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  • My Two Orgasmic Worlds Join

    When I first started my journey of sexual discovery 20 years ago, I had no idea what intriguing and life altering things I would find. Then 10 years ago I stumbled into MMO totally by accident. It happened while surfing the net; MMO and anal pleasure sounded too good to be true but the testimonials convinced me to try it. So ten years ago I bought an MGX and my journey in anal orgasm began resulting after a year or so in my rewiring.

    Anal induced MMO brought together the tantric sex that I had been studying and enjoying with J and it even incorporated some of the Zen Meditation that I had been )and still am( practicing and it changed my sexual respose pattern forever.

    MMO is a very solitary inwardly focused activity for me. On the other hand, savoring J’s pussy with my mouth or penis is very outwardly focused; it is an activity where we participate together. Either I am sharing the warm lush pungency of her dewy pussy mouth on my tongue or I am plunging my steely penis deep in her pussy probing her vagina and savoring the exquisitely sensual caress of her warm wet femininity on my cock. Either way it is a paired activity in which the visceral desperate ache of shared erotic sensation is enjoyed mutually; most of the time it culminates in the ecstatic torrential flow of my semen for her witness or taste, or the euphoric rhythmic spasms of her pussy as she succumbs to orgasm.

    When it culminates in fucking, it becomes a locking of our bodies and our minds. With my cock deep in her body we look into each other’s eyes and viscerally experience each other’s ecstasy. Her eyes and her face contorted in the sweet agony of orgasmic euphoria revel to me her experience of the urgently exquisite rapture of penetrative orgasm. I can see in her orgasmic grimace the reality of my hot hard cock massaging the tender warmth deep in her femininity. I can see the blissful shock in her eyes as my cock swells and throbs and pumps my hot creamy load in her cunt.

    When we make love I am exponentially more aware of the sexual sensation I am feeling in her; I can viscerally sense the heat and the clinging wetness of her cunt sucking on my aching cock, imploring it to yield its thick milky cocktail. As my cockhead rubs and massages the sensitive spots deep in her pussy I coax her to climax; her pussy convulsing makes my iron penis explode regurgitating ropes of my white liquid passion in the sex inflamed pit of her cunt. The steamy hiss of my cum extinguishing the inferno of her passion makes her body convulse and her eyes tell me of the exquisite relief and divine ecstasy of the hot erotic steam hissing deep in her pussy.

    Both cunniligus and fucking are a shared activity between us. However, MMO on the other hand is a very inward activity for me. Each wave of MMO orgasm that crashes on me pulls me further and further away from external reality of the world around me, and of her. The pumping sucking pulse of contractive prostate spasms pull me deeper and deeper into my own mind. Like crashing waves at the beach, the crashing wave holds me in its foam after it has crested. Caught in its sensual undertow on the beach of my consciousness the foaming pleasure pulls me away from my body into a rolling sea of blissful rapture. The waves of pleasure pound on me relentlessly numbing my brain and filling my perineum and cock root with glowing euphoria; my nipples tingle and the steam of my own hissing climaxes fill my ears. My anus, prostate and cock are in an erotic tug of war pulling on each other and causing ripples of exquisite orgasmic pumping to reverberate in my cock root, perineum and anus. The resulting chiming echoes of pleasure are like a bell chorus.

    My world of shared sexual activity and MMO existed in different planes of my sex life until five years ago, then they began to join together. It happened when J first asked if she could suck my cock as I MMOed. Despite my fear of ejaculation during the experiment, we tried it; the resulting erotic experience was mind altering. I found myself gasping not to expand the pleasure but to cope with the intense ecstasy that resulted from her warm tongue massaging my cockhead as my anus and prostate fluttered, pumped and pulsed in deep pleasure; the bliss was crushing.

    Then a few weeks later we tried making love whilst I MMOed. I wasn’t sure that I could withhold ejaculation with my cock buried deep in her pussy, but I did. The sensation of my anus fluttering, and contracting in counterpoint to the convulsive pumping of my prostate while my cock luxuriated in the warm loving caress of J’s pussy, was such an erotically hot mind body sensation it almost made my brain melt. We have done it several times since then.

    With her active involvement in my anal pleasure and her acceptance of both the solitary and shared opportunities of MMO she became very understanding of my sexuality. This extended to being a passive participant in MMO. Over the last few years I have learned to join my outward focused sexual response shared with J and meld it with my inward focused MMO experience both actively and passively. True to form in this sexual journey I am on, the kaleidoscope of erotic pleasure continues to turn and reveal yet another lush sensual orgasm vision. This morning another multicolored awe inspiring experience was revealed to me.

    I work at home. These days doing what I love while I am at home are days that I really relish. I get so much more done here than I do at the office. My open door policy in the office has made me successful at getting things done there but the writing aspect of my work suffers as a result. When I am home the quiet bright sunshine of the house inspires me both in the morning and during the day.

    On the first morning I shared MMO with J with her being a passive participant the sunshine was glowing in our bedroom window at 7 AM. The glow of the morning sun in our bedroom with me laying naked in bed has an unbelievably erotic and romantic impact on me. I rolled over and settled in against the warm sleepy sensuality of J’s nude body. This particular morning she was sleeping nude too. Sometimes when she craves the feeling of my warm masculinity on her body she will abandon her nightgowns and savor the sensation of my naked warmth on her skin. Sometimes it inspires us to fuck and sometimes it is just surreally sensually pleasurable.

    There is nothing as sensual as the feeling of nude soft - warm feminine skin on my hard cock first thing in the morning. The languid relaxed comfort of half sleep infiltrated my body and had control of my mind. I love early morning in our bedroom when the golden warmth of morning light warms the room and my mind. Inspired by the sensual feeling of her derriere on my cock I reached around her to embrace a supple warm breast.

    As I have mentioned in many posts in my rewiring J’s nude softness seems to have cast a spell over me. I can launch into immediate MMO’s just from the touch of her satin flesh on my erect penis. This new vibe that she has been giving off has captivated me, it has been more than the normal attraction that we used to share. There is a desperate need in it, a need for physical contact and intimacy that I can’t help but respond to. When we are together in close proximity it permeates me and I can’t resist it. I need to hold her, be with her and be inside her.

    As I embraced her breast I felt her nipple harden in my palm. I bent my left leg and put it over her hip as I pressed my chest against her bare back. She sighed as she dozed in my arms. I felt the sensual warmth of her body on my skin, it wrapped around me as I wrapped around her. My erection nestled in the warm crease between her ass cheeks. My heartbeat slowed in sublime submission to her blissful feminine sensuality. I held her and began to stroke the breast in my grasp. A mystical peace settled over me as I caressed her and wallowed in her erotic heat. My erect cock bathed in her feminine softness.

    Wrapped around her I let my hand drift down her torso seeking the warm wetness of her pussy mouth. Finding the tuft of downy hair between her thighs she parted her legs slightly and welcomed the warm caress of my palm on her vulva. My middle finger sought the cleft of her pussy mouth, finding it I gently parted the lips and let her pussy lips kiss my finger. As I lay there with my cock in the caress of her ass cheeks and my finger nestled between her pussy lips against the sodden opening of her vagina she sighed gently.
    As my mental and physical responses relaxed my arousal was being piqued. I became acutely aware the scent of her hair, her natural perfume and the wetness of her sleepy arousal on my finger. There is a tangy muskiness to her aroused pussy that rises to my nostrils when she surrenders to her sexual response; it was like a red cape waving in a bulls face, it enraged my arousal to make my cock which was bathing in the warmth of her ass, ache with desire. As I laid there in relaxed agitation with my finger in the pussy of the woman I love I suddenly became aware of the familiar aroused tingling in my anus. It was the sublime tantalizing flames of MMO lapping at my asshole. I breathed slowly and deeply giving permission for the sensation of sexual ecstasy to enter me and ignite me.

    With the granting of that permission I felt my anus opening up as if delicate feminine fingers were holding it open to allow the fiery pleasure access to my anal canal. Once free access was granted the pleasure rushed into my open asshole in a torrent; as it flooded my anus my cock began to pulse and throb. I was keenly aware of J’s soft sensual body in my arms and the sweet caress of her cheeks on my heavy cock. Clinging to her like she was a life preserver I gave myself over to the rapture that was filling me up. As the pleasure took purchase in my anus pulsing waves of orgasmic euphoria pumped in my anal tract.

    As I held J’s pussy to maintain my link with reality her sexy aura saturated my skin and began to push me away urging me to abandon reality in favor of the sublime euphoria of sexual bliss that was tugging me from her. Countering that temptation was the feeling of her wetted pussy mouth on my finger and my cock in her ass. It was her sexual heat that was gently blowing into my anus and I was acutely aware of it. As her warm erotic spell made my anus pulse it wrapped itself around my cock root and began tugging on my cock. Orgasmic spasms redoubled their intensity and gripped my anal canal; it was excruciating and euphoric at the same time. I struggled to breathe quietly in time to the very regular throbbing of the exquisite convulsions that were squeezing my anus. The scent of her arousal filled the bed and saturated my senses.

    As I breathed in the headed scent of her sexuality the spasms that resulted continued to push me higher and higher as I desperately clung to the shreds of reality that bound me to J and the mental space I was sharing with her. The act of caressing J’s pussy served to ground me but her feminine sexuality was the warm wind that made my MMO threaten to carry me into ecstatic oblivion.

    As my cock root pulsed it made precum leaked profusely from my cock slit and coat her anus. The pulsing of my cock root tugged on my cock shaft, making my gently curved prong dance and lurch as it wept tears of crystal clear precum. Joining forces with the spasms in my anus and cock, my prostate lurched into action. Like a great pump under the floorboards in the basement of a mill it pulsed with a heavy shuddering thump. Each time it pumped it resonated throughout my perineum sending waves of anguished pleasure in a crescent from my anus to the tip of my cockhead. Each pulse made me shudder in delirious rapture. I was losing touch with reality, erotic rapture was winning.

    The act of holding her as the machinery of agonizing euphoria pounded sweet ecstasy in my pelvis sent chills up my spine to numb my brain. Pleasure took form before my closed eyes. I could see breath taking feminine sensuality blending together with my own smoldering eroticism in my mind. I saw sensations take life; I saw erotically vulgar visions of J twisting sinuously in the arms feminine orgasm as erotic bliss opened her cunt for me to watch as it let agonizing ecstasy fill her.

    For a full twenty minutes I was tempest tossed in the throes of exquisite mental rapture as anguished orgasmic sensation pounded away at my asshole. I was a blazing inferno of pulsing roaring erotic sensation; the furnace that provided the heat was roaring deep in my anus. I had experienced anal pleasure in the last several years but never anything that even closely approached the sensation that has milking me and twisting me in the frenzy that I was experiencing.

    For an hour I caressed my lovely J as profound orgasmic convulsions pulsed, throbbed and pumped deep inside me; sensations of shear sexual rapture fluttered around me in a relentless fireworks display in my mind. The sensual shapes and sensations of the orgasm pulsing deep in my anal canal morphed and changed in seemingly endless size, form, character and shape. I welcomed each revealing sensation warmly as it washed over me. My breathing, thoughts and the feeling of her body as I moved my hands over her and into her caused the MMO to assume so many forms I lay mesmerized in my euphoric stupor.

    That was the first time I experienced MMO in the passive caress of my sex wife’s derriere several years ago. Since that initial time years ago it has been a weekly activity that I relish as much as the sweet relief of sleep itself.

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  • My Fantasy During A Less

    I was on my own last night, as J and my daughter went out to see a movie. They have become movie partners going to see chick flicks that I have no patience for. It is good for them both to have a close person to indulge their female entertainment predilections. I was left home to walk the dog and get on line to indulge my prurient male erotic tendencies.

    I couldn’t find any on line friends to chat with so I indulged myself and got on Porn Hub, which I haven’t done in weeks. After two hours of searching favorite fantasies such as female bondage orgasm, sensual hand jobs, male milking, sybian orgasm, cunnilingus and cum shots I was significantly aroused. The rigid lump in my pants had made my underpants so wet it was soaking through. By ten o’clock I gave up and decided to go take a shower before J got home. While I was in the shower she returned with my daughter. As I shaved she stuck her head in the bathroom and told me that she was back and they were just getting something to eat.

    Writing erotica or viewing particular genres of porn will ramp up my arousal and leave my cock in a state of dripping constant semi erection. That was the way I was when I exited the shower. I got into bed and began to read a book I was half way through. It was of course erotic fiction, the second book in a series from a female writer that I really like. Needless to say it amplified the echoes of sexual need that were ringing in my pelvis and making my cock rigid. So when J finally came to bed we put the lights out and cuddled as we were both too tired to even fuck, forget about making love.

    However, laying there together, her scent and feel kept the flames of my desire sufficiently fanned that I fell asleep with an erection that was pleasantly throbbing. The difference between me as a mid 60 male and a 20 year old male is that the younger me would have been driven to masturbate by the erection that tormented me. The mature me savors the heavy erection that throbs between my thighs and makes my anus twitch. I relish the feelings of arousal that fill my body and my head.

    It was very pleasant to lay there relaxed on my back with my soft sexy wife resting against my naked body . My cock was cantilevered erect over my abdomen, drooling clear warm pre cum onto my skin. The precum felt warm on my belly where it landed but felt cool as it ran down my side. As I drifted off to hazy blue relaxation flashes of erotic fantasies flickered in and out of my waning consciousness like dwindling colors in the sky during an advancing sunset. I knew that an A Less session as in the cards for that night.

    The dreams that followed were a mélange of non erotic but intimate fantasies. They were the kind of dreams that made me feel really good as I had them and they resonated warm feelings when I awoke at 1:30 AM to find J still cuddled against me. My erection was semi rigid like a crouched sprinter at a starting line of a race.

    My body was in that rare and wonderful state that is perfect for prostate pleasure. My muscles were all relaxed and warm, radiating a sense of sweet sensual repose yet my cock was en route to full scale aroused rigidity. My anus was tingling and my nipples were two hardened nubs that crackled with sexual electricity. My mind was at peace bathed in sensual quiet. Being careful not to lose my warm sensual repose I searched my store of images of women I knew seeking out a perfect target for a fantasy tryst. Just the act of imaging the bodies of various women I knew was sufficient to make my streaming precum renew its drooling. As my cock began to harden the precum was suspended from my slit by a long string of its own making. I was still on my back )I am a back sleeper(.

