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  • My Male - Male Fantasy

    The last ten years of sexual self discovery for me has been the most amazing and freeing period of my life. I attribute my wondrous erotic enjoyment of the last ten years to two things.

    First is my rewiring, accomplished by ten years of Aneros use. My rewiring awakened the orgasmic power of my anus and prostate; it made me a sensual man who appreciates the erotically arousing attraction of men and women and it opened my eyes and mind to expressing my erotic thoughts.

    The second thing that has opened the doors to sexual pleasure for me over the last ten years is the internet. It has provided the safety and security for me to anonymously express my erotic thoughts and it has opened the door for me to meet other guys who feel the same about their sexuality without risking exposing my lurid interests to anyone I know. Indeed just the fact that I can make this post and admit some of the things I have is itself a testimony of the power of the internet in my life.

    I am amazed how many straight guys I talk to who have a bi curiosity or an outright interest in having sex with other men. The internet has opened the door for us to openly admit our interests and make connections. I have made connections and met with men for sex 3 times in the last 5 years. The first two times were very pleasurable, but the third was extremely erotic and a huge turn on. It still lingers in my memory and the memory of my partner who I still chat with. I suspect that the reason for this is that he is a good looking guy to begin with. However beyond that he was so aroused at the prospect of our tryst that when we met, his cock was stone hard even as he drove to the hotel where our passion would be realized. It was stone hard when he knocked at the door to the room we would spend the next three hours naked together and it was erect and throbbing as he slid his pants down to reveal his ardor to me. Seeing him erect was so intensely arousing for me it made my cock start dripping instantly.

    His cock was gorgeous. Despite my best attempt to allay having sex and prolong our foreplay I could not resist it. So after 5 minutes of kissing his balls and shaft I began to lick his shaft and the underside of his cock head. AS my own penis dripped with desire I succumbed and took his cock in my mouth and sucked him hungrily until he release a huge load on my tongue.

    We engaged in a variety of sex acts that afternoon. He came hard once more from a frotting session during which I also came hard. I love ejaculating on a guys cock. In my mind glazing someone else’s erection and mixing his semen with my semen is one of the sexiest things I can do to a man. We had a torrid session but I really wanted more when we parted.

    Over the last 5 years I have used blogs to write my erotic experiences, primarily describing my experience MMO and also with J. The most edgy and forbidden thing I have written about is the sexual pleasure I shared with these 3 guys. Indeed everything that I have written in this blog is a description of a real experience. So last night I was talking to my friend I was with the last time; we reminisced that it was a little more than a year ago that we met in a hotel. We shared memories of that afternoon and the intense orgasms that we gave each other. When we finished our reminiscing, my cock was iron hard. Spurred on by my arousal I asked him if there were any things that we didn’t do that he would’ve liked to do. During that chat I offered to him that there were several things that we didn’t do that I would’ve really loved to do with him and to him. I finished the chat by suggesting that rather than just write them to him, I would exercise my verbal exhibitionist tendencies and describe the fantasies I had of him in this blog. He gave me permission.

    This is a huge change for me as I never used this blog or any other to express my fantasies. However, with the hope that he will read this in this open forum I m treating this post as a kind of mental foreplay. I am hopeful that some day we will hookup again and I will get to savor the sweet pleasure of his cum filling my mouth and my cock spewing liquid passion on his erection once more. And maybe as a result of this post we will experience much more.

    I wish this time that instead of 3 hours together we would have more time. I would hope that we could arrange our tryst during a conference that he had so he could get away from home and spend quality time uninterrupted and in the security of anonymous privacy together. I want to sleep with him over night. There is nothing sexier than sleeping naked with another man. I remember sleeping overnight with another guy. I would like to feel my friend up in the night and spoon him nestling my erect cock in the warm caress between his ass cheeks. As I spooned him I would reach around him to fondle his cock and balls. I imagine that the feeling of my hot cock in his ass crease with my cockhead pressing against his anus and my hot hand massaging his cockhead will make his precum flow. I would languidly spread his precum all over his cock, encouraging him to ooze more of his slippery lust. I am sure that that would be so arousing that I would spontaneously begin to have A Less Super O’s. I imagine embracing him and relishing the sweet agony deep in my anal tract of rolling prostate orgasmic spasms. I imagine holding him tight as excruciating pleasure impaled my anus.

    With my profuse flow of precum his ass crack and anal opening would be slathered with my slippery sex ooze. The slippery channel would be too tempting to pass up so I suspect I would ass hump him sliding my erection in his slippery ass crease and pressing my wetted cockhead against his anal opening, stopping short of a release of my semen on his anus.

    I would wake him and ask him to lie on his back so I could straddle his face. Then I would lower my balls into his mouth and ask him to suck them and kiss them gently. Then as he lay on his back I get on my knees over his face and lower my cockhead into his mouth. He would play his hands on my ass cheeks and gently suck me. I would hold back my semen and savor the warm pleasure of having him suckle on my turgid cock. He would tenderly caress my balls as he implored me to release my load into his mouth. I would resist and continue to wallow in the shear bliss of him orally loving my swollen corona. Then as the sensations of erotic arousal reached a fevered pitch I would surrender and allow my semen to flow.

    At the edge of an orgasmic abyss I would let the flood gates of my ejaculation open and deep inside my anus I would feel the agonizing ecstasy of my swollen prostate pumping. From that anguished euphoria of pulsing ecstasy I would feel the thick hot gush of my cum travel down my cock shaft to eventually be pissed in a thick white stream into his mouth. . My cock root would squeeze hard and I would feel the exquisite sensation of steaming cum flowing from the slit in my cockhead. The rapture that gripped my mind also gripped my pulsing penis and filled my pelvis. The vulgar elegance of orgasm was amplified by the thought that I was ejaculating my semen in his mouth.

    I am an anal virgin, however that night in the bed together I would surrender my virginity to him. I would lay on my back with my legs apart at the dge of the bed as he stood between them with his erection jutting out , and dripping his passion over my belly like a cantilever.

    I would grasp his penis and guide it to my anus lodging his cockhead in my lubed opening and implore him to fuck me. The sensation of his cockhead lodged in my opening instigated a hunger in my anus. I was desperate to be fucked. My anus tingled and twitched in anticipation. He would push against me and slide into me effortlessly, eliciting waves of chilling pleasure in my anal tract as he penetrated me. Wave after wave of white hot pulsing bliss rippled into my anal canal. He would fuck me with abandon, sliding his smooth hard cock in and out of my asshole as MMO orgasms flooded my anus. The pleasure would be so intense and profound I would be immobilized by excruciating ecstasy. As he fucked me I would be frozen still and enshrouded in the sweet embrace of orgasmic euphoria as my anus spasmed on his cock. The hot sucking embrace of my tight hole on his cock would force him to release in me. Soon I would feel his cock swelling and lurching deep in my anal tract as he pumped a hot load of cum into me. The sweet anguish in his eyes was echoed by my own confused blissful expression. The sensation of him unloading in me would force my own orgasm to gush from my semi erect cock in a pulsing stream. It erupted from my cock slit in a pulsing white stream.

    In another scenario that I fantasize about we might be laying on our sides facing each other with our heads near each other’s cocks, an arm’s length away. I envision lying that way with a great view of his erection and him having a similar view of mine. The eroticism of the moment would easily make the precum weep from my cock slit. It would be highly arousing for me to be showing him the shameless arousal I would be feeling. He would not only see me leaking precum but he would catch the drool of my precum on his finger tips and spread it around my cock head. The slippery arousing sensation of his fingers teasing my cockhead would make me as erect as he was. I need tactile friction to make my cock hard; he is younger than me, his erection is inspired purely by the eroticism of the moment. His rigid penis is elegantly sexy; it makes my precum flow. I reach over to his cock and caress his balls. The warm embrace of my palm makes his cock lurch. He echoes my action. I feel his warm hands surrounding my cock and balls. The sensation makes my anus twitch and my prostate pulse deep in my anal canal.

    I am so turned on I cannot resist anymore. I close the gap between my mouth and his cock, resting my head on his inner thigh. He raises his leg to accommodate my head giving me unfettered access to his member as he guides my mouth to his cock. It is stone hard, and gently curved. His cockhead has an upsweep just as mine does; it is incredibly sexy. As I lay there I am amazed that I am not embarrassed or turned off being so intimate with a a man. Just the opposite, I am extremely turned on. The thought that my nakedness and my cock is making him hard is a huge source of the desire that is gripping my own member. The skin on his cock is taut and shiny giving it the appearance of bone china. I need to feel my lips on it. It is only inches from my face.

    I close the gap and put my lips on his wetted cockhead. The precum that coats it is still warm; it glazes my lips as I kiss the tip of his manhood. Again his cock lurches in response to my attention. I cannot bear it anymore I must have it in my mouth. I move my head forward sliding his cockhead past my lips. I wrap them around it just behind his coronal ridge and trace the underside of his cleft with my tongue. I can feel the smooth sculpted form of his cockhead in my mouth. I begin to massage it with my tongue paying special attention to the cleft underneath. He moans quietly. I seconds I feel his mouth engulfing my own rigid cock. The heat of his mouth on my cockhead drives my anus wild; it starts pulsing open and closed in wild abandon sending ripples of white hot pleasure deep into me. The act of sucking him and being sucked myself amplifies my arousal, it is shrieking in my mind.

    I am gently savoring his cockhead on my tongue delicately capturing each drop of precum that is flowing from his pink inflamed slit as I massage it and pry his slit open with the tip of my tongue. Suddenly I feel his lips sliding down my own erect penis to the base of my cock to rest against my groin. He is deep throating me. I lose control and begin to hump his mouth as I hold his cock captive in my lips. The need to release is powerful; I feel the ejaculation tightening deep in my anal canal. I try in vain to suppress it but I can’t. Holding his cock in my mouth and feeling the hot precum oozing from it makes me lose control. I grasp his ass cheeks and embrace him letting one of my middle fingers slide into the valley between his ass cheeks to find his hot soft anus with my wetted fingertip. As I fuck his mouth I slip my finger into his analopening. He reciprocates and grabs my ass as he begins to hump my mouth. Before I know it I feel his cockhead swell and his cock shaft jerk; he is about to cum. Then as he grunts a low throaty acknowledgement of his pending crescendo I feel his cockhead swell in the millisecond before I taste the flow of his hot semen. It gushes from his cock slit in a thick steamy torrent. He cums hard, squirting furiously as he fills my mouth with his sweet spunk. I drink from his harden flesh spigot, savoring every drop of his precious warm cocktail on my tongue before I swallow it.

    The tangy heat of his cum in my mouth sends a mystical message to my own cock. Seconds after his release it makes my prostate shudders and pulse hard forcing a thick hot river of my own semen to flow down the core of my cock shaft. The sensation of my load being forced through my cock is so excruciatingly pleasurable I release his oozing cock from my mouth and arch my back to force my cock down his throat. The first rope of my man honey jets down his throat causing him to gag and cough. As he struggles to breathe I pump load after load of my semen down his throat. I am frozen immobile as I empty my balls into his mouth. When I am done my cock starts to shrink and he is coughing. His softened cock is dribbling the last of his cum as I release it from my lips. I lick my lips capturing the last of his semen on my tongue.

    If I were to meet him again these are some of the things that I would do with him. There are more things I know; I will save them for another entry. Even though these events did not happen in my life they are my fantasies. Everything that is in this post I think about when I am the storm of orgasmic pleasure in MMO.

    Getting to the point that I can openly admit that I love having sex with men has been a huge step for me. It does not diminish my love of my wife or the deep desire I feel for women. This new aspect of my sexuality is a mysterious and wonderful thing. I relish the gift that Aneros gave me opening my mind to different kinds of pleasure and to the internet for allowing me to express my desires and act on them.

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  • Yet another Corner Turned

    After a while it begins to get redundant when I write these entries expounding that this session was the best or I discovered a new technique that pushed me even higher. But the truth is, that is what this journey is about. My experience each time I insert my tempo or trigger an A Less is about reaching new heights each time and relishing the euphoria that results. Each session I do does teach me some new technique as I get to feel the wondrous new pleasure open my anus and flood my canal with orgasmic joy. And yes every session does allow me to open a door to a new level of ecstasy that I never experienced before.

    So that being said here I go again. It is necessary to keep in mind that there are certain triggers that are necessary for me to have a pleasurable A Less or A session. Typically they need to occur between 2-6 AM. They are usually best if I have had an emptying ejaculation within the last 12 hours. For me that image of thick semen spewing in rolling spurts from my cock slit is often stuck in my mind as an erotic image that will help to launch me. Also for me pressure on the underside of my cock head is also a trigger. Until now that pressure has been from pressing my cock head into my wife’s derriere or even better against the heat of her anus if I am erect to my full length and sufficiently hard, which is typically the case in the early morning hours.

    Perhaps one of the biggest dichotomies in me that has resulted from rewiring is the split in the images and scenarios that arouse me. When I am in my daily – normal routine female bodies entice me and make my cock harden. Yet when the pleasure waves start and my anus and anal opening convulse gently and my cock root starts pulsing and broadcasting exquisite ecstasy deep into my anal canal, the images that arouse me and enhance the orgasmic pleasure are those of long hard cocks and especially cocks lurching as ropes of cum fly from pulsing cock slits.

    Yet another discovery for me was revealed just before Christmas. I have only had the opportunity to apply it a few times; it produces miraculously intense and a little scary results. The other thing that is unusual is that when I do it I sustain an erection as the session deepens; typically my penis softens as the pleasure deepens.

    This technique is an A Less technique although I am looking forward to trying it this week with penetration by my Tempo. I can also do this on my back or on my side and without the warm caress of my wife’s ass cheeks on my cockhead.

    All that is involved is making simultaneous very light and gentle circles (about the size of a dime) on my sulcus (cock cleft) and my left nipple. This action starts my prostate pulsing in less than 5 seconds and makes gentle pleasure waves ripple in and out of my anal canal in less than 20 seconds. If I continue and breathe in staccato gulps in time to the pulsing ripples the pleasure amplifies exponentially in metronomic tempo until they reach a screeching crescendo that locks my prostate in the grip of agonizing euphoria. At this point my cock is rock hard and oozing a stream of precum. Using that precum to lube my sulcus causes the pleasure to rise even further to excruciating highs. The span of the ecstasy extends from deep inside my anus to my opening, my perineum, cock root and the tip of my bulging cockhead.

