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Three year Anniversary

Here we are at the 3 Year mark anniversary on my personal Journey. I wonder how many people have come and gone over this period time – how many have tried and found success? How many have tried and given up? I don’t fall neatly into categories for Aneros use but I’ve achieved a lot of success and I shall remain committed to the Journey as I continue to hit pleasure pay-dirt. Hopefully, some of you have read some of the earlier portions of the blog to find out just how far I’ve come. It takes months and years for me to get to some of these milestones and I haven’t plateaued out yet!

Indeed, I have made significant progress since my breakthroughs 16 months ago last April where I experienced a form of Dry-O, or at the very least, began experiencing significant pleasure during the great majority of my sessions. The cresting sort of Dry-O feeling has been elusive in my sessions. What has since emerged in the last 6 months is a form of mild Super-O I have read described here that I can best sum up as achieving a full-body state of weightlessness, the Zero-G effect, or that feeling of floating where I perceive a brain rush and then lose contact with my extremities and sense of touch to be replaced by an overall body tingling. There is not so much pleasure as there is the promise of pleasure – the promise of every pleasure imaginable, but the culmination of this pleasure I have yet to feel. The brain rush is weird, yet real. It’s more akin to the feeling of entering sleep. When in “the groove”, the brain rushes will occur sometimes 4 or 5 times in a row lasting up to a couple of minutes each. A mini altered state of decentralized, relaxed consciousness – somewhat trance like, with a high level of determination. The deeper I can relax or enjoy this state the stronger and longer the brain rush is. Attempts to manipulate or focus on producing pleasure through contractions and such result in my coming out of this state before fully entering it. This breakthrough is a monumental accomplishment. The rewiring necessary for my brain to be able to produce this step has taken years - finally making a connection between the Aneros and the prostate and a real reaction in the brain. This phenomenon is reproducible with the Aneros, with KSMO and within my Anerosless sessions.

In addition, my involuntaries have evolved. I can now feel the once powerful prostate centered pulse beat has turned into a powerful prostate centered rhythmic contraction. Very similar to ejaculation, yet still without the accompanying pleasure. All in good time, I’m sure.

My relationship with my significant other has also jumped up significantly in the last year. When I first started on the Journey, in the summer of 2008, my sex life was fine and my relationship with my wife strong enough to share my Journey with her and engage in Aneros talk and Aneros enhanced sex and have fun with this sexual adventure. Well, starting around this time last year my wife’s interest in sex and anal play exploded. We went from have one vibrator, some Peridises, a Progasm and a Helix to having three shoe boxes full of butt plugs and fun factory stuff and enema equipment. When the Vice came out she just about ordered it for me – she loves it! I have caught her gardening with the Vice inserted and buzzing away! We have set records for days in a row, orgasms in a week, month and year (I’ve known her over 25 years now). I’ve learned a lot about myself and my anatomy – I very much like the smaller models. Stuff my wife easily accommodates I cannot for the life of me relax enough to insert. I don’t completely understand it all, but my new favorite/most productive Aneros in the last year has been the least used of my toys for the first two years – the larger of the two Peridise starters. I can enjoy the Vice or the Progasm but they are not my favorites.

So when you’re having sex 3-6 times a week what’s the point of having Aneros sessions? I mean, isn’t one of the main selling points of Aneros orgasm on demand? No limits, no refraction? How does the Aneros compete with a wife who’s willing to give you orgasm on demand? Not just 5 minute quickies but hours long stroke fests – similar to hours long Aneros sessions? Well let me tell you, Aneros has its place inside and outside this sexual arena for me. Aneros has taught my body to have hours of pleasure with no refraction. Now-a-days, after real sex, my refraction period seems to be less, it’s like my body has built up a resistance to prolactin. In addition, since day-after-sex Aneros sessions are much more common now, Aneros has a way of waking my libido up. Even though I’ve had an orgasm within the last 24 hours, in short order the Aneros has me craving the next orgasm. In addition, all my prostate charging Aneros and KSMO training means that when my wife is doing the foreplay it’s the exact same as super charging the prostate via Aneros – one orgasm alone does not release all the sexual tension that constant prostate charging creates. This has been a good thing and has kept me moving forward on the Path. The end result is that I am having more fun, as many sessions and more sex than at any other time in my life or journey.