    Then my memory latched onto two images, one of M, a work acquaintance who happens to live in our town and whom I had met and conversed with earlier in the day. She is a friend of J’s and mine. She is a mid 40’s woman, about 5’6” with very dark curly hair a very sexy Mediterranean appearance and a body to kill for. I recalled from our meeting earlier that day seeing her first from a distance. M has incredible tits. They are not breasts, they are tits, full and heavy and slightly pendulous. When I meet her on Main Street as I did that day she never fails to harden my cock. The other was of meeting A in the park the day earlier. A is a college aged girl who is a friend’s daughter. She was at the park at the lake kayaking.

    That particular day M was wearing a horizontal stripped shirt and tight khaki shorts that accentuated her ass and showed off her full vulva without being vulgar, however if it had been vulgar I would have found it even more arousing. A was wearing a very skimpy thin nylon bikini that clung to her like a second skin. It barely covered her very shapely ass and left absolutely nothing to the imagination. She is what I would call lithe and feminine and not as curvy as M. Recalling these two very different but equally sexy girls sent a wave of sexual arousal rippling through my body so that when it reached my cock it gripped it and pulled it to full erection. The resulting pulsing throb was matched by an echoing throb in my anus and deep inside my anal canal by a shuddering twitch of my prostate. The sleeping sexual animal inside me was awakening.

    As kaleidoscopic images of their asses, vulvas and bared tits rolled in my minds eye I placed myself in fantasy scenerios of laying naked with them both and savoring their sensually seductive feminine charms. Visions of suckling nipples of these two known women and spooning them with my cock nestled in their asses as I reached around them to fondle their vaginas and masturbate them made my cock throb and ache with lust.

    Rolling over to my right J accommodated me by rolling to her right allowing me to spoon her and access her own sexy bared ass with my now rock hard penis. The warm caress of her derriere grasping my twitchy cockhead sent my anus into immediate convulsive pleasure spasms. Like a lewd metronome it began to open and shut rhythmically as it sent deep hard orgasmic waves deep into my anal canal. Those exquisitely erotic sensations grew in intensity as they coaxed my prostate to succumb to its own salvo of pleasure spasms. The synergy of internal prostate convulsions and external anal spasms caused my perineum to constrict and ripple with agonizing ecstasy as my cock lurched an sipensed a warm stream of clear precum in J’s crack.

    As I projected lewder and more graphic fantasies of performing cunnilingus on both of these women and envisioning my cock nestled in their asses, I drifted on waves of anal ecstasy. My anal track and cock were being tormented by waves of pulsing pleasure that lifted me to an altered state of being. Iamges of these two naked women in vulgar intimacy intermingled with a reality check of embracing my own sexy J with my cock in her ass caused explosive spasms to make my cock lurch as they tugged on my prostate deep in my anal tract. As I floated on the crests of waves of orgasmic bliss my anal canal shuddered and convulsed under the total control the orgasms that were drilling into me.

    I slid my hand under J’s tee shirt and caressed her breast in my hand. In my mind it was M’s breast as she lay in my bed illicitly pairing with me in lewd forbidden intimacy. Then an image of A massaging my anus with her finger as she kissed my cockhead caused the orgasmic spasms to syncopate and trill. Putting my finger on my left nipple I brushed it ever so slightly with butterfly softness. Each touch ignited a set of rapid fire convulsions of my anus. Son I was playing my nipple like it was a musical instrument, each touch triggering perverse pleasure in my anus.

    The images flowed in and out of my thoughts causing hard pleasure to seize my cock and twist my anus. The distraction of J’s eloquently sexy rear holding my cock as it jerked and danced in time to the erotic music in my head was the only thing that pulled my thoughts away from the voluptuous imagery of the two highly erotic women in my mind. Burying my face in J’s hair I gave myself permission to experience the chilling heat of sexually induced rapture. Holding her in the security of my bed savoring the intimate connection of the sensitive skin of my cock head in the warmth of her derriere inspired me to drift in serene orgasmic solitude, allowing the orgasms to control my sexual anatomy like a puppet master. I was left helpless dangling at the end of an orgasmic string as I shuddered in orgasmic bliss.

    For 90 minutes I toggled my nipples, breathed into the orgasms and shuddered as orgasmic spasms gripped my body and sucked on my cock.

    When it was over I awoke with an erection that has resonated with me for the rest of the day. I am sure that I will be seeing M again in the next week. Part of me wants to tell her of the fantasy I had of her, but I know better.

    Although I wonder ………………………………………………….

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  • The Erotic Bridge Between the Reality and the Forbidden

    The sexual connection I have with my wife is unique; I can’t have it with anyone else, unless I fall in love with that person and have sex with them. The blending of our emotions and our experience of sexual euphoria when we make love, or do mutual masturbation or partner focused pleasure makes the experience of intimate connection, other worldly and profoundly intimate. I acknowledge that I can never have a sexual experience bound in the complex dimensions of our relationship with anyone else and I never hope to. But I also recognize every sexual experience has a physical and emotional dimension and provides unique pleasure. As much as I have sworn to be monogamous I am also an intensely sexual man with erotic desires. As a result I savor the experiences I have and have a voracious appetite for sexual experience. It is a big dilemma.

    The last dozen or so years have taught me that sexual pleasure that is tinged with an element of the forbidden or the vulgarly erotic adds a quality to the experience of pleasure that speeds up my pulse, makes me giddy with lust and deepens the orgasm that results. I derive intense pleasure from sex. It may not provide the deep spirituality and emotional high that sexual intimacy with my wife does but it imparts the resonant vulgar ecstasy and desperate euphoria that makes the pleasure extra sweet.

    Initially my experience of forbidden eroticism was limited to the visual with no personal interaction. I experienced this limited erotic connection in a particular situation twelve years ago. In a city that I traveled to a lot I always requested one of three rooms that faced a building across the way. I had noticed a young woman on an upper floor that sat in her window smoking a joint many nights late at night. I started leaving my curtains open revealing a full view of the bed in my hotel room so she might witness me pleasuring myself nude as I lay in bed. After I did it the first time she took notice and watched intently. I stayed in those rooms 10 times over the course of a year for 2 or 3 nights per week. My display grew more daring and vulgar each time and her attention lingered as it did; she always waited for me to turn off one of my lights in the room before she shut hers to sit backlit in her window. After my second “show” I could see her arm moving between her legs as she worked her pussy while she watched me languidly massaging my cock until I spewed cum. Over the course of that year we became regulars. I would watch her leave the front entrance of her building the next morning while fantasies of introducing myself to her played in my head; obviously I never did. That repeated anonymously shared intimacy provided quite a rush; at the end of the year I stopped traveling to that city and my midnight play came to an end.

    Erotic chat with female and male friends on line became the next source of forbidden arousal. With the advent of sex forums I made friendships and acquaintanceships that provided a willing partner. The rush here was a real person on the other end of the keyboard, still unseen but interacting fully with me sharing erotic experiences and scenarios. An hour or two did (and still does) harden my cock and make the precum drool from my slit.

    Then as my on line experience grew I made a handful of friends. Of that small group I connected with two people who I am close enough with that I cam with them. The rush from camming is a blend of the sensually vulgar showing of my self pleasure to the girl in the window and the personal interaction of chatting with her. With one of these friends (N), I once cammed an anal pleasure session with an Aneros. She witnessed me twisting in agonizing bliss as an Aneros in my rectum stroked my prostate; she has witnessed me arching my back and shuddering as wave as wave of sheer orgasmic ecstasy drilled mercilessly into my anus. I no longer have cam sessions with N, but when we chat I share the most lewd thoughts I have with her and she with me. There was a connection that exists for titillation, sexual excitement, racy chat and for sharing observations, gripes and life experiences that made cam sessions very arousing.

    N is a nurse, her experience with human anatomy, biology and psychology is deep; as a result her chat of human sexual response and sexual expression is unapologetically open and freely erotic. I have begun recently to have fantasies of real intimacy with N, I have told her that. That admission in and of itself is a huge turn on.

    Fantasy to me is particularly erotic when it involves a real person I know; it provides me the opportunity for imagined sexual intimacy with a face and I body I can see in my mind’s eye. However, an imagined and openly admitted fantasy tryst with a woman I know carries that tart and sweet tang of the forbidden.

    Just as many women have rape fantasies that they would obviously not want to really happen, so to I have infidelity fantasies that would never happen. The subject of one of those fantasies is (A), an administrator at a non profit that I have a leadership role in; she has no idea of my lurid thoughts of sexual intimacy with her, and she never will. Those fantasies are exquisitely erotic but they are not as sensual as my fantasies with N are. That is because N knows of them, which adds to their forbidden character.

    N was aware of the torrid sexual thoughts I had of her, we have chatted about our fantasies. Her demure acknowledged thank you’s for my sensual descriptions of how sexy she is are offset many times by her own lurid descriptions of how she would suck my cock and drink my cream or the passionate way she would fuck me as her pussy thirstily sucks the cum from my cock. Descriptions she offers of me probing her pussy plunging my lust swollen cockhead deep into her pelvis heightened both our arousals. I have described her succumbing to her passion as I desperately pump my cum into her hot pussy. Our vulgar erotic interchanges were a huge turn on for me (and her); when these lurid interchanges were accompanied by mutual cameras showing us masturbating for each other; the sexual rush was excruciating.

    The thresh hold between reality and erotic imagination recently got extremely narrow in my mind. Fantasy with N to date has lacked context, there was no real place and no setting. Recently she mentioned that someday she might consider a trip to a place for an event; the location of this event is not too far from me, I know it well.

    Fantasy and reality have now come close enough through this place we both know that the thought of meeting her there in real life hardens my cock and makes my heart race. The forbidden now has a setting and acknowledged potential for no longer being a fantasy, it could really be; our shared knowledge of this place gives an element of reality to the fantasy. I now have the image of her body, the knowledge of her thought s and the shared knowledge of the setting. The fantasy has an very powerful flavor of the real to it. The prospect of the forbidden, a meeting and an intimate interchange was inflaming my arousal. Although it will most likely never happen, just the mutually acknowledged idea that it is a possibility is making my cock throb, my anus flutter and my mind race.

    So last night when I awoke at 3 am I set myself up for an MMO session. I got five minutes of pleasant flutters but not enough worth staying up for. It sometimes happens that a session goes no where. So I fell back to sleep until six AM.

    That three hour sleep was infiltrated by an explicit dream of N and I meeting in that location she mentioned last week. I had been chatting with her late last night so it wasn’t surprising that I dreamt of her. What was surprising was the lucid detail of the sexual relations we had in the dream.

    At the resolution of the sexy dream with N, I awoke with an iron bar erection and a fire of desire pulsing deep in my anus. Thoughts of N nude in my bed in a hotel room legs open exposing her sweet quim to my eyes, mouth and especially my erect cock set a powerful MMO in motion. I rolled onto my stomach and rested my cockhead on the mattress. In a millisecond the MMO detonated with a hard spasm of my anus sending a tsunami of erotic pleasure up my anal tract making my prostate and cock harden and simultaneously convulse and pump hot sweet ecstasy.

    During the next hour the kaleidoscopic visions of N and I in bed illicitly probing each other and coaxing rolling waves of sexual euphoria from quivering pussy and pulsing cock. In a panoramic vision, I fantasized my mouth nestled between her pussy lips as my tongue massaged her clit and probed the tangy mouth of her cunt. My fingers massaged the quivering orgasmic opening of her pussy as I suckled her clit. That vision morphed into her suckling my nipples and massaging my prostate with her finger and then abandoning my nipple for my cock. The vision culminated with my long rigid cock buried in her soft sodden pussy, probing the depth of her desire and prying shuddering orgasm after shuddering orgasm from her as I kissed her eventually ending in my cock hurling ropes of my sweet cream into the pit of her cunt.

    The transition from one erotic scene to the next in my mind propelled the MMO to and excruciating state of ecstasy. Just as I thought I could endure no more pleasure the images of N twisting in the agony of orgasm in my mind pushed the pleasure to unimaginable heights. I felt the orgasm reaching deep into my anus and squeezing and tugging on my prostate and anal tract as my pelvis convulsed in violent euphoria. My cock was lurching as hard contractions pulled on my cock root; I felt the warm stream of pre cum oozing from my cockhead.

    Then as I was sure I was going to pass out the last topic of the evenings chat with N flooded into my mind, of being pegged by her as she wore a dildo harness. I could swear I felt that long cock sinking deep into my asshole. Every nerve on my body was on edge, the pleasure spasms could not increase and they could not speed up. So for the second time this week I reached orgasmic nirvana as my anus and cock froze at the apex of an intense contraction, sending an uninterrupted hum of desperate orgasmic pleasure to reverberate through out my body. I gasped as I struggled to support the immense weight of the rapture that was burning inside of me. For five minutes I lay there as orgasm tortured me and tested my ability to endure the purest and most exhilarating sexual sensation.

    And then, as before the spasm collapsed and it was over.

    I knew then and I know now that N and I will never share that moment. However I appreciate the fantasy that was so close to being real in my mind that it built a bridge between the real and the forbidden without making me cross it.

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  • The Sexual Ecstasy of an INFJ

    A number of years ago I took a Myers Briggs personality test. The other day as I was cleaning out old files and papers in my desk, I came across a folder with my resumes, it contained the results of that test. It was a very interesting read; I had not read it in a long time. Beyond the fascinating insights it gave me in its explanation of decisions that I have made in my career after I took it, it was particularly intriguing when I considered it in the context of my sexual journey. I had taken the test in my late 30’s before I began on this path of erotic discovery.

    The first thing I did before I read it and prejudiced myself about its results was get on line and take it again. I scored it after carefully answering all the questions; I was pleasantly reassured that nothing had changed in 30 years, I was still an INFJ.

    The interpretation of each MB type was explained in a set of profiles that accompanied the test on line. For an INFJ like me the summary profile said that I sought meaning in relationships, ideas, and events. Relative to the last several years of my sexual journey I had indeed done that; I had joined some sex forums but left them because they were shallow and a lot of the talk on them was inane. However, every forum that I was on I met people who became close personal friends in my real life off the forum establishing meaningful relationships with them.

    The profile further said that INFJs are often mistaken for extroverts, as they tend to possess multiple personalities due to their complex inner life; however, they are true introverts. Again that is me in the multi gender erotic attraction that I feel.. The profile continued: INFJs ar very independent, INFJs are intensely interested in the well-being of others. Again, yes that describes me.