    I turned the light on to watch in aroused fascination the first time I felt the luxurious bliss permeate my rigid penis as it lurched and oozed. After the first 20 minutes of delirious rapture the precum transitioned to be thicker and more opaque. As I watched my warm thick juice glaze my pretty cockhead my heart raced; it was precum mixed with my semen. Yet despite the emission of semen the orgasms didn’t stop, in fact they got more intense. The convulsions of ecstasy rose and fell in a orchestrated chorus of percussive pleasure, pumping a cocktail of slippery copious emissions from my cock slit. My cockhead was coated with my ooze making it more and more responsive to my massage which only added to the pleasurable sensations. Images of beautiful sculptured coronas on cockhead filled my mind. I was awash in a sea of erotic orgasmic euphoria as my sex organs pulsed in anguished bliss.

    After 40 minutes of sensuous massage of my nipple and sulcus they fused to become one sensation. The orgasms that were now resulting pulsed and shrieked in my brain. Each one involved a slow tentative quiver of my cock root and the corresponding hard convulsion of my prostate. As my prostate squeezed my anus trembled and spasmed in harmony as a ripple of the most elegantly erotic sensation traveled up the core of my cock to dance in my cock slit and taunt me deliriously as wave after wave of pleasure shrouded my sexy cockhead. My penis was covered in my slippery juice.

    I rode the waves of this incredible sensation savoring the contractions of my anus and cock root and the gripping sensation of rhythmic orgasmic release that ended each convulsion. As visions to beautiful cocks floated past my consciousness I wondered how wonderful this would feel if my tempo were penetrating me and rubbing my convulsing swollen gland.

    After two hours of this desperate rapture I stopped my massage and expected the orgasms to stop, but they didn’t. I rolled onto my side and released my nipples and cockhead from stimulation. The orgasms continued as if I had nothing to do with them. The exquisite immanency of orgasmic pleasure continued to gather in my anus and send a trigger to my prostate and cock root to orgasm despite the lack of stimulation. I tried to stand up and go to the bathroom to interrupt the reflex, but the orgasms continued even as I walked. I wound up lying on the floor in our hallway as the orgasms ruthlessly and unrelentingly played my anus and penis as if I was a toy. I began to get worried that it was out of control and I couldn’t stop these deeply pleasurable sensations from working my anal canal and my cock head.

    In desperation I thought that if I ejaculated maybe I could get them to stop as my penis went into post ejaculation remission. So standing in front of the sink I began to stroke my long slippery shaft teasing and massaging my cock head in the process. The pleasure was drawn away from my prostate and dispersed along the length of my cock shaft. It wasn’t long before I felt the gathering congestion in my anus as my prostate swelled in preparation for release. It wasn’t long before my anus opened signaling that it was about to spasm in synchrony with ejaculation. When my anus closed the first rope of steaming jizz oozed from my cock slit. It was extremely thick and very very white, almost like liquid pearl.

    Finally after jettisoning a large puddle of semen the urgency in my anus subsided and the orgasms in my prostate quelled, although the feeling of arousal remained. If I had chosen to I could’ve initiated the orgasms again, but I chose to try and sleep instead. And sleep I did.

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  • Orgasmic Symphony

    When I don’t make these posts I feel like a part of my sex life is missing. Describing the experiences I have is as much a part of my sexual response as is having them. There is an erotic excitement to writing these that I miss when I skip them. I savor all the things I write about as they happen to me, then I get to savor them again as I remember them and commit them to words. The act of recalling erotic sensations and experiences allows me to indulge myself like I woud with a favorite wine or chocolate that I have been craving. They satisfy me as they turn me on. Savoring the sensations, emotions and rapture I experience and describing them to readers is as sensual as the experience itself.

    When I write these entries I am fully erect and dripping precum; I am now. I am embarrassed to say that I use ladies panty liners to keep from soaking through my pants when I write; indeed I have one in now. I have just learned that they have come out with a version of underwear liners for men. I will have to get some and see if they work as well as ladies. I must say however that the understated fetishist in me secret is turned on when I slide a women’s liner in my underwear. What can I say?

    Beyond how these entries arouse me, a few friends that read them have commented to me that they turn them on too. The fact that they do is very gratifying and arousing to me. There is an anonymous erotic connection between us in the verbal exhibitionism in these entries. The fact that they influence readers erotically is also a huge turn on for me.

    The days since my last entry have been pretty typical in my erotic life. I have been doing an MMO session every other morning at three - five AM. That time seems to established itself as the optimal time for my sessions. My normal morning erection sets me up really fast to launch in J’s warm derriere or just from my own touch if I am traveling alone. In that early hour I am relaxed and my mind is clear and unstressed and open to erotic thoughts, often times an erotic dream provides the bridge between normal consciousness and the serene quiet of orgasmic rapture. The peaceful hours in a warm bed allow me plenty of time to savor the waves of bliss that detonate and echo in my pelvis without distraction before I get on with my day.

    Early morning sessions also hone my arousal for the day to a razor thin edge. When I am done I am extremely turned on; the residual arousal from MMO clasps my cock, balls and prostate and tugs them sensually all day. After a deep session I will get unsolicited anal pleasure spasms later in the day when I see an attractive woman. Being around young women as I am where I work adds an additional dimension of pleasure to my clinging arousal. Current styles of womens clothing, particularly skin hugging spandex pants that hug every inch of a womans figure and thin form fitting tube tops and sweaters create a provocatively erotic aura to my daily life. Nipples sprouting under tube and tank tops that reveal the gracefully erotic beauty of young tits capture my attention and make my cock hard as my asshole spasm pleasantly. I love living my life in a state of permanent arousal. My morning MMO’s help me do that.

    Beyond daily MMOs, and these entries I have finished the draft of my erotic novel. It is almost done but I am finding it easy and very titillating to continue the editing process making the narrative more and more arousing. I began it 3 years ago but it seems never to be really done. Much of the content of my hundreds of blog entries over the years seems to find its way into the intensely erotic narrative of the novel. It is semi autobiographical, giving me a chance to write some of my sexual life experiences but also giving me a chance to explore some fantasies that I might never indulge in. Most arousing for me, it is allowing me to expand the reality of my sex life into some conclusions that might have been had opportunity and my choices been different. As is the case with these blog entries that I write when I work on the novel the words saturate my mind with sensual images and sexual thoughts and cast my molten cock into steel hardness as the precum flows.

    So after a week of mental edging and the resulting steaming sexual desire, when I got to bed last night I was ready to cum and cum hard. Before bed I was chatting with an on line friend (that has become a RL friend) that since I have been rewired I don’t do solo masturbation anymore. I find the orgasms from solo self pleasure to be shallow and not deeply satisfying. The other thing is that when I solo it takes an extremely long time for me to cum. Prostate orgasm has lengthened the time for me to reach arousal both in the menu of my intimate relations with J and in masturbation; it has also increased the volume and force of my ejaculation. I much prefer for J to get me off than doing it myself. In truth she is better at coaxing intense ecstasy from my cock than I am.

    As I got ready for bed I was thinking about this entry and the events that were about to happen; for some reason the image of the weeks activities where that of an orchestra, in the cacophony just before a concert. I envisioned dozens of instrument playing, each one trilling its own part as the player got warmed up for the performance. But when the conductor steps up to the podium and taps her baton, the ensemble silences immediately and focuses their rapt attention on the woman standing before them as they poise themselves to make a sensually beautiful piece of music flow from their carefully blended music. Music can be a sensual and sex and indeed often time sex is enhanced by beautiful music.

    So last night, without words J knew of my orgasmic need. I had been a week without an ejaculation; a very unusual circumstance. It was our foray into sixty nine, a very very erotic experience for me. I have concluded that it is the powerful scent and taste of J’s pussy in arousal that girds my erection and the pleasure that results from her warm mouth suckling my cock head.

    J knows me well enough to know that I need the release that accompanies a wet orgasm after several days of MMO. So as the erotic cacophony in my head rose to a din at the end of the week, she assumed her position on the podium between my legs. She was nude. Despite her age she is still one of the most erotically lithe and sensually feminine women I know. The sight of her full, pert breasts and hardened nipples with her narrow waist and flared hips flowing down to a downy v shaped patch in her crotch made my cock drool a stream of my passion. As she knelt before my parted legs made my prostate harden and ready itself to sing out high shrill notes of the rising sexual tension deep in my cock root. As a trumpet player’s neck strains and veins in his forehead bulge, the veins in my cock were bulging, it was hard and extended, standing up ready to hurl ropes of semen. The high pitched desperation that hummed in my cock was silent to J, but I could hear it in my head.

    My back was propped against the head board and my knees were bent with my legs parted as she kneeled between them. She had full access to all my erotic instruments. So with the commanding grace of a conductor tapping the music stand she leaned forward and wrapped her lips around my left nipple, the more sexually sensitive one.

    When the warmth of her mouth embraced the soft flesh of my nipple the cacophony of my arousal silenced immediately just as an orchestra stills when the conductor taps his baton on the music stand. With my flesh baton hardened and straining the orchestra of my pleasure waited for the signal to start playing their parts. And when her tongue began to flick and massage the hardening nub of my nipple it sent warm ripples of erotic sensuality down to the orchestra pit deep in my anus, it was like the baton rose and came down signaling every one to ready themselves to ring out their sweet music.

    I buried my face in the hot wetness of her open pussy and inhaled the pungent sweetness of her cunt in arousal. I dipped my tongue into the well of her pleasure and drank the thickened milk of her passion.

    Erotic rapture filled my head immediately. All of my sex organs hardened and prepared to play the complex piece of orgasmic music she was guiding them to play. With the rhythmically pleasurable pounding of a percussion section my anus, prostate, perineum and cock began to pulse and thump. My anus began to flex and release in staccato contractions that forced my perineum to respond in sympathy and contract in syncopated rhythm. Inspired by the exquisite pleasure that was emanating from my anus my penile bulb and cock root began to convulse and lurch like kettle drums pounding with a melodic beat.

    As the pleasure in me grew I was unable to focus on giving her pleasure and instead savored the intimacy of kissing her clit and as the pleasure in my cock grew to explosive proportions.

    Inspired by the sexy heat and scent of her dripping cunt a complex interplay of pleasurably rhythmic sensations suddenly gripped my anus, cock and perineum. A chorus of ecstasy harmonized in my head. In an erotic jam session my cock and anal tract sought just the right moment to convulse in an interplay of bliss contributing to the ecstatic tension. The sensations of divine sensation moved back and forth between my asshole and my stiff cock with the exquisitely sweet ache in my perineum filling the space between the beats. My crotch and anal opening provided the opening salvo in the orchestration.

    Like a masterful conductor, J knew which instrument to bring into the orgasmic symphony. She needed no sheet music; the song was in her head. She lowered her mouth to my cock. My rigid penis became the brass section. The long hardened flesh rod was like a trombone slide fully extended, primed to let lose in an erotic baritone voice. She wrapped her lips around my cockhead, trapping it in her mouth by locking her lips just behind my coronal ridge. With the grace of a talented musician she pointed her tongue and began to alternately massage and flick my frenular cleft and my cock slit. She collected the stream pre cum from my cock slit like a delicate hummingbird sipping my nectar.

    My cock became that trombone with its pleasure sliding effortlessly between waling high notes and rich, lush low notes; the eloquent and intense erotic stimulation that penetrated my cock and caused it to tense and pulse at its base rose above the thumping beat of my anus and perineum. The agonizing lament of sexual tension rising filled my head and tugged on my cock shaft. The piercing pleasure made all other sensation drift into oblivion as I savored each note in the intricate melody it was playing. The vision of a trombone melody and thick syrupy notes of sweet agony penetrating my anus made it difficult for me to breathe.

    As my anus throbbed rhythmically and my cock shrieked in complex trills and arpeggios, J called on other instruments to add to the rapturous noise. Taking the finger tips of one hand she caressed my balls and began to lightly tease the flesh of my sac. As the orgasmic music built up, my balls attempted to retreat into me in preparation for ejaculation, but the warm teasing of her palm and fingertips forced them to hang soft and relish the delightful tickling that surrounded them.

    As she played my balls like they were maracas and tongued my cockhead the melody became more complex and mesmerizing. It had captured my attention as it stilled me in melodious rapture. As I drifted into the pleasantly anguishing haze of rich luxurious sensation that silently rang in my ears, she called in the next part of the orchestra.

    Wetting her finger with the mix of her saliva and my pre cum that was drooling down my cock shaft she applied her slippery digit to my anus as it flexed and expressed its pleasure in metronome like rhythmic convulsions.

    With the delicacy of a violinist she placed her finger on my asshole like it was a precious Stradivarius and began to slide her finger in a tight little circle around the rim of my anus, as if she knew an agonizingly ecstatic melody would ring within my body; it did. As the excruciating ripples of sexual desire echoed in my anal tract, with every few circles she that she tantalized my anus she dipped her finger into the opening to tease the ultrasensitive and intensely erotically responsive puckered skin.

    As she teased the opening to coax a vulgarly elegant orgasm from me, the high pitched shriek of anal sensations joined in the symphony. The shrill whine of a prostate tightening in the grip of pending ejaculation wrapped around the shrill rapture of my cock root crouched in a preorgasmic knot and straining to release lifted me to a deliriously quiet place in my mind.

    My pelvis and perineum were screaming in harmonious discord as intense orgasmic tension was building; but my mind was being lulled into peaceful bliss. As the aching tension in my pelvis and anal tract was building it seemed to keep my mind still as if it was holding it down and immobilizing my thoughts so I could do nothing but experience the exquisite spurting rapture that was about to seize control of me.

    Then as this glorious orgasmic symphony increased its intensity, J began to slide her mouth up and down on my aching cock shaft. The sensation of her lips wrapped around my shaft, sliding up and down as she sucked it while her tongue massaged my cock sulcus was driving me to the brink of sanity. Excruciating pleasure thundered in my ears as it forced my anus open and gripped my cock. My anal tract, anus, perineum, cock root and nipples came together in a chorus that was so eloquently sensual my legs started to tremble.

    The powerful crescendo charmed my prostate to relinquish, coaxing it to pump softly at first and increase in intensity as J milked my cock with her mouth. With a mellow pleasure of a french horn the ecstasy of my pumping prostate took control of my anal canal and cock. The warm, mellow and syrupy thick pleasure from my prostate radiated out in waves across my body. I was literally paralyzed with pleasure.

    The euphoric ecstasy lifted me to the threshold to the climax of this performance. The thunderous eloquence and the complex sensuality of my hot male cream gushing down the core of my cock shaft immobilized my body and coerced my mind to be still and quiet. The ecstatic pumping of my prostate dipped into the steaming well of cum deep inside of me and began to suck it up.