It is my opinion that I have not had a pleasure pounding Super-O or even a series of OMG Dry-O’s. I get great pleasure from my sessions but it falls short of what I can achieve via traditional wife generated orgasms. But since I have never stopped moving passed milestones, I consider my Journey far from over.

I have to say this: I have read the forums religiously for years now. When fast progressing newbies blaze there week’s long runs across our amazing forum, from their first post of “Nothing happened. Am I doing it right?” to “Is this for real? I can’t stop cumming/shaking/exploding why don’t more people know about this”. I think I can spot the real thing and I thank the folks that do a pretty good job of describing their experiences. I think I can safely say I’m having some sort of full body experience, I can say I have finally gotten a connection between my prostate and the orgasm that happens in my head, I can say that sex has never been better.

So even if I feel my Aneros experiences are on the low end of the pleasure scale for someone who is having whole body experiences I can still feel comfortable in calling myself a grinder who will keep logging tons of Aneros time searching for ever deeper orgasmic encounters.

Gives me something to look forward to.

Good sessions to all.


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J4's Vice Review and General Update

Has it been 6 months again since I last posted an update? Well, it was back in July of ’10 when I went away for a week. When I came back, Mrs. J4 confessed she had been using my toys while I was gone! She went on to say that we had neglected attention to our backsides for far too long and encouraged me to go online and get a selection of (mostly anal) toys for us to try out. My journey since last summer has been mostly about coupled sexual exploration. Since I had already begun my backdoor exploration, I was able to teach Mrs. J4 all I knew about preparation and lube and we have been at it ever since.

When Aneros announced the introduction of the VICE, she said what every Aneros loving husband wants to hear: “You’ve got to get one of those!”

I have learned over the last year a couple of things, Frirstly, I have a very tight anal canal and Secondly, I don’t have as much volume in there as Mrs. J4. I do not easily accommodate the larger objects – and by that I mean 1.5 inches in diameter is pretty much my max. This is a whole other discussion topic on differences between individuals anatomy’s and the success of one Aneros product over another. Getting another Progasm sized toy probably wouldn’t have been my first choice, but the promised flexibility of the new VICE, the promised extended wearablility and the off handed Aneros Support Staff comment along the lines of “just what grinders might be looking for to push them over the edge…” (thanks Aneros Support for including Forum Vernacular in your Sales Pitch) I ordered and received my VICE just before Christmas.

What do I think? The VICE delivers in its Comfort promise. You can indeed sit in a chair with it, so long as you exercise proper posture. Slouching causes the device angle to put too much pressure on my prostate. The fact that it is less long and has less of an aggressively angled head are also pluses for me since I have naturally gravitated towards the Peridise sized models for comfort reasons already. Insertion is pretty easy and the texture and the slide ability of silicone are fine. It has not pushed me over the Grinders hump nor has it unwantingly produced any wet orgasms either. It is okay to walk around the house in, but the wider base got me poking at it to keep it from slipping out when going up and down stairs (it never did slip out – maybe I was just more self conscious of it). I have had no issues the next day, after a couple of two hour sessions, as would have happened in the past with the Progasm. The Progasm was never comfortable for me to walk around in and because it was so aggressive with the prostate, never found its way into the kind of back to back daily sessions you can have with the Peridise models. I have yet to try it with the vibrator stick even it. Mentally, the vibrator does nothing for me. I’ll have to review that later.

Here’s the kicker: Mrs. J4 wanted a turn with it. So in it goes in her, and boy does she love it. What a ride. When we get the time, we like to go at what I call All Holes Filled Sex. With the VICE in her, on vibrate, me in her and a Peridise in me, we took our time cycling through all four vibration settings before settling on our favorite. I have rarely in the last 20+ years seen her so thoroughly, mind bendingly, satisfied. I’m pretty sure I like the vibration on her more than I would like it on in me. Time will tell. Thank you Aneros for yet another fantastic side path in a surreal fantasy journey.

The VICE gets five stars from the both of us.

Here’s one last thought for us guys on our journey. I’ve been as active sexually with my wife in the previous 6 months as I ever have in my life. It’s tough to follow the path to the Super O when you’re getting busy every other day. So would trade 6 hours of Super O’s a week for 6 regular O’s during fun loving couple sex?