    The profile continued with the following descriptions: vivid inner life that they may be reluctant to share with those around them; perceptive of the emotions of others; tend to be sensitive, quiet leaders with a great depth of personality; intricately, deeply woven, mysterious, highly complex; orderly view toward the world, but are internally arranged in a complex way that only they can understand and finally it said in communicating, they live in a world of hidden meanings and possibilities.

    The profile described me perfectly as a complex person who has his own rules, who cares about others and forms close bonds and is creative. But one of the comments it made that resonated with me deeply was that INFJs live a richly complicated life in their minds where beauty and elegance are part of that construct. That was the coup de grace.

    In this journey I am on I very clearly have traveled a thousand miles in my mind; the skill I have gained at mind body interaction has yielded complex pleasure beyond anything I could have ever imagined. In my intimate interaction with women my experience of all forms of sex seems to occur in slow motion and every action reveals sensual nuance and sexual beauty to me. The shape of breasts, the wetness of an aroused pussy, the rich lush pinkness of pussy lips and the taste and scent of an open pussy mouth dripping with feminine passion are things I experience visually and temporally.

    But perhaps the most profound opportunities for pleasure as an INFJ for me have been in MMO. I am able to wrap myself in quiet inner solitude and focus my thoughts, my breathing and the subtle muscular tension inside me into an orchestral performance of erotic sensation, and euphoric rapture.

    That following night after I found the MB test results I awoke in the middle of the night with my anus tingling in a shrill chorus in harmony with an aching melody teasing my cockhead. It was my normal launch time.

    J was on her back next to me with her short nightgown on and nothing underneath. I love the spring and those short nightgowns. I shimmied up next to her and bent my leg placing my inner thigh on top of her thigh as I slid my hand under her nightgown to caress her warm soft breast. The sensation of my hand on her tit made her nipple wrinkle and harden; she sighed in her half sleep half awake state as she put her hand on top of mine.

    The sensation of her breast in my hand and the soft smoothness of her thigh on my cock cleft detonated the contractions of my anus and sent ripples of pleasure deep into my anal tract. In minutes everything from my anus to my prostate was pulsing and spasming in rhythmically ecstatic contractions. Slowly and deliberately they pulsed and resonated bliss as they contracted. However as euphoric as they felt, I realized that they lacked the deep - deep rapture that usually follows a hard contraction and radiates from my prostate throughout my body when the orgasms are deep and intense.

    I transitioned from one erotic fantasy in my mind to a reality based fantasy involving J and myself and a male friend. The eroticism of this lurid fantasy drew me further into its lewd and steamy imagery. I breathed into the emboldened spasms as they accelerated their pace and strengthened their grip on my prostate, squeezing it with a vengeance. . I thought about the lessons that I learned several years ago, that pleasure denied is pleasure intensified. So as the chiming echoes of orgasmic bliss tried to expand and exercise their euphoric power I stifled them. Instead I breathed deeply and quickly and fed the pleasure that was gripping my anus, taunting it like a caged animal.

    Soon the exercise became one of balancing a long pole in my hand and keeping it upright; that pole was the chain of spasms that was growing stronger by the minute in my anal tract and eventually sparkling and tingling in my penile bulb and the root of my cock making them twitch in spasms of hard pleasure. My entire pelvis was engaged in a syncopated dance of agonizing euphoria. But I continued to stifle the elegant chiming vibrations of orgasmic euphoria that resulted from the spasms. Those chiming sensations were like great bells whose chimes would transport me to a peacefully desperate state of mind where I could experience the twisting agonizing ecstasy of full body orgasm.

    I slid away from J because I knew that my body would be shuddering and twitching from waves of orgasmic detonations in my anus in a very short time. I had an image of a bottle of soda being shaken, the bubbles of erotic tension floating in frothy foam on the surface applying their utmost will to escape the bottled up pressure inside me.

    I lay on my stomach with my cockhead gently pressing on the mattress as it lurched and jerked underneath me. My entire anal tract was engaged in wavelike spasms that were rolling from my anus to my prostate, back and forth like a game of pong on a computer screen. I willed the pleasure to contain itself until suddenly it was more than I could restrain.

    Breathing a deep lungful of air I released the pleasure inside me. It was like letting a hundred helium filled balloons drift into the air. Exquisite chills of ecstasy rolled through my body with no rest between them. One blissful contraction and its resonant chime of pleasure rung out resonantly inside of me making me shake. Each ecstatic rippling echo linked to the next in a relentless chain of rich and lush euphoric sensation; the pleasure was pervasive. My nipples tingled, my perineum was spasming and throbbing in bliss and my cock was pulsing and vibrating as it drooled a stream of clear precum.

    I rode the wave of sexual rapture for a full 20 minutes; there was no let up. Involuntary contractions fed the bliss and the bliss in turn kept the involuntary contractions coming. I quivered and trembled pushing my face into the pillow to stifle any noise I made and I prayed that J was sleeping soundly on the other side of the bed. Certainly if she saw me and she didn’t know better she would have sworn I was having an epileptic seizure.

    In 20 minutes it was over. The after spasms came in ten to fifteen minute long waves for the next hour and a half. All in all it was two hours of absolutely sexual pleasure. I looked at the clock in amazement. It had seemed to be only minutes but two hours had passed in real time.

    During that time I traveled through wondrously complex erotic landscapes in my mind. The pleasure I felt had real form and texture. I could hold each blissful sensation in my hand and I could taste the sweet sensual eroticism of ecstasy on my tongue.

    Later that morning when I got out of bed to start the day, I thought that I was so lucky to be an INFJ; in particular that I was an INFJ who had discovered this wonderful inner world of pleasure inside me.

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  • Metaphysics and the Ring of Fire

    Metaphysics, the Ring of Fire and Our Relationship

    I took the Kinsey Sexual Orientation Test again recently. I took it because I was wondering about my recent writings involving guys. I was a 0 at one point indicating total heterosexual. I am now a 2 indicating heterosexual with tendencies towards homosexuality. At some point I will write about the fine line that divides my sexual psyche. However the results reinforce thefact that I am still very very turned on by women. The main reason I am turned on by women is the emotional connection I feel for women and the woman I love.

    Emotional longing and erotic arousal and passion; the relationship is so powerful that at times it can be overwhelming.

    I share a deep emotional love for my wife, as a result there is a physical energy that expresses itself as a passionate attraction. It is a dominate force in both of our lives.

    Attraction occurs in nature in the affinity of the north and south poles of an earthy loden stone; magnetically the poles are drawn together by an invisible attractive force. Attraction expresses itself through gravity, in a cold clear babbling brook being drawn along a stony channel in the forest, desperately seeking the release of joining with the warmer water of a deep lumbering river. J. and I share such this passionate attraction; it has bound us together as a couple for 4 decades. Our attraction did not start out as strong as it is now, but it always was there, and it has grown and evolved over the years.

    The development of sexual passion is akin to the art of making a fine wine. It starts with a high quality grape, one that brings promise to the vintage, the hope that the qualities of the grape, given the right conditions will yield sweet reward for the tongue; you enter the wine making process that like all good things it will take time to develop. We started out like that … our early connection was intuitive and had the impetuousness of youth; it was raw, unpolished and a little awkward, just like a young wine. But as our 37th anniversary approaches this summer I recognize the depth, richness, fullness and mysterious and delightful undertones in our relationship; they have evolved over time from the raw passion that held such promise years ago.

    That is not to say that our passion was casked up, sealed and kept in a dark place for years to develop its richness; just the contrary, it has developed into its fullness as a result of our shared life experience. Those experiences have been joyous, sad, angst filled and enlightening; they have simmered in a caldron of understanding that has been fueled by the heat of communication. What was resulted is a complex and wonderful brew of a relationship that is sweeter and fuller now than it was years ago when we came together.

    The bond is so strong now that when we are apart there is a palpable void that is very apparent to both of us. We are not attached at the hip and we do not follow each other around all day or sit on each other’s laps )although at times I have been known to attempt to do that …it drives her crazy(; we are apart most days even at home. When we are at home she is often upstairs in her studio in the back of the house and I am downstairs in the front room, a room affectionately known as dad’s cave. It’s where I go to write, think and form concepts for projects which fill the notebooks in the shelves next to my big puffy recliner, behind the rolling laptop desk. That is where I am sitting now.

    As the day lengthens into evening even that separation we feel in our little cottage of a house expresses itself as a desire to be together. By 10 PM at night the longing in me to be with her is palpable. So even as I cruise through threads on SF, or compose an entry like this, or write a report for work there is a subtle tension in me that builds. It is a yearning that is like a magnetic force, drawing me to her. Pulling and tugging on my mind . . . . . and my cock. It drives me to caress her and kiss the top of her head as she sleeps in my arms; it is a need to feel the warm skin of her thighs draped over my own.

    It is the skin to skin contact of her lush femininity in the soft caress of our bed at the end of the day that I seek. My hardened cock nestled against the warm derriere causes rapturous waves of intense multiple orgasms to spontaneously wash over my body. My cock and anus savor the sweet relief that the river feels when it finally blends with its destiny and spreads its excitement in the deep and welcoming body of the river; the waves of bliss flow through me as I am lost in the soft sensation of her.

    The attraction is certainly there on a daily basis but its true strength is expressed in times of absence that extend to days or weeks. Such was the case this last week. I have been gone all week; it was one of those weeks of driving from meeting to meeting and presentation to presentation.

    Regardless of how many sheet gripping multiple orgasms I can coax into my body as I lie in a quiet hotel room miles away from home, there is still a longing deep inside of me to be lying with her that hours of cock wrenching spasms cannot relieve. It is a hollowness that can only be filled by the touch of her hand on my chest, the caress of her thighs on my stiffened penis and the warmth of her kisses on my neck.

    It is a force that tugs on my thoughts, my heart and my cock in her absence. We can be 500 miles apart but the force of J.’s passion for me spans all those miles; it pulls on me and pulls the warm slippery wetness from deep inside of me to well in my pants. It is as if I was the headwaters of a falling stream of passion that was being pulled inexorably by the gravity of her love to blend the liquid of my devotion across the hills and valleys to seek the deep satisfying pool between her thighs.

    After days of separation the depth of my longing and desire for her can be so strong that all I have to do is think of her and my heart will race and my mind will cruelly cloud my mind with images of her to tease and tantalize me.

    This is where the metaphysics of my longing for her triggers the intense heat of erotic arousal.

    Thoughts of her face, body and the sensual furrow of her pink - hair brimmed femininity stiffen my cock to oaken hardness; her sexuality floods my mind and sucks the sweet erotic syrupy sap up from my core. I remember once when I was driving home from a meeting my mind wandered from driving I found myself thinking about her. The erection that resulted pulled me out of the present time and place and focused me on her and her alone. It was very unsettling, it added a desperate twinge to the desire I felt for her. The longing was pervasive, it spread from my mind and wrapped itself around me; its gripped my cock and tugged my turgid flesh to breathless need.

    Later that night when we coupled she told me that it was not just me that felt this physical need, she felt it as well. Her need for me invaded her body and just as it gripped my cock it drilled into her pussy, rooted itself in the warm rich wellness of her and was pulled at the depth of her sexuality with the same desperation it did me. It weighted her vulva and gripped the opening of her vagina evoking feelings of deep longing and a need to be filled by me.

    In her deepest desire the mouth of her vagina throbbed for the penetration of my cock. It
    is the thresh hold of her sexual need, it has been the focus of my fascination with her
    body for our entire time together. The sight of her naked body and her exposed
    vulva stirs complex responses in me. I feel lust, devotion and something that
    approaches spirituality. In her nakedness she is mysterious, beautiful and incredibly sexy
    all at once, but it her vagina that exerts this irresistible attraction on me.

    I have heard a vaginal opening called the ring of fire, the gateway to heaven or the
    gateway to the vestibule of female lust. to some couples it is just known as down there; it
    is that wonderfully subtle yet amazingly complex opening to her body that in her lust for
    me is open to receive my rigid cock.

    Just as thoughts of her cause my cock to thicken, lengthen and harden, correspondingly
    my absence and the impact of the longing she feels for me causes the mouth of her pussy
    to swell, weep and get heavy in its desire to swallow me and suck the cum from me to
    slake its erotic thirst. The memory of being filled with the agonizing rapture of my penis
    and her need to drink the sweet liquid reward that I have for her drives her pussy to open
    its mouth in anguish like a baby bird chirping frantically for nourishment.

    When she is as aroused and sensitive as she was when I came home, the mouth of her vagina is electrified. It has taken me years to understand how she is built “down there” so I can both relish the experience of her arousal and help her to be washed away in orgasmic rapture when we couple. At the very core of her sensation is her clit. Not just the little pink pearl at the top of her opening but the whole structure.

    The exquisite design of her and all women is the “iceberg” character of her clit. I am not referring to temperature obviously because it is far from a cold spot , it is the very heated essence of her femininity. I am describing its structure. This miraculous trigger for her orgasm is much like an iceberg, most of it lies beneath the surface. In structure it looks like a turkey or chicken wishbone with her glans and shaft at the top of the mouth of her vagina. The legs or curae extend down from the glans around and just inside her opening under the skin, essentially framing her opening with exquisitely sensitive tissue. Although the glans and shaft are extremely sensitive the legs are subtly sensitive. Their contribution to her experience of my penetration is the delight of penetration itself, the friction and stretching and pulling and tugging on her opening as I thrust into her and pull out to thrust again.

    So when I walked in the door yesterday afternoon, I was drawn to her by her attractive energy. We came back together, in response to the attraction that was pulling us together over the miles. With a firm embrace and a warm - soulful kiss I immobilized her against my chest as my lips and tongue established a pathway for us to share our arousal. I shared her breath, her energy and I sensed the depth of the erotic need that permeated her body. She communicated her desire with her lips. I drank deeply from the overflowing vessel of her sexuality. I drank her sweet femininity with a thirst that seemed to be unquenchable.

    As our lips meshed we shared the anguished joy of physical contact; her sensuality caressed my cock, squeezed and made it stiffen, swell and lengthen. The erectile tissue of the legs of her clit stiffened and grew more sensitive. The anguished joy of the kiss told the mouth of her vagina to open and swell in its need to receive me. Her ring of fire began to sweat its lust and became more sensitive as it throbbed and pulsed in anticipation. The kiss was fanning the fire in the burning ring in between her thighs, her vulva swelled and grew heavy with desire.

    But it was mid day and there was a long while until we could satisfy our need for each other. Nonetheless, she felt wonderful in my arms. The feel of her body was so deeply satisfying; I could feel my heart slowing down as my pants were tented by my throbbing arousal. The week of waiting was over. But the waiting of this day was just beginning.

    For the rest of the day it was all I could do to keep from touching her, caressing her and kissing her. The denial of sexual satisfaction when erotic need is at the brink of rational thought makes for sweet foreplay. The anguish of total arousal unfulfilled teased my aching cock to distraction.

    We made it though dinner and after dinner coffee, all the while the dampness in my pants was spreading as my cock continued to fill my pants with precum. As we sat over coffee I drank in the site of her as I drank the warm fluid in the cup. Just as the warmth of the coffee filled my stomach, the sight of her sinuous curves filled me and deepened my desire.

    We made it through the evening, finally arriving at the long anticipated moment of getting into bed together. I lit the candles, turned out the lights and put some soft music on. When she came in from the shower, she giggled at the mood in the room but she did not giggle as she came to me. I got out of the bed and came to her. I am ample in the cock department, and she knows it. But even in her familiarity, when I am in arousal I can be imposing. Her eyes locked on my desperate appendage and then traced a line up my torso to my own eyes.

    We looked into each others eyes with an intensity that spoke of years of commitment, desire and caring, but also of the intense need of that moment. Without words we expressed the longing we both felt and the divinely sweet feeling of being together. The metaphysical connection was very strong; it consumed us both and was drawing us together to perform a ritual that was as old as the human species.

    The force that drew us together held no secrets for what it had in mind for us. The oaken appendage that sprouted from my groin was extended with one purpose in mind. Her dewy furrow was yawning in open anticipation of swallowing me and sucking the warm life essence from me. The nectar that was drooling from her opening was evidence of the need that she felt.

    We came together in a sweet soft kiss of acknowledgement. It was not a torrid kiss of lust but rather it was a kiss of agreement. The kiss communicated the spirituality of the moment. It said that she loved me more than life itself and she was prepared to share a very special gift with me. We have literally shared each others bodies thousands of times, but the kiss expressed that each time was special and unique. The kiss expressed to me the trust that has been the hallmark of our relationship. It is a trust that has her open her legs to me and accept me to penetrate her, in that act of penetration, entering her body deeply in her most vulnerable place.

    The act of being accepted inside her body is something that zen and tantric sex both teach as a deeply spiritual act. I think about it often as I stand erect in anticipation of penetrating her, and that night was no different. So in total silence I eased her backwards onto our shared bed, the place where we rest and embrace and wash the stress of the days away in sleep. But at that moment it was a stage or an altar on which a ritual of our love would be played out. It was an experience that we had shared many times on this bed and we would share it again that that evening.

    I laid her down on the bed and bent over her body lavishing her with kisses as I slowly brought my face to the smoldering ring of fire. With great gentleness but with every ounce of passion in me I kissed her dewy opening hard and tasted the full bodied tang of her need. The kiss ended on the glans of her clit, which caused her to squirm and sigh as she opened her legs wider.

    I put my hands behind her knees and held her open. Then without hesitation I placed the head of my cock in the center of her the ring of fire in her crotch. As I looked into her eyes I leaned into her; our combined juices made the act of entering her effortless. She sucked me in and gasped as my penetration rewarded her with the delightful feeling of being filled. Her opening was stretched and the tip of my cock was fully at the bottom of her canal.

    We remained immobilized in that position. We have both learned to appreciate the very arousing but very satisfying feeling that follows initial penetration. We remained still each of us getting intoxicated by the deeply satisfying sensation of coupling. As we looked into each others eyes, our brains were fucking madly while my aching cock remained still inside her. As I pressed up against her she squeezed the base of my cock with the mouth of her pussy, as if to hold it immobile so that she could feel every inch of me inside of her and remember the fullness of me and intense eroticism of this moment.

    After I while I began to grind ever so subtly against her using my pubic bone at the base of my cock to press against the glans of her clit. The grinding eventually gave way to thrusting. As I pierced her and plumbed the depths of her cunt with my dripping cockhead, images of tattooing her came over me. The action of thrusting into her body repeatedly reminded me of the tattooing process. Only instead of a needle, I tattooed her with my penis. Instead of ink, I was using my cum to etch a symbol of my love on her soul, deep inside her where no one would ever see it. It would be written so expressively and gloriously that it would be a wonder to behold . . . except no one would ever see it. The only thing that would ever see it would be the head of my cock. But I would know it was there for eternity.

    We ground and thrust against each other in a music less dance that we both know so well. As we danced the sweet friction edged our arousal higher and higher. I exercised as much control as I could muster and I held off from cumming as long as I could. As the cum came to steaming boil inside of me, my breathing was heavy and the sweat was running down my temples. Fortunately she was so aroused that her own orgasm crept very quickly into her vagina; it knew all the strings inside of her that are the sweetest receptors of her rapture, once it found them it grasped them. The orgasm then plucked the strings of her orgasm, resulting in a chord that resonated throughout her body.

    The song that that chord introduced was resonant and full; she arched her back and sang her joy to me in full voice. It told of the agonizing ecstasy that she was feeling, it told of the anguish of relief and the vibrations of bliss that the chord was reverberating inside of her.

    As I watched her body wracked in orgasmic rigor mortis, vocalizing her feelings as the fire was consuming her pussy it was more than I could bear. The sight of her twisting in orgasm inflamed me as well. So as her orgasm was waning mine let go. I felt the gates deep inside me open up as my cock readied itself like a fire hose ready to spew a rush of water to extinguish the flames that were consuming her. I spewed hot thick cum into her; the convulsive orgasm reached deep into me and drained the reservoir of cum that had welled inside of me for the week in a series of intense spasms.

    I collapsed onto her in exhaustion. She embraced me, and rocked me, holding me to her body, alternating with shushing me and telling me how much she loved me as her pussy shuddered on my cock in the last gasps of her ecstacy.

    Just as sweet as orgasmic denial can be, the moments after a deep orgasm, as I lay in her arms is better than any drug induced high. I felt empty, and fulfilled at the same time. I felt a closeness to her that can only be felt at a moment like that.

    The meshing of our bodies and the exchange of fluids, joined us in the ultimate result of attraction . . . attachment. This was the grand plan. This is where the metaphysics of us ends . . . . in our coupling. It is a wonderful and mysterious process that bonds us and deepens our relationship …each time it happens.

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  • Memories and Fantasies

    I have been thinking a lot about my last male tryst lately. I have been pondering the experience which is now my 3rd. As it was my 3rd I was more comfortable with the idea of male intimacy. The erotic impact my experience at the time and now as I think about it is very arousing; arousal is a very powerful adversary when it comes to resisting future temptation. So this entry is a written contemplation and fantasy; it is about that experience and a fantasy of being with him again. I have not spoken to him in the months since our meeting.

    Before we met you admitted to me that when you think of us coupling erotically it makes your cock hard. It still does the same for me. I sometimes envision us cock to cock, grinding against each other in the mutual pursuit of ejaculation; when I think about that scenario my cock drips.

    The thought of exposing my naked cock to you in person again makes it get heavy with lust and my anus twitch. Ultimately the memory of sharing the vulnerable and erotically embarrassing reality of ejaculating on your hard smooth cockhead is more arousing than any fantasy I have had to date. The thought of your eyes glued to my cock as I straddled your hips and spewed my semen on your tumescent erection is turning my cock into a hot heavy stone as I write this. Our cockheads touching slit to slit oozing precum was the thought in my mind as mmoed this morning.

    Sleep took me quickly last night when I went to bed. I was recalling your smooth cock in my mouth as I lay in the dark stillness of the night. My cock softened as my thoughts softened and sleep claimed me and brought me to the blue haze of slumber. Erotic dreams descended on me immediately; they were a mixture of innocent eroticism and vulgar intimacy with men and women.

    Then at five thirty AM the first hints of light entered our bedroom. My wife was sound asleep next to me. My perineum and anus were twitching and tingling in desperate need of MMO; it had been two nights since my last session. There was a knot behind my balls that was unmistakably my prostate fully erect and tensed in a crouch like a sprinter at the starting line of the 100 yard dash. I was poised to spring into loping long strides of an A Less session and feel the exhilarating pulsing of mmos.

    I slid over to my wife’s warm derriere and docked my penis in the sweet embrace between her ass cheeks. I never imagine I am with someone else when I fuck her or when my long cock is in the hot warm suction of her mouth. But laying there with my cock nestled in the heat of her ass cheeks with my cockhead bathing in the sweet warm kiss of her anus I imagined it was your ass I was spooning. As I lay there swimming in the sensual heat of her body I imagined reaching around you with my left hand and fondling your soft balls and gripping your cock the same way I gripped it when I jerked you off that afternoon.

    I imagined your cock getting hard in the warm tender caress of my hand. Fondling your soft balls and warm cock filled my head with images of intimacy and shared vulnerability. That afternoon seemed so rushed I I forgot to fondle you as I spooned you; I wished I had.

    The image in my mind as I lay there with my pulsing cock nestled in the smooth warmth between her cheeks was of a surfer on a surf board waiting for the perfect wave. As I lay out there in the warm sea rising and falling on the swells of erotic energy that were welling up in my anus and prostate I felt the perfect orgasmic wave arrive. It lifted me up in a powerful tug and forced me to slowly move forward as it pulsing beneath me.

    The wave of pleasure now had me. In metronomic regular pulses in began to fill my anus with the agonizing ecstasy of orgasm. Like a spring winding up I could feel the divine pleasure that only comes with prostate mmo rushing into my helpless asshole in a torrent. I consciously relaxed it to let in as much pleasure as possible. I breathed in time to the regular pulsing of my anus as it struggled to swallow as much of this exquisitely desperate sensation as it could.

    Then when my anal canal could hold no more pleasure the warm hands of pending orgasm reached under my perineum and caressed my balls and began to tug on my now iron like cock taunting it; it was heavy with desire. I imagined they were your hands caressing my cock, tugging it, mouthing it and sucking it. I felt the warm buzz in the core of my cock that told me I was drooling pre cum in a stream. I remembered your comment admiring my dripping precum and I imagined that I was straddling your face with my cock inches from your eyes. I imagined watching you as you watched me in aroused fascination as the clear sweet honey dripped from my pink cock slit. The sight of my liquid passion dripping made your cock hard for me.

    But as I imagined laying there with my cock buried in your ass and your soft sweet balls in my palm the pumping started. My anus started first and then my anal canal responded with wave like spasms rhythmically rolling deep into my core to seize my hardened and impatient prostate.

    As the flames of pleasure in my anal tract licked at my prostate; it began to sizzle and release the warm wet drippings of my arousal for you. Falling into cadence with the metronome like spasming of my asshole, my prostate began to pump in counterpoint to my anal opening. So as my anus puckered and released kissing the air in between beats my prostate pumped with the resonance of a great heavy machine under the floor boards of a factory, pounding the floor beneath me with each thud like pulse. But instead of a dull thud the pounding was like a clear ringing bell whose chiming resonance echoed in waves of deliriously divine pleasure throughout my anal tract; over and over again the great bell rang out in the anguished rapture of orgasm.

    Applying all the control I could I stifled my anal spasms and stilled my asshole. As I breathed in time to the pulsing I drove the pleasure deep into my anal canal and forced in on my prostate. The pleasure grabbed my prostate and squeezed it making it squeal like a trapped animal. However its wails neither were nor wails of fear nor pain but shrieks of extreme pleasure. My heart raced as the steam of excruciating pleasure hissed in my ears.

    Bringing my hand up to my nipples my thoughts returned to you. As I began to tease my erect nipple, I imagined it was you suckling my hardened teat as the MMO drilled harder and harder into my asshole and forced more and more pleasure into me.

    The sweet torment that was engulfing my pelvis was too much to bear now. I feared I would awaken my wife, so I undocked from her anus and moved away from her as she slept in quiet innocence oblivious to the erotic journey that has swept me up.

    I slid back to my side of the bed and lay on my stomach pressing my semi limp cock on the soft mattress. Freed from the distraction of her body as I lay in the embrace of the tempting euphoria of MMO, any feelings of guilt for my thoughts of homoerotic love disappeared. As the MMO wailed in my body, mentally I turned myself fully over to you to be ravished, cherished, fucked, sucked and admired. Shamelessly I imagined the tender embarrassment of being with you and feeling the soft warmth of your cock against mine when we do eventually embrace laying in bed naked the first time. I imagined laying with you naked skin to skin feeling your male erotic warmth soaking into my own skin, making my nipples harden against yours, teasing them to join in the erotic heat of the moment.

    I gave myself over to the reality of sharing sexual pleasure with you and savoring your rigid male sensuality; of your erect cock in my mouth, lodged in my asshole and my hands. The vulgar tenderness of homoerotic sex, cocks entwined and holes penetrated and nipples sucked flooded my mind.

    Again like a swell of a building wave the MMO picked me up again and swaddled me in white hot sexual bliss. The anguishing desperation of pent up arousal culminated with the pulsing, pumping throb of agonizing ecstasy hurling me headlong into a yawning abyss of orgasmic anguish. Precum began to spread on the sheets beneath me as the hands of mistress MMO reached deep into my anus and began to rhythmically milk my prostate, squeezing it and stroking it and forcing it to regurgitate my clear nectar in euphoric spasms. You were there in my mind sipping that honey from my cock as I happily gave it to you.

    As I was tempest tossed in the throes of orgasmic torment our homoerotic liaison became more and more tawdry in my mind; the more illicit and vulgar it became the hotter it became. Images elegantly began to appear in my minds eye; images of me sucking your cock, massaging your cockhead tenderly with my fingertips and pressing our cocks together so that our cock slits were lined up and forced to kiss making me drool my warm pre cum on your cockhead. The sultry and sensual smoothness of your swollen cockhead pumping your cum into my mouth firmed the gentle squeeze of rapture that held my throbbing cock. My anus was pumping hard and fast.

    Images appeared in my imagination of me straddling your hips holding our erect penises together as I humped you and made the underside of our cocks rub against each other until I spewed my semen on your captive cockhead.

    The tormenting pleasure in my anal canal was in full force again. The chiming echoes of unrelenting pleasure again began to resonantly pump in my anal canal. I imagined lying in bed with you sucking your nipple and massaging your anus with my finger as you sighed in aroused gratitude and cradled the back of my head, holding me to your hardened teat to feed me the rich warm imaginary milk of your arousal. As your head was filled with the haze of pleasure your cock would be gripped by the desperate torment of unrequited erection. Torn between the sweet haze that was filling your head and the anguish that was pulling on your cock, I would startle you with the distraction of my finger slipping into your anus to search out your swollen gland.

    You open your thighs to beckon me in my search with a finger, praying quietly that I will find the pulsing treasure deep in your anal canal. When I find the desired swollen jewel that is your prostate I stroke it ever so tenderly. Teasing it and massaging it, it redoubles its hardness and begins to rhythmically convulse in the bliss of my touch. Riveting ripples of exquisite white hot ecstasy rush up your spine to invade your brain. As explosive spasms of pounding orgasmic pleasure detonate in your asshole, your anus spasms on my finger sucking it like it was a sweet lollipop.

    The kaleidoscope of homoerotic love making turns in my head again to reveal me laying in bed on my back with you holding my ankles apart and up in the air, exposing my asshole to you in all its vulgar glory. It is glistening with lube. I reach around my ass to grasp your hard cock sheathed in a lube drenched condom as you prepare to penetrate me.

    I guide your cockhead to my opening and you gently push against me. I am nervous but I breathe deeply and relax mentally giving you permission to enter me. My asshole responds and relaxes and slowly you apply more pressure. Eventually my asshole succumbs and opens to accept you as you slide forward gaining entry. Your cockhead is swallowed in the tight grip of my anus. You push further into the slippery canal that is eager to accept you. I savor the soft hardness of your cock touching the magical spot deep in my anal canal that will deliver me cascading ecstasy. At the same time you are savoring the tight hot grip that my asshole has on your cock.

    Then with my legs in the air in your hands, and your cock deep in my asshole we begin a dance that men have been doing in secret with each other for thousands of years. Neither one of us knows the steps to this dance, but as you thrust in and out of my asshole the sweet music that plays inside of me intoxicates me and makes my legs tremble in your hands, you hear the music and you feel it vibrating on your cock in the warm caress of my asshole. Sensations of sultry euphoria bloom in my anal canal and lull me into a serene state of spasming rapture with a soothing pulsing agony.

    We fall under the magic spell of this erotically intoxicating music. The warm surreptitious allure of the mounting pleasure seizes us both. As we dance the vulgar erotic waltz of male lust the desperation of rising passion wraps around us both. Your cock is coaxing my prostate to succumb and release waves of orgasmic delight; inspired by the tender massage of your cockhead my prostate responds and delivers to me the most elegantly intimate waves of anal orgasms I have ever experienced. My spasming anus methodically squeezes your cock. The vision of me laying before you as you hold my legs up and spear my vulnerable asshole and the rhythmic convulsions squeezing your cock is more than you can bear. As you look at my face contorted in the anguish of being impaled by your cock you release and fill the bag on your cock with your hot semen.

    In reality the thoughts of us, two men unashamedly making love and exposing our nude bodies and our vulnerabilities to each other has vaulted the orgasmic convulsions I was having to the highest levels of pleasure I have experienced for a long time. The mattress underneath me is soaked with my precum. I had been floating in the sea of homoerotic pleasure and lust for more than an hour when I decided to roll over and try to get some more sleep.

    So laying on my back I attempted to find that quiet recess in my mind that would welcome me back in and let me relax and succumb to sleep. However, instead what I found was lurid images of your nakedness beckoning me to come to bed with you. Seductively you urged me to join you ad you laid in the crisp white sheets emboldened by the desire that you knew was burning in me.

    So I came to the bed and laid on top of you as you caressed me. Our cocks were side by side pressed against each others bellies. Slowly I began to hump you rubbing my cock against yours and occasionally against the skin of your belly. Soon you reciprocated with pelvic thrusts that rubbed your cock against me. As we rutted each other we grunted and groaned and cast of any sense of propriety or reservation as animal lust overpowered our rational human brains.

    The thought of embracing you and grinding our cocks together until we both moaned and spewed our cream all over each other pushed my MMO to the abyss of my capacity to cope with pleasure. Then I thought of the image of our two cocks touching at the apex of ecstasy as they both swelled and regurgitated our cum, mingling our cum it a hot thick marbled cocktail …….. and my MMO responded like an open fire that had gasoline poured on it.

    Pouring our mingled cum over the fire of my MMO made my anus flex and spasms and my anal canal ripple in anguished waves of pleasure until my prostate shrieked in excruciating rapture. My legs tremled and pre cum oozed from my cock slit with the profusion of cum. I felt your cock spearing my asshole even though you are hundreds of miles away. That feeling of commanding agonizing ecstasy filling my anal canal made me stifle a moan.

    I lay there for a full 10 minutes riding the peaks and troughs’ of this blissful orgasm as my entire pelvis played a symphony of such elegant and eloquent sensation that it literally took my breath away.

    So when it was done my cock was limps and slimy and my heart was racing. I knew that I must come down and write this immediately before I forgot it. Everything I have written happened in my mind and in my bed in the last 4 hours. Indeed as I am sitting here now writing this my cock has re hardened and is aching at the memory.

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  • Mind, Body and Soul

    The scent of her feminine desire radiates from deep within the warm recesses of her moist pink furrow filling my nostrils with the warm musk of her sexual need. The sexual cauldron between her thighs is boiling over. It spills its mysterious power onto the bed where it laps against my body, stiffening my cock as it’s warmth touches my thigh.

    Her sensual femininity slowly begins to assume a shape; invisibly it becomes an exquisitely delicate and slender hand that inches its way up my thigh and tenderly grasps my penis. Then lovingly caressing my pulsing purple hued cockhead in her warm grasp she toys with it, mercilessly teasing the wetted cleft under my cockhead. The erotic torment she inflicts on my sensitive cock cleft causes me to fidget.

    I feel the sweet tingle of the virtual pleasurable of her hand; it sends shivers up my spine. Waves of erotic bliss collect at my ears and nose and fill my head. The sweet desperation of growing arousal encircles my neck and envelops my head, making my scalp vibrate and my ears ring. As I lay there I give myself to her as I shudder and quake in her grasp. Arousal tenderly caresses the swollen head of my cock; ever so daintily a finger extends from the hand and searches for the slit at the tip of my lust swollen cock shaft. She knows my penis so well, and she is in no hurry; there is a glee in the way she torments me.

    She searches patiently for the place that will extract maximum pleasure from me; her search is methodically slow and deliberately playful. It tickles my cock and slowly slides over the slick smooth fine skin of my cockhead, she encircles the tender skin behind my crown with the tip of her finger, wallowing in the slippery sexiness of my penis as she coats the tip of her in a clear warm coat of my pre cum. The smooth sexy skin under my cock head is so different than all other skin on my coarse male body. The skin on my cock is delicate and thin and very sensitive.

    Once her desire finds my pre cum soaked slot she toys with it, gingerly tasting the sweet slippery nectar that I have prepared for her. She gets intoxicated by the liquor of my lust that is oozing from my pink slit. Like a drunken hummingbird it darts lazily around my purple hued stamen that is my cockhead; her desire flits, darts and hovers in anticipation of the thick white, sweet reward that I will offering her shortly. Then very gently, her finger alights on the slit in my penis and pries it open, parting it and holding it open in preparation for penetration, sweet penetration. I can feel the tingling magic begin as she parts me; my cock lurches and my body quivers as I feel myself being opened.

    I savor the sensations that are enveloping me. As I wallow in the growing rapture of sexual desire that is toying with my cock head I struggle to absorb and sense the magnitude of the sensual pleasure that I am floating in. My skin is tingling in anticipation of the whispered promise of euphoria that fills my ears. Ultimately I give into the pleasure that is tenderly embracing my cock. I am on fire; my pelvis is a sodden steaming inferno of sexual need.

    Her sweet feminine desire tarries and teases my cockhead for quite a while, playing with the steaming drool of precum that runs down the length of my aching shaft. Her need for my male nectar has been wetted; she craves more. She craves to seek at the source of my warm male essence so that she can bathe and drink from my sweet fountain. Then with the gentleness of a butterfly the finger of her desire deftly enters my slit, penetrating me; I groan and shiver as I am invaded. As she sinks into me she causes me to arch my back and tremble in erotic submission. I am immobilized by lust. The ache of desire that grips my cock has now invaded my anus; my prostate is swollen with the heavy ache of desire.

    Her feminine erotic desire now is deep inside me; it basks in the rich erotic core of my masculinity and grows stronger, drawing its power from the heat of my own need. It causes my cock to go numb in extreme erection. As my penis goes rigid it straightens like a cat stretching after a long soothing nap. Her invasion of my penis fills me with vivid images of lurid liaisons and sexy bodies nude for my pleasure. I am overcome and immobilized by the assault of her desire, it is holding my body helpless on the bed. My heart is racing and my head is spinning as her loving invasion gathers more power inside of me. My breath comes in short gulps as I am being skewered by desire.

    Her sexuality is intoxicating me; my ability to reason wanes. I gasp and groan as her passion inches further into me, igniting a fiery path as it burrows into the vulnerable core of my sexuality. I writhe in anguished joy as the gentle finger of her erotic desire probes deeper and deeper into me, slowly inching along the path that she senses will torment me with need. As her desire grows and extends into me I am overcome with lust and love for her. I hear moaning somewhere; I am surprised to discover it is me.

    As her passion grows inside me I reciprocate with overwhelming need for her. Before I know what has happened her desire has found its destination, the warm thickened pool of my male orgasmic liquid, deep inside of me. I feel her finger probing in my hot essence, coating itself in my earthy male fluid. Her desire exults at the discovery of the well spring of my passion. Satisfied at her conquest she bathes languidly in my creamy sweet pool, stretching out and luxuriating in the spa like warmth inside me. She has found an elegant bath full of the most exotic oils and spices; smugly she languidly soaks in the soothing luxury of my semen and lets it permeate her, feeding her sexual power as she soaks it up.

    Once her desire is drenched in my salty – sweet essence, she begins to delicately breathe the heat of her need into the pool, causing it to simmer and bubble. The simmering pool steams and begins to boil, building up pressure and a path for relief.

    Her need is now desperate; it has been warmed by the desire in me and has grown to immense proportion in the warm well of my male passion. As she wallows in the creamy heat of my male life force her passion has grown to staggering dimension. Rooted itself in the warm wet depths of me it assumes control of my mind, my body and most particularly my cock, the avenue that will deliver my liquid to her thirsty mouth. She has linked us in anticipation of sating her sensual thirst from the warm erotic stream of my cum that will soon emerge from the slit that granted her the privilege of entering me.

    When she has tasted the sweet essence from the well of my sexual, her desire probes further into me; she is not totally satisfied with her conquest yet. She pierces my organs and penetrates me, seeking my very soul. With exquisite and vulgar finesse, the hands of her desire grasp my quivering spirit and gently squeeze it causing intense pleasure waves to wash over me and immerse me in sexual rapture. My cock throbs as my brain catches on fire.

    Soon I am her need. I no longer am the master of my own sensations; I am a slave to her erotic desire. Her desire is a tether that has extended itself into my penis and has wound its fingers around my prostate, savoring the hot liquid reward it has found inside of me, luxuriating in the sensation of the warm cum running between her fingers as she squeezes my gland with no remorse.

    When her desire has slaked its need for my heat it begins to reel me in as if I am a fish caught by her hook. But unlike a fish, I do not fight her incessant pull. I allow myself to be dragged towards her. She has found her prize deep inside of me and now she intends to claim it. I am in a stupor of erotic desire. Her tether is deep inside me but it is also wrapped around my cock. It is like tendril on a bean plant that had coiled around my flesh stalk and it is holding me tenaciously. My fate is sealed I am trapped as a fly is in a venus fly trap. I am her willing erotic captive.

    I am being pulled slowly to the steaming crevice between her thighs; it has my hardened penis in a vice like grip. Her desire has tasted my love liquid and now wants to drink deeply from me; it has been at the source. It now wants to claim my thickened salty rich cream and slake its thirst with the milk of my passion. I am being dragged and tugged to be with her, to be inside her and merge my fluid with hers and deliver a load of my semen to slake her desire. Each yank on my cock and my tender insides elicits a shudder and a gasp from me; each moan and gulp is sweet recognition of my erotic fate. Her passion is milking me readying me to release for her.

    As she grasps the essence of my masculinity, her womanly desire firmly squeezes it hard, again and again; the unrelenting erotic pleasure causes me to cry out for sweet relief as the erotic juice of my passion oozes between her fingers.

    The sheer agony of my need sets the steaming pool of semen inside me to roiling in intense desperation, is now boiling over. It is hot and ready to meet its destiny with her. Soon it will be relinquished in blissful anguish to be deposited deep inside her where she will savor it in her warm secret place. That destiny is drawing me closer and closer to her.

    With my body and soul in her grip her passion wraps its fingers around my brain and makes me think of only one thing . . . . delivering my load to her and savoring the sweet relief of my cock being caressed inside the warmth of her vagina. Her desire continues to reel me in.

    She lies on her back and looks at me with a glint in her eye that is borderline evil. She knows that I am helpless. My penis and her vagina are linked by the tether of her desire; the fingers of her passion are holding my mind and soul in their grasp drawing me to her.

    With the drama surrounding the unveiling of a priceless work of art she parts her thighs to reveal her glistening pink fleshy treasure to me. The sight of her inflamed and dilated pussy assaults my weakened sense of reality and holds me in an iron grip. I cannot take my eyes off of her sweet lips. Her vagina is mesmerizing; in its lust engorged silence it is hypnotizing me. Her dewy pink cleft is slightly open, taunting me with the promise of an exquisitely warm and wet caress that will milk me, and suck me as it swallows my liquid testimony of love. Her cleft is parted in readiness to claim me and her silken inner lips are wetted with the honey of her arousal.

    The scent of her ardor rises from the yawning mouth of her pussy and “seals the deal”. It is the salty scent of the ocean; it is the sweet aroma of exotic flowers and it is the unmistakably piquant scent of female desire. I lost any remaining sense of control I had as her scent embraces my rational mind and toyed with it causing me to sink into an erotic haze. As her passion continues to reel me in I have no choice but to lodge my swollen throbbing cockhead in the lips at the threshold of her feminine canal.

    Her pussy looks like a baby bird with its mouth agape screaming in anguish to accept nourishment. There at the opening of her pussy the sensitive tip of my cock felt the welcome touch of the mouth of her vagina. I fought to keep from being drawn into her too fast as I wanted the relish the imminence of penetration. I lingered at her opening, allowing her pussy lips to kiss and suckle the head of my cock. As her lips were wrapped around the turgid tip of my manhood, my cock rewarded them with a sweet taste of my pre cum. My precum mixed with her own feminine honey covered the head of my throbbing stalk; I was covered in love lubricant, enough to insure that its journey into her would be effortless and blissfully sweet.

    Then with my breath coming in staccato gulps I pushed into her, parting her vaginal opening and slidding past the gateway to her secret place. As I slid into her she squealed as the invasion of my cock stirred exquisite sensations inside her passion engorged pussy. I slowly pushed into her until her vagina had swallowed the length of me. When I hit bottom she shuddered and groaned in sweet anguish.

    I almost lost consciousness as the walls of her pussy gently caressed my stiffened stalk inside of her; as she held me sensations of peace, adoration, and desire washed over me.

    Savoring the sensation of being engulfed by her I held still in the sweet grasp of her cunt. I was overwhelmed by erotic desire. I lost control of my body. Silently and wordlessly her pussy told my penis what to do. I surrendered to her silent demands. My head began to hear the rythmic pounding of sensual drums. The pounding consumed me. I had no choice but to give into the rhythm that reverberated through me. Soon my cock followed the throbbing beat and I began to dance a dance that is as old as time. As my pelvis rose and fell I thrust my cock into her in a rhythmic dance of lust she writhed underneath me sucking on my cock with the hungry grip of her pussy. I penetrated her and withdrew and sank back into her again and again, pushing her closer and closer to the abyss of orgasm with each thrust.

    With each parry of my flesh sword in her sodden sheath, I elicited moans of growing orgasmic tension from her. As I pierced her pussy repeatedly, she grabbed the sheets in her fists and groaned “oh my god . . . . fuck ....what are you doing to me?” I could see the pending orgasm filling her body, as she jerked in an attempt to thrust against me. But her mounting ecstasy had robbed her of coordination and control; she was now a receptacle for the steaming contents of my balls. The rapture that had control of me was now filling her, displacing any other feeling in her. All that she could feel was the burning pleasure of my penis rubbing the inside of her cunt. It was taking control of her. It started as a smoldering ember deep inside her pussy but now it was an incendiary blaze that consumed her entire body and her consciousness.

    She began to push against me in an erratic staccato effort to grind her burning pussy against me; her vagina gripping my penis in a desperate attempt to milk my liquid from me. I continued to thrust into her, penetrate her and grind against her. There was desperation in my thrusts as well, a need to seize pleasure from her and give her pleasure at the same time.

    As I knew her orgasm was imminent I held her face in my hands and softly said to her: “look at me, look into my eyes; I want to see your face as you cum”. With a look that displayed panic, fear, anguish, pure joy, bliss and confusion she looked into my eyes”. Her expression was so erotic it steeled my penis to the consistency of an iron rod. I continued to relentlessly penetrate her and thrust in and out of her as our eyes locked. Then I slowed and delicately teased her holding my cock in the honey coated silken folds of her pussy lips. I then resumed penetrating her and grinding against her pussy which was oozing her love nectar at this point.

    Her eyes opened wide as the orgasm ignited her vagina and tore into her. She was being consumed by the sweet fire of orgasmic release. Her back arched and her body stiffened as the orgasm forced her vagina to convulse and spasm as agonizing rapture transported her to place that only a woman in surrender to orgasm can know.

    She looked into my eyes in the confused anguish of orgasmic euphoria. As her pussy quivered and contracted the panic in her face transformed to a look of satisfied ecstasy as the orgasm filled her up. She shook, trembled and twisted as she sang the sweet song of feminine orgasm. The orgasm grabbed her pussy, it hardened her nipples and it forced her mouth open in a tortured grimace. The orgasm held her most sensitive female parts and was squeezing them hard, wringing absolute pleasure from them. She squealed as her anus contracted in wild counterpoint to each orgasmic convulsion that squeezed her vagina. At the same time the sweet lips of the orgasm were suckling her clit causing divine waves of rapture to surge into her brain.

    It was more than I could resist. It was impossible to hold back any longer. As if I was a classical guitar, the fingers of her desire found the strings of my male guitar. Her desire began to pluck my strings in increasing cadence and intensity; I could feel the sweet tension building. The music I heard and felt inside me told me that orgasm was imminent. The pace of the vibrations that were reverberating throughout my body increased until there was no space between the blissful notes.

    The sensation made me writhe in anguished need for relief. Then as the pleasure seemed to be teetering on that discreet threshold between agony and bliss, the fingers strummed a series of chords in me that set me off. The vibrations of my orgasmic instrument released the pleasure into me; my body filled with sensations that have no description. As I gasped my body reached its limits of how much pleasure I could hold.

    Then in an agonizing millisecond my orgasm burst open and unleashed my torrent of liquid love. When it let go in that moment, the flood of my cum sought the sweet path of release into her; it flowed determinedly over her fingers with ferocity as if they were insignificant pebbles in a mountain stream. In a hot rush to its destiny, the liquid testimonial of my passion streamed from my cock slit. It poured from me and gushed deep into the wetted sheath that held my lurching – pumping cock in a series of hard convulsive spasms. The pleasure I felt was pervasive, it caused me to sing my own resonant song for her as my body stiffened in ecstasy. I emptied fully into her vagina, as her pussy greedily sucked its prize from me in the last spasms of her own bliss.

    Her desire then released its hold on my cock having completed its task, collecting my semen. I collapsed onto her. She kissed me tenderly and whispered in my ear in a hot breath ... thank you. I sighed and kissed her in return as my sloppy love softened penis popped out of her inflamed and sodden vagina. My creamy spendings drooled from her redddened pussy lips, just as wine drools from the mouth of a lush.

    It was over for now. But I know that soon we will again lay in each other’s arms and her sexual heat will again seek me out and inflame me to fill her again.

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  • Thoughts That Inspire My MMO's

    I am incurably erotic and sensual man; that eroticism expresses itself in my own hardened cock or in the twitching anticipation of my anus. My erotic desires extend to visions of cocks hardened, arched and aching in arousal and cunts reddened and open, dripping with the nectar of feminine lust. I came to this realization as I began this journey many years ago. Since then I have turned my writing energy to recording my intimate and erotic thoughts.

    The act of writing and weaving my intimate and vulgar erotic narrative into the complex sexual fabric that is me is in and of itself a very arousing process and it fuels my MMO's. I seldom finish a piece without an erection that is aching and throbbing in my pants and my anus twitching and tingling. Almost every night I lay in bed pondering some of the memories that the writing that I have done as I pleasantly suffer in the desperation of arousal.

    The erotic maelstrom in my head as I mmoed this morning is now hanging heavily between my thighs. Recalling some of those thoughts provides the fuel for hours of unbridled orgasms and it has inspired me to write an entry to share them with you … so here goes.

    The duality of J’s vagina is a source of endless fascination for me. Lying with my face between J’s soft thighs kissing the lust wetted lips of her pussy and licking the warm desire from her quivering opening a few nights ago, has inspired me to think of the miracle of her vagina. As I tease her glistening pink flesh with my tongue and kiss the silken lips that drape the mouth of her feminine opening, I tease her and keep her temporarily suspended in pre orgasmic anguished tension. She will thrust, quake and stiffen in a futile effort to hasten her pussy to grant her the relief of orgasm but I tease her keeping her on the brink of climax until her plaintive moans tell me the time is right. Slipping a finger into her dripping pussy mouth as it yawns her need, my cock stiffens in appreciation. I massage the hardened lump inside her that will drive her to the precipice of ecstasy. She will grasp my head and hold it to her clit as she grinds against my mouth and thrusts her pelvis in pursuit of the exquisite pleasure of her release. When she arrives at her crescendo she trills a song of rapture as the orgasmic torrent floods her cunt and forces it to contract in convulsive euphoria.

    I never tire of coaxing J to lose herself in orgasm. It seems like she is falling, or riding on a roller coaster grinding and thrusting slowly all the way to the top of the first hill; each foot of the climb twists her pussy and arches her back with promises of excruciating pleasure; her pelvic dance culminates in a heart stopping sensation of pure erotic rapture at the climax. When she goes over the top, she is rewarded in free fall with the intense feeling of dropping down into an abyss of numbing pleasure. The shuddering and trembling and shaking of her body indeed does remind me of a ride on a roller coaster. She has told me that the blood rushes in her ears and her ears ring when I guide her to a particularly intense orgasm.

    She has described the sensation to me as welling up in her vagina and boring into it at the same time. She will sometimes whisper to me, describing sweet "warm waves of pleasure" as they are building in her. When she is totally gripped in this intense pleasure and her vagina is twitching in anticipation of orgasm and drooling the saliva of her passion, she will vocalize all sorts of vulgar and affectionate fantasies. She will curse at me, moan obscenities and express the agonizing euphoria that is twisting her vagina with all kinds of intermingled curses. Her nipples will harden and become hypersensitive triggers that can bridge her to a second orgasm if I massage them right and kiss her to help sustain the momentum of her climax.

    When I coax her to orgasm with my mouth I tickle her clit ever so gently with the firm tip tongue as I tease the smooth silky skin in the vestibule of her vagina with the tip of my finger. I softly and slowly massage the smooth tender flesh at the mouth of her pussy as I flick and suckle her hardened clit until her hole is weeping pearlescent white desire. Then reading her body language I respond when her arched back and rising pelvis tells me she is ready. When she signals her urgency and her need, I will go faster and faster...until she is right there.

    I know then that she is ready to go over the edge. Then when it is just the right time I will wrap my lips around her hardened clit and hold it firmly in my mouth. With her clit held tightly and wrapped in the secure warmth of my lips I firmly suck it as my tongue massages the underside of her glans. I slide my finger into her dripping sodden opening and massage her hot spot and all around the inside of her opening until she is squirming in desperation. When orgasm is imminent, the skin on her chest will flush, her nipples will harden to stone and she will shudder and tremble until something deep inside her pussy pops like a champagne cork and releases the warm flood of orgasmic pleasure. The gush of sensation is accompanied by the oozing of her hot sticky pearl white honey. The pleasure reverberates in her pussy and spills out sending waves of anguished joy over her skin.

    It particularly drives her crazy if I grasp her hips and hold her pussy firmly to my mouth and work her clit as she thrusts her pelvis up and down in response to each vulgar convulsion that grips her. I keep my mouth affixed to the seething pit of her ecstasy as I relentlessly tease her to stay suspended in the quaking bliss of climax. I can keep her writhing in divine agony for several minutes holding her to my mouth so the intense orgasms can drill mercilessly into her sodden pussy.

    Her orgasm from cunnilingus is one of selfishness. Her sensation of the pleasure she experiences involves her and her alone; it starts and ends deep in the pit of her vagina. The focus of the experience is the seesawing grip of tension and relief that is tugging at her clit, pulsing in her vagina, contracting her anus, and making her nipples tingle. J’s cunnilingus driven orgasm is a hard, solitary and intensely pleasurable experience.

    Then there is the orgasm from making love with me. On the contrary it is a truly spiritual. experience for her and by association me as well. I am a sexual mirror. When J cries I will tear up. When J has a gripping orgasm with my penis deep inside her hot steamy cunt my cock turns to stone. When she is enraptured in the warm caress of orgasm from penetration, the sensation grasps my cock and takes me with her. Although I certainly experience my own orgasm when we make love, I vicariously experience hers as well. It is very much a mutually enjoyed event.

    The highest level of intimacy that J can have with me is accepting me to be inside her. Although the orgasms are not as pleasurable as MMO orgasms an orgasm from fucking is deeply emotional and very moving. It has always been that way. Entering her is a privilege that still moves me. The act of welcoming and desiring my penis to penetrate her body and having her accept my warm cum, delivered in the throes of passion, deposited inside her speaks volumes of her trust, love and adoration, and desire for me. There is no other act in human interaction where a woman will accept bodily fluid from a man and actually relish it once it is in her.

    The most intense spiritual state that a woman can achieve is most definitely during the act of making love to someone she cares deeply for. I describe it as the experience of perceiving and accepting that which is beyond her as being a part of her. The expression of making love dissolves the apparent boundaries between her and me.

    When the connection of shared being is combined with physical sexual stimulation during our love making, the stimulation acts as an energy source which powers both of our emotions; these emotions include love, adoration, lust, bliss, joy, naughtiness, satisfaction, peace and other delightful sensations. The ultimate sexual/spiritual connection occurs when physical sensations are at their peak of pleasurable intensity. Consequently we try to maintain our peak of physical sensual sensation for as long as possible. For J, this means prolonged multiple orgasms. For me it means delaying my gratification until I want to scream, hanging on the edge of ejaculation until I ultimately let go into her.

    The deepest levels of intimacy are involved, when we make love. This means that emotional walls come down completely. Dropping our walls is the result of trust, respect and appreciation of each other. Because of the lack of walls, when we are deep in the spirituality of making love we feel free to say and do all sorts of things we would never say under other circumstances. We express deepest intimacies; we look in each others eyes unembarrassed, we express filthy things in loving ways, we do filthy things.

    The physical techniques we use to produce the prolong states of peak sexual arousal just mentioned involve me reading and sensing what she is feeling and vice versa. I feel it though my skin contact with her, I see it in her eyes, the beating of her heart, the erection of her nipples, the appearance of her skin, the feel of her vagina and the look of her opening, the noises she makes and how she flexes her hands and arms. It is critical that I am completely aware of J’s state of arousal in order to maintain her on a plateau. This means I must be in constant and acute communication with her body.

    All of us can be acutely aware of our lover’s body. It is easiest during conscious love making of two long term lovers; when two partners have been walking the same erotic experience for many years as we have, we both have learned to sense the others sensual needs and responses. Familiarity doesn’t breed boredom, it breeds knowledge. It enables two lovers to feel the same emotion.

    First we start with generating sexual energy days ahead of time. We do this by creating "excited anticipation" of the sexual encounter to come. It means she must go without sexual release for a few days to feel very motivated sexually. For me I will MMO intensely for three days to accelerate my arousal. Two to three days of MMOing will peg my arousal at a very high level.

    At post menopause she is slower to warm up than I am I will make a concerted effort to arouse her; over the course of perhaps two or three days, I flirt and tease, to stimulate her desire. Any direct physical stimulation consists of a peck on the lips, a pat on her rear, and maybe a light kiss on her vaginal lips when she is half awake in the morning; just enough to stimulate the beginnings of her arousal. I do romantic things. I will massage her shoulders massages or otherwise engage in intimate, not-quite-sexual behavior.

    Once we are both equally aroused, the next step is extended foreplay. We burn incense, light candles, put on some romantic music or otherwise create an atmosphere of "special intimacy." Physically, I begin with very subtle stimulation. J loves to get goose bumps. I will strip her of her night gown and run my fingers ever so lightly on her arms, inner thighs and breasts until her body is overcome by wave after wave of chills, this relaxes her deeply and makes her mind melt.

    I take my time and pay close attention to the affect my actions are having on her; getting her to let go of everything and be here in the moment with me is the key. I want her to be aware of the warmth of my skin, the beating of my heart, the strength and gentleness of my large strong hand on her pussy. The effect here is to get her to focus on me as opposed to her vagina, clit or nipples as is the case when I eat her. Making love is about communication and what we are feeling sensually and emotionally. The goal is to think less, and feel more connected. I continue gentle foreplay until her desire to have me penetrate her is overwhelming.

    Ultimately when I penetrate her I do it slowly, with attention to all of the subtle sensations I can induce. Slow and steady is the rule. When I am extremely aroused it can be difficult to refrain from more aggressive action, but her orgasm requires gentle, steady stimulation of her vagina, her clitoris and her mind. I can’t push her. An occasional circular motion of my finger on her pearl as I am drawing in and out of her will slowly ramp her up.

    My object is to bring her right to the height of arousal until the transition to orgasm is inescapable, and then apply relentless slow, steady stimulation to her trigger spots. We have learned that J can’t "reach for" her orgasm, but instead she lets me coax her closer and closer to the edge, then she just gives into it and lets it happen. It’s about receiving and accepting her orgasm and allowing me to have the privilege of giving it to her.

    When the orgasm begins to trickle into J’s pussy, it draws all of her consciousness to it, both emotional and sensual; the space around her falls away. I will continue the same, steady stimulation and "push" my emotional and sensual sensations into her with my relentlessly probing penis; all my sexual energy, thoughts and fantasies are transmitted to her through my erect – hot cock. As I probe her cunt with my cock searching for the shared bliss of orgasm, I probe her thoughts with my eyes. I search her eyes for what she is feeling and tell her wordlessly what I am feeling. I express my desire for her, my adoration and the pleasure her sucking cunt is drawing from my aching rigid penis. We can both feel our energies combine in a sea of excitement, tension and adoration.

    The steady stimulation will produce aroused “ripples" of sweet delirium in her vagina, where the anguished urgency of arousal gradually rises to an intolerable moment before it cascades. As J’s arousal builds she usually embraces me tightly, clinging to me and often holding my ass with her hands as she forces my cock deeper into her vagina. Unlike cunnilingus I am part of this experience with her. As her arousal ramps up to climax she will cling to my ass in desperation. Partly to maintain the stimulation my penis is stirring in her pussy, but partly to hold me to her as the euphoria is building in her cunt. Our choreographed dance is critical at this point. I will slow down and she will get more aggressive, grinding her cunt on my pubic bone to sustain the sheer pleasure of conscious fucking.

    When her orgasm arrives she describes it as an explosive flood in her vagina. It feels like she is being filled to the point of bursting with unmitigated ecstasy. As her orgasm crests she will cling helplessly to me as the pleasure waves rush into her open pussy. Although she is clinging to me physically for the passion and reassurance of her bliss, I am releasing her to the arms of rapture. I give her to the whim of a higher power that takes control of her mind and body, but her vagina in particular. I am there injecting rapture into her; it enters her pussy via my cock, flooding it. Her convulsing pussy swallows as much pleasure as it can, savoring each gulp.

    Once the orgasm has ravished her pelvis it travels up her spine leaving a tingling trail of erotic sparks behind it. The sensual tsunami carries her with it, as it inundates her in swells of sheer sensuality as I watch. Her eyes glaze over as myriad erotic sensations flash and smolder in the depth of her vagina. As the she is wrapped in a cloak of orgasmic euphoria, I lose her to this powerful force that is now fucking her as I am making love to her. He now has her.
    I hold her as she is devoured by the intense power of intense lust. Her pussy weeps in anguished joy, drooling the liquid of her desire around my cock as I hold her shuddering and quaking body the river of ecstasy flows unleashed in her vagina. I am now clinging to her out of jealously, I do not want to lose her to this mysterious lover I cannot see.

    Witnessing her rapture is too much for me. I am so totally turned on I can no longer control my orgasm. I erupt in her vagina as she holds me firmly. I am streaming long thick ropes of my cum into the warmth of her pussy as I am kissing her lips with lust and desperation. The pulsing of my cock drives her further into the arms of rapture as the haze of otherworldliness fills her mind. But I am there with her.

    This morning as I MMOed these were the images that drove my session to excruciating heights. I thought of the distinct mutually shared experience of making love to her with my penis and the sheer solitary intensity of orgasm she gets from having me eat her out. Her vagina is an amazing organ. It can allow her to experience our love and lust and tell the difference.

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  • Super O Plateau

    One of the most mysterious and exciting things about this Aneros journey is its subtlety and the connection of mind and body in experiencing sexual pleasure. When I started this journey of sexual discovery almost 20 years ago I knew that it was as much a mental experience as it was a physical one. Even though Aneros practice is rooted in the use of a physical device, the power of the mind to facilitate extreme pleasure through that device is manifest. Even more mysterious and fascinating however is the power of Aneros to instigate anal pleasure and facilitate an altered mental state at the pinnacle of a chain of multiple orgasms.

    My normal sessions usually are between an hour and 3 hours. Typically a session will consist of back to pleasure spasms that flow in waves of building and ebbing pleasure. The waves never disappear they just modulate slightly from peak to peak. If I am going to go for a 2 hour session I will deliberately let the wave dissipate slightly to relish the sublime sensation of climbing higher again. It will typically build up on its own to start the second hour as I wait for it to lift me in renewed waves of ecstasy.

    However the interesting thing for me is the way that prostate and penile bulb focused pleasure waves build in me eventually becoming contractions of mind numbing euphoria.

    Mental - erotic preparation for a session for me is important. I used to get myself ready by watching porn. I find myself doing that less and less. What gets me really amped up is either writing about intimacy and sex or chatting with a male or female buddy about sex. With close friends I might engage in verbal sex play and shared fantasy. A couple of hours of that will prime my orgasm pump very adequately.

    I will typically hit the sack about 11 PM. I fall asleep easily. Most nights I will wake up at 3 AM at which time I might make the decision to do an A Less or an Aneros session. My Aneros are in a closet in our spare bedroom, easily accessible without disturbing my wife. If I opt for an Aneros session I will get up and get my Tempo or my Peridise. I use the condom method so I will go in the bathroom and set up the device and put my foot up on the toilet seat and insert it. I will then walk back to bed and get in. As those of you who read my posts already know my wife sleeps in a tee shirt with a bare derriere.

    Waking at this hour in the middle of the morning I usually have a rigid erection. I get back in bed and I slide up against my wife’s derriere. From 43 years of sleeping together it is pretty much routine. In the middle of the night when she feels me against her left side she will turn on to her right side so her back is towards me. It is a silent invitation to spoon her.

    For a 63 year old woman my wife is still very - very sexy. She is 6 foot tall, 34 – 28 – 36. Her derriere in particular is still firm, muscular and very curvy. To say it is an erotic attraction would be an understatement; it turns me on big time. So as I slide in behind her she expects to feel my hard cock in her ass crease. She has told me many times that she finds it to be very sensual feeling and erotically calming to feel my hot hardness cleaving her cheeks. I have gotten very adept at slipping my cockhead between her cheeks so that my cleft under the head of my cock is lodged up against the intense heat of her anus. Sometimes she is dreamily awake when I do this and sometimes she is asleep. She knows the pleasure I derive from this and enjoys the passive role that she plays in stirring my pleasure. This condition evokes amazing sensations and adds an additional level of eroticism to the moment.

    The impact on me when I do this )if I am juiced from a night of erotic activity( is the immediate make my anus spasm in a hard reflexive action. It will clamp down and open up in a metronome - like cadence. The pleasure with each recurring spasm is very - very mild but it grows as the spasms repeat themselves. Initially it is nothing more than a pleasant resonating sensation around my anal opening but it grows to be a radiating sensation of exquisite erotic desperation after a dozen or more spasms. With breathing that is measured to underscore the spasms that are contracting my anus they continue to grow in number, cadence and power; each one forcing me to accept it and savor it as it squeezes my anal canal.

    After 20 -30 minutes of savoring the wave like sets of anal pleasure spasms a transition begins to take place. With the growing anal pleasure I experience the world around me begins to drift away leaving me acutely aware of the pleasurable sensations that are pulsing strongly and growing in power in my anus. I find myself in a quiet serene place that is saturated with erotic sensation and surreal sexual imagery. The connection between my mind and my body at this point is clearly visible in my mind’s eye. Using mental imagery I can see the pleasure as an object inside my body that I can manipulate and modulate.

    I then will the reflexive convulsions of my anus to quell themselves and relax my contracting opening. Denying the growing orgasmic bliss an outlet causes them to grow exponentially, as if they were being frustrated and pent in. So as the contractions of my anus stop the pleasure in my anal canal grows and transforms itself into excruciating ecstasy. The pleasurable pulsing agony in my anal canal becomes like a booster rocket that propels me to mind numbing heights of pleasure. The blood is now thundering my ears as a subtle change begins in my anus.

    The tormenting ecstasy that has been centered in my anus now begins to move. It ripples deeply into my anal canal and abandons my anal opening which is now stilled as if it has been hypnotized. Settling on my prostate the pleasure beings to torment my gland coaxing it to twitch and convulse and radiate euphoric waves of erotic sensation to my perineum, just behind my balls. At the same time my cock root and penile bulb are gripped by exquisite tormenting pleasure. When this happens it is as if I have been thrust into the stratosphere. There is nothing around me and I am aware of nothing but the unmitigated rapture of hard orgasm. That sexual pleasure will assume a corporeal form; it will become the body of a man or woman that I find appealing. My pleasure then becomes that person and I watch them as they assume the sensations that I am feeling.

    At this point the session is like being in a small boat in a storm at sea. The term “tempest tossed” definitely applies here. In the deliriously sweet torture of pounding prostate orgasms, my penile bulb, perineum, root and cock head are all contracting and pumping wildly. Each contraction will send waves of white hot ecstasy to my brain, my skin and especially my nipples. At this point my nipples become turbo boosters that inflame the orgasms to gargantuan proportions when I tease or tweak them. As my body endures indescribably sweet erotic sensation my mind is stilled and numbed in bliss.

    Somewhere in the sequence of sensations I will have rolled away from my wife and will be pressing my cock head against the mattress. My cock slit will be drooling a stream of precum onto the sheets leaving a wet spot that will increase in size depending on how hold I lay there. The warm slippery sensation on my cock head from the slimed sheets adds to the pleasure that is now driving the waves.

    At this plateau I am not in control of the orgasms, they are in control of me. Time and place no longer exist. I will often see myself adrift in a sea of sensation with warm erotic water holding me afloat as I look into the darkened sky, each rolling wave promising to squeeze more and more hot wet pleasure from me. I should be scared at the setting but the agonizing ecstasy that continues to roll into my anus and grip my perineum and cock soothe my psyche and fill my mind with thoughts and images of sheer sexual bliss.

    As my pelvis and sex organs pulse and chime in a sweet chorus or tension and chilling rapture I often break into chills on my skin as my legs tremble and quiver. If I remain in this state of pleasure long enough, the sea I am in becomes a darkened room full of thousands of lights; each light representing the pleasurable spasms that are quietly working their magic deep inside my pelvis and torturing my penile bulb in pumping anguish. They are all inside me and I am surrounded by them at the same time.

    Usually when I am in this state the session will have continued for at least two hours straight or sometimes more. There is seldom any cessation of pleasurable sensation. All I feel is modulating levels of contractive bliss that move inside of me in mysterious pathways and cause my brain to be lulled into a serene sensual state of erotic sensation. When the pleasure is done with me it sets me down on the beach of my consciousness, in quiet aroused peace. My cock will be stone hard and my cock head will be coated in my precum.

    By this time the first light of dawn is usually breaking through the blinds and I drift off to sleep for another hour or two until the day begins.

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  • Seasons of My Sexuality

    As you can read from the previous posts my sexuality is a complex thing. Like the seasons it transforms itself within the measure of a year, each season bringing its unique conditions, qualities and sensibilities. The torrid heat of desire for a woman and the vulgar intimacy of being with a man each bring their own memorable pleasure that resonates in the moment but lingers as an echoing memory; both harden my cock and make it ache with need. The calming chill of ecstasy and the urgency of arousal also speak to the sense of sexual seasons that I experience.

    Homoerotic desire is one of those seasons that swings in and out of my life like the much anticipated chill of fall in the end of a sultry summer. Yet at the beginning of a summer with the anticipation of bathing in searing feminine sexual lust fantasies of sex with a man seem like a distant activity like raking leaves would seem in June.

    The thought of male intimacy ebbs and flows. When it surfaces it finds me like a butterfly seeks a bloom. It is silent. I never know when it will land on me. The desire for male intimacy is so mysterious and secretive that one night as I lay naked in bed it lands on me, seeking my sticky male stamen. It finds me with grace and elegance that belies its masculine character; it alights on my wetted swollen cockhead which is exuding the sweet nectar of my arousal.

    The delicacy and tenderness of its touch causes my stamen to harden and lengthen. Images of me caressing male erections that are keened to stone, as is mine reaffirms my desire. As I imagine coaxing the cream of passion from them, the thought causes the nectar to flow from my own erection. The fantasy and memory of laying with a man and experiencing sexual bliss with him causes my anus to twitch and my penis to vibrate as pre cum flows copiously from my slit. It coats my cockhead and entices the butterfly of male intimacy to sip my sweet syrupy offering to slake its own thirst and embolden it and strengthen its resolve to corrupt me.

    The thought of male intimacy seems so vulgarly erotic to me, and it seems so forbidden. Mostly it is the forbidden aspect of it that hangs over me and gives it the erotic power over me that it has. Anything that is forbidden is desired more than the thing that is accepted.

    These are the thoughts that were dwelling in my mind just a few hours ago as I lay in bed in the early light of morning as sleep drifted out of my brain and delivered me to the reality of the moment. In that moment was my wife sleeping quietly next to me in a tee shirt with her derriere exposed. As I do many mornings I slid over to her and nestled my tumescent cock in the softness of her ass crease, between her warm cheeks, seeking out the core of her heat with my cockhead. Nestling my cockhead against her anus allowed me to suck the sexual energy from her that would ignite my prostate and make it pump lustily.

    Last night before bed she had sucked my stamen to erection with her warm mouth caressing it to steel hardness before she impaled herself on it as she straddled me laying underneath her. Grinding her pussy opening mercilessly on my pubic bone as her pussy gripped and hungrily sucked on my spike, her pussy drank both the nectar of my arousal and the cream of my climax, swallowing it hungrily. I held her tightly as my prostate pumped hard emptying my balls into the depth of her vagina. As I drifted to sleep with my balls drained I had the image of fruits freshly squeezed and left in a state of relaxed emptiness with the pleasant ache of gratification throbbing in my balls. The emptiness combined with the desire for intimacy that was tickling my cockhead in the early hours of morning had created the perfect storm for mmo. The seasons in me were changing.

    So as the autumnal swells of dry orgasm rose in me the fantasy of male intimacy entered my cock slit and made the long journey up my spine to my brain. Once there the butterfly of male desire became an ancient and secret key. That key sought out a door that lay dormant for several months. The key was made to open just that door. The door was the closed entry to lurid fantasies of sex with men.

    As my prostate pumped furiously in the warm caress of my wife’s behind, my cock root and my anus were dancing a lusty rumba that made them both ache with pleasure; as they rhythmically contracted and released they filled my anal canal and my mind with feelings and sensations of indescribable sexual euphoria. The waves of white hot ecstasy convulsed in my anal canal; they were so intense and pleasurable I feared I might go crazy.

    It was the intensity of the pleasure that overcame my guilt and embarrassment and gave my brain permission to turn the key to open the door to be aroused by male sexual intimacy. As my anus and prostate thumped and pulsed their bliss I felt the key turn and the mysterious and vulgardoor in my brain creaked open.

    What was revealed to me was a kaleidoscopic vision of lurid images and thoughts all of which intensified the euphoric dance that had firm control of my anal tract, perineum, and my cock and was crackling on my nipples.

    There in the Cineplex of my brain I danced the ancient dance of shared male sexual pleasure. With the fire of shared male orgasm blazing firmly in my anus, pelvis, cock and groin I backed away from my wife and slid away from her to my side of the bed and into my fantasy of sex with hot men.

    My cockhead was glazed with my precum. I coated my middle finger with it and brought it to my left nipple. My nipple was hard and red from the waves of ecstasy that rippled in my anus and cock root. I envisioned my nipple to be a red cherry on a sundae and my precum to be the sugary syrup that coats that cherry. I covered my cherry in my sweet syrup and implored you to suck and chew it. You complied. Imagining it to be your tongue suckling and teasing me, I took my finger and began to delicately strum my nipple. The image of you sucking my anguished nipple and the sensation of electric pleasure on it had the effect of amplifying the waves of my orgasm. They suddenly became tsunamis.

    I felt my anus opening wide and clamping shut as each contraction grasped it. Excruciating ecstasy echoed into my canal as the pleasure peaked and ebbed rhythmically. With my attention focused on my anus the erotic kaleidoscope revealed an image to me of spooning a man with another cockhead lodged against my anus just as my was with my wife only moments earlier. My opening and closing anus seemed to be kissing this cockhead expressing the depth of the desire that was consuming me. Those kisses on the cockhead coaxed it to erection. I felt its hard presence against my anus in the delicate confines of my warm crack.

    Suddenly I felt a need to engage intimately with a man, to taste his sexual essence and show my need and the fire of my desire by brazenly standing before him, my erection in my grasp, squeezing a fat drop of precum from my slit. There is no other way for me to express my intimacy with a man that to take his manhood in my mouth and savor it and taste his essence. So I pulled away from him and turned towards him, rolled him onto his back. Bending his knees and parting his legs I knelt between them at the altar of his male sexuality and prepared to take the sacrament of his pleasure in my mouth. Lowering my lips to his rigid prong, my lips touched the most sensitive part of his sexual anatomy. I kissed his frenular cleft tenderly and repeatedly. As I did I gathered my precum on my middle finger and began to do a tantric massage of his anal opening.

    His cockhead carried the faint scent of my anus, a situation that only served to inflame the orgasm that was wringing my anus. The magic of erotic bliss was now rushing into his anus and was making his prostate come alive to share the ecstasy that was consuming me. He began to push his cock against my lips. I teased him by inserting the tip of my finger into his anus as I engulfed his cockhead in my mouth. Wrapping my lips around his shaft about an inch behind the ridge that ringed the crown of his manhood I began to massage the sensitive cleft underneath his cockhead with my tongue. He moaned and arched his back in response.

    As he started to mouth fuck me I decided to still him by seeking his prostate with my finger. Slowly I slid my finger into his anal opening invading him and enticing him to still his body and release his creamy semen into my mouth. I found the firm pulsing knot of his swollen gland and stroked it gently. The touch of my finger on the core of his masculine sexuality made it quiver as it continued its rhythmic pumping. The chill of deep euphoria that I knew so well washed over him and held him down in helpless immobility; it was like an enormous erotic weight had been lowered on him, immobilizing him in erotic rapture.

    His body had the urge to thrust and be the seeker of pleasure but euphoria lulled his brain into submission and robbed him of his control of his body. He lay still in anguished bliss as I tormented his arousal. All he could feel as he lay there immobile was my finger up his anal canal stroking his most secret spot and the heat of my mouth sucking on the crown of his erection. Together the two sensations were creating a cacophony of agonizing pleasure that hurt so bad they surmounted the fine line that divides pain and pleasure.

    He was totally under my control ready to release for me; I needed to taste his essence on my tongue. I needed to slake my desire with the thickened warm cream of his passion, given to me in the agonized frenzy of orgasmic release. Suddenly his legs began to quiver and he began to gasp. The grip of orgasm was tightening and squeezing deep inside him. He was falling into the chasm of orgasmic ecstasy and it was going to be a hard fall. His balls drew up in preparation for a hard pumping climax.

    In the milliseconds before the convulsions deep inside his anus began I reached up with my left hand and began to toggle his erect nipple. The cumulative sensations were more than he could bear.

    With my lips wrapped tightly behind the ridge on his crown he began to pump his load as his anus convulsed on my finger and his perineum spasmed. I felt his prostate pumping and his cockhead swelling and shrinking rhythmically as he regurgitated his hot load of man cream, filling my mouth . Pulse after pulse of his hot thick semen flowed into my stomach as I drank hungrily from you.

    He shuddered and quivered as his pelvis was consumed by the force of male orgasm unleashed. His anus, anal canal, perineum and cock all screamed in shrill acknowledgement of the shrill pleasure that gripped him and began to squeeze the cum from him in a paroxysm of exquisite agony. When it was over his balls were drained and his head was fuzzy.

    Before the last shuddering spurt of cum was expelled from his rigid cock, the sweet calm peace that follows hard orgasm settled over him. But my own desire was not slaked. The tumescence of my own cock made it ache with the heaviness of orgasmic need. It hung heavy and hard in arousal. I needed yet one more way to share intimacy with this, this time by being inside him. I had never felt the urge to penetrate a man until that moment.

    As he lay there is beatific euphoria I reached over to the nightstand and lubed my iron spike, in preparation to impale him. Once my cock was glistening with a slippery coating, I lifted his legs, holding them apart by grasping his ankles and holding his legs like they were motorcycle handle bars. His anus was exposed and relaxed from many Aneros sessions and the orgasm that he just experienced.

    I lodged my glistening bulbous cockhead against his pink puckered opening. It fit perfectly in his anal opening just like a cork. I looked down at the highly erotic sight of my cockhead barely inside his opening parting the outer ring of his anus as I prepared to penetrate him. I leaned forward pressing my cockhead against the ring of his asshole. With surprising ease his opening yielded to me as I slid elegantly and slowly into him. He gasped at the pleasant sensation of a hot cock sliding into his anal canal.

    From my standpoint the heat of his hot anal canal gently caressing my cockhead was like a powerful aphrodisiac. My head was suddenly swooning. I was experiencing the power of male sexuality and the very essence of a man. He had allowed me inside his body to experience his pleasure.

    The sensation was exquisite. This was the first time I had ever fucked a man and it was serenely pleasurable. Slowly I began to thrust my pelvis. Back and forth I drew my long hard cock in and out of the sucking hole that held it, like a cellist drawing a bow across strings. As I did my cockhead gently massaged his prostate. In its post - ejaculative state it still was aroused by the tender rubbing of my crown. It began to harden in response. As it did waves of pre super O sensation began to rise in him.

    As I pistoned in and out of him his own pleasure waves began to build. I began to talk in tones of sultry affection coaxing him to succumb and give me the satisfaction of feeling him orgasm on my cock. I speared him relentlessly pushing him closer and closer to the brink. Then it happened, the bliss that my cock inspired deep in his anal tract broke through the clouds and causing him to have a string of super orgasms. This time they were not on an aneros they were on the full girth of my erect cock deep in his asshole. He whined as he succumbed to wave after wave of anguished pleasure as my cock pushed him higher and higher.

    The pleasure was so intense he actually screamed. Still I pistoned him impaling him and making the pleasure he felt become euphoria and then transform from euphoria to rapture. The touch of my wand on the core of his soul transcended him, numbing his brain again and carrying him to the distant place inside his mind where erotic sensual pleasure was all there was.

    The desperate hunger of imminent orgasm began to tickle me deep in my anal canal. My own climax was approaching. I could feel the pressure of the cum welling up deep inside of me. To me the sexiest thing a man can do to another man is cum on his penis. So as I felt the spasm of my ejaculation begin, I pulled out from his anus and laid my glistening hard cock on top of his semi erect cock and released a stream of hot cum. I pissed several long ropes of hot cream onto his cock. The sensation of my hot cream coating it made his penis shudder and lurch.

    The above thoughts and fantasy carried me through a two hour MMO session and it acknowledged the changing season of my sexual need. It has been a while since I have been with a man but I sense that will soon change.

    My underpants are sopping and my cock is hard as I write this.

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A anal sphincter

The ring of muscles surrounding the anus. There are two rings, the outer and the inner. The outer is under voluntary control. The inner is not (it is controlled by the autonomic nervous system but can be trained to relax therapeutically with biofeedback). To identify this muscle, squeeze your anus as though you are holding back gas. This is the muscle that primarily drives the motion of the Aneros.

B Benign Prostate Hyperplasia

Or BPH. A non-cancerous enlarging of the prostate common in middle aged and older men, often causing urinary symptoms. BPH is one of the prostate ailments that the Aneros was originally developed to help treat. (from the wiki)


see Benign Prostate Hyperplasia

H hands-free

The patented design of our massagers allows them to be used completely – hands-free. This is an advantage over other prostate massagers. It allows an Aneros massager to be used in any position the user wants. More importantly, it frees the user to focus solely on the sensations instead of making a conscious effort to manually manipulate the massager. This subtle freedom is important for bringing the mind and body together during a session, which by many experience users is considered a required technique to master in order to achieve a Super-O.

J journey to the Super-O

Aneros massagers can be enjoyed in many different ways – to enhance a strength and pleasure of penile orgasms during partnered or solo sex, or solely for the pleasures derived from prostate orgasms. The ultimate experience for the route is the Super-O. The practice and understanding of how an Aneros massager, the body, and mind play off of one another to eventually achieve a Super-O is now commonly referred to as the “Journey to the Super-O” by our community members. For some men, this learning period is short in duration. For others, it can take quite some time. There are some key milestones on this journey – they can be viewed

K Kundalini Tab

Also known as the K-Tab.  Curves upwards to rest above the anus between the buttocks to pressure on an acupressure spot there. Named after the yoga concept that there is a serpent of power located at the base of the body’s trunk. The K-Tab and the arm that it extends from has taken the place of the handle seen in other Aneros models. (adapted from the wiki)

P PC muscle

The pubococcygeus muscle, one of a number of muscles in the pelvic floor. It is a hammock-like muscle, found in both sexes, that stretches from the pubic bone to the coccyx (tail bone) forming the floor of the pelvic cavity and supporting the pelvic organs. The PC muscle is largely involved in sexual response and contracting during orgasm. It is believed that strengthening leads to longer, more powerful orgasms. (from the wiki)

pelvic floor

The set of muscles that span the area beneath the pelvis, supporting the pelvic organs. (from the wiki)


The area between the scrotum and anus. The perineum provides external access to the prostate and a pudendal nerve acupressure spot.

perineum tab

On Aneros devices, the front arm which curves upward to press on the perineum during an Aneros session.   This actions prevents external prostate stimulation.  It also acts as a fulcrum against which the device can pivot to perform the internal prostate stimulation.


Aneros massagers are made from 3 different types of plastic. All are FDA approved and medical-grade, non-porous, and each has the right density for the right weight and balance for that particular model.


Inflammation of the prostate. Although there are many suspected causes, (bacterial infection, auto-immune response and neuromuscular tension), prostatitis remains an intractable disease which is often times unresponsive to traditional forms of treatment. Before the advent of antibiotics prostate massage was the first line form of treatment. In recent years with many people turning to holistic and homeopathic forms of medicine, prostate massage has been enjoying resurgence. (from the wiki)


Prostate specific antigen. A chemical produced in the prostate and measured in the blood as an indication of cellular activity in the prostate. Abnormally high levels of PSA may indicate health concerns such as inflammation or cancer. The PSA measurement may be elevated by ejaculation, and any form of anal play, including the Aneros. Ask your doctor for a recommended period of abstention prior to taking this test (the Aneros manufacturer suggests a few days to a week). (from the wiki)

S silicone

We call our silicone “Velvet Touch” for its luxurious, matte finish which is designed to hold lubricant. Silicone is used in our Syn models as well as the Vice and deVice.


An abbreviation of Super orgasm. An overwhelmingly strong non-ejaculatory orgasmic event. Orgasms that have no refractory period allowing them to be repeated multiple times.  Though different for each man, the Super-O is considered to be the ultimate pleasure a man can achieve.

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