience with guys I really love to do oral and frot, but with my lovely lady it is oral sex on her that is the epitome of my intimate interaction with her.

    So it was last night at 8 PM as I was writing I found myself ruminating about the beauty and eroticism of the female breast and hers in particular. The more I wrote about it, the more turned on I became. This is not an unusual occurrence; I am always turned on when I write blog entries. This time it was a little different thought as I was delving into my psyche to describe a feminine attribute that is at the top of the list for my arousal. At 9:30 PM my cock was hard and my sensual mind was warmed up and craving more. So I did something I haven’t done in years, I did a tumblr search for erotic photos; the search was to find sites under breasts and milfs and combinations of the two. I haven’t done a porn search on line for quite a while, I usually prefer my own thoughts of sexual things I do to photos of women. But for some reason I had a craving last night that demanded satisfaction, so I searched.

    I found several sites that fed the lust that was gnawing at me, only making it more ferocious than it was. The beauty of the women in the photos and the allure of their figures were magnified by the sensual appeal of their tits. From 9:30 to 11:30 I poured over the images fanning the flames of my arousal into an incendiary blaze. By 11:30 PM the pleasant ache of arousal was pulsing deep in my anal canal; in sympathy the core of my cock shaft and my cock root were tingling and throbbing.

    When I finally got up from the computer I went into the shower as I usually do at night before bed. I soaped my entire body with liquid soap and a wash cloth. However when I got to my cock, I let the wash cloth fall to the ground and used my soapy hands. Closing my eyes I forgot the task of getting clean and let my mind fill with erotic fantasies as my slippery hands lingered on my rigid shaft and slickened cock head. The soap suds that were providing such pleasurable sensations were now being supplemented by my precum; the result was an emulsion that was unlike any lube I had ever used on my cock. As I stood with the warm cascade of water running down my back my erection took on the form of a steel prong oozing the slippery medium that coated my palm.

    My mind floated in imagined scenarios of exquisite sexual intimacy as the warm slick stimulation of my shaft sent vibrations of erotic desire deep into my anal canal and directly to my nipples. It was all I could do to keep from stroking my cock until it regurgitated a load of cum onto the wall; but I resisted. Stepping out of the shower with a stone hard penis reddened in its arousal the warmth of the shower gone, I wrapped my shoulders in a towel to stay warm. With my lower body naked, wet and exposed I grabbed the safety razor and shaved my balls and cock, lifting my sac to carefully remove the hair from underneath it where it joined to my perineum. I love how sensitive my sac and penis are they are shaved; little did I know that later I would be grateful I had rendered my junk extra sensitive. In a matter of minutes I was in bed reading; J came in a few minutes after me and she was soon in bed next to me. We kissed and turned the lights out.

    I am usually a back sleeper to start the night but for some reason last night I slept on my right side spooning J. As we pulled the covers up I slid in behind her and put my arm around her. She was wearing a dorm shirt that came mid way down her thighs. My bare hairless cock was pressed between us against the fabric covered cleft in her derriere. She felt so sensuous and warm against my cockhead that my semi erection went to full hardness immediately; my prostate then gently began to throb acknowledging the sensual pleasure of silken panties against my penis. I might have been tempted to launch at that moment but sleep claimed me before my sex drive could assert itself.

    Little did I know that as I fell asleep the next 9 hours were to be possibly the most pleasure filled nine hours of my life.

    At 1AM I awoke from a dozing light sleep. My arousal was making it difficult to sleep. I was still up against J’s softness with my erection under her dorm shirt wedged into her butt crack. My anus was fluttering and trembling and my cock was twitching in the early stages of launching. It was earlier than my usual session time. I usually wait for 4 AM or thereabouts; however I was not about to refuse pleasure that was desperately trying to gain a grip on my anal canal.

    I slowly breathed into the bliss that was starting to build in my anus and make it flex sending serene waves of pleasure deep into my anal canal. As I fed them they rewarded me by expanding the depth of pleasurable sensations which caused my perineum to contract with echoes of building orgasmic sensation. Each breath I took emboldened the spasms to create a little more pleasure and make my anus open and close like a fish breathes as it gulped at the divinely sweet sensations that it was being fed. To this day it amazes me that my anus can generate such exquisite sensation. In a few minutes the level of that pleasure was sufficient enough to transform the wave like ripples of sexual delight that hardened my prostate into pounding pulses of excruciating ecstasy. It was pumping rhythmically but instead of spewing semen it pumped profound sensations of orgasmic pleasure with no ejaculate.

    In a few minutes the spasms were firm enough to stand on their own. I backed away from J and lay on my stomach with my cock between my abdomen and the mattress. The soft cotton sheet offered just enough pressure to stimulate my frenular cleft so that the erotic pleasure was now coming to my prostate from three different places; my anus, perineum and cock root. One of the things that was transformed in me after rewiring was the awakening and enervation of my cock root, making it as significant source of pleasure in orgasm for me as my cockhead is. The ripples of pleasure rolled into me and converged on my prostate, squeezing it tenderly at first but getting increasing firm as the waves of pleasure grew.

    The salvos of stimulation made my prostate detonate with exquisite orgasms and aftershocks every five to ten seconds. Over the course of an hour I cajoled the orgasms to sustain themselves through breathing, nipple stim, and erotic fantasy.

    The hour flew by. The orgasms came and passed in peaks and valleys. I attempted to keep a clear mind and breathe underneath the orgasms to keep them resonating as they exploded and elevated me to a serenely lethargic plateau of erotic euphoria. I climbed the hills of the orgasmic roller coaster trying to remain relaxed as I savored the escalating pleasurable tension that was gripping and milking my prostate and tugging on my cock gently; as orgasmic waves buffeted me, I relished the deliriously sweet echoes of chiming rapture as the orgasm reached deeply into my anus and sucked ecstasy from my anal canal.

    Somehow at the end of that hour I drifted off to sleep again. When I awoke it was an hour later. I was still face down on the mattress. Again I slid over to J and wedged my throbbing hard cock into her derriere which was now fully exposed as her dorm shirt had shucked up. I was ready for round 2. The gentle pulsing in my anus whispered that orgasm would soon happen; the pulses were gently throbbing but they did not detonate into convulsive ecstasy as my cockhead sipped the sensuous heat of her anus. Putting my warm hand on her bare tummy and breathing rapidly in time to the quiet pulsing of my prostate ignited my orgasmic flame. I breathed carefully behind the pulsing to not over power it; it was very much like blowing on embers to start a fire. Then with a fury of a stallion my prostate began convulsing; subtly at first but getting firmer and firmer with each breath.

    After a few minutes the convulsing evened out to the divinely slow rhythmic pumping that I have learned to savor. It was like a great heavy machine pumping unimaginable pleasure throughout my body; each pounding pulse shaking my body with shuddering waves of sensuous bliss. I could feel my pelvis literally shuddering with each pumping spasm as the shock waves followed the core of my cock up to my cockhead. Carefully I gently breathed into the pumping spasms and projected fantasies of being fucked passionately; I imagined a guy driving his big cock in and out of my well lubed anus. I imagined myself to look incredibly sexy, bent over offering him my rosy pink - opened anus.

    After 30 minutes I rolled over and lay on my back away from J with my cock laying on my belly dripping pre cum from the volleys of orgasms that were pulsing inside of me. The waves of orgasms slowed to gentle waves of warm pleasure as I lay there, their echoes spreading a calm serenity over me.

    I dipped my fingers in the pool of precum on my belly and brought my fingers up to my nipples and spread my honey on them as I breathed into the spasms again. Like pouring gasoline on a fire the breathing and the slippery stimulation of my erect nubs forced the gentle waves to mount into a tsunami instantly, pumping euphoria into my anus again. But this time with no pressure on my cockhead my prostate swelled up to absorb the full impact of the pleasure that had previous been shared my cock. The desperate sensation of orgasm had no place to go but my prostate; excruciating pleasure was building up in my anal canal. I tried to deny it the opportunity to express itself as blew the warm breath of my passion gently on it, hoping to tease and taunt it and coax it to assume grand proportions. The leasure had now taken corporeal form in my mind; it was a large thing that was holding me tightly and fucking me with a fercity that was merciless.

    The lustful agony shuddered and rattled inside me in its confinement, urgently trying to take passion of my pleasure, my pelvis and my mind. Finally it broke loose and opened my anus to let a massive orgasm into me as it held me immobile as it looked me in my eyes and made me accept the full force of the ecstatic torture it was wreaking on me.