There will be plenty of time for solo Aneros work in the future, but I wouldn’t trade this time away with Mrs. J4 for hundreds of Super O’s. Maybe someday I won’t have to.

Good sessions to all


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The Road Less Traveled...

Well, well, well. Here I am at the two year mark of my Aneros journey – still blogging and still grinding.

This last April I managed to jump up a plateau to a place where I could achieve what in my opinion was the ability to have mini O’s. This was a sort of cresting orgasmic feeling that I’d never had before. I have been able to maintain a high level of prostate buzz since that time and whatever sessions I have are always entertaining.

After my mini breakthrough in April, however, I started pushing for about 3 or 4 sessions a week. I think this was too much and I felt the feelings start to fade. In June I decided to up my KSMO and cut back my Aneros sessions to once every week or so to see if that could help push my Aneros sessions towards new developments.

What I get now are pretty good feelings all the time. Whenever I lay down I can get a session going by a little focused breathing. Most of the time, I can get a little twitch or create a little buzz and let the pleasure worms burrow around my pelvis. There are times when I think something special will happen but then my pelvis will settle down.

Regardless, this whole thing about rerouting your pleasure circuitry from your frenulum/penis through your prostate is a wicked weird trick for a hard wired guy like me. I have sworn off Aneros bad habits and shun the road of the Hands Free Wet Orgasm. And it’s funny because the Eupho no longer does it for me – It’s all about the Helix and Peredise ever since April.

Like from every other point in this process the journey continues. From here the possibilities are still very open. Techniques (muscle movement combinations, stomach muscle tension, breathing patterns) and results are constantly changing in how I am learning to control, relax or nurture sensations. And because so much of my practice hinges on non Aneros techniques, I’m not saddled with hours and hours of non productive session time. Being able to visualize your way to session results (without prep, lube, towels and requiring 90 minutes of alone time) is like having a good evening meal – I can do that every day.

One can feel a lot of differences – For instance, in sessions the day after I ejaculate the prostate feels all mushy and pliable – very pleasurable in its own way. A week later the prostate turns into a hard little nut that is hungry to be rubbed. And I still enjoy reading the forum on a weekly basis – It is fun to read dtmsmith’s blog account of how he has transversed the same path that has taken me years to get to, and passed me, in a matter of weeks – yet still slow enough to be able to enjoy the steps. Cave’s account of the quick and dirty path to the super o was so succinct – yet not everyone can walk those same steps and get the same results. It does help one go back and try some exercises. I did, and with my new found plateau, it has been a help on my Aneroseless sessions.

The sum of my existence here is encapsulated in my blog. I promised myself I would keep blogging until I reached success, gave up from boredom/frustration or was forced to the sidelines. I’ve had nothing but good feelings followed by long plateaus were the fun never ends but doesn’t get better. But since the plateaus haven’t stopped, I’m sure I’ve got the capacity to keep moving.

A year ago I wondered how many of us had gone a year without having any of the O’s (mini, dry or super) and wanted to continue. In the last year I have been able to achieve O’s of some sort and have bashed through the important milestone of “An attack of serious pleasure”. I maintain that last week I had one of my best sessions ever and that I had a day after echo effect of magnanimous proportions that almost had me over some magic edge (except that I was in the shower when my groin started convulsing from mid section spreading down to my knees). I see no reason to stop, no reason at all.

As always,

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At Last

Wonderful News!!!

It seems as though during the last two weeks I have scaled the heights to the next plateau. I have, for lack of a better term, had “an attack of serious pleasure”. Achieving a break through milestone I wondered if I would ever see the other side of.

Call it a series of mini o’s or dry o’s, I don’t care. I found a new level of pleasure, one that my body could not tolerate without some form of dry release. I feel as if I have finally transcended my bodies hard wired pleasure circuit and proved an old dog can learn a new trick.

I wish I could say that I learned some new technique or had some sort of revelation, but as Mog would say, I finally logged enough hours. The pleasure spot that had slowly built up over months, and then stayed at a consistent “gee that feels real good” for months, finally, took a jump beyond. Whatever “beyond” is, it sure feels of orgasm strength and cycles up down on a series of involuntary contractions. I couldn’t believe what I was feeling, while I was feeling it. It was similar too and yet different from a hands free wet prostate orgasm – those have always been brought about by thrusting or with pressure on the prostate. But this required no motion. Finally, the chain reaction involuntaries – which have been present forever – broke a pleasure barrier and brought about some sort of minutes long pleasurable buildup that finally reached a minutes long crescendo and then started all over again by itself. I am not talking about blood vessels popping in the eye type pleasure, but I am talking about pleasure, on an orgasmic scale, that defies conventional penile ejaculatory time boundaries. That’s what makes it so gripping.