    A crescendo of blistering hot ecstasy pulsed deep in my anal tract and made my penile bulb pump hard, the resulting rush of hot cum spewing from my cock slit brought a sensation of unparalleled euphoria. I literally pissed a stream of hot thick semen into J’s mouth. I emptied my steaming load as she remained still with my cockhead in her mouth relishing for her prize. Her lips were still behind my frenular ridge so when my creamy cocktail flowed onto her tongue in a hot flood; she hastened it by sucking on my cockhead as it was spewing. Demurely she swallowed the steaming load when I was done pumping.

    She kept my cock in her mouth as it softened, its job was done. She sucked the very last drop of semen from my slit like it was the creamy sweet bottom of a malted milk; she wanted to get every bit of the hot contents of my balls.

    If I could have done a standing ovation I would have. She has given me oral sex before but somehow this one was special. Everything seemed to be in slow motion. The deeper the sensation of pleasure was the more I felt myself being drawn under into a warm safe place of sexual rapture where the only thing I was aware of was the serene ecstasy of orgasmic sensation.

    Definitely an orgasm worth writing about.

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  • An Amazing Night

    The calm before the storm is the best expression I can think of for this next ten days before Christmas. Last night conformed eerily to that description. It was deathly quiet in the house, none of my friends were on line, the dog was sound asleep on the futon next to me in my office where I sat cruising on the computer. J was upstairs in her studio working on a project. It has been several years now that all the kids are gone from the house; the current quiet has become the norm. The term “empty nest” has real meaning around here, it is very quiet at night. Add to that, early darkness and no one on line; it is no wonder that evenings have become a time for me to ruminate and write. So at 8 PM I began writing a section of my next erotic book.

    Against this backdrop of the mind numbing calm, my rich inner sex life has become like the lights of Broadway. Last night was no exception; the events of last night were so amazing that I needed to get them written and posted before I forgot them. So instead of doing my work this morning I am taking this diversion to get this written so I can post it.

    In my overt sex life with women I am focused like a laser on her vagina and breasts; I am probably no different than most guys in that respect. With guys I am drawn to penises stretched in rigid pleasure pumping semen, but with my lovely lady it is her tits and cunt that do me in.

    So it was last night at 8 PM with no one on line I resorted to working on my erotic novel. As I was writing a passage on the erotic responsiveness of the love object of my protagonists nipples I found myself ruminating about the beauty and eroticism of the female breast and J’s in particular. The more I thought about it, the more turned on I became. This is not an unusual occurrence; I am always turned on when I write erotica. My cock is always stiff and drooling.

    This time it was a little different thought as I was delving into my psyche to describe a feminine attribute that is at the top of the list for my arousal. At 9:30 PM my cock was stiffly aching in arousal and my sensual mind was steaming. So I did something I haven’t done for quite a while, I did a tmblr search for erotic photos; the search was to find sites under breasts and milfs and combinations of the two. I haven’t done a porn search on line in I don’t know how long. I usually prefer to get turned on by my own thoughts of sexual things I do, as opposed to photos of women. But for some reason I had a craving last night that demanded visual satisfaction, so I searched.
    I found several sites that fed the lust that was gnawing at me, only making it more ferocious than it was. The beauty of the women in the photos and the allure of their vulvas was magnified by the sensual appeal of their tits. Nude images of normal everyday women are the stuff of my arousal. From 9:30 to 11:30 I poured over the images girding my erection with lustful thoughts and sultry imagined trysts with these alluring ladies. By 11:30 PM the pleasant ache of arousal had spread from my cock to my prostate. The hunger for sex was was pulsing deep in my anal canal; in sympathy the core of my cock shaft and my cock root were tingling and throbbing. It was time for a shower and bed.

    When I got in the shower I immediately soaped my penis and balls. The sensation was sensually riveting; the warm slick stimulation of my shaft sent vibrations of desire throughout my body. It was all I could do to keep from stroking my cock to hurl cum into the stream of water that was swirling around the drain. Emerging from the warmth of the shower I grabbed the safety razor and shaved my balls and cock, lifting my sac to carefully remove the hair from underneath it where it joined to my perineum. I love how sensitive my sac and penis are they are shaved; little did I know that later I would be grateful I had rendered my junk extra sensitive. In a matter of minutes I was in bed reading; J came up a few minutes after me and she was soon in bed next to me. We kissed and turned the lights out.
    I am usually a back sleeper to start the night but for some reason last night I slept on my right side spooning J. As we pulled the covers up I slid in behind her and put my arm around her. She was wearing a dorm shirt that came mid way down her thighs. My hot erection was pressed between us against the fabric covered cleft in her derriere. She felt so sensuous and warm against me that I felt my prostate pulse to full hardness in minutes; it gently throbbed lodging its approval of my sleeping position. I might have been tempted to launch into mmo at that moment but sleep claimed me before my sex drive could assert itself.

    Little did I know that as I fell asleep the next 9 hours were to be possibly the most pleasure filled nine hours of my life.

    At 1AM I awoke from a dozing light sleep. My arousal was making it difficult to sleep. I was still up against J’s softness with my erection under her dorm shirt wedged into her warm derriere. My anus was fluttering and my cock was twitching in the early stages of launching; it was earlier than my usual session time. I usually wait for 4 AM or thereabouts; however I was not about to refuse pleasure that was desperately trying to gain a grip on my anal canal.

    I slowly breathed into the spasms that were teasing my anus; as I fed them they rewarded me by sending modest sensation of pre orgasmic pleasure up into my anal tract. Each breath I took emboldened the spasms to create a little more pleasure and make my anus open and close as it gulped at the sensations that it was being fed. In a few minutes the level of that pleasure was sufficient enough to turn the sensations to wave like ripples of sexual delight that made my prostate pump erratically, like an antique car sputtering when it was started cold.

    Once the spasms were firm enough to stand on their own, I backed away from J and lay on my stomach with my cock between my abdomen and the mattress. The soft cotton sheet offered just enough friction to stimulate my sulcus so that the erotic pleasure was now coming to my prostate from two different directions (my anus and penis). The ripples of pleasure rolled into me and converged on my prostate, squeezing it tenderly. The dual impact made my prostate detonate with exquisite orgasms and blissful aftershocks every five to ten seconds. Over the course of an hour I cajoled the orgasms to sustain themselves through breathing, nipple stim, and erotic fantasy.

    The hour flew by. The orgasms came and passed in peaks and valleys. I attempted to keep a clear mind and breathe underneath the orgasms to keep them resonating as they exploded and sent echoes of bliss down to my cock root, cock head and back to my anus. I climbed the hills of the orgasmic roller coaster trying to remain relaxed as I savored the escalating pleasurable tension that was gripping my prostate and tugging on it gently and then relishing the deliriously sweet convulsive it provided ride down the other side of the pleasure wave as the orgasm reached deeply into my anus and sucked ecstasy from my anal canal.

    Somehow at the end of that hour I drifted off to sleep again. When I awoke it was an hour later. I was still face down on the mattress. Again I slid over to J and wedged my throbbing hard cock back into her derriere which was now fully exposed as her dorm shirt had shucked up. The gentle pulsing in my anus whispered that orgasm would soon return; the pulses were gently throbbing but they did not detonate into convulsive ecstasy. As my cockhead sipped the sensuous heat of her anus I felt the orgasm swell in my anal canal. Putting my warm hand on her bare tummy and breathing rapidly in time to the quiet pulsing of my prostate ignited my orgasmic flame. I breathed carefully behind the pulsing to not over power it; it is very much like blowing on embers to start a fire. Then my prostate began convulsing; subtly at first but getting firmer and firmer with each breath until it was pumping in ecstasy.

    After a few minutes the convulsing evened out to a slow rhythmic pulsing. It was like a great heavy machine pumping unimaginable pleasure throughout my body; each pounding thump of my prostate shaking my body with shuddering waves of sensuous rapture. I could feel my pelvis literally shuddering with each pumping spasm as the shock waves of bliss followed the core of my cock down to my cockhead. Carefully and gingerly I gently breathed into the pumping spasms and projected fantasies of fucking a female friend passionately driving my big cock in and out of her pretty cunt.

    After 30 minutes I rolled over and lay on my back away from J with my cock lying on my belly dripping pre cum from the volleys of orgasms that were still echoing inside of me. The waves of orgasms slowed to gentle pulsing as I lay there, and their profoundly pleasurable echoes turned to barely audible erotic murmurs.

    I dipped my fingers in the pool of precum on my belly and brought my fingers up to my nipples and spread my honey on them as I breathed into the spasms again. Like pouring gasoline on a fire the breathing and the slippery stimulation of my erect nubs ignited the prostate pumping again. But this time with no pressure on my cockhead my prostate swelled up to absorb the pleasure that had previous been shared my cock. The desperate sensation of orgasm had not place to go but my prostate, excruciating pleasure was convulsing in my anal canal. I tried to deny it the opportunity to express itself and blew the warm breath of my passion gently on it to extinguish it and attempt to concentrate the pleasure.

    The orgasm shuddered and rattled in its confinement, urgently trying to make its presence known. Finally it broke loose and opened my anus to let a massive wave of orgasmic rapture into me. I was being filled by a torrent of agonizing ecstasy. My body stiffened as one volley after another of ecstatic sensation flowed into me like hot semen, filling my anal canal with thick hot passion from an imagined lover. Chills went up my spine and the inside of my legs tingled as the carillon of rapture rang and rang and rang in my anal tract.

    It was after five AM when fatigue won out and I fell back to sleep. It was almost 7 AM when I woke again with a raging erection and the need to pee. I stumbled out of bed and negotiated my way into the backroom. My cock was so hard I couldn’t sit on the toilet and get it between my legs and I couldn’t stand and bend it down to aim. In desperation I leaned against the sink and peed into the toilet.

    Following my erection I pointed myself back to the bedroom. I wandered back to bed and flopped in with the intent of going back to sleep; but my cock had other ideas. The warm hardness of MMO inspired arousal deep inside my asshole was still taunting me. I covered up and rolled over on my side letting my cock touch the mattress. As soon as my cockhead felt the warm kiss of the sheets it was as if someone turned on a switch. My cockhead, cock root, penile bulb and prostate began to involuntarily pump hard in unison with the cadence of a metronome. The synchronicity of the involuntary pumping created such an intensely pleasurable sensation I had to stifle a gasp in my pillow.

    Recalling a comment some time ago from a friend who challenged me to let my orgasms take me wherever they wanted me to go, and not resist them I decided to cast all control aside. I would feed this heightened arousal that it had taken me all night to build just to see where it would take me. So following the cadence of the pumping spasms with supportive breathing and a hard pinching grasp on my left nipple I imagined the orgasm grabbing me by the cock an pulling me along. I fought to relax my anus so that it would realize the full pleasure of tensing and releasing.

    To my amazement for almost an hour the pumping spasms never stopped. I followed them and fed them lurid thoughts, fantasies and images. Regardless of whether my mind wandered or not they continued with such deep sweet bliss that I felt like a erotic clockworks ticking off time with the most pleasurable ticking orgasmic convulsions imaginable. I was fully wound and my ecstatic clockworks would not stop. As time passed I felt myself losing my will and my bodily control. Orgasmic rapture was filling me displacing all other sensations and thoughts and saturating my body with heavy erotic sensation.

    J stirred next to and returned me to reality for a moment. I recalled the agonizing bliss of her doing oral on me as I MMOed in her mouth weeks earlier. The memory was so erotically intimate and tender the MMO surged like a solar flare.

    I awkwardly rolled over to her and rested my pulsing cock on her thigh and my inner thigh of my left leg on top of her thighs. I then slid my hand under her shirt and caressed her warm breast in my hand. In her sleep her nipple hardened in my palm. I wondered if my touch had inspired a sensual moment in her dreams. The effect on me was instantaneous. The cadence of my anguished pumping prostate speeded up and amplified in intensity. In a matter of minutes the spaces between the pumping waves of ecstasy disappeared and my cock and anus and prostate locked in the grip of the most exquisite sustained spasm of ecstasy I have ever experienced. It was like being electrocuted by orgasm. I trembled as a power much greater than anything I had ever experienced in this MMO journey gripped me ruthlessly and squeezed my sex organs in a contraction that was so intense I almost fainted. The erotic energy made my skin tingle and my prostate, cock and balls sing a sustained crescendo that and propelled me into a state of euphoria that was so eloquently sensuous and spiritual it defies description.

    The intensity of the orgasm was so profound my prostate trembled and quivered as the jackhammer spasms vibrated in it. It was unavoidable that I would wake J up. She asked I was ok; I a moaned that I was, just let me be. She knew in an instant what was happening, she has seen me in deep MMO; so she embraced me as I orgasmed repeatedly on her thigh. I was in held suspended in the tender mercies of anguished rapture gripping her like she was a life buoy and I was going to be drowned in my own pleasure.

    After ten minutes the orgasm released me. I felt like a piece of mashed up fruit pulp; I had leaked a stream of pre cum on J’s thigh. My cock was rock hard and I lay there exhausted from the night’s escapades. She kissed me and rolled over to try to sleep.

    Again I fell asleep, but this time only for a half hour. I woke up to something that I could only dream of years ago when our kids were small and life was hectic; it was J playing with my erect cock. She teased it tickled it and ran her finger up and down the shaft with the delicacy of a butterfly landing on an orchid. She dipped her finger in the stream of precum drooling from my cock slit and painted my sulcus with it. The delicate touch of her finger tip on that cleft under my cockhead, the most sensitive skin on my body made my cock lurch.

    Then reaching over for the bottle of clear liquid in the nightstand next to the bed, she applied a stripe of the slippery lube on my steeled penis. Then getting up and straddling my hips she opened her pussy lips and lowered her body so that her pussy opening kissed the shaft of my cock and her clit was nestled in my frenular cleft. Then laying down on me she proceeded to hump me, rubbing her clit on my cock head and kissing me.

    My prostate went mad shuddering and quivering and my cock was paralyzed at the agonizingly blissful sucking wet heat of her cunt. The more she ground against me pushing my cock deep inside her, the more insane for release I became. I began to parry the humping of her pelvis with the thrusting of my own against her. I slid my cock shaft in and out of her like my cock was a bow playing an exquisite cello. We danced together, pelvis to pelvis cunt to cock humping to the music only we could hear.