    I was being filled by a torrent of agonizing euphoria. My body stiffened he held me and filled my body with the resonant vibrations of tortuous pleasure. Chills went up my spine and the inside of my legs tingled as the carillon of rapture rang and rang and rang in my pelvis and made my anal opening and cock lurch in a tug of war.

    It was after five AM when fatigue won out and I fell back to sleep. It was almost 7 AM when I woke again with a raging erection and the need to pee. I stumbled out of bed and negotiated my way into the bathroom. My cock was so hard I couldn’t sit on the toilet and get it between my legs and I couldn’t stand and bend it down to aim. In desperation I leaned against the sink and peed in the sink, apologizing in my mind to J that I was doing this and promising myself I would scrub it later on in the morning.

    Pointing myself back to the bedroom I wandered back to bed and flopped in with the intent of going back to sleep; but my cock had other ideas. The warm hardness of MMO inspired arousal deep inside my asshole was taunting me. I covered up and rolled over on my side letting my cock touch the mattress. As soon as my cockhead felt the warm kiss of the sheets it was as if someone turned on a switch. Once again, my cockhead, cock root, penile bulb and prostate began to involuntarily pump hard in unison with the cadence of a metronome. The synchronicity of the involuntary pumping created such an intensely sweet sensation I had to stifle a gasp in my pillow.

    Recalling a comment some time ago from a reader who challenged me to let my orgasms take me wherever they wanted me to go, and not resist them I decided to cast all control aside. I was at a level of orgasmic sensation that I had never been at before. I decided I would feed this heightened arousal that it had taken me all night to build just to see where it would take me. So following the cadence of the pumping spasms with supportive breathing, vivid fantasies and a hard pinching grasp on my left nipple I imagined the orgasm grabbing me by my cock an pulling me along. I fought to relax my anus so that it would realize the full pleasure of tensing and releasing. This time I was fucking a beautiful friend of ours in my mind. My cock was stirring her pussy to unimagined orgasms making her scream for mercy as I penetrated her and forced her to reach orgasmic heights.

    To my amazement for almost an hour the pumping spasms never stopped. I followed them and fed them lurid thoughts, fantasies and images. Regardless of whether my mind wandered or not they continued with such deep sweet bliss that I felt like a erotic clockworks ticking off time with the most pleasurable ticking orgasmic convulsions imaginable. I was fully wound and my ecstatic clockworks would not stop. As time passed I felt myself losing my will and my bodily control. Orgasmic rapture was filling me, displacing all other sensations and thoughts and saturating my body with heavy erotic sensation.

    J stirred next to and returned me to reality for a moment. Realizing she was there and recalling the agonizing bliss of her doing oral on me as I MMOed in her mouth, I wondered what the sensation of this thumping pleasure would be if I spooned her and held her.

    So once more I rolled over to her and rested my pulsing cock on her thigh and my inner thigh of my left leg on top of her thighs. I then slid my hand under her shirt and caressed her breast in my hand; she sighed and placed her hand over mine. The effect was instantaneous. The cadence of my anguished pumping pleasure speeded up an amplified in intensity. In a matter of minutes the spaces between the pumping waves disappeared and my cock and anus and prostate locked at the pinnacle of the hard grip of the most exquisite sustained spasm of ecstasy I have ever experienced. There was no pumping just an immobile contraction, tensed in frozen bliss. It was like being electrocuted by orgasm. I trembled as a power much greater than anything I had ever experienced in this MMO journey pulsed ruthlessly through me. The hand of sweet feminine eroticism was deep in my anal canal and would not release its firm hold on my prostate; I was stuck in the agonizing grip of sustained orgasm. I looked into the imaginary eyes of this sensual woman who held me ruthlessly I saw her visceral glee as she held me in her sweet death like grip.

    The erotic energy made my skin tingle and my prostate, cock and balls sing a sustained crescendo that and propelled me into a state of euphoria that was so eloquently sensuous and spiritual it defies description.

    The intensity of this frozen orgasm was so profound I trembled and quivered as the vice of pleasure tightened on my prostate and would not release it. It was unavoidable that I would wake J up. She asked I was ok; I a moaned that I was, just let me be. She knew in an instant what was happening, she has seen me in deep MMO; so she embraced me as I trembled in the throes of sweet sensations. I was in held suspended in the tender mercies of anguished rapture gripping her like she was a life buoy and I was going to be drowned in my own pleasure.

    After a few minutes the orgasm released me. I felt like a piece of mashed up fruit pulp; I had leaked a stream of pre cum on J’s thigh. My cock was rock hard and I lay there exhausted from the night’s escapades.

    Again I fell asleep, but this time only for a half hour. I woke up to something that I could only dream of years ago when our kids were small and life was hectic . . . . J playing with my erect cock. She teased it tickled it and ran her finger up and down the shaft with the delicacy of a butterfly landing on an orchid. She dipped her finger in the stream of precum drooling from my cock slit and painted my cleft with it. The delicate touch of her finger tip on that cleft, the most sensitive skin on my body made my cock lurch.

    Then reaching over for the bottle of clear liquid in the nightstand next to the bed, she applied a stripe of the slippery lube on my steeled penis. Then getting up and straddling my hips she opened her pussy lips and lowered her body so that her pussy opening kissed the shaft of my cock and her clit was nestled in my frenular cleft. Then laying down on me she proceeded to hump me, rubbing her clit on my cock head and kissing me. I knew I would not last long.

    My prostate went mad shuddering and quivering and my cock was paralyzed at the agonizingly blissful stimulation. The more she rubbed the more insane for release I became. I began to parry the humping of her pelvis with the thrusting of my own against her. I slid my cock shaft back and forth across her clit like my cock was a bow playing an exquisite cello. We danced together, pelvis to pelvis cunt to cock humping to the music only we could hear.

    As we danced the sinuous tango of lustful pleasure I ground my cock against her and thrust my cock head deep into her as she pressed against me to feel every inch of me inside her. She spread the cream of her lust on my cock shaft as she closed her eyes to savor the sensations my cock stirred in her pussy; the sliding of my cock against her pussy opening was making squishing noises. I hoarsely groaned that I was cumming as I my cock lurched and regurgitated a whole nights collected cum all over her pussy opening. The slippery vulgar cream that I had injected on her pussy mouth made my cock a very slippery runway for her clit. So as my cock softened she rubbed her clit hard against it until she stiffened and shuddered and embraced me as orgasm drilled into her sodden pussy.

    I don’t have the money of Bill Gates or the power and prestige of a millionaire, but I have something that none of them has…experiences like the one I just had. I am so lucky.

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  • Unique Sensations

    I was born and raised in New York City. At 9 years old I learned how to use the city bus system; at 10 I learned how to ride the subway and figure out where it took me. From that point on the greatest city in the world was my oyster. Almost every week from 10 until I was 18, I used the magic carpet of the subway to take me to some new neighborhood, street or destination in the big apple.

    For all the hundreds of places I was in the City in those 8 years and the hundreds more that I have been there since then, there are still many, many more that I have yet to discover and visit; it’s a large city and there are thousands and thousands of neat places. Even today when I go to NYC I am always finding someplace new and exotic to experience that I have never been before. The complexity and never ending opportunity to experience something new in the city is a great metaphor for my experience of aneros driven anal pleasure.

    I have been writing about my experience of Super O, MMO and anal pleasure for years. The result is hundreds and hundreds of entries. Yet despite the similarity of approach to start them each session is as different as two people are; each session deserves its own description and appreciation.

    I have been doing massager and massager less MMO’s for many years now. The last two years I have been doing A-less sessions just about every night. That translates to 545 sessions more or less per year. It continues to amaze me that each one of those sessions is distinctly different. And just like a trip to NYC, each time I get on the orgasm train I find a new stop with different sensations and a different experience of each place.

    Last night (Sunday night) J and I got into bed early; we were in bed at 10:30 PM. We had decided several nights ago to try and get more sleep. I was enthusiastic about an earlier lights out as that would put me in a more awake frame of mind in the early morning when I woke to do a session.

    So at 3:30 AM this morning when I woke, I found myself curiously awake for my normal early morning session. Even better my cock was good and hard and my anus was hungry for orgasm. I was lying on my left side on the right side of the bed with my back to J, about a foot from the edge of the bed. I could feel the desire for MMO simmering in my anus, and tugging playfully on my cock root. Each tug was like a pluck on a guitar string in my perineum; I was most definitely ready to launch.

    I turned my body to put my rigid penis in contact with the mattress. Pressing the underside of my cockhead against the mattress, I ignited a pleasant throbbing that rippled up my cock and deep into my anal tract. I could feel the throbbing keeping time with my pulse. Each pulsing throb seemed to amplify the erotic glow and warm sensation of the next one. I relaxed and let the blissful sensation take me where it wanted to take me; I floated with it.