The real fun didn’t begin until the second hour of any session. After the normal start and routine fun, as I was relaxing, then the “this could be serious fun” involuntaries will start. I admit to being able to use my internal muscles to jumpstart involuntary sets. None of these things is new – except now, it goes farther! Just the next evolutionary step. I will say this – I was coming off about two weeks of no sessions and had had an unusually long time between traditional orgasms – so there was a lot of energy circulating down there. But then again, this has been building up for long time – who’s to say.

I was able to repeat this in three of the last 5 sessions – all with the Helix. The other two sessions being with a Peridise and the Eupho. Yes, I scored my successes with my first model – one that I didn’t think would get much playing time once the Eupho got on the team.

Now, I would love to see if my body is ready for the “snow ball effect” – a phrase I picked up on from B. Mayfield to describe rapid advances the body can make once a breakthrough has been achieved (I can hope can’t I?)

Only time will tell where this is headed. I’m only 22 months into this thing. Now I’ve got to get back to repeating the procedure…

It’s nice to make a little progress now and then… there’s hope for us grinders.


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New Year, No Fear

Hello, yeah, it’s been awhile. I have been using regularly for over 17 months. The truth of the matter is, from where I stand on my journey today, I consider that my sessions are still getting better, month over month – incrementally. I don’t seem to have breakthroughs, I only have a more enjoyable session this week than last.

Recently, I revisited the idea of modifying my original Aneros, the Helix. Why not? It had fallen out favor due to the Eupho. So I cut the handle off and Vwallah, It’s like I’ve gotten a new toy! The Tailless Helix now behaves like a big Peridise. Mobility and comfort all achieved in one ‘snip and sand’ of the handle with no sacrifice in P-Tab placement or feel. As my prostate slowly wakes up it has found more uses for the Helix in my toy rotation – even the Progasm has made a small comeback. The odd man out now that the Eupho takes up over three quarters of my sessions is the Peridise twins.

My little pleasure spot glows brightly in session – I can generate numerous levels of involuntaries. My prostate buzzes. I can produce pleasure and small amounts of fluid outside of sessions. I can achieve a sort of P-wave – were I get a very exciting boiling spaghetti feeling in my pelvis. I can achieve, perhaps to the greatest detraction from my journey, hands free wet orgasms. I never have found a sweet spot on my perineum.

What I haven’t gotten is any kind of radiant pleasure – it’s only grown over time to be the one spot and doesn’t’ travel. I’ve never really had a mini or dry O. I’ve never had contractions with pleasure – excepting the ones that lead directly to a hands free wet O. The Hands Free Wet O’s seem to be a very pleasurable dead end on the journey. Once you get there, the body starts to hardwire over to that route. While different than a traditional O, it’s definitely not super or “loopable”. I need to get rid of that wiring.

Still I look forward to the next session. The range of sensations is awesome – it amazes me that my sessions continue to get better without actually delivering dry o’s. Recently though, I have begun to feel, in session, that I am no longer approaching an orgasm but actually in one. Typically a session starts right away with good feelings and continues until I have to stop. I would like to think that a breakthrough is immanent – but I’ve thought that for over a year now! I’d settle for inevitable. I’m sure there are guys out there who would love to experience the level of pleasure and the successful lifestyle integration that I have achieved – but making comparisons about relative successes or having O envy is another treacherous mind trap.

When I go back over this blog entry I think to myself – What’s the hook? What’s worth reporting about in this chapter that is newsworthy? It’s been almost 4 months since my last submission and I really don’t have much to tell other than it’s gradually feeling better and I’m consistently getting an intensity of good vibes that I’ve never felt before. My arousal isn’t any higher and my relaxation techniques aren’t any better and my basic toy arsenal hasn’t changed (though the Eupho is a powerful addition and the sawed off Helix is a keeper). It just seems like the Aneros induced pleasure pathways are getting better defined and easier to hop onto and get charged up. That and my improved interior musculature - It’s pretty easy anymore to set up some voluntary intestinal muscle flutter that rubs my prostate in a very pleasant manner.