    As we danced she oozed the cream of her lust on my cock shaft; the sliding of my cock into her pussy opening was making squishing noises. I hoarsely groaned that I was cumming as I spurted a whole nights collected cum deep into the well of her femininity. The slippery vulgar cream that I had injected in her pussy made my cock sing. So as my cock pumped my passion into her she rubbed her clit hard against it until she stiffened and shuddered and embraced me as orgasm drilled into her sodden pussy. Sleep claimed me again.

    I don’t have the money of Bill Gates or the power and prestige of a millionaire, but I have something that none of them has…experiences like the one I just had. I am so lucky.

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  • A Less Nirvana

    I was born and raised in New York City. At 11 years old I learned how to ride the NYC subway and figure out where it took me. From that point on the greatest city in the world was my oyster. Almost every week from then until I was 18, I used the magic carpet of the subway to take me to some new neighborhood, street or destination that needed discovering.

    For all the hundreds of places I was in the City in those years and the hundreds more that I have been there since then, there are still many, many more places that I have yet to discover and visit. New York is a large city and there are thousands and thousands of fascinating and diverse places each promising its own nuanced experiences. Even today when I go to NYC I am always finding someplace new and exotic to experience that I have never been before.

    I have come to realize that my experience with MMO is just like my experience of NYC. The Aneros is my subway system. Every time I insert I am transported to some new place and each of those places has a nuanced sensation of ecstasy. A few years into my MMO journey I learned to do A Less MMO’s; these subtle and elegant orgasms are yet another part of my orgasmic landscape that beseech me to visit frequently. I have been doing massager less MMO’s for many years now. The last couple of years I have been doing them just about every night. That translates to 500 sessions more or less each year. It continues to amaze me that each one of those sessions is distinctly different. And just like a trip to NYC, each time I get on the orgasm train I find a new stop with different sensations and a different experience of each place.

    A few nights ago J and I got into bed early; we were in bed at 10:30 PM. We had decided several nights ago to try and get more sleep. In my own mind I was enthusiastic about an early lights out as that would put me in a more awake frame of mind in the early morning when I woke to do a session. I often times fall asleep in the final part of a session.
    So at 3:30 AM when I woke, I found myself curiously awake for my normal early morning session. Even better my cock was good and hard and my anus was hungry for orgasm. One of the wonderful things that accompanies MMO is the sweet throbbing hunger deep in my anus that grows when my body craves orgasm. It is a more pervasive arousal than an erection driven one. I have learned to savor anal arousal; I relish the pulsing desperation deep inside my anal canal that echoes sublimely and quietly in its urgency.

    I was lying on my left side on the right side of the bed with my back to J, about a foot from the edge of the bed. I could feel the desire for MMO simmering in my anus, and tugging playfully on my cock. Each tug sent a delightful ripple up the core of my cock. I was most definitely ready to launch. So I turned my body to put my rigid penis in contact with the mattress. Pressing the underside of my cockhead (my sulcus) against the mattress, I ignited a pleasant throbbing that rippled up my cock to blend deep in my anal tract with the pulsing arousal. I could feel the pulsing building slowly to become an agonizing throb of pleasure. Each pulsing throb seemed to amplify the erotic glow and warm sensation of the next one causing rapturous waves of bliss to flow deep into me. I relaxed and let the throbbing take me where it wanted to take me; I floated with it.

    After five minutes or so the throbbing had become intensely resonant, I could feel it moving in the other direction after it had taken control of my anal tract. It drove up the core of my cock to engulf my cockhead making it tingle with electricity. My prostate shuddered and twitched as each pulsing waves rippled my from cockhead to my anal canal. After a few of these twitches my prostate was fully engorged and hard; it began to rhythmically pump involuntarily with caused my anal opening to spasm, opening and closing like a fishes mouth.

    To catch these highly pleasurable spasms and keep them going I breathed into them as I tried to still the anal opening contractions. I have found that if I still my anus from spasming in early MMO it drives the pleasure deeper into me focusing it on my prostate. Once I stilled the anal spasms the warm glowing pleasure in my anal canal began to grow. It was like gently blowing on the embers of a fire to make them burst into flame. Indeed the internal spasms intensified. I could feel my prostate stiffening and starting to convulse in the contraction of each anal spasm; in counter point to the convulsion deep in my anal tract, my anus clenched and trembled. The contraction inside me set my penile bulb and the tip of my cockhead to spasm in syncopation. The entire chain of events was something like an old percolator chugging but this percolator is reverberating with deeply sensual orgasmic waves that were pumping ecstasy through all my sex organs.

    I swam in the thick and sensual waves that were rolling from my anal canal to my cock head, savoring their sinuous ebbs and flows and the sweet anguish that were sloshing back and forth from my anus to the tip of my cock. I feel a great conga drum pounding in time to the pumping pleasure inside of me.

    After a few minutes I rolled back to my side and left my erect (and now dripping) cock to be cantilevered out perpendicular to my abdomen, suspended in mid air under the covers. The pleasure spasms faded and died but I could feel the swelling deep inside my anal tract gently throbbing waiting to be reasserted. My prostate felt like a golf ball it was contracted and erect. I felt like a hyped up runner on the starting line ready to do the fifty yard dash. Slowly I felt the spasms start again, this time on their own. I followed them on their seemingly careless path. They led me on that path, taking my breath away with each pulsing expansion. The pleasure spasms had gone from a 1, 2, 3 beat to a 1 ..2 ..1 ..2 beat. The spasms were getting excruciatingly hard but as hard as they were that is how sweet and blissful their echo inside of me was.

    My cock shaft and cockhead went thumb as the pleasure bored into my anus and gripped in in anguished ecstasy. I could no longer suppress the anal opening contractions so I let them happen. This gave free rein for the ecstasy to bounce between my anal opening and my prostate pulsing sympathetically with my penile bulb. It was like a secret tennis match inside me. I focused on this new pattern and breathed into it to support it. As I was breathing I felt for my nipples; they were turgid, hot and tingling with desire.

    I latched onto my left nipple pinched it between my thumb and forefinger and squeezed it gently. It felt like the squeeze squirted gasoline onto a fire. The orgasmic spasms and the pumping my prostate speeded up and my legs stiffened as I felt a long hard orgasm get shoved hard into my anus. I cringed as I felt its hot desire invade my asshole. I felt like I was being impaled by my own orgasm. I struggled to breathe and stay on the wave. I projected a fantasy of being fucked by a gorgeous cock, that image caused the orgasm to reach such intensity that I found it hard to breathe.

    An hour had passed. The orgasmic spasms had warmed my cock and anus up. Everything was humming and pulsing gently in the momentary lapse between pleasure waves. It was hard to control anything to hold it back.

    I rolled onto my back letting my semi erect cock rest on my belly and parted my legs and began to play with my nipples as I breathed deeply and fully. As the Santa Anna winds whip a forest fire into a frenzy my orgasmic spasms reignited and roared to life. As I felt the power of these spasms taking hold of me again I began to fantasize. I thought of a female friend here on the internet that I often chat with. I conjured up images of us sharing a bed naked, stoking each other and kissing and getting each other so worked up were as frenzied as I actually felt at that moment. In a burst of unrestrained passion I mounted her and shoved my long hard cock deep into her cunt making her scream in pleasure pain. I fucked her fervently, making her bellow as my cock made her orgasm explode. I imagined my cock deep in her pussy my cockhead bathed in her orgasmic slime and my thick sticky hot precum. I envisioned eating her post orgasmic cream pie and making her cum again oozing our cocktail from her convulsing pussy mouth. The image made my pumping spasm beat double time. My now flaccid cock was resting on my balls and rhythmically pumping a seemingly relentless stream of pre cum onto my balls.

    I lay immobilized relishing the spasms which were now a steady single beat of twisting intensity. I felt like the elegantly feminine hand of my orgasm was deep in my anal tract, stretching open my asshole on her forearm. Her warm hand was alternating squeezing my prostate and tugging on it mercilessly sucking orgasms from it over and over again. Each tugging squeeze sent paroxysms of erotic rapture to shoot up to my brain. I could feel the pool of precum under my ass growing.

    Again I refocused on my lady friend in my fantasy. I was caressing her and then I was suckling her clit and MMOing in her ass crack as I spooned her and massaged her tits. A thunderous rapid fire set of orgasmic spasms detonated inside of me. My anus, balls, perineum and penile bulb all seemed to be caressed by a mysterious force of unbridled pleasure that lifted me to clear quiet rapture. It blew warmly in my ear and coxed me to give in.

    I felt the warm secure embrace of my mistress’s imaginary hands on my balls. I breathed slowly and struggled to relax my anus and anal tract. I toggled my nipples again and felt the waves begin. Slowly the spasms worked towards a crescendo. In the milliseconds before the cascade of orgasms I felt my balls tighten and my anus clench for a flash of a moment. Then everything let go. The great pumping orgasmic drum inside of me pounded and pulsed as a spike of pure sexual bliss was shoved up my asshole right through my body. My mouth was forced open as the passion hardened spike pierced my gut and forced my mouth open in a silent scream. Hard cruel rapture inducing spasms cascaded from deep inside my asshole.

    I lay on my back on the bed, my back arched and my legs tensed and stiff as the orgasmic waves pounded me again and again and squeezed my cock shaft and penile bulb in syncopated rhythm. For uncountable minutes I was a pebble on the beach in a ferocious storm; the waves pounded me tossing me about in a wash of foamy bliss.

    I had been at this for almost two hours. I needed to pee something fierce. I was afraid if I didn’t go the next spasm might force me to pee in the bed. So reluctantly I got up and leaned towards the bathroom. Standing up the pleasure waves receded and a sense of normalcy returned. My slimy precum was drooling from my cockhead; I tried to catch it in my palm as I walked to avoid leaving a trail on the rug. I sat on the toilet and released a rush of pee in the toilet. I leaned my head in my hands and collected my thoughts. I assured myself that it was over and I could steal another 2 hours of sleep before the radio went off.

    So I went back to bed and climbed in again. J was on her back, her tee shirt up around her tits. She is so sexy in a tee shirt and I love that they leave her virtually naked in bed. So I sidled up to her and put my leg over her upper thighs. The sensitive skin of my own inner thighs felt the bulge of her vulva and the tickle of the downy hair that covered it. My cock had begun to stiffen as the arousal deep inside of me overpowered the orgasmic spasms that fooled my cock into thinking it had cum and made it go soft.

    The sensation of my sulcus pressing on her warm skin reopened my anus for orgasmic invasion. As assurances that I was done were washed away by sensations of exquisite sensation organizing I surrendered. Slowly I breathed and relaxed as totally as I could. In a silent whisper to my orgasmic mistress I told her to take me. With my hand caressing J’s warm breast my mistress coyly slid her hand into my anus. I clung to my sweet J as mysterious and wicked feminine sensuality reached deep into my asshole to grope at the swollen source of my pleasure. However this time instead of taunting me to orgasm she teased me and was gently stroking my prostate, blowing the warm breath of her feminine desire on it, and coaxing it to swell. shudder and quiver to her tender mercies.

    Instead of convulsing in agonizingly sweet spasms my prostate began to pulse gently and radiate erotic warmth that seemed to soak through my body. Slowly the warmth spread and sensations of anguished ecstasy quietly screamed inside of me. My nipples hardened and erected, my perineum tightened as I felt divine pressure push in on my golden spot. My skin tingled and a long lugubrious chime of rapture rang inside of me with the subtle pealing of agonizing pleasure.

    The orgasm wrapped around my entire body, swaddling me to be reborn, soothing me and singing a warm song of euphoria that washed all thoughts of resistance from my mind. In a thunderous rush I was thrust into a quiet warm still place that permeated my body and touched places in me that I never knew were there. As the fingers of this blissful sensation reached into me my brain was overwhelmed by white hot soft rapture.

    In the haze of pure unadulterated pleasure I felt I was able to gather my wits to consider a rational thought. In the slow motion euphoric bliss that held me I reasoned that I had been carried to see the face of Nirvana.

    I hung in this deeply sensual excruciatingly soft state of ecstasy for a couple of minutes. I savored it and drank it in as deeply as I could. I didn’t want to leave. I tried to stay as long as I could but slowly she released me and I was back on earth lying next to the lady I love. I had drooled a stream of precum onto her thigh that ran onto the sheets.

    I was amazed I hadn’t woken her. I lay there and let sleep claim me for the hour until my alarm would go off.

    I had just found a new neighborhood. I am not sure I could find my way there again; it’s a big complicated city.

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  • My New Reality

    Years ago I fantasized that it would be amazing to experience orgasms that lasted more than several seconds; the idea that I might experience an orgasm that lasted an hour or two was the stuff of science fiction in my mind. Yet here I am in 2015, not in a Ray Bradbury novel experiencing them. I (we are) am very - very lucky to have developed this ability and have these mind blowing experiences every few days; for some of us its more frequent than that.

    For me and many of us the experience of an MMO is like surfing. I am continually discovering some nuance in technique or mental context that modulates, amplifies and intensifies the orgasms. I have been at this for 9 years now and each session I do I learn something new or have some amazing new sensation or combination of sensations. Aside from the ecstatic sensations of MMO part of my addiction to it is the kaleidoscopic arrays of ecstatic orgasms that they bring.

    Two nights ago I had yet another session that revealed to me the profound pleasure of MMO. This session was also a landmark session which was why I chose to do this entry. Its noteworthy achievement was that it was the longest session I have ever endured. I do not use the word endure lightly here. This 4 hour experience pushed the envelope in MMO for me; it was excruciatingly pleasurable lifting me to a state of agonizing rapture.

    1:30 AM: I woke with an aching erection and the easily recognizable pulsing deep in my anal canal that an A- Less MMO session was imminently going to happen spontaneously. Looking at the clock and deciding that this unusually early session would allow me time to go back to sleep I gave myself permission to let it happen. I was laying on my side facing my wife on my side of the bed approximately 1 foot from her. My erection was cantilevered out parallel to the mattress. Surrendering to the divine sensations in my anus I relaxed began to think of some erotic fantasies and breathed with the pulsing pleasure that was starting to make itself known. In 60 seconds I could feel the pleasure wave building deep inside my canal and in less than 5 minutes I was in full blown super O’s. The O’s initiated deep in my anal canal and flowed in peristaltic waves outward to my anal opening. As each wave arrived at the opening my hole convulsed and contracted aggressively sending ripples of ecstasy up my spine.

    As the ecstatic convulsion clenched and opened my anus the sensation of bliss triggered another detonation of an orgasm deep inside me. Soon the sequence of involuntary pleasure at my opening and the exquisite sensation of rippling orgasm traveling down my anal tract to my opening to feed my dilating and contracting opening with orgasmic rapture fell into a rhythmic cadence.

    It had only been 15 minutes when I thought to myself that maybe the depth of my arousal would make this a good time to transition to an Aneros session. So, as quietly as I could I got up and went to my travel kit in the closet in the hallway and got my Tempo and a condom (I use the condom method exclusively now). I went in the bathroom and filled the condom with lube, inserted the Tempo and tied the opening shut. Pitting one foot on the toilet I bend over and inserted the condom covered Tempo into my anus. The wonderful thing about Tempo is the exquisite feeling cold inside me after I insert it. This time was no disappointment. The insertion and shock of cold steel penetrating my anus triggered an immediate pleasure spasm in my anus. It clamped down on the intruding devise and sent a shock wave of bliss deep into my rectum. I gasped.

    Walking back to bed as pleasure waves struggled to assert themselves inflicting a pleasurable ache in my anus, I managed to stay upright and maneuver myself into bed. Knowing that my wife was wearing a short nightgown that exposed the warm soft cleft of her ass to me, I got into bed and slid up against her. My erection was still fully rigid. I slipped my hardened highly sensitized cockhead into the sweet caress of her derriere resting it against her anus. In seconds the divine anguish of the orgasmic spasms resumed, this time much harder than before. I could feel the highly gratifying intrusion of the end of the Tempo deep inside me. That sensation ignited a salvo of very hard orgasms. The orgasms were back to back and they were speeding up and intensifying as they did.

    The embrace of my cock by her anus induced my cockhead to be part of the mystical ecstasy that was playing out in my anus. A game of orgasmic ping pong ensued. The orgasm rolled down my anal canal from my prostate to trigger a spasm of my anus which then caused my cockhead to experience the tingling bliss that accompanies ejaculation; but there was no semen. The tempo of these orgasms was that of an erotic dance, 1-2-3 ….. 1-2-3 ….. 1-2-3. Thoughts of my cock in other women’s and men’s asses filled my head. Fantasies of performing oral sex on men filled my head. Memories of the erotic sensation of cum filling my mouth from a pulsing cockhead caused my orgasms to speed up and become even more profoundly pleasurable. Precum was oozing from my cock slit, I could tell from the telltale buzzing of the core of my shaft. I knew it was slathering her anus with my clear nectar. I was grateful that precum soaks into skin in minutes so that she would not be aware of my intrusion.

    I slipped my hand under her already shucked up night gown and cupped her breast in my hand. In sleepy acknowledgement she put her hand over mine and sighed. In half sleep she gave me permission to wallow in my rapture. The chains of orgasms sped up and modulated in intensity, rising and falling and changing tempo. The echoes of orgasmic rapture induced sensations of metamorphing ecstasy in my anus and my cockhead. Pulsing contractions of the two gave me chills that transported me outside of my body.
    3:30AM: Looking at the clock I realized I had been at this session for 2 hours. My wife’s anus was dripping with my precum. She was sleeping deeply; I hoped that maybe my surreptitious enjoyment of her anal charms might be inducing her to have erotic dreams. She has told me that often when I MMO in her as she sleeps that she does indeed have sexy “hot” dreams of fucking other men.

    Typically this would have been the end of a session for me but the sensations that were penetrating my pelvis were so eloquently excruciating I refused to give up. I relinquished my position against my wife and backed away from the warm caress of her ass on my cock. My cock was indeed flaccid as it usually is in the back end of a session.

    I could no longer feel the intrusion of the Tempo bulb against my prostate but it was till working its miracles as I disengaged from J’s crack. Laying on my back I savored the mild but very pleasant waves of orgasmic bliss that continued to grip my anus as the sensations on my cock head faded. I lay there for some amount of time enjoying the sweet tingles and gently quivering convulsions of orgasm that gently contracted my anus. I had no sense of how long I lay there as when I am this deep in a session time has no meaning.

    I thought about getting up and removing the Tempo but decided not to. Instead I decided to roll over to press my flaccid cock against the mattress and push the session even farther. So rolling over I gripped my softened cockhead between my thumb and middle finger and pulled it firmly as I laid on my stomach, pressing the cleft on underside of my corona against the fabric of the sheets.

    The shift of sensation from the soft skin between J’s ass cheeks to the relatively rough texture of the sheets instigated an immediate renewal of harder orgasmic spasms. The combined effect of the sheets offering more resistance on my cockhead than did her skin did and the fact that my profuse precum was soaking into the fabric rather than coating and lubing my cock did several things. First my cock was held firmly extended so that when each convulsive pleasure spasm contracted my anus it tugged on my softened shaft. That tension caused my penis to begin to stiffen, giving it a role as a cast member in the orgasmic performance. Secondly the combined effect of my returning erection and the rougher texture of the sheets on my sensitive cock cleft added a dimension of penile dominance to the session.

    AS the orgasmic spasms hardened so did my cock. Soon the metronome like ecstasy of the orgasms was gripping my anus, my perineum, cock shaft and cock head. The crescent of erotic rapture now extended from my anus to my cock head. Each convulsion of orgasm tensed all my sex orgasms and wrapped them all in a chiming echo of profound pleasure. My anus was trembling with anticipation waiting for each orgasm to ignite. This time instead of being rapid fire the cadence of the orgasms was slow and deliberate. I savored each orgasmic sensation as it squeezed the stiffened organs of my sexual response. Each gripping spasm made me gasp quietly into my pillow.

    4:30 AM : Looking up from a fog of orgasmic induced rapture I saw the 4:30 time glowing on the clock radio face. I was now three hours into this session and fatigue was starting to set in. I rolled onto my back and wiped my sloppy cockhead with my hand, spreading the precum on the skin of my thighs to dry myself. My prostate was till gently pulsing as it wistfully allowed the pleasure waves to wane. I lay quietly relishing the warm glow of my highly aroused sex organs. A peace rolled over as I felt the gentle balm of sleep setting in. I dozed off for a bit, falling into deep enough sleep to allow wispy dreams to fill my head. These dreams not surprisingly were deeply erotic, involving me and various female friends engaged in hard fucking followed by me performing all kinds of lewd and lurid sex acts with highly attractive men with gorgeous cocks.

    5:00AM : I woke up calmly keenly aware of the Tempo that was still inside of me. My belly was slimy with precum from the dream and the elevated state of arousal I was till in. I could feel my sphincter tightly gripping the shaft of the device and pressing its bulb against my prostate. The pressure revealed a very arousing sensation to me that I had never felt before. It was a desperate ache and pulsing of my entire anal canal and anus that made it hard to focus on anything else but the desire to resume the pleasure that I had been experiencing earlier.

    Again surrendering to my body’s desire, I rolled my pelvis onto the mattress laying my erection on the sheet again. However this time I rotated my upper body to be lifted off of the mattress to allow me access to stimulate my nipples. Raising my hand to my chest I touched my left nipple, the more responsive of the two. Touching its pebble like hardness I was rewarded with an immediate hard spasm of my anus. I inhaled sharply with the sudden piercing orgasm that flooded my anus. The convulsion of pleasure was so hard and profound I was swept away in the euphoria of the most powerful orgasmic sensation I had ever experienced. Gently I began to tease the hardened teat and toggle it causing my prostate and perineum to shriek in convulsive harmony. I breathed underneath each spasm being careful not to overwhelm it. I envisioned my breaths as blowing on an ember to make it burst into flame.

    In seconds my penile bulb began to pump in syncope with my prostate; the combined sensation made my breath catch in my chest. My instinct was to hold my breath and bear down on the excruciating pleasure but I fought the urge and exercised all the mind body control I could muster to relax. I relinquished control of my cock and prostate to the orgasm, letting it have its way with me. In a largely symbolic motion I parted my legs imagining I was offering my anus to a mysterious male lover to have him penetrate me or lick my anus or massage my prostate with a finger.

    The orgasm that resulted from this erotic vision was one that can only be described as epic. It was as if a giant heavy bell was swinging inside of me ringing a thunderous orgasm at the apex of each swing. The resulting orgasm cause my cock shaft, cock head, perineum and anus to join in a glorious chorus of transcending rapture. My legs trembled and my cock spewed prostatic fluid. I could feel it as thicker and hotter that clear precum. Each shuddering orgasm caused another stream of prostatic fluid to spew from my cock slit.

    My anus was opening and closing as it gasped in sweet agony. My nipple hardened and extended as if it was reaching for my finger to savor more stimulation. As I toggled my nipple the orgasm modulated to the divine sensation. I climbed higher and higher in orgasmic delirium until after some amount of time my entire body was at a precipice of orgasmic euphoria. I struggled to control the pleasure that gripped my anus and cock and stifle it as I relaxed my body in preparation for what was to come. I pushed myself closer and closer to the precipice until I was at the edge. My anal canal was locked in peristaltic bliss and my cock was gripped in preorgasmic agony.

    Pinching my nipple hard and breathing deeply I jumped off the orgasmic precipice into the thin air of unimaginable orgasmic rapture. My nipples both crackled and tingled , my penile bulb and prostate pumped wildly, my cockhead swelled and contracted as if ejaculating and my perineum contracted hard as if the orgasm had choreographed a grand finale in a ballet. Chills ran up my spine and my toes tingled as all the muscles in my body quivered in sweet surrender. I experienced a total body orgasm.

    6:00AM: I looked at the clock, it was 6 AM. I still had an erection. Begrudgingly I got up to go remove the Tempo. My anus was reluctant to release it, but I pulled firmly and it came out with a pop. I wrapped the lube filled condom with the Tempo inside it in a washcloth and stowed it in my bath robe pocket in my closet as I returned to bed. The puddle of prostatic ooze on the sheets was not as bad as I imagined it would be as I pumped in orgasm. I would voluntarily change the sheets when I got up.

    I climbed back into bed and cuddled against my wife again. Soon sleep claimed me only granting me another hour and a half until I had to get up. I had spent almost the entire night in orgasm, something that as I said in the opening of this post would have been science fiction to me in the past. Now however it is my new reality.

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  • Orgasmic Confluence

    Over the last few years the dimensions of my sexual response have come together to intertwine and deliver excruciating pleasure. I have found myself thinking a lot about the nature of my sexual response in my new state. So it was earlier this week on my drive home from a meeting that my thoughts turned to the erotic. Day dreaming as I drove a prodigious erection resulted accompanied by the expected flow of precum that soaked my underpants. I had plenty of time to ponder on the complexity of my experience of erotic bliss. The inspiration was an intimate liaison J and I had a few nights earlier.

    In the past I was biologically programmed to see erotic pleasure as an external thing focused on my cock, like most guys. My psyche was hard wired to experience pleasure as an external physical event, in both visual and physical perspectives my sexual pleasure was experienced through my arousal stiffened penis, outside of my body. The sight of J alluringly nude, sensually exposed, always elicits an immediate visceral response; my cock hardens and lengthens and the welcomed erotically warm desperate itch of arousal licks at my cock and tugs on it sending waves of erotic delight to my brain.

    As the ache of arousal tugs on my cock it is gripped with the urge to ejaculate; visual pleasure evokes the desperation of arousal. That physical pleasure used to be centered exclusively on my cock and ejaculation. Pre MMO and now I still savor the sensation of fucking with its warm wet sucking caress of her pussy on my rigid cock. Regardless of MMO ability or not I also am turned on watching the regurgitation of hot semen from my pulsing cockhead.

    As I became proficient in MMO, and developed anal orgasmic ability my orgasmic world got turned on its ear. My external experiences of pleasure delivered by my pulsing cock became secondary to the internal erotic pleasure derived from anal orgasm. In this new erotic paradigm that I have adopted I assume a much more feminine role. In MMO and anal pleasure I experience orgasmic pleasure internally and the link of my mind to my body is huge in my experience of orgasmic pleasure. My sense of touch and intimacy are also engaged to a much higher level than they were when my visual arousal culminated in a wet orgasm. There was a shift from proactive, external, cock centered pleasure to passive, mental internal pleasure. In essence a paradigm shift from the male experience of sexual pleasure to a female experience.

    This paradigm shift was profoundly unsettling when it first happened; it took me a while to come to grips with anal ecstasy. It caused the schism in my sexual response. My male based sexual experience of sex seemed to be incompatible with my female based experience of sex. Slowly however the differences are reconciling as the two components of my sex life are melding into one.
    The erotic inspiration for the mental meandering on my drive home was a very unusually and intimate interaction with J the morning before; that intimate interaction with J drove home the power of my internal “feminine” experience of sexual pleasure as contrasted with my male perception of pleasure. That interaction was so sensually moving that it resonated with me for a day afterwards, it turned my psyche on its head and it inspired this entry.

    The previous night J and I fell asleep in each other’s arms. I was profoundly moved by the intimacy and the sensuality of being together feeling deep love. It was one of those moments where my mentally connection to her was in synergy with the physical touch of her. I was exhausted from the long day I had; waking up at 4 AM to do a session was not in the cards that morning. I was working home that day so I was in no hurry to get up.

    At 7 AM when I finally stirred I smelled her hair on the pillow next to me; she smelled wonderful. The sky was overcast and gray; imparting a quiet lull to life outside our window, the sleepy haze in my head was in harmony with the morning as it unfolded out the window. The curtains were wafting gently as the fragrance of her shampoo filled the room. I was awake, sort of but relaxed and sleepy at the same time. The bed was warm and the room was the same 70 degrees that the outside was.

    I slid my arm underneath J and drew her to me, kissing her forehead as she snuggled against me. I was lying on my back. I am an inveterate cuddler. I love hugging. She felt erotic soft and sensual against me. I kept my head down on her forehead resting my lips on her skin, lingering in an extended kiss. She sighed and in moments was breathing deeply and slowly as she drifted back to sleep.

    As I held her and savored the touch of her skin on my lips the touch of her soft warm skin, the scent of her and the atmosphere of the room began to exert its erotic influence on me. As I lay quietly drifting in the lush sensuality of the moment the aching pleasure of desire began to lap my anus. I became instantaneously engaged in the subtle sensation of sexual arousal and the tantalizing tingling that caused my anus to flutter gently, an A less session was attempting to spontaneously start. As I savored the sensation that was making my anus spasm quietly, I began to breathe deep and even breaths to fuel what I sensed was happening …… the unexpected launch of an unsolicited MMO. I relaxed and willed myself to let it happen as I continued to wallow in the warm feminine sexuality of this lovely creature in my arms.

    I caressed J and put my cheek against her forehead as I sucked in the lusty air of her deep into my lungs. In moments the spasms of my anus grew from subtle to profound; in their expansion they invaded my anal tract. The rippling convulsions of pleasure were now squeezing my prostate. I relaxed and kept myself calm, letting the warm sensations of pleasure continue to fill me as I held her. I cleared my mind and focused on the warm loving sensual woman in my arms. I inhaled the scent of her hair mixing it with the intoxicating aroma of spring outside our room. My prostate began to pulse gently, each pulse sending a vibration of ecstasy to echo in my pelvis.

    As we lay there in peaceful relaxation I drank in her feminine sensuality. As my prostate began to transition from pulsing to convulsive pumping the rapture of her sexuality penetrated me and made the lush aching tension of growing arousal fill my pelvis. I somehow ceased to exist as her warm loving sensuality seemed to be invading my body and taking it over. As I breathed in, the cool air blew on the fire of my desire and made my prostate redouble its pleasurable pumping. Waves of ecstasy were now rolling in a regular rhythm up my anal tract and caressing my cock root as they triggered contractions of rapture to detonate inside me.

    By then she was wide awake. With her fingers running through the hairs on my chest she quietly asked me if I was ok. My ragged breathing had betrayed me; she knew that something was happening. Between gripping spasms I managed to gasp to her that I was having MMO’s. That revelation sparked an intrigued “oh” in response.

    She decided to contribute to the moment moving her hand a few inches over on my chest to tweak, flick my nipples. After a few minutes of divine stimulation she brought her fingertips to my oozing cock slit and gathered several warm drops of pre cum on her fingertips. She then brought her precum coated digit back up to my nipple and began to paint my nipple with my own passion; she massaged it with a sensually excruciating delicate touch and with taunting hesitation.

    Each rotation around my nipple pushed me further and further into the lush and sensual abyss of unrelenting ecstasy. I lay there spellbound, entranced by a concerto of blissfully silent sensual music that washed back and forth in my pelvis, between my anus and my cock root.

    The pumping pleasure can only be described as desperate bliss. In sine like waves the bliss grew and fell, peaking in crescendos of excruciating ecstasy. I struggled to lie still as these unbidden ripples of sexual euphoria consumed me. My anus was flexing rhythmically as my cock lurched in counter point.

    After ten or fifteen minutes of this excruciatingly sweet torture she got up onto her hands and knees and settled herself between my legs. Parting my legs and raising them she told me to hold them up. Reaching for the bottle of lube in the nightstand she opened it as she delicately dribbled a little bit onto my anus and then dribbled an equivalent amount on her index finger.

    My anus was still flexing gently as spasms of MMO rapture rippled in my anal canal. With the fingers of one hand she exposed my anus by pulling the skin around it taut. With the delicacy of a hummingbird she slipped her finger into my convulsing anus, sliding in effortlessly.

    The sensation of penetration by her delicate finger was the most intensely erotic sensation I have ever experienced. My anus interrupted its cha cha of orgasmic spasms and resolutely gripped her finger, holding it locked in a convulsive spasm of orgasmic pleasure. As I held my knees up I passively surrendered my opening to her probing finger. The stroking penetration of her finger released waves of agonizing euphoria; the agonizing pleasure flooded into my anal canal in a torrent and sent ripples of white hot ecstasy through my body. Wave after wave of the most divine orgasmic sensation filled me and tugged on my cock as she stroked my pulsing prostate. Each delicate stroke of her finger caused my spasming gland to recoil in a convulsion of crushing orgasmic rapture.

    As she fucked me with her finger she looked me in the eye and intoned the filthiest most loving sentiments. The verbal taunting and coaxing combined with the vulgarly erotic service to my spasming anus lowered the heavy weight of sexual rigor mortis on me. I could not move, all I could do was feel. I felt the silent high pitched penetration of her finger; it provoked sensations that defied description. The pleasure burned hot and numbed in its coldness, her finger felt ten times its size, and there was a ringing chiming echo to the sensation that vibrated its euphoria throughout my body. As she relentlessly fucked me with her finger the sensation of anal penetration and the resulting fireworks detonating inside my pelvis became so pleasurable it was almost unbearable. Yet she continued exhorting me to give her more and more. I shuddered and writhed as she drew more and more pleasurable sensation from me.

    She wrapped her hands around my lurching semi erect cock. Gathering some of the precum on the pad of her thumb she gripped my shaft from underneath wrapping her hand fully around it; with erotic grace began to massage my frenular cleft with the tip of her thumb. Like a sculptress with a vision of elegant sensuality in her mind, she converted my semi erect cock to a stone hard work of sensual art in her hand.

    As she stroked my prostate she drove me into such intense euphoria my body and brain seemed to be steaming and hissing as the sweat poured off my forehead. The simultaneous orgasmic spasms in my anal canal and the growing pleasure on my cock were testing my brain’s ability to experience pleasure.

    Slowly I felt the pleasure in my rigid cock approaching the intensity of the pumping orgasms that had consumed my anus for the last 30 minutes. In my mind I saw the trajectory of the two sensations coming closer ….. and closer …. and closer, until they joined in an explosive spasm.

    The exquisite agony of that spasm was indescribable. I released my legs extending them flat on the bed. I arched my back as my legs trembled. Her finger was still deep inside of my anus massaging the shuddering gland deep inside me, I felt the first ejaculation spasm in my anus contract on her finger moments before I spewed. It released and then I felt another spasm that signaled that hot semen was on the move. Her finger deep inside up anus lay still as I spasmed on it gripping it hard as orgasm twisted my anus. All at once I wanted her finger out of me but at the same time I craved it to be deeper.

    She felt the imminent orgasm squeeze her finger too. As I groaned and thrust my pelvis up, she held fast to my cock shaft with her fiunger deep inside me as she watched in anticipation.

    The contraction that arrived in a blinding shriek of ecstasy forced me to piss a stream of cum in a long white rope high into the air. That initial rope was followed by another and another. The release brought profound relief to my cock but at the same time the pulsing of my anal canal continued with a hunger. It craved continued pleasure.

    In that one explosive orgasm, the complexity of my sexual response was revealed to me. I felt the distinctly euphoric female internal orgasm that savored the ecstasy I felt and willed the sensation of more and then I experienced the explosively relieving pumping male orgasm that expressed external satisfaction. In essence I brought both parts of my orgasmic response together at the same time to savor them and relish the different euphoric sensations that characterize each one.

    It is two days later and the collision of the trajectories of my sexual response is still so powerful, the memory of it causes my anus to tingle and my cock to harden.

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  • Prostate Massage

    My situation is the more I cum the more I need to cum. It is kind of a use it or lose it state of being. So after a ball draining hand job the night before last, my desire last night was steaming and hissing like an old radiator on a cold winter morning. When J and I got in bed I doused the light, and she cuddled up against me and put her hand on my chest. I reached up and put my own hand on top of hers in a reassuring pat. After a few minutes I kissed her forehead.

    My sexuality has been evolving and shifting over time. The nature of my desire has swayed as it has increased each year. It has been a process of expanding need as I sought edgier and edgier experiences. The path has led me to the most extreme thing I have done so far, engaging in M-M sex a few times. Having reached that watershed I feel like it is the end of the experimentation phase of my sex life. The last few months have witnessed me turning to more and more inward and intimate relations with my wife and a move away from male involvement. It is a welcomed home coming to female intimate connection.

    She began to be involved in my MMO sessions a couple of years ago as an active participant and has been a willing passive participant several times a week. We have never done anal sex on her but she does love both cunnilingus and analingus. Most of the edgier sex we have done has been on me.

    So as we have settled on greater intimacy between us it has focused on those things that we both feel comfortable with. From her participation in my MMO sessions she has become acutely aware of the orgasmic sensitivity of my anus.

    So as we lay there she slid down in the bed until her mouth was level with my right nipple; latching onto it with her lips she suckled it and tugged at it teasing it to aroused hardness in the taunting heat of her mouth. She then began to flick the rigid pebble of flesh with the tip of her tongue as she wrapped her hand around my cock shaft and embraced it below my cockhead. With incredible skill she held it firmly imitating the sensation of me being in her pussy and gently squeezed it expressing a clear drop of pre cum. The firm grip of her hand around the base of my long hard cock did feel somewhat like her pussy mouth gripping my cock. My cock shaft was immobilized in her firm grip with my cock head exposed not touching anything.

    She squeezed my shaft gently but assertively a few more times in a rhythmic pattern expressing several large fat drops of pre cum to collect and form a stream that dribbled down my cock shaft. I could feel the telltale vibration at the core of my shaft that told me I was dripping. When she moved her hand up my shaft and placed my frenular cleft in the soft palm of her hand I knew I was dripping because I felt the exquisite slippery friction of her skin on the hyper erotically sensitive taut skin under my turgid cock crown.

    J has become a master using that hold on my cock head, enveloping it in her palm providing eloquently sensual friction as she tugs me off. It allows her to use the copious pre cum that oozes from my cock slit to lube the landing pad for my semen; taking maximum advantage of the precum this grip will give me maximum sensation on my cockhead and will insure that I arch my back and piss a solid stream of cum in her palm.

    So as she rubbed my cockhead in her palm she created that divine tension that she desired; my cock turned to iron as she rubbed and tugged me. There is something primal and extremely arousing feeling her hand on my corona and the pulling tension on my cock root when I am aroused. The intimate eroticism and divine sensation enhances the mind numbing pleasure as I climb the ladder of my arousal. As my cock hardened to stone my prostate sympathetic became rigid and sensitive.

    To insure that my arousal was at the edge she sucked my nipple hard as she coaxed my lust hardened cockhead to surrender to the pleasure and regurgitate its clear nectar into her palm. As usual, her magic worked. As I slowly and laboriously climbed the ladder to erotic rapture she continued the sweet torture of my nipple in her mouth and the tugging plea on my cockhead. With memories of eating my sweet creamy cum from her warm pussy I reached the pinnacle of my arousal; my large purple hued hot cockhead glistened with my passion throb.

    She knows my sexual response like a book. Releasing my nipple from her mouth she asked me to kneel doggy style and put my face on the mattress. The net effect of this position is to thrust my ass up and expose my anus stretching the skin of my tight ass cheeks so that my pink hole was exposed. At the same time my balls and cock hung down between my thighs.

    This position is exquisitely vulgar and highly erotic for me. Just being in this position exposing myself and offering myself to her amplified my arousal. My anus was twitching in erotic desperation.

    She squeezed a dollop of lube from a tube on the night stand next to our bed and spread it on her hand. Applying the slippery tips of her fingers to my perineum, balls, cock root and the opening of my anus she began to dance the tips of her fingers over my quivering skin. In the hyper aroused state I was in the sensation of warm smooth pressure sliding around the hypersensitive flesh of my most erogenous spot was beyond divine. As my anus twitched with each touch my heavy cock lurched hanging between my thighs. A long string of precum hung suspened from my cock slit linking me to the sheets like a kite string.

    As she sensuously massaged the smooth landscape of my pelvic floor with one hand she reached around me and gently toggled my nipples. I could feel the cloak of erotic euphoria wrapping around me. As it covered me I sank into a state of urgent yet peaceful rapture. My anal tract was trembling on the precipice of MMO, begging for a stimulation to deliver the aching pleasure i knew so well.

    After minutes of excruciating teasing my wish for deliverance was granted. I felt her finger circling around my anus in increasingly smaller and smaller circles. My anus was quivering in anticipation as my heart raced and gentle spasms began to gather deep in my anal canal.

    Then after what seemed an eternity I felt the tip of her finger teasing the tender flesh at my anal opening. My rectum flinched with the much anticipated divine sensation of the gentle tap of her finger on the hypersensitive skin that triggers my pleasure spasms. I was savoring the teasing torment of her finger tip at the threshold of my ecstasy allowing my mind to drift to distant imagined venues where I wallowed in sweet erotic pleasure twisting in sweet agony as women watched me with fascinated curiosity.

    Suddenly I was jerked back to reality by the sensation of anal intrusion. Slowly and gently her finger parted the puckered skin of my anus, wiggling with practiced dexterity as it sought the path to my core. I gasped as she slid into me stimulating the skin inside of my anal canal to twitch, and tingle as pleasure waves began to radiate inside me. Deeper and deeper she probed until her finger was in me as far as it could go. I was frozen in mute acknowledgement of the sweet pleasure I felt in my rectum. Suddenly thoughts of the expression “man pussy” flooded my brain as she began the slow and deliberate massage of my prostate. I could feel my semi rigid gland pulse and hard under her touch. Each pulse sending a ripple of pleasure echoing into this mysterious and wonderful new sex organ that is my anal canal an down my cock shaft to gather around my cockhead in electrical sparkles that tingled and teased precum to drool from its opening.

    I was experiencing the deeply gratifying peace inducing - exciting sensation of penetration. As I relished the divine pleasure of probing stimulation I felt her withdraw. The momentary disappointment was immediately replaced by gripping spasms that resulted from my anus being stretched by the intrusion of what I imagined could only be two fingers. Feelings of intense rapture began flood my anus as my opening began to rhythmically suck on her fingers.

    With firm yet gentle determination she began to stroke and massage my gland. Covering it with two fingers and stroking it she coaxed it to fully convulse. With metronome like precision, rhythmic pulsing waves of agonizing ecstasy began to pump in my sex organs. The began deep in my anal canal and rolled with eloquent force out of my anus and along my perineum to my cock root. Each spasm gripped my cock root and squeezed it causing my entire rigid shaft o lurch as it hung engorged and heavy between my legs. Wave after wave of excruciating pleasure rolled through me as I remained on all four ass in the air welcoming her practiced skill.

    As the waves of ecstasy continued their relentless cadence I felt myself drifting into a rapturous quiet. Any sense of place or time disappeared. I was surrounded by the mesmerizing peace of extreme erotic bliss. The darkness that surrounded me was saturated with gentle erotic sensations and the intensely arousing tension and release of building and exploding orgasm. Time had no meaning. I ceased being a man. I became the sensation of relentless orgasm manifested as flesh and body. That body trembled and shuddered as my anus drank pleasure in gulps in response to its thirst for orgasm.

    I was sweating from the arduous effort of accommodating repetitive orgasm with no ejaculation. I could not count by I can imagine that I had hundreds of orgasmic spasms. When she slipped her fingers from my trembling anus the aftershocks of orgasm and the desperation of erotic need were still gripping my sex organs. My cock was rock hard.

    She lost no time wrapping her hand around my rigid cock to begin the process of granting me a much needed ejaculation. She began to jelk my cock milking it firmly pulling downward and tugging on it with one hand while with the thumb of her other hand she rubbed the sensitive cleft under my cockhead using my own precum for lube. It didn’t take long for my perineum to tense and my anus spasm as the first spasm of ejaculation teased my prostate. That teasing itch deep inside me was followed by the elegant sensation of ejaculative inevitability that follows. I then felt the wad of cum make that long arduous journey from my prostate to my aching cockhead. The sweet tingling pleasure of that journey made me arch my back and hump, in essence fucking her hand. The thrusting of my pelvis and vulgar position I was in coupled with the welcomed friction of her hand surrounding my cock as I fucked it, hastened the anguished delight of ejaculation. I suddenly felt the exquisite itching relief of my creamy semen being pumped from my prostate as it made the journey to pour from my cock slit. And then it happened; the honey of my ecstasy spilled from my cock slit in a rhythmic stream. I felt its heat pissing into her palm; it made the fleshy shroud of her hand around my cockhead extremely slippery and extremely hot.

    I pulsed four hard jets of my man honey into her palm as she gently held my cock coaxing me to empty by stroking my cleft. The gentle tug and sweet massage on my regurgitating cock sent a jolt of electrical pleasure to my prostate and wrung it hard to squeeze the last drop of cum from it.

    She brought her hand up to my mouth. A pool of my hot load filled her palm; she softly asked me to taste it. As she rested the lower edge of her palm on my chin she tilted her hand to allow me access to my still warm load. I dipped my tongue into the thick hot pool and coated the tip of my tongue in it; I tasted my familiar sweet tangy spunk. It was still steamy hot from my body and thick and slippery.

    As I said in the previous entries, she has over the years developed deep satisfaction and erotic pleasure making me eat my own cum. Sometimes she will take it from her pussy and spread in on her nipple repeatedly so I can lick her nipple clean and suck it off. Other times I drink my warm semen directly from her fleshy fur lined cup; yet other times I will lick it from her palm as I did at that moment. As part of our sexual repertoire, she loves it and I am happy to oblige as I know it turns her on. Whether it is by association or it is a result of my evolving sexual taste as a result of my rewiring I have really developed a taste for my own cum. I love the taste, texture and the warm creaminess of it. I can’t tell a lie I especially like the fact that she is feeding me my freshly expressed warm cum from her body.

    My erotic mind is an ever changing vista. At times it convinces me to savor the extended intense tender anguish of anal orgasm and other times it welcomes a cock centered ejaculation that empties my sex glands of their viscous secretions. Either way I have learned to accept pleasure however it is delivered. I am very flexible.

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  • September 9

    For quite a while I maintained two separate sex lives, MMO and sex with J. However, the last two weeks have witnessed a curious joining of the two. They have come together to entwine in a complex tango of sexual intimacy, sensual experience and mindful emotions. The wall between the very internally focused and intensely pleasurable sensation of MMO and its ability to turn my thoughts into molten waves of orgasmic rapture and the highly emotional intimacy of coupling with J or coaxing her pussy to convulse in orgasm with my tongue has broken down. Those two worlds now are twisted together like the strands of a rope. It is impossible to discern one from the other as I look down the rope.

    I have also written many times about my sexuality being like a kaleidoscope. In MMO or in the sensual diversity of my sexual activity with J, each moment reveals an exquisitely pleasurable sensation, profoundly moving emotion or a riveting sexual response. Each day is a new experience; the magnetic pull of eroticism on my iron cock and the tender merciless song of sweet erotic rapture tantalize my prostate and anus changes from one day to the next.

    In one moment it is the vision of J with her well worn jeans clinging to her derriere as she does simple things around the house, or the vision of a silky nightgown clinging to her breasts and outlining her nipples in elegant detail as it drapes over them. Yet other times it has been a video image of a beautifully erect cock standing upright on a forum site or a video clip. That vision of a handsome hard penis erupting cum, its head swelling with each pump as the shaft lurches in cadence with the ejaculation does indeed harden my own member. Over the last few years each day was a surprise revealing some erotic vision that tantalized me and hung in my thoughts later that day as I suckled J’s clit or swam in a thick warm ocean of seemingly endless prostate orgasms.

    The dance between the strands of my sexuality has indeed been a complex and wonderfully varied one. I have relished each step in the intricate choreography.

    However a strange and wonderful thing has come over me in the last three weeks. My attraction to her has blossomed and reignited in a way that it hasn’t in years. It is as if J has cast a magical erotic spell over me. In the past intimacy between us has taken a back seat to MMO for me at times. There have been periods when the orgasm from intercourse or the erotic release of an ejaculation from a hand job seemed to lack the depth and pleasurable clarity of an MMO. Sure I bonded with her emotionally as her pussy sucked the cum from my cock as I lay in her arms, but the mind numbing pleasure of MMO seemed to coax me away from our intimacy.

    Yet magically these last three weeks the siren song of her sexuality has forced all MMO and homoerotic visions from my mind and it has stilled my craving for solitary anal pleasure. There were several nights in the last three weeks when I passed by and did not do a session. Even when I did an MMO session many of them were mediocre, lacking the sharply pleasurable resonance that makes me gasp as I quiver under the weight of MMO induced ecstasy.

    This spell that J cast over me has had me drinking the pleasure from her trembling pussy lips as she gasps in the arms of orgasm. It has enabled her to suck my erotic mind into the depth of her pussy as her orgasming canal milks my cock and drains my balls of all my cum. It has been the intoxicating warmth of her mouth on my cockhead as she nursed from my cock spigot, coaxing the warm milk of my orgasm to fill her mouth and slake her erotic thirst.

    It has been a wonderful three weeks of erotic rapture and cunt focused intense pleasure. Seemingly I could not get enough of her. So much so that MMO was pushed into the mezzanine to wait for a command performance. However MMO is a willful mistress. She cannot wait her turn with any level of patience. And as J innocently enticed me to drink pleasure from the warm well of her femininity or lured me to dip my cock into that well so that it might squeeze it sensually and force it to release its orgasmic secrets in the gushing whisper of ejaculation; so many time these last weeks the cum in me was sucked from me repeatedly, sapping me of orgasmic desire until her siren song awoke my arousal and made my cock regurgitate in bliss yet again.

    But MMO is not only willful, she is cunning. Those of you who can have prostate orgasms will understand what I mean. MMO does not need a refractory period to fuel it for pleasure. In fact MMO thrives in me when the cum has been drained from me yet the inferno of my desire is still smoldering quietly.

    So it was this week that J’s erotic spell on me reached its zenith. It is now Saturday morning. Between last Sunday and yesterday I had 4 ejaculatory orgasms with her. Three were from impassioned and very hot extended love making sessions that lasted almost one hour each, these three times our mental connection and physical connection arose and intertwined just as our legs did. In the culmination of these sessions I pumped a steamy hot torrent of my creamy cocktail into her pussy as she trembled in ecstasy. I watched her face contort as the agony of exquisite pleasure twisted her pussy and made her mewl in the anguish of erotic euphoria.

    The foreplay to those rapturous climaxes consisted of me making teasing and languid love to her pussy with my mouth. I delivered her to the thresh hold of orgasm with delicate probing and stroking of her pussy opening with my tongue and the warm sucking tug of my lips and tongue on her lustfully aching clit. When I pierced her pussy with my hard flesh dagger she cried out in anguish as my penetration vanquished the craving ache that had control of her helpless pussy.

    Thursday night her opening was chaffed, it could not sustain the aggressive sexual treatment of our younger years. So the evening in bed culminated with a languid and soulful ritual of her kneeling between my thighs and drawing the cum from deep inside of me with teasing lips and tongue, taunting my cockhead, daring it to spew my load in her mouth. When my orgasm succumbed to her will and released my steaming cream, she released my cockhead from her lips and sipped daintily from the warm stream of my lust as I pumped it desperately onto my belly. When is was done she kissed me with her cum coated lips.

    So last night I slept soundly, my balls drained of desire; yet my prostate was warmed and ready to run like a marathoner in training. This was just the opening Miss MMO was looking for. So at 4:30 AM, a little more than 4 hours ago she woke me. She was not waiting for me to start a launch effort; she took control on her own. My anus was already spasming gently and ripples of tingling erotic pleasure were working deeply into my anus, lapping against my prostate which was already swollen in a crouched start poised to burst off the starting line in a race for pleasure.

    I slid over to J and docked my iron hard cock in the warm caress of her derriere, nestling my cockhead against the warm kiss of her anus. I wrapped a hand around her and cradled her soft breast in my hand. She felt the gentle intrusion of my cockhead against her opening and my hand caressing her warm tit. Unlike in the past when she was unaware of my orgasmic exploitation as she slept, this time she was aware of my need and she silently acquiesced offering herself for my pleasure as she lay relaxed, sleepily drifting in and out of sleep as I lay quietly behind her letting the pleasure rush into my body.

    The sensual hands of MMO held my anus open allowing the bliss of anal pleasure to fill my body. As MMO took control of my anal canal, my prostate was overwhelmed with the welcome sensation of sensual MMO euphoria and began to make my anal tract spasm gently.

    I breathed rapidly in time to the rhythm of the spasms that were now trumpeting up my anal canal with such elegant clarity and complex resonance, it took my breath away. The sharply reverberating ecstasy of orgasmic prostate pleasure was taking control of me. It began to contract and release my gland in a funky syncopated rhythm that sent waves of white hot ecstasy to my cock root and perineum.

    As they all danced an erotic cha cha, the resulting sensations chimed resoundingly in my pelvis and caused such excruciating sensations of rapture it was hard for me to breathe. However I persevered and continued to breathe underneath the orgasmic spasms, forcing them to rise higher and higher as if I was blowing an inflated balloon to keep it aloft.

    I undocked from J and lay on my side. I was now fully engulfed in the orgasmic conflagration of Miss MMO. The orgasmic riot in my pelvis was making chills of erotic bliss run up my spine as my semi erect cock flopped and lurched in time to the silent music of the rapture that was playing deep in my anal canal. My anus was flexing hard and releasing with each new arpeggio that my prostate trilled. The pre cum was oozing from my cock in a stream. My nipples tingled; I teased them gently with my fingertips using them to taunt the MMO even more.

    I breathed into the MMO taunting it brazenly, daring it to express itself in it’s full glory. With the fierce defiance of a willful child the MMO embraced the challenge of my taunting breaths and raised itself to incrementally higher levels of excruciating ecstasy. I tried to move as far away from J as I could as I did not want to scare her )thank god for king sized beds(. My legs began to tremble as the pleasure became a deeply erotic ache that was driving up into my anus. As it penetrated my asshole it sent waves of indescribable euphoria throughout my body.

    My breathing no longer controlled the MMO. It was a caged beast that had just been set free; I was at its mercy as it wandered and unapologetically exerted its will on my body and mind. I lay passively immobile, a sacrificial offering to the fire of orgasmic desire. The MMO consumed my body relentlessly bearing down on me and forcing me to experience the most intense and riveting erotic sensations I have ever experienced. I don’t really know how long this went on for but it was a long time. I was pushed into that place in the very deepest of MMO sessions where time and place cease to have meaning and all that exists is pure clear orgasmic sensation.
    It was almost 6:30 AM when Mistress MMO released me from her grasp. I was sweating and my cock and leg were slimy from the precum that was flowing from my cock. It is now 9:30 AM and my anus, prostate and perineum are still throbbing from the workout they got.

    I suspect that Mistress MMO is back and she is not about to let me go again for a while. It will be interesting; now that she and J are bed partners what the next few nights will portend. The kaleidoscope is about to turn again.

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  • My Sexuality, My Fantasies and the Tao of Eros

    Tao: the unconditional and unknowable source and guiding principle of all reality; the process of nature by which all things change and which is to be followed for a life of harmony. The Tao is the path, the art or the skill of doing something in harmony with the core meaning of life.

    It is 20 years ago that I began this journey of sexual discovery; after all this time I now realize that my purpose has been to pursue the Tao of Eros; but it didn’t start out that way. When I began walking in this path of sexual discovery, my simplistic goal was to seek higher levels of arousal. Along the way I came to the realization that I also wanted to better understand female sexual response so I could be a better lover.

    I discovered the opportunity of the Tao of Eros when I discovered Tantric Sex Practice in the first year or so. With my new knowledge I sought out eastern thought and philosophy as the first steps along the path. I read books and I did retreats in Tantra, Zen and Taoism; I studied some of the theory behind Kundalini Yoga. I read books on Extended Male Orgasm and Male Multiple Orgasm.

    Those early intellectual efforts years ago opened my mind to so much more than kinky means to seek arousal. As I looked to increase my libido I gained sexual proficiency, instead of pushing horniness to new heights, instead I discovered new pathways to orgasm. Finally I discovered the power of eroticism and subsequently became a sensual man who followed the Tao of Eros.

    My eyes were opened to the expansive depth of my own human erotic capacity; I learned to both see and feel sensual pleasure and savor arousal. I learned that the true foundation of experiencing more pleasure wasn’t in how I used my cock it was how I used my brain. The more I delved, the more I became fascinated by the mystic eloquence of my own sexual energy and the deep powerful river of eros that flowed from that energy. By the time I was fifty I had transformed myself to being an erotic minded sensual man with a commitment to an erotic life.

    Then in my mid fifties a major health issue got my attention and made me acutely aware of the fragility of my own life; each day became a treasure to covet and relish. Rightr after that health issue was resolved I learned to trigger multiple orgasms with Aneros prostate massagers. The urgency of living and feeling everything in a deep sexual manner took on a new urgency. My focus on erotic pleasure redoubled.

    Once I awakened my prostate and was rewired, I was able to guide my prostate to respond to stimulation, linking it to my nipples, my breathing and my thoughts. For the first time at age fifty hour I experienced cascades of exquisite anal orgasms. A year or two after that I learned to induce anal orgasms without any anal penetration or an aneros. I developed the skill and the mind body linkage to direct erotic energy to make non ejaculatory orgasms bloom in my anal tract by using trigger spots, guided breathing, muscular manipulation and targeted erotic imagery.

    Once I gained the skill to have multiple non ejaculatory anal orgasms the final puzzle piece was in place. Without realizing it I had set several things in motion. First and foremost I rewired my sexual response and my orgasmic pathways. The process of rewiring is defined in the Aneros Forum as follows:

    The distinctive changes that one’s body undergoes through the use of the Aneros. In particular: )1( becoming permanently responsive to non-penile forms of stimulation, as associated with the prostate, perineum, nipples, anus and rectum; )2( a vivid sense of tingling well-being in the pelvic region, most noticeable when not in sexual situations; )3( an overall increase in sexual sensitivity; )4( an overall improvement in sexual performance, including ejaculatory control and erectile function; )5( increased skill at arousal amplification techniques and secondary erogenous zone stimulation, among others, so that spontaneous pleasure and non-ejaculatory orgasm become increasingly easy to achieve.

    Once I was rewired the doors to the discovery of my eroticism opened wide for me giving me a clear view of the world around me. The path to pursue the Tao of Eros and the well spring of sensual euphoria was revealed to me. I learned that erotic pleasure was not something out there for me to pick off shelf and experience; I discovered that it was in me waiting to be discovered, awakened coaxed and savored in all its sensually vulgar elegance.

    What was revealed to me was an ethereal, alluring erotic force in my mental core that is my erotic desire, is the Tao of Eros that resides in me. It is a power and a thirst for sexual pleasure that defines me as a man. To access this wellspring of sexual power I needed to focus my thoughts, my fantasies, my memories and the reserve of erotic energy in my body and connect my mind to it. It required awareness, clarity of thought, body awareness and a peaceful state.

    This erotic force that is my nature is an aching arousal deep inside me and is ever present. It is a patiently urgent and eloquent pang that tugs at my cock root and makes my anus open in the night as it cries to me, pulling on my cock and making my anus throb. It is a relentless pulsing weight on my cock, coaxing me and enticing me to gratify it and feed it and savor it. It demands that I gather all the alluring, elegantly sexual, profane, lewd, lurid, sensual, erotic, forbidden, and revered thoughts, feelings and experiences I can and cast them into the steaming pit of my erotic need.

    It is in the memory of J’s sensually parted legs wantonly revealing the hair framed pink well of her femininity to me, as she holds my lips to her fur brimmed feminine well. Her cunt opening is steaming with nervous desire as it drools its need in a long dripping stream of sex honey. The warm sweet aroma wafting from her wanton pussy mouth intoxicates me and inflames my need to sip and lick the cream of her desire as it flows from the delicate folds of her inflamed lady lips.

    So many times my tongue has teased her pink gash, sipping the milk of her pleasure to as it flows from her quivering opening. I can see her lush lady flower, dripping with dew in my mind when I close my eyes in MMO. I have teased and taunted her glistening pearl to harden into stone and part her lips as it makes her aroused pussy mouth dilate and then convulse in the demanding anguish of aching orgasm. In its fevered arousal her clit commands her attention and empties her mind of rational thought. It pries her pussy lips apart to reveal the pink gate to her ecstasy to me. Her clit entices her vulva to swell and engorge and make her vaginal cleft yawn with arousal and congest with the sticky warm passion that she will gush into my mouth. As the leaden weight of unrealized erotic pleasure gathers in the pit of her feminine canal, her pussy mouth becomes heavy with lust, and throbs with orgasmic need.

    Holding her ass cheeks in my two hands, I bring her passion swollen pussy to my mouth. Her warm soft pelvis is like a large ripe fruit whose warm sweet flesh is there for my taking. Savoring the musky aroma of her aroused pussy, my mouth engages the tender, most cherished and private part of her body; it is warm and so delicate. I drink the warm sweet cream from her quivering flesh bowl, cajoling the opening with my tongue, urging it to make her quiver in ecstasy and give me more of its thick warm cream. As she writhes in agonizing orgasm she gives me yet more of the warm nectar of her passion, it coats my tongue and feeds the erotic force in me.

    But the sweet rewards of J’s pussy racking in orgasm is not enough to slake the parched thirst of my erotic soul. I fantasize about womens derrieres. Until I began to launch MMO’s in J’s ass cheeks I never thought much about womens rears. Now in my transformed state I am fixated on them.

    I fantasize about the derrieres of women friends who are close to me and who respect and admire me, seeing me as not a friend and trusted partner but as a powerful source of male sexuality. I imagine that to them I am rigid male lust, tempered by nurturing desire to please, available to penetrate them and touch their feminine souls with my pulsing cockhead. I fanaticize what their anuses and pussies might look like and what it would feel like to bathe their anal openings and the interior of their cunts with my semen. I think of them coming to me and imploring me to penetrate and satisfy them. With bewitching skill and cunning they entice me to bed them and remove their clothes tortuously slowly as they lay languidly, legs parted waiting to feel the intrusion of my rock hard cock and the ultimate sweet reward of my pulsing cock pumping my cum deep in the cunts.

    Their need to feel my sexual presence on them, in them and with them as they experience rapturous pleasure is pervasive. In my mind they desire to share the experience of sucking, tugging, pumping orgasmic bliss with me. They crave holding my naked body on top of them as the flames of enticing sexual nirvana lick at their clits and nipples and make them cast aside their inhibitions, their vulnerability and their self consciousness.

    I fantasize that they are so overcome with lust that they embrace me shamelessly as their orgasm pummeled, sodden vaginas long to suck the cum from my cock, and their twitching anuses are throbbing in wait to convulse in orgasmic bliss.

    I imagine suckling their clits as I pinch their aching nipples. My teasing stimulation drives them crazy with lust. My erotic taunting is amplified by my probing fingers and the tugging sucking bliss of my mouth on their clits. Lithe feminine bodies stiffen under the crushing pleasure of growing orgasmic tension.

    And when their pussy lips are trembling with pent up passion and the openings of their cunts are throbbing and steaming with the heat of orgasmic need, their minds will be numbed against guilt and embarrassment. They surrender to my cock and they pull my long prong to penetrate them and give them the deeply satisfying sensation of being probed by a hot cock. My stone hard prong is rigid with my own need and it is dripping the steamy nectar that will provide easy passage for my cockhead. My cock plunges in the wetted pink openings of these women who are trusted friends, admired colleagues, and co workers and whose bodies entice me daily and whose soft lilting femininity teases me and lulls me into these lewd and lurid fantasies. These are the erotic thoughts that torment me.

    In the warm safe confines of my fantasies I press my large helmet like cockhead into the steamy mouth of a young girls wanton virginal cunt. I feel their cum thirsty cunts swallowing and pulling on my cock, sucking it in and milking it to extract the pearlescent white creamy reward that they thirst for. And then as I lay on them between their parted legs with my cock buried in their cunts, we dance the undulating dance of shared passion they roll their pelvises, tugging on my cock in the process. As they cling to my precum slimed shaft they try to hold it and caress it and lovingly suck the cum from my heavy balls. But the powerful grasp of a pussy mouth slimy with a women’s cum, cannot hold a slippery cock shaft; it slides from their slippery openings getting jelked in the process. They lay there immobilized on their backs as I probe their vaginas with my impassioned prong. I force my cockhead to slide in and out of their swollen cunts coxing the pleasure that is boiling in their cunts to rise to higher and higher levels. The vision of lust swollen vulvas and dripping vaginal mouths stretched open by the girth of my cock shaft as my cock head remains invisible in the depth of their pussies is one that I think of all the time in MMO.

    And then, when these lovely women feel the onset of the magical crescendo that will transport them to a place of erotic rapture deep in their own bodies, they look into my face just before they succumb with a look of mixed awe, confusion and elation. That look silently grants me permission to release the flood of my thick hot creamy semen cocktail into their spasming pussies. As I pump my thick steaming seed into their convulsing vaginas we both experience that sweet moment of shared euphoria that is laced with the luridly erotic thought of our vulgar and forbidden coupling.

    But the thirst of desire in me is not satisfied feeding on the alluring sensuality of feminine desire it wants more. My Tao has beguiled my erotic mind to desire the hot rigid lust of a cockhead in my mouth spilling its thickened salty sweet semen on my tongue.

    I have experienced the warm flood of male passion filling my mouth in a pulsing stream; it is a vivid memory. I have held a man’s ass as he unloaded the hot thick molasses of his lust in my mouth for me to drink and savor. I have felt a man’s cock between my ass cheeks as he dry humped me to shoot his load and butter my crack. I have experienced the divinely erotic sensation of the underside of my cockhead rubbing on his as we teased and taunted each other’s nipples and coaxed our cocks to regurgitate our loads on each other. I remember the feeling his hot cum bathing my cockhead glazing it with the creamy warm icing of his desire.

    These are the thoughts and memories that flooded my mind only an few hours ago. It is 7 am now; these arousing memories and fantasies were filling my head only a few hours ago detonating the waves of erotic pleasure in my pelvis and perineum.

    The torrent of sensual pleasure imagined and remembered combined in cascades of orgasms to feed my erotic appetite, I could feel the thirst turn to desperation as the sensations of bliss and growing rapture grew and blossomed in my anus.

    The well of my erotic pleasure is now full. As it was being filled, pulsing sensations of sexual pleasure and orgasmic tension came with it. The pulsing pleasure and that sweet tension sent ripples of euphoria through my body. Soon my pelvis began to convulse blissfully as those ripples turned to tidal waves of agonizing ecstasy that made my cock dance the dance of tortured pleasure and my anus gulp and twitch as it tried to swallow all the rapture it could.

    In the flood of sexual sensation the fountain of my rapture overflowed with sexual sensations, erotic visions of sexual beauty and feelings of raw male and female lust. I struggle to drink them and feel them all, but the onslaught of this flood of orgasmic pleasure is sometimes more than I can consume. It covers me just as cum being expelled from a dozen cocks would coat my face.

    For an hour this morning I twisted and wallowed as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss reached into my anus and milked and squeezed the wellspring of my masculine pleasure. As the excruciating pleasure of MMO tugged on my cockhead and convulsed my prostate I lay in muted stupor. Visions of a cluster of men and women on me naked, sucking my nipples and my cock, tonguing my anus, probing my ears with their tongues, sucking on my balls and filling my mouth with cum obliterated reality as my body was filled with erotic rapture.

    When the MMO was over I emerged from bed with my cock dripping with pre cum and the erotic need in me blazing like an inferno. The forge of my orgasmic furnace tempered my mind to a sensual edge. My pelvis was filled with desire and my body felt alive with my sexuality. My cock had been tuned and my prostate was loaded. My mind was attuned to the warm beautiful eroticism that is my daily life.

    My experience of orgasm, MMO and the erotic mindfulness that accompanies it makes me the man I am.

    The sweet bliss of MMO has danced into my life today bringing me a little closer to the erotic force that runs through my being. I am not totally one with The Tao of my Eros yet, but I am moving incrementally closer.

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A anal sphincter

The ring of muscles surrounding the anus. There are two rings, the outer and the inner. The outer is under voluntary control. The inner is not (it is controlled by the autonomic nervous system but can be trained to relax therapeutically with biofeedback). To identify this muscle, squeeze your anus as though you are holding back gas. This is the muscle that primarily drives the motion of the Aneros.

B Benign Prostate Hyperplasia

Or BPH. A non-cancerous enlarging of the prostate common in middle aged and older men, often causing urinary symptoms. BPH is one of the prostate ailments that the Aneros was originally developed to help treat. (from the wiki)


see Benign Prostate Hyperplasia

H hands-free

The patented design of our massagers allows them to be used completely – hands-free. This is an advantage over other prostate massagers. It allows an Aneros massager to be used in any position the user wants. More importantly, it frees the user to focus solely on the sensations instead of making a conscious effort to manually manipulate the massager. This subtle freedom is important for bringing the mind and body together during a session, which by many experience users is considered a required technique to master in order to achieve a Super-O.

J journey to the Super-O

Aneros massagers can be enjoyed in many different ways – to enhance a strength and pleasure of penile orgasms during partnered or solo sex, or solely for the pleasures derived from prostate orgasms. The ultimate experience for the route is the Super-O. The practice and understanding of how an Aneros massager, the body, and mind play off of one another to eventually achieve a Super-O is now commonly referred to as the “Journey to the Super-O” by our community members. For some men, this learning period is short in duration. For others, it can take quite some time. There are some key milestones on this journey – they can be viewed

K Kundalini Tab

Also known as the K-Tab.  Curves upwards to rest above the anus between the buttocks to pressure on an acupressure spot there. Named after the yoga concept that there is a serpent of power located at the base of the body’s trunk. The K-Tab and the arm that it extends from has taken the place of the handle seen in other Aneros models. (adapted from the wiki)

P PC muscle

The pubococcygeus muscle, one of a number of muscles in the pelvic floor. It is a hammock-like muscle, found in both sexes, that stretches from the pubic bone to the coccyx (tail bone) forming the floor of the pelvic cavity and supporting the pelvic organs. The PC muscle is largely involved in sexual response and contracting during orgasm. It is believed that strengthening leads to longer, more powerful orgasms. (from the wiki)

pelvic floor

The set of muscles that span the area beneath the pelvis, supporting the pelvic organs. (from the wiki)


The area between the scrotum and anus. The perineum provides external access to the prostate and a pudendal nerve acupressure spot.

perineum tab

On Aneros devices, the front arm which curves upward to press on the perineum during an Aneros session.   This actions prevents external prostate stimulation.  It also acts as a fulcrum against which the device can pivot to perform the internal prostate stimulation.


Aneros massagers are made from 3 different types of plastic. All are FDA approved and medical-grade, non-porous, and each has the right density for the right weight and balance for that particular model.


Inflammation of the prostate. Although there are many suspected causes, (bacterial infection, auto-immune response and neuromuscular tension), prostatitis remains an intractable disease which is often times unresponsive to traditional forms of treatment. Before the advent of antibiotics prostate massage was the first line form of treatment. In recent years with many people turning to holistic and homeopathic forms of medicine, prostate massage has been enjoying resurgence. (from the wiki)


Prostate specific antigen. A chemical produced in the prostate and measured in the blood as an indication of cellular activity in the prostate. Abnormally high levels of PSA may indicate health concerns such as inflammation or cancer. The PSA measurement may be elevated by ejaculation, and any form of anal play, including the Aneros. Ask your doctor for a recommended period of abstention prior to taking this test (the Aneros manufacturer suggests a few days to a week). (from the wiki)

S silicone

We call our silicone “Velvet Touch” for its luxurious, matte finish which is designed to hold lubricant. Silicone is used in our Syn models as well as the Vice and deVice.


An abbreviation of Super orgasm. An overwhelmingly strong non-ejaculatory orgasmic event. Orgasms that have no refractory period allowing them to be repeated multiple times.  Though different for each man, the Super-O is considered to be the ultimate pleasure a man can achieve.

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