    After five minutes or so the pulsing pleasure had become intensely resonant, I could feel it driving up the core of my cock deep into me and convulsing my swelling prostate; my prostate shuddered and twitched as each pulsing wave hit it. After a few of these twitches my prostate was enervated; it began to rhythmically pump involuntarily. To catch these highly pleasurable spasms and keep them going I breathed into them. It was like gently blowing on the embers of a fire to make them burst into flame. Indeed the spasms hardened and intensified. I could feel my prostate stiffening in the contraction of each spasm; in counter point to the convulsion deep in my anal tract, my anus clenched and released involuntarily. The contraction of my anus set my penile bulb and the tip of my cockhead to spasm in syncopation. The entire chain of events was something like an old percolator chugging but this percolator is reverberating with deeply sensual orgasmic waves that were pumping ecstasy through my sex organs.

    I swam in the thick and sensual waves that were washing inside of me, savoring the sinuous ebbs and flows and the sweet anguish that chimed deep in my anus with each convulsive echo. I could feel the euphoric thump pounding in my perineum and cock root in counterpoint to the pumping pleasure of my anus.

    After a few minutes I rolled back to my side and left my semi erect cock cantilevered out perpendicular to my abdomen, suspended in mid air under the covers. The pleasure spasms faded and died but I could feel the swelling deep inside my anal tract. My prostate felt like a golf ball it was contracted and erect. I felt like a hyped up runner on the starting line ready to do the fifty yard dash. Slowly I felt the spasms start again, this time on their own. I followed them on their seemingly careless path. They led my on that path, taking my breath away with each pulsing step I took. The pleasure spasms had gone from a 1, 2, 3 beat to a 1 ..2 ..1 ..2 beat. The spasm were getting excruciatingly hard but as hard as they were that is how sweet and blissful their echo inside of me was.

    My cock shaft and cockhead went thumb as the pleasure bore deep and hard into my anus, forcing me to arch my back in ecstatic agony. The spasms were now bouncing between my anus and prostate pulsing sympathetically with my penile bulb. I focused on this new pattern and breathed into it to support it. As I was breathing I felt for my nipples; they were turgid, hot and swollen with desire. I latched onto them pinched them between my thumbs and fore fingers and squeezed them gently. It felt like the squeeze squirted gasoline onto a fire. The orgasmic spasms and the pumping of my prostate speeded up and my legs stiffened as I felt a long hard orgasm get shoved into my anus. I cringed as I felt its hot desire invade my asshole. I felt like I was being impaled by my own orgasm. I struggled to breathe and stay on the wave.

    A half an hour had passed. The orgasmic spasms had warmed my prostate to hyper sensitivity. Everything was humming and pulsing gently in the momentary lapse between pleasure waves. It was hard to hold back.

    I rolled onto my back and parted my legs and began to tweak my nipples with my index fingers as I breathed deeply and fully. As the Santa Anna winds whip a forest fire into a frenzy my orgasmic spasms roared to life. As I felt the power of these spasms blazing in my like a blast furnace I began to fantasize.

    I thought of a female friend here on the internet that I often chat with. I conjured up images of us sharing a bed naked, stoking each other and kissing and getting each other so worked up were as frenzied as I actually felt at that moment. In a burst of unrestrained passion I mounted her and shoved my long hard cock deep into her cunt making her scream in pleasure pain. I fucked her fervently, making her bellow in agony as my cock made her orgasm explode in her. I imagined my cock deep in her pussy my cockhead bathed in her orgasmic slime and my thick sticky hot cum. I envisioned eating her post orgasmic cream pie and making her cum again oozing our cocktail from her convulsing pussy mouth. The image made my pumping spasm beat double time. My now flaccid cock was resting on my balls and rhythmically pumping a seemingly relentless stream of pre cum onto my balls.

    I lay immobilized relishing the spasms which were now a steady single beat. I felt like the elegantly feminine hand of my orgasm was deep in my anal tract, stretching open my asshole on her forearm. Her warm hand was alternating squeezing my prostate and tugging on it mercilessly sucking orgasms from it over and over again. Each tugging squeeze sent paroxysms of erotic rapture to shoot up to my brain. I could feel the pool of precum under my ass growing.

    Again I refocused on my lady friend in my fantasy. I was caressing her and then I was suckling her clit and MMOing in her ass crack as I spooned her and massaged her tits. A thunderous rapid fire set of orgasmic spasms detonated inside of me. My anus, balls, perineum and penile bulb all seemed to be caressed by a mysterious feminine force. It blew warmly in my ear and coxed me to give in.

    I felt the warm secure embrace of my mistress’s imaginary hands on my balls. I breathed slowly and struggled to relax my anus and anal tract. I toggled my nipples again and felt the waves begin. Slowly the spasms worked towards a crescendo. In the milliseconds before the cascade of orgasms I felt my balls tighten and my anus clench for a flash of a moment. Then everything let go. The great pumping orgasmic drum inside of me pounded and pulsed as a spike of pure sexual bliss was shoved up my asshole right through my body. My mouth was forced open as the passion hardened spike pierced my gut and forced my mouth open in a silent scream. Hard cruel rapture inducing spasms cascaded from deep inside my asshole.

    I lay on my back on the bed, my back arched and my legs tensed and stiff as the orgasmic waves pounded me again and again and squeezed my cock in syncopated rhythm. For uncountable minutes I was a pebble on the beach in a ferocious storm; the waves pounded me tossing me about in a wash of foamy bliss.

    I had been at this for almost an hour. I needed to pee something fierce. I was afraid if I didn’t go the next spasm might force me to pee in the bed. So reluctantly I got up and leaned towards the bathroom. Standing up the pleasure waves receded and a sense of normalcy returned. My slimy precum was drooling from my cockhead; I tried to catch it in my palm as I walked to avoid leaving a trail on the rug. I sat on the toilet and released a rush of pee in the toilet. I leaned my head in my hands and collected my thoughts. I assured myself that it was over and I could steal another 2 hours of sleep before the radio went off.

    So I went back to bed and climbed in again. J was on her back, her tee shirt up around her tits. She is so sexy in a tee shirt and I love that they leave her virtually naked in bed. So I sidled up to her and put my leg over her upper thighs. The sensitive skin of my own inner thighs felt the bulge of her vulva and the tickle of the downy hair that covered it. My cock had begun to stiffen as the arousal deep inside of me overpowered the orgasmic spasms that fooled my cock into thinking it had cum and made it go soft.

    The sensation of my frenular cleft pressing on her warm skin opened my anus for invasion. As assurances that I was done were washed away by sensations of exquisite sensation organizing I surrendered. Slowly I breathed and relaxed as totally as I could. In a silent whisper to my orgasmic mistress I told her to take me. With my hand caressing J’s warm breast my mistress coyly slid her hand into my anus. I clung to my sweet J as mysterious and wicked feminine sensuality reached deep into my asshole to grope at the swollen source of my pleasure. However this time instead of taunting me to orgasm she teased me and was gently stroking my prostate, blowing the warm breath of her feminine desire on it, and coaxing it to swell. shudder and quiver to her tender mercies.

    Instead of convulsing in agonizingly sweet spasms my prostate began to pulse gently and radiate erotic warmth that seemed to soak through my body. Slowly the warmth spread and sensations of anguished ecstasy quietly screamed inside of me. My nipples hardened and erected, my perineum tightened as I felt divine pressure in on my golden spot. My skin tingled and a long lugubrious peal of rapture rang inside of me with the subtle pealing of agonizing pleasure.

    The orgasm wrapped around my entire body, swaddling me to be reborn, soothing me and singing a warm song of euphoria that washed all thoughts of resistance from my mind . In a thunderous rush I was thrust into a quiet warm still place that permeated my body and touched places in me that I never knew were there. As the fingers of this blissful sensation reached into me my brain was overwhelmed by white hot soft rapture.

    In the haze of pure unadulterated pleasure I felt I was able to gather my wits to consider a rational thought. In the slow motion euphoric bliss that held me I reasoned that I had been carried to see the face of Nirvana.

    I hung in this deeply sensual excruciatingly soft state of ecstasy for a couple of minutes. I savored it and drank it in as deeply as I could. I didn’t want to leave. I tried to stay as long as I could but slowly she released me and I was back on earth lying next to the lady I love. I had drooled a stream of precum onto her thigh that ran onto the sheets.

    I was amazed I hadn’t woken her. I lay there and let sleep claim me for the hour until my alarm would go off.

    I had just found a new neighborhood. I am not sure I could find my way there again; it’s a big complicated city.