In a way, this blog is a litmus test to see if an ordinary user can unlock his orgasmic potential no matter how hardwired he is into traditional pleasure or how long it takes some of us to wander the path.

Keep on grinding.


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J4’s Eupho Review

For a fall treat I splurged and got myself a Eupho. It has been since January that I last got a new Aneros product – then it was the Progasm. I was curious how much it would be different from the Helix (my first product) – since they are approximately the same dimensions.

Boy was I in for a pleasant surprise! Upon insertion, it felt different – it seemed to go right up to nestle and rub the prostate. I immediately felt like I had to pee. In the “lying on back, knees up” position I experienced strong abdominal muscle contractions and all the right kinds of tinglies. It was very difficult to maintain my initial 15 minutes of relaxed breathing with all the great sensations and shudders.

The best position was on my left side. Suddenly I felt the Eupho go were no Aneros had gone before. I got a great sensation of the prostate being rubbed in a previously unreachable spot. Nice. Finding prostate sweet spots and “rubbing the shell” was far easier with the Eupho than the Helix. I seem to respond well to the added length. The P-Tab is in a better location for me also. Those little changes in configuration really add up.

Through 3 Eupho sessions I would have to give this device a solid “thumbs up”. Its configuration hits my p-spot the best of all my little white friends. I was wondering if it would feel different – in a good way – and this product delivered results immediately and keeps on giving.

J4’s brief product summary (ranked in order of preference):
Eupho – best at delivering over all stimulation and pleasure (haven’t tried it with the wife yet). I look forward to lots of product testing with this teaser.

Peredise twins – best for wearing around the house, convenience and long sessions. These bad girls are tough to keep out the rotation, deliver consistently “nice” results and never leave you sore. Always on speed dial for a booty call.

Helix – best (so far) for delivering maximum pleasure during couple play – however, payoff doesn’t seem as much as the Eupho and will probably take a back seat for awhile.

Progasm – To big (for me) to have anything but an uninterrupted 2.5 hour window to play in. Just doesn’t get picked very often when its time to party. Used just once in the last 3 months – will probably feel like a new toy at next use.

All there is for now! Good sessions to all.


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The shell rub

Definitely some of my best session stretches have come after the Full Moon romps I’ve been able to orchestrate with Mrs. J4. She really charges me up for the next week and this month was no exception.

To wit I’ve achieved a new sensation (since the “num num’s”) that I’ll call the “popcorn shell”. There comes a point in a session were I start feeling an itch similar to what I would imagine if I had a small piece of pop corn shell stuck on my interior wall just over my prostate. It feels very nice to “rub the shell” with the tip of a toy. On several occasions I have felt a vibration, timed to belly breathing, for which I have coined the mantra:

“Orgasm is the sensation emanating from the string when I draw the bow across”. I repeat this while I massage the spot.

The string is some sort of nerve cord feeling thing running from my penis base, through the prostate and up towards the belly button. I’ve got this mental picture that I am running the Helix up and down the Vagus Nerve. I swear some of my best forum stuff just gets buried so here’s the vagus nerve blurb for posterity’s sake:

“The role of the vagus nerve in orgasms is a new discovery and there's still much that's unknown about it; until recently, researchers didn't know that it passed through the pelvic region at all.”

A very good read, by the way, if you haven’t already come across it. Maybe the forum research initiative will come back some day so we can really investigate the process of rewiring…

Any way’s, I’m looking forward to future sessions practicing “drawing the bow across the string”. On good sessions I can really feel these toys massaging the button. My hat’s off to the recent forum topic This one got me to revisit the side position and feel for new sensations – like the popcorn shell rub. As my prostate slowly awakens its important to keep retrying old things. Forum lore exists for a reason.


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One Year Anniversary Musings

Well fellow anal adventurers, I am now entrenched in year two of the journey. I wonder how many of us there are out there who have committed a year plus to this undertaking with out ever achieving any of the o’s; super, dry or mini?

When you have been on this trip as long as I have, you stop classifying your “progress” by wiki definitions. I have reclassified myself as a “grinder”: a long term user who experiences incremental progress and tends to have a good time just wandering the path. The grinder is not desperate. We already have some measure of success in our lives and because of