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Last night I took the plunge and ordered the MGX. I am a beginner and the research I did made it clear that this was the model to start with. I am excited and cannot stop thinking about my first real session. I have wanted to try this for years but my girlfriend would never understand. Now that we have seperated I am taking this time to experiment.
If anyone has anything to tell me as far as their first sessions are concerned I would love to hear from you

Reader Comments

Posted on 2012-02-23 10:07:12 by STARR831

Well, Kenny, if your journey is anything like mine has been, your life will never be the same --- in a very positive way! You made a good choice with the mgx --- I used mine this morning. Let this tool help you to discover the wonderful way in which you were created. Life as a man IS more than just jacking off and getting on with life. Be sure to set aside a time and place for your first session in which you can totally relax without fear of being interrupted. Be sure that you are well rested. Follow the cleanout process carefully --- using warm water and taking your time. I trust your anticipation will have aroused you somewhat so appreciate that fact. Tune into EVERY way in which your manly body reacts to this excitement, Kenny --- breathing deeply with your belly AND slowly releasing every muscle in your body into a full state of relaxation. Lube your anus well and then start to SLOWLY slide your mgx in through your anal rings --- your journey has begun. Remember to never rush. Mentally grab ahold of each new tingle and wave as it starts to radiate outward from behind your scrotum, out through each of your balls and up through your cock. Each session will be different AND always go into a session NEVER expecting ANYTHING and rejoicing in everything! I found it helpful to have a regular schedule right from my first session, Kenny --- mine is every other day. That way my manly equipment can come to "expect" the event. Take care my friend --- I'll be interested in how you make out!!!

Posted on 2012-03-06 11:08:11 by openhorizons

the first sesson can sometimes be tough. the warmth that the toy bringd was a little qverwelming to me at first but full relaxation will help. I havent reached a super o as of yet but every session has been wonderfull. a word to the wise... turn your phone off and lock your door. knowing that there will be no interuptions will help a great deal. dont put a time frame on it and let it rool... enjoy

Posted on 2012-05-24 02:43:51 by Mark

My advice is take your time. I have tried to rush the process and only after my 5th session I am getting a new sensation. Allow a few attempts.