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  • Anal Orgasm

    Friday night after an early dinner J went to my daughter’s house about an hour away to go to a late movie near her house and stay overnight. It’s been nice that the two of them have become movie buddies; they go to chic flicks on a regular basis. I am happy that my daughter is able to spare me from going to movies that I would rather not see. It was a 9:20 PM showing so J decided ahead of time to spend the night in my daughter’s apartment which is 10 minutes from the theater rather than drive the hour to come home. So I slept alone that night.

    After chatting with some friends on line and doing some minor work related writing I headed up to bed. Alone time in the house or in a hotel is always time that I use for prostate massage. Most of my MMO sessions are done with nothing inside me with J in the bed next to me; the sensations from a massager less session are lush and deep and subtle. Massager-less sessions are lower to build up but they never fail to get my precum flowing profusely when they are in full bloom. I love doing them.

    But a session done with a prostate massager probing my anus affords a unique feeling of being penetrated; it is a thrilling, gratifying, and highly erotic sensation. Because of my craving for anal penetration I can identify with many women’s craving for vaginal penetration. When I decide I am going to do a penetration driven session my anus begins to tingle and feel a deep aching hunger. There is a very pleasant yet desperate arousal and a sensation of needing to feel my anal cavity being invaded by a long probing massager that grows inside my anus, makes my anus twitch and quickens my heart beat. When my Tempo is inside my anus the resulting sensation is the sweet anguish of a gag like reflex as if my anus is regurgitating, similar to what I would feel if I stuck a finger down my throat. The difference being a reverse peristaltic reflex in my anus transforms quickly to extremely pleasurable ripples up my anal cavity, triggering my prostate to swell and erect and start pulsing with pleasure.

    So after a shower I got in bed and read for a while. When I was sufficiently sleepy I prepped my Tempo which consisted of filling a condom, sliding the Tempo inside and tying the opening of the condom in a knot. I then set the massager on the night stand.

    I turned out the light and dropped off to sleep; three hours later I woke in half sleep with a raging erection and my anus throbbing. I rolled onto my side and raised my knee. I took my time and gingerly maneuvered the head of the massager at the entrance of my anus, teasing myself. With my anus flexing wildly I slid the Tempo in, settling it comfortably in my anus.

    The feeling of the heavy rounded head of the massager pressing against my prostate and protruding from my anus made my cock quiver; the sensation of it sliding into me was exquisitely sensual. My anal canal seemed to be sucking on it. As it sank into me chills went up my spine and my nipples hardened and erected in sympathy. Once seated deeply in my canal my anal opening tightened reflexively; the familiar convulsions of pleasure and the gagging of my anal canal started making me gasp. I struggled to suppress the MMO that was starting right then and there; putting my legs down I savored the sensation of being fucked in the ass and tried to save the orgasm from starting to let it build for a bit.

    Applying my best Zen mediation skills I tried to ignore the glowing embers of pleasure in my anus that was ever so slowly filling me up. The agonizing bliss in my anus was pulsing gently threatening to explode into convulsive spasms of ecstasy any moment. I tried to minimize them and pretend I didn’t feel them as I breathed deep and full and focused on my feet. But like high tide slowly and inexorably rising on a sandy beach the orgasmic tension was flowing into my anus around the insistent intruder that plugged my asshole and was gently pressing against my now rigid P spot. The pressure of the head of the massager on my aroused prostate was sending irrepressible ripples of sweet rapture over my skin and deep into my body.

    Slowly I rolled over gently placing my aching cockhead on the mattress. The pressure of my stomach on my cock shaft expressed a large wet drool of precum on the mattress; I felt its warmth spread under my belly. Angling my left shoulder up to provide finger access to my nipple I brought my left hand middle finger up and tenderly toggled my erect nub. An electric jolt of white hot pleasure shot from my rigid dark pink nipple straight to my prostate making it clench and radiate a wave of sheer ecstasy as it did. That spasm initiated a chain reaction of rhythmic pumping convulsive waves of pleasure that launched the session.

    In a choreographed dance that was elegantly graceful and spellbinding my anus grabbed onto the massager and began to draw it back and forth inside of my anus. As my opening held the base of the shaft tight in a clench of pleasure, involuntary orgasmic spasms began to slowly push and pull the extremely blissful foreign object that was lodged in its grip and out of my hole as if it was a bow on a violin being drawn over strings.. As my anus sucked and pulled on the massager the bulbous head deep inside me was gently stroking my very aroused and lust hardened gland. Each pulsing spasm that drew the head over my rigid prostate caused a chime of serene pleasure to reverberate inside of me. The vibration rippled down to my cock and perineum and made them both lurch and recoil in bliss. As I savored each sweet orgasmic echo inside of me another would start, then another and another. The spasms were quickening and growing in intensity as they did.

    Breathing into the anguished ecstasy that was playing inside my anus I projected fantasies into my conscious mind and described those fantasies to the empty room. Continuing to tease my nipples I elongated the orgasmic spasms and changed their rhythm though my breathing and the pace and nature of my nipple stim.

    The massager was being sucked firmly into my anus with each spasm. The ball tipped Tempo was rubbing on my Prostate spot as each orgasmic spasm drew the massager deeply into my anal canal. The internal stroking, my nipple stim and my controlled breathing were making intensely pleasurable orgasmic waves roll inside of my anal cavity and making me moan and mewl in agonized rapture as the orgasm sucked pre cum and ecstasy from me in equal measure.

    The spasms grew stronger and faster as I struggled to cope with the resounding echoes of pleasure that were milking my prostate with a firm hard grip and making my penile bulb pump and shudder in sympathy.

    As the massager quickened its reflexive penetration the pleasure became almost unbearable; I began to verbalize the most lurid fantasies in my erotic repertoire. The result was a series or orgasmic spasms that were deeply intense. I took advantage of the privacy I had and bellowed a lewd description of what I was feeling. Verbalizing the sensations of the moment seemed to give the pleasure I was feeling a resonance and a depth that made it hard for me to breathe.

    These orgasms were characteristically harder and more rugged than the massager less ones that I do. I feared that I might be pushing my body too hard to continue this intense orgasmic session more than the 40 minutes I had already. So I rolled on my side in an attempt to calm the spasms by eliminating any penile stim. The orgasms had reached a point however where they were so pleasurable they were sustaining themselves, one feeding the next. They were out of my control. For a full hour they rolled in and out of my spasming rectum as I writhed in sweet agonizing ecstasy.

    After the hour, I lay there for another five minutes relishing the divine convulsions that were continuing inside me. Without any stim on my cockhead the pleasure concentrated deep inside my anus; I had a golden spike deep inside of me creating paroxysms of sheer sexual pleasure. With firm tugging the muscles in my anal opening clenched onto the massager and were taunted into tugging on the massager in my anus, sucking it like it was a gourmet lollipop. I became acutely aware of the presence of the cock like probe in my canal, my anal muscles clenching it like it was a precious jewel.

    I knew the only way to stop the orgasmic waves was to remove the massager. So as my asshole gripped the massager tenaciously I pulled on it. The continuing spasms of ecstasy did not want to relinquish the source of their immobilizing rapture, but with persistence I prevailed and the massager came out with a wet sucking pop.

    My anus trembled in the absence of the source of its euphoria. And like leaves fluttering to the ground in a fall wind, my orgasm collapsed around me in the bed. My semi erect cock began to hard to stone as it always does in the moments after a session is over.

    Sleepily I reached for a tissue from the nightstand next to the bed and wiped the lube that was dripping from my gaping asshole. My arousal was honed to a keen edge and the bed next to me was empty. J would be home tomorrow …. I missed her.

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  • Fantasy and Super O

    Anyone who reads whatever I have written over the years or who knows me here knows the profound impact that rewiring has had on me. I am a changed man. I think of myself as hypersexual and serenely sensual. Erotic thoughts are part of my daily life; eroticism is always with me bubbling inches below the surface of my routine existance. Fantasy is one of those erotic things that amuses me, piques my imagings and keeps my cock hard and wet.

    When an erotic fantasy finds me it is like it has found a comfortable chair; it settles in and stays, relaxing and pondering the facets of its own lush eroticism while secretly reveling in the arousal that it stirs in me. It has certainly been that way over the last few weeks with my fantasy of sexual intimacy with A. She is someone that I have occassion to see quite frequently in meetings and events. Last night I had a particularly pleasurable fantasy involving the two of us. It happened because I saw her at a meeting of the organization she works for and that I volunteer for yesterday. As a leading volunteer in the organization I have a lot of interaction with her before, during and after the meetings. She is Secretary to the board.

    The fantasies that I have that involve real people that I see all the time seem to be the dominant ones in the erotic landscape of my mind, they also harden my cock the fastest. Certainly the homoerotic fantasies I have at the pinnacle of MMO ecstasy are an example of that; when my anus is quivering and my prostate is pumping and my cock is lurching in convulsive orgasmic spasms my fantasies of real people become surreal. Most of the time they involve a exquisitely formed friend who is exuding male sexuality; he is drilling my asshole with a massive erect cock whose shaft is tracked with rigid veins. The convulsive spasms of pleasure pumping deep in my own anal canal become spasms of his cock as it rhythmically pumps a thick hot stream of his sweet ejaculate deep into my anal cavity.

    But sitting across the table from A yesterday, her demure sexuality grabbed my erotic attention. Her appealing and vulnerable femininity is beguiling. She is very bright, working in a job that pays well but is far beneath her intelligence and education. She can’t take on a position that would demand a lot of her time because is juggling the responsibilities of raising two kids; her husband left her a year ago. There is a quiet sensual mystery to her. Her face is beautiful, her facial features are elegantly chiseled and her hair is auburn and very silky. Most striking though are her green eyes. Looking into her eyes she draws me in and holds me even though she is not trying. He body is elegantly feminine, soft and curvy in a very classical sense of femininity. Thoughts of lying nude with her kissing her as my erect cock presses against her pubic mound make my penis go rigid in anguished desire.

    Yesterday at the meeting she was wearing slacks and a sweater. The slacks were non descript black but they were tailored well, accentuating her long legs. She has a bit of a tummy; it accentuates the curves below her waist. I could imagine laying naked with her, my head on her thigh inches from her downy vulva breathing in the musky aroma of her feminine arousal. I would imagine that she doesn’t shave her peach, she is a conservative woman; however its hard to predict the sexual predilections of even a reserved woman.

    But A’s most noteworthy features beside her gorgeous face are her voluptuous tits. They are not massive, they are full and ripe; but they are perfect. In her sweater yesterday, the thin knitted fabric clung to them and outlined their sensual shape elegantly. I don’t know what kind of bras she buys but they have my vote. Her clingy sweater revealed her breasts to be teardrop shaped and slightly pendulous, but not sagging. It was obvious from the form revealing knit that draped her chest yesterday that her subtly outlined nipples are situated at the tip of her teardrop shaped breasts slightly towards the top of them, giving her tits that characteristically sexy upturned shape. She must be a 36 C or maybe even a small D cup.

    I am one of those guys who are attracted to nipples like a hummingbird is attracted to aromatic sweet honeysuckle. All during the meeting yesterday sitting across from her I took surreptitious glances at her lush chest; gazing at her tits I could imagine her warm breasts in the caress of my hands as I held them to my lips to suckle the sexual desire from her aroused nipples.

    I don’t know if she intends her glances at me to arouse me or if she is conscious of my attraction to her. I don’t know if it is just that she is naturally alluring to everyone. In my sixty year old fantasy aroused mind I imagine that as she looked at me yesterday with those mysterious “come hither eyes” she was asking me to be with her emotionally, physically and sexually. Several times yesterday during the meeting she looked at me and smiled. I melted. The affection that I have for all women flares up when I interact with them and with certain women like A it is more so. What I feel in her presence is more than affection, it is a desire to caress her, kiss her and take care of her emotionally; that is where my fantasy with her comes in.

    As I looked at her towards the end of the meeting our eyes met and she smiled her demure smile at me as she usually does and for a second I felt a flash of her attraction to me. My cock lurched and I was suddenly sailing in a fantasy of feeling her soft feminine body relaxing in my arms as my cock quietly hardened in my pants readying for penetration of her soft pussy opening. The sensual fantasy of lying with her and kissing her quickened my heartbeat and made a calm sensual exhilaration fill my head. I longed to feel her body against mine with my hands cradling her sweater covered breast as I kissed her passionately. Then the meeting was over.

    It was 7 PM and I needed to get home. It was a dark ride home but the images of her sensually luxurious femininity lingered in my mind like a gently burning fire, its flames licking at my cock, warming it and breathing the fire of arousal on it. The warm memory of her sexiness indeed felt like it has her warm breath blowing on my cock as she kissed it. As she kissed my swelling cockhead she cast her sexy spell on it by breathing the warm breath of her lust on it making it stiffen to her sultry sexuality.

    I wallowed in the sexy fantasy of her all the way home last night. And even after dinner when I came in here into my office, in the quiet yellow light from my desk lamp the fantasy of intimacy with her clung to my mind. It was if she was a warm pot of melted chocolate and I had dipped my sexy spoon into her; her sensual sexuality coated my thoughts the way melted chocolate coats a spoon that is dipped into it.

    Despite an evening of emails and news and myriad distractions the thought of kissing her silky vaginal lips and sensually caressing her body and dipping my middle finger into her passion sopped pussy mouth remained lodged in my thoughts. Lying in bed at midnight I let my fantasy run wild.

    In my fantasy I envisioned that A and I were going to meet with a group of organizational constituents in Philadelphia. No other board members could make it and the Executive Director had a conflict, so it was left to the President )me( and the recording secretary )her( to cover the meeting. I picked her up early in the day at her house and we drove the four hours to Philadelphia to do the meeting. We arrived at the venue at 3 and set up for the agenda. By 4 PM, all 30 people were there and the meeting began. This is a real group that we routinely meet with, which made the fantasy all the more real in my mind.

    In the fantasy the meeting ended at 7 PM as scheduled leaving A. and I free for the evening. In my mind the official duties of President were over and this became an illicit date with this beautiful young woman. I have never cheated on J; the forbidden nature of this fantasy kicked its eroticism into high gear.

    We were very relaxed and comfortable with each other but not close. I knew we would have a great evening together, she is such a pleasant person to work with in our organizational meetings and there was this thinly veil hope of more intimate connection.

    We wound up at a restaurant that the organization uses frequently in Phila. for dinner meetings. The surroundings were as comfortable as chatting with her was. The free and easy banter about the organization and our own hometown communities slowly glided into more personal verbal interchange. I inspire trust with people that I interact with especially women. I think it is my height and demeanor; I come off as a father figure. It is also my interest in people as well; I genuinely find the details of peoples lives fascinating and I love to listen to them. People are comfortable with me and the open up and talk about deeply personal things. So I listened.

    The details of her life flowed from her thoughts like a babbling brook. Her move to New York from Illinois to go to college, the career choice she made and ultimately her choice of boyfriends and later husband. The longer she talked the deeper and more intimate the details became. Soon she was revealing intimacies of her life the way I imagined she might part her legs and reveal her lush vulva to me. She told me of her need for emotional intimacy and the crushing realization of her exes demeaning nature and his emotionally abusive character as it crushed her intimate connection to him along with the pain it caused her. As I sympathized with her I felt her getting emotionally closer to me. I gazed into her eyes as I listened in rapt attention. I took in all the pain that she described.

    When we left the restaurant we left in a different relationship than when we started the day, 10 hours earlier; I had grown closer to her. Beyond the desperate sexual desire I had for her I now had the emotionally intimate connection that I longed for. As we drove to our hotel I wondered if the emotional intimacy would open the door to sexual intimacy.

    I had a warm emotional feeling for her; it emboldened me. The relaxed connection I felt for her girded that boldness with a comfortable feeling that I could be totally open with her and share my feelings openly. With uncharacteristic forwardness, I admitted to her that I was enjoying the time with her and that I longed to continue our conversation and the warm feelings it created deep inside me. Hoping that she felt the same way I suggested that maybe we could forego the second hotel room and spend the night together. To my extreme joy she quietly said: “ mmmm that would be nice”. My cock throbbed enthusiastically in response.

    Checking into the hotel I told the clerk that the second party had cancelled and that we only needed one room. In my mind I fantasized that we made a believable couple. The ride up the elevator was a nervous one for me and her too I suspected. What I was about to do was totally out of character for me. The nervousness continued on the walk down the soft carpet to what had just become our room. My arousal was whining in my ears like a jet engine. As I inserted the card key in the door my legs felt weak and my heart was pounding.

    Swinging the door open we both stepped inside. Without any hesitation I turned to her and kissed her. It was a kiss intended to assuage all her pain that she admitted to me over dinner. For me it was a kiss that expressed the steaming desire that had been bubbling inside of me for months. I held her and breathed my passion into her as I kissed her, she responded to my kiss with her own passion, seeking to connect with me emotionally, physically and sexually.

    Separating our lips as gracefully as possible we looked into each other’s eyes; I knew looking into her eyes that there would be no time for showers or primping. The lust and desire that was pulling on my cock was also prying open her vagina. I knew that my cock was drooling and that most likely her pussy was weeping in equal measure. The desire that we both felt demanded immediate satisfaction; it was like a aggravating itch that screamed to be scratched.

    So our coats and dress and pants and shirt fell away leaving me naked and her in bra and panties. I imagined what her tits and pussy would look like and my fantasy reached a new high level of arousal that made chills run up my spine, my anus twitch and my erect cock lurch.

    Then I imagined turning down the bed and having her lay down on it as she looked up at me with those bewitchingly sexy green eyes. She unhooked her front clasp bra and revealed her lusciously soft tits to me; a long string of lusty drool hung from my cockhead in a vulgar display of my arousal. I didn’t care. I reached down and put one hand on the waist band of her panties at both hips and slid them down. She raised her derriere off the bed to facilitate her transition to total nakedness. I knelt on the bed gazing at this young beauty laying languidly before me offering her desire swollen pussy to me.

    She looked like a photo out of a fine art erotica book. Her creamy white skin was flawless and her tight sinuous figure belayed the fact that indeed she was the mother of two. I imagined that her pussy was indeed unshaven under her panties as I could see a fringe of hair. I imagined that the close cropped hair covered a plump vulva that was cleaved by lush pink dewy pussy lips. Her inner lips would be swollen with desire and they would protrude from her outer lips in aroused vulgar honesty. Her desire was boiling over and her pussy had swelled and opened boasting its need.

    I brought my hungry mouth to her juicy peach; my mouth was watering at the prospect of tasting her ripe sexuality. Holding her ass cheeks with both of my hands I drew her pussy lips to mine, as my tongue delved into the hot well of her passion to collect her sweet honey she shuddered . The taste of her pussy was different than J’s. There was a tangy citrus tartness to her that was tantalizing. The more I probed her opening and sucked in her nectar the more she made. I was drinking the profuse flow of this intoxicating cocktail that she exuded in response to my loving ministration.

    I savored the taste of her and I relished the trust she gave me. Parting her legs to shamelessly ask me to ravish her unwashed crotch and deliver profoundly intense erotic sensations into her gaping pussy mouth took a leap of trust infused with raging sexual need. The thought of her relinquishing any reservations she had and casting off any reluctance to revealing her intimate sexuality to me was not lost on me. The imagined surrender of her pussy to my mouth reached the core of my real life arousal and turned my already rigid cock to stone.

    I raised my face from her pussy and crept over her, hanging my stone hard dripping cock inches over her lust engorged pussy. A rivulet her own desire trickled from the lower edge of her pussy down towards her dark puckered asshole hole. I was poised for penetration.

    That was the last that I remembered of the fantasy as the long day finally caught up with me and robbed me of the pleasure of a fantasy fuck. Sleep claimed me cutting short my delightful fantasy and lowering me into a dream filling peace that would not release me. The next thing I knew it was 7 am.

    In the peaceful quiet this morning I savored the warmth of J quietly sleeping next to me. She is a profoundly feminine woman and her sexy karma permeates the bed we share. I relish this relaxed time lying with her in her semi nude state when we can cuddle; but I decided not to cuddle. So I gave in to it and rested there in that quiet sweet place between sleep and awareness. Despite the alluring warmth of J’s body my fantasy of the previous night with A still lingered. It made me aware of its presence by tugging at my semi rigid cock.

    As I said, my fantasies tend to linger. This morning thinking of A‘s pussy in my fantasy, engorged and open as it awaited the intrusion of my cock, made my asshole tingle and convulse. The tantalizing fingers of MMO were now parting my ass cheeks and were opening my asshole to invade me. They reached into me and teased the hypersensitive canal inside my anus, taunting me so they could work their erotic magic on me.

    I rolled onto my back and opened my legs and relaxed my anus. I then withdrew deep into my sexual psyche and sought out the frayed threads of the fantasy that sleep had made me abandon the night before. I collected them and recalled the bewitching sexuality of A’s pussy. I felt the warm pulse of orgasmic pleasure begin to well up deep in my asshole as my fantasy again appeared in my thoughts. From a diffuse sense of erotic warmth the pleasure organized itself to become glowing pulsing pulses deep in my anal canal. Each pulse radiated ripples of sexual bliss to my anus and cock.

    I envisioned the sensation of my big mushroom shaped cockhead parting the young pink petals of A’s pussy flower, as I pushed my shaft into the wet hungry well of her arousal. Once my cockhead was lodged in her pussy and her pussy mouth was stretched open around my shaft, her desire sucked the rest of my cock into her cunt and swallowed it whole. I slid into her effortlessly as the sweet caress of her vaginal canal held me and began to suck the desire from my balls.

    I felt my sexual energy collecting and concentrating in my anal canal as I imagined her pussy sucking it to draw it from me as if my passion was a milkshake that her pussy was gulping through my cock like it was a soda straw.

    The illusion of fantasy seemed to dissolve as my real life arousal in the bed took over. The wellspring of orgasm was indeed gathering deep in my anal canal. My prostate was trembling as the orgasmic tension was building inside it making it swell and harden in preparation for its orgasmic ordeal.

    With an image of A’s elegantly vulgar pussy mouth stretched open as she swallowed my cock to the hilt, I breathed into the orgasmic pressure that was almost driving me insane deep inside my anus. As I did, the orgasmic tension responded and burst free; wave after wave of orgasmic spasms began to pump inside of me. Pulsing rhythmically with the regular beat of a metronome, the kaleidoscope of colorful sexual sensation was revealed to my eyes and my senses.

    As the resonant ecstasy of orgasmic rapture took form and color in my mind the profound pulsing radiated across my body triggering the aftershocks of ecstasy on my nipples, cock and perineum. My body became an orgasmic earth quake, with relentless convulsive pleasure, orgasmic spasms shook my legs and made my cock lurch and jerk with each spasm. As I breathed my mind reached from under the heavy blanket of orgasmic pleasure to envision A’s tits and pussy expressing the rapture of being fucked by me.

    The thought of sexual intimacy in its vulgar elegance and a sexy young woman shamelessly revealing herself to me in sexual rapture only served to intensify my MMO in real life. The wave like contractions of orgasmic pleasure washed back and forth from my anus to my cock eliciting deliriously sweet spasms and sensations of deep euphoria as they did.

    From 7 am to 8 am I lay tempest tossed in my bad on my back as the sensual hand of lady MMO reached deep into my anal canal and with the hands of a talented milk maiden rhythmically milked the orgasmic pleasure from my prostate as her other hand reached into my brain and sought out thoughts of sexual rapture to savor them and let their creamy warmth trickle down through her parted fingers.

    At 8 am I dragged myself from the greedy embrace of MMO and took my slimy precum coated cock into the bathroom to get ready for the day.

    Sitting here writing this a half hour later, thoughts of A sitting across from me in the meeting yesterday still linger in my mind. I wonder what she was thinking when she looked at me and smiled towards the end of the meeting.

    The mystery of those alluring eyes will keep my fantasy clinging to my thoughts for weeks.

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  • Super O and Ejaculation

    Today in Chat a few of us compared the sensation of wet ejaculation orgasm and dry Super O’s. I personally am a convert. Super O orgasms are infinitely more pleasurable than an ejaculation is to me. However there are some common feelings that erect my penis by just thinking and writing about them here.

    There is a difference in the hunger I experience to have an MMO orgasm. When I crave a prostate orgasm the desire manifests itself deep in my anus. It is a twitching tingling sensation in me, left un sated it will slowly grow to become an insistent throb. I have gotten to the point now that I recognize the sensation of my prostate erecting; the throb I feel is my prostate hardening and filling with blood. With a cock arousal I feel a heaviness tugging on my rigid erected shaft . It seems to dwell deep in my cock root, throbbing and aching in frustration.

    To launch A Less MMO’s I need to be fully nude. There is something about nudity and exposure that inspires my arousal and rapid launch. Oftentimes when I travel and I am staying in a hotel and there is an opportunity to leave curtains open so someone might see me on the bed writhing naked in ecstasy, my arousal will elevate and push the MMO to great heights. I have been watched a few times by men and women. To trigger the MMO to start I need to be erect; most of the time I will be erect and ready to launch but if I am not a nice juicy fantasy or a tug or two on my cockhead will get me there.

    To start I usually prefer pressing the underside of my glans on a soft mattress. I have a couple of pieces of cock jewelry that are bracelets; they sit encircling my cock just behind my coronal ridge. My favorite one has a bead that sits right in the cleft under my cock head. If I put the cock bracelet on and press it against the soft sheets of the bed it is provides a slightly irritating but very pleasurable pressure under my cockhead that feels exquisite. Within minutes my anus will be convulsing sending gentle waves of pleasure rolling into my anal canal making my anus open and close as if gulping to swallow orgasmic sensation. When those waves reach my prostate they encircle it and make it vibrate and chime in sweet echoes of pleasure. The longer the waves persist the more intense the pleasure becomes. After ten minutes or more of pleasure waves the intensity of the ecstasy deep in my anal canal reaches such a fevered pitch my prostate then takes over. The pleasure waves then disappear and I experience deep rapid fire convulsions of my prostate. The super o buries itselfin my pelvis squeezing pleasure and precum from me in equal measure.

    As soon as my prostate is fully engaged in the super o the control of the session is out of my hands. I will often times roll onto my back and enjoy the sight of my cock lurching in a lewd dance of uncontrolled ecstasy. As my cock twitches and jerks, long strings and drops of pre cum roll from my cock slit. The rhythm of the MMO at this point will modulate from fast rapid fire to syncopated irregular throbs punctuated by thrilling spasms of bliss. Sometimes when they seem to go into a lull I will tweak my nipples and gently press on the bead under my cleft. The combimnation is like throwing gasoline on a fire. The MMO will flare causing my anus, perineum, cock and prostate to scream in agonizing euphoria.

    The other way that I launch is docked in my wife’s anus. Sometimes I MMO in her ass while she is awake and sometimes when she is dozing or sleeping. My wife has a very shapely derriere. She is tall at 6’ even, and she weighs 130 lbs. Her figure has always been 34-26-38. Her tits are elegantly heart shaped as is her derriere; she has a curvy svelte rear that is firm and velvet skinned especially in her crease. When I spoon her I get erect immediately and will almost always be dripping before my cock head even touches her hot anal opening.

    She will curl her body forward slightly which presents her derriere to me. I have learned exactly how far down her body I need to be so that my cock head will lodge in her anus if I dock her. Sliding my erection between her cheeks I seek her opening. I can usually sense the heat and softness of her anal ring when I dock. The sensation of her anus kissing my cockhead immediately sends my anus into spastic machine gun uncontrolled spasms. It is so arousing for me to launch in her anus I will ramp up to intense super os in a matter of a few minutes. If I reach around and caress her tit in my palm and I feel her nipple harden my mmo responds in thrilling flares of anguished euphoria. The sensation deep in my anus is so intense I have to force myself to breathe.

    The sensation of penetration by my Tempo is very different than an A Less orgasm. The satiation of anal hunger by the cold hard intrusion of the tempo will sometimes make me whine in anguished pleasure. Only an Aneros User can understand the exquisite satisfaction of feeling the Aneros touch that magic – secret spot deep inside me. During Aneros penetration I have my most lurid fantasies of male – male sex, usually that I am being fucked by someone I know or have seen recently or have chatted with.

    My Tempo is my preferred instrument because I can use to sustain orgasms for up to two hours. After the first twenty minutes my anus accommodates the Tempo and I don’t feel it inside me anymore. All I feel is the glowing nugget of pleasure that radiates from the place where the bulbous end of the Tempo is pressing on my prostate. That pressure detonates batteries of orgasmic contractions that harden my nipples and make them tingle and twitch. Direct pleasure on my prostate is hard wired to my nipples. Nipple stimulation with penetrative Aneros orgasms will drive be into excruciating rapture.

    When I have done several days of MMOs with no ejaculation I am usually so horny I desperately need a release. I could masturbate myself to seek the relief I crave but I have found that my most intense masturbatory orgasms occur when J does them to me. I think it is a combination of factors that cause explosive ejaculations when she does me. Part of it is my exhibitionist tendency. I love being naked for her, showing off my erect cock. I alos love seeing her delicately feminine hand wrapped around my shaft and seeing her finger tip sliding up my cleft to capture drooling pre cum. I love to see my big bulbous cock head emerging from her fist wrapped around my shaft. I love looking into her eyes as I feel the desperation of building arousal tightening in my anus and tensing my perineum. I can feel it creeping up my shaft as the urgency and intensity grows.

    In the moments before release I will look into her eyes in dazed confusion acknowledging in my anguished face that my climax is imminent. I love the look of pleasure on her face as she knows she is going to coax me to release for her.

    In the milliseconds before I ejaculate I see my cockhead swell gently and shudder as I feel the itching agony of semen welling in my penile bulb deep in my cock root. The sensation that grips my cock just before I shoot is sweet agony. Then I feel the shuddering contraction that starts the orgasm deep in my anus and my prostate pumps the load out. It squeezes hard, sometimes twice before J is rewarded with the sight of cum spewing from my cockslit; when I cum my cockslit opens wide to accommodate the mass of my cum flow. I deliver very heavy loads after all these years of MMO. I will typically piss a thick rope of opaque white cum in a stream that is followed by another heavy string before the first one subsides. The longer I go between ejaculations the thicker and whiter my cum is.

    The thing that makes ejaculation so intense is watching her eaction as I cum for her. Seeing her hand and feeling her hand holding my hypersensitive cock as I squirt for her is a huge turn on for me. I love watching her watching me cum. She has masturbated me for years yet she never gets tired of seeing me spew semen.

    I guess I can say that comparing ejaculation and MMO is like comparing apples and oranges. I like them both but I also like fruit salad.

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  • Frottage

    Def: “Frottage is a physical act that takes place between two people of either the opposite or the same sex involving the contact of genitals against genitals. The genitals of the two participants are interlocked as they rub against each other with the intent of arousing sexual desire. The genital stimulation produces increasingly pleasurable sensations; if it is done for significant enough time and the partners are sufficiently aroused, orgasm will result.”

    J and I began our relationship doing vagina – penis frottage many years ago. I used to call it “buttering her muffin”. Sorry, what can I say …… I was 22 years old. I would lie on my back and she world straddle my hips and nestle my shaft lengthwise against her vagina so that my cockhead would rub on her clit. She became very adept at rubbing her clit on my shaft, eventually moving her clit to my cockhead when she was just about ready to cum. She loved to see me ejaculating thick streams of my cum on her erect clit. She was a master at timing our orgasms.

    Since I discovered that I could MMO from warm pressure on the underside of my cockhead, we have been practicing penis - anus frottage. I nestle my penis in her crack with my cockhead lodged in the warmth of her anal opening without penetrating her. I then reach around her and masturbate her clit and vagina, while I massage her nipples and kiss her neck. This is one of our favorite ways to play. It affords me access to all her pleasure spots and I can MMO for as long as it takes her to cum without pressuring her to hurry her own pleasure. She knows I am experiencing intense amounts of anal pleasure, while she gets worked up to have her climax. She doesn’t feel any pressure to rush her own orgasm or feel guilty for taking too long to cum. It is a wonderful way that we have adapted to the differing amounts of time it takes us to orgasm. She also likes my embrace as she is drifting in arousal.

    Over the last few years I have had the privilege of experiencing cock to cock frottage with guys. There is no doubt in my mind that this is my favorite way to have sex with guys. My favorite way of doing this involves the guy lying on his back with his legs together. I then straddle his hips resting my balls on his balls and cradling his penis in my hand. I then lay my erect cock on his holding our cockheads together. I then thrust my hips rubbing our frenula together to make us both cum. The act of doing this gets me so aroused that even before our cockheads touch, precum is flowing from my cockslit; the slippery ooze from both our cocks makes the friction of our cockheads exquisitely sexy. I can ejaculate really fast from frotting unless I am judicious in how assertively I do it.

    Part of the appeal of cock frotting for me is the extremely sexy view I get of my erect reddened cockhead rubbing on a guys cock as we ooze precum on each other until one or both of us spews our cum. I love seeing my cum glazing his cock as he lies under me. I produce a great deal of semen in ejaculation and I tend to make more in very sexy situations like frotting. It tends to surprise my sex partner as he watches me unload a prodigious stream of my hot cum on his cock.

    As men there are so many ways to express our passion and erotic inclinations. Frotting is definitely on the top of my list.

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  • Runaway Freight Train

    In the 8 years that I have been a practitioner, I continue to be amazed at the continual learning process involved in anal / prostate orgasm. There seems to be endless opportunity to experiment with stimulation, erotic imagery, and breathing to climb to new heights of pleasure. Each session as I learn more and more I get greater skill at coaxing serene ecstasy from my anus, cock, and perineum.

    The key seems to be getting the pleasure to a level that is intense enough that it can fall back into latency, requiring only simple encouragement to get it to reemerge, blossom and express excruciatingly divine euphoria. For me performing A Less it can take me 20 minutes to get to that point; with my Tempo inserted or an N Joy Phun Plug …. It can take 10 minutes.

    So after between 10 - 20 minutes of pleasure waves my anus will be primed. In that state I can stop urging the orgasms to rise and fall and leave the erotic sensation to just idle quietly. I can leave the orgasmic ecstasy laying just beneath the surface of my awareness, where it waits for me to release it. When the super o is loaded deep in my anal tract and ready to fire, I can experiment and manipulate it causing indescribable bliss. The hardest part about being poised in that mental – physical state on the verge of super o is maintaining mental clarity and focus and remembering to breathe. I will also sustain erotic images in my mind to keep the pleasure teetering on the edge of an ecstatic precipice. It is all too easy to become totally passive and let my body do what it wants as opposed to being relaxed and aware and consciously controlling what I am doing to keep the orgasmic fire stoked and make pleasure flares soar to yield agonizing orgasmic euphoria.

    So it was two nights ago, when I woke with an aching erection and the familiar craving in my anus for pleasure; my opening was twitching and tingling in its hunger. I knew that a super o was on my thresh hold waiting for me. It was 2:30 AM and my wife’s bare derriere was exposed as she laid on her side facing away from me.

    My cockhead becomes ultra sensitive when I crave anal orgasm, it is a strange connection. So I wasn’t surprised when I slid up against her bare crack and slid my cock into the warm caress touching her anal opening with my bulbous cock head; she stirred slightly at the pleasant intrusion. I wrapped my arm over her shoulder as in her half sleep she held my hand and pulled it to her chin.

    With my swollen cockhead In the warm embrace between her ass cheeks the warm softness triggered the response in me that I have come to expect. In less than 1 minute the anal spasms were ignited. Rhythmically my anal opening began to clamp shut and shudder, and clamp shut and shudder over and over and over. I breathed quietly envisioning that I was blowing on the flames of an orgasmic fire. Externally the metronome like convulsive spasms were beating with mechanical regularity. But as the reflex action of my anus marched to its silent beat, the sensations deep in my anal tract were growing in a shrill chorus. The ache of desperate orgasmic pleasure rippled into me in a torrent. Lulled into submission by extreme orgasmic euphoria, my anus stopped flexing, it quivered, paralyzed in euphoric desperation, wide open allowing a flood of excruciating ecstasy to flow into me.

    I backed away from my wife and began to do rapid cleansing breaths. The breathing pushed my anus to resume its convulsive contractions. The pleasure inside me was rising as I continued to breathe quickly and fully. The sweet ache of orgasmic tension was squeezing my prostate making my cock slit drool a river of precum. As I continued to breathe the sweet ache diminished but the orgasmic spasms of my anus continued. I knew from many years of previous sessions that despite the loss o f pleasurable sensation, I should continue my breathing to let the pleasure return; I did and the pleasure returned with a vengeance.

    I brought my right hand to my left nipple and my left hand to the underside of my cock head. Then with careful timing linked to my breathing I began to simultaneously gently tap on my cockhead and my nipple. The sensation was other worldly. My anal tract convulsed hard in urgent orgasm following the rhythm of my taps, and then it subsided and squeezed my anal tract hard again. I breathed and tapped and breathed and tapped. The orgasm grew in force and in speed of contractions. In a matter of minutes the convulsions were like machine gun fire or the chuffing of a steam locomotive at full throttle, roaring along a track and leaving billowing sensations of agonizing euphoria behind it.

    For a full 30 minute I tapped and breathed causing the sweet anguish to spread from my anus to my perineum and cock root. My cock root and shaft were lurching in a lurid dance; the silent music that drove my cock to lurch and jerk emanated from deep in my anal tract. Then as the din of pleasure reached a crescendo it wrapped around my cock shaft and crept up to my cockhead teasing my cockslit and taunting it to spew.

    Like tingling electricity the orgasmic spasm teased my cock head as I continued my tapping torture. My anus, perineum and cock were now spasming in wild rapid fire abandon. The pleasure was so deep and intense I feared that I was going ejaculate in the bed. Somehow I didn’t cum though. However the precum was flowing a stream making a wet spot in the bed.

    As the session deepened my mind clouded over and carried me to that mystical place deep inside me that I find in the most intense of sessions. I continued my breathing and bathed in the warm sweetness of orgasmic euphoria. I felt it deep in my anus and I felt it tug on my cock.
    I lost track of time as I was tempest tossed at the hands of a tsunami orgasm. When it released me I was overheated and trembling. I threw off the covers to cool down. My cock was slimy and my anus was quivering. It was 4 am and I hoped that I could get a couple of hours sleep before I had to get up.

    Another lesson learned.

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A to Z


A anal sphincter

The ring of muscles surrounding the anus. There are two rings, the outer and the inner. The outer is under voluntary control. The inner is not (it is controlled by the autonomic nervous system but can be trained to relax therapeutically with biofeedback). To identify this muscle, squeeze your anus as though you are holding back gas. This is the muscle that primarily drives the motion of the Aneros.

B Benign Prostate Hyperplasia

Or BPH. A non-cancerous enlarging of the prostate common in middle aged and older men, often causing urinary symptoms. BPH is one of the prostate ailments that the Aneros was originally developed to help treat. (from the wiki)


see Benign Prostate Hyperplasia

H hands-free

The patented design of our massagers allows them to be used completely – hands-free. This is an advantage over other prostate massagers. It allows an Aneros massager to be used in any position the user wants. More importantly, it frees the user to focus solely on the sensations instead of making a conscious effort to manually manipulate the massager. This subtle freedom is important for bringing the mind and body together during a session, which by many experience users is considered a required technique to master in order to achieve a Super-O.

J journey to the Super-O

Aneros massagers can be enjoyed in many different ways – to enhance a strength and pleasure of penile orgasms during partnered or solo sex, or solely for the pleasures derived from prostate orgasms. The ultimate experience for the route is the Super-O. The practice and understanding of how an Aneros massager, the body, and mind play off of one another to eventually achieve a Super-O is now commonly referred to as the “Journey to the Super-O” by our community members. For some men, this learning period is short in duration. For others, it can take quite some time. There are some key milestones on this journey – they can be viewed

K Kundalini Tab

Also known as the K-Tab.  Curves upwards to rest above the anus between the buttocks to pressure on an acupressure spot there. Named after the yoga concept that there is a serpent of power located at the base of the body’s trunk. The K-Tab and the arm that it extends from has taken the place of the handle seen in other Aneros models. (adapted from the wiki)

P PC muscle

The pubococcygeus muscle, one of a number of muscles in the pelvic floor. It is a hammock-like muscle, found in both sexes, that stretches from the pubic bone to the coccyx (tail bone) forming the floor of the pelvic cavity and supporting the pelvic organs. The PC muscle is largely involved in sexual response and contracting during orgasm. It is believed that strengthening leads to longer, more powerful orgasms. (from the wiki)

pelvic floor

The set of muscles that span the area beneath the pelvis, supporting the pelvic organs. (from the wiki)


The area between the scrotum and anus. The perineum provides external access to the prostate and a pudendal nerve acupressure spot.

perineum tab

On Aneros devices, the front arm which curves upward to press on the perineum during an Aneros session.   This actions prevents external prostate stimulation.  It also acts as a fulcrum against which the device can pivot to perform the internal prostate stimulation.


Aneros massagers are made from 3 different types of plastic. All are FDA approved and medical-grade, non-porous, and each has the right density for the right weight and balance for that particular model.


Inflammation of the prostate. Although there are many suspected causes, (bacterial infection, auto-immune response and neuromuscular tension), prostatitis remains an intractable disease which is often times unresponsive to traditional forms of treatment. Before the advent of antibiotics prostate massage was the first line form of treatment. In recent years with many people turning to holistic and homeopathic forms of medicine, prostate massage has been enjoying resurgence. (from the wiki)


Prostate specific antigen. A chemical produced in the prostate and measured in the blood as an indication of cellular activity in the prostate. Abnormally high levels of PSA may indicate health concerns such as inflammation or cancer. The PSA measurement may be elevated by ejaculation, and any form of anal play, including the Aneros. Ask your doctor for a recommended period of abstention prior to taking this test (the Aneros manufacturer suggests a few days to a week). (from the wiki)

S silicone

We call our silicone “Velvet Touch” for its luxurious, matte finish which is designed to hold lubricant. Silicone is used in our Syn models as well as the Vice and deVice.


An abbreviation of Super orgasm. An overwhelmingly strong non-ejaculatory orgasmic event. Orgasms that have no refractory period allowing them to be repeated multiple times.  Though different for each man, the Super-O is considered to be the ultimate pleasure a man can achieve.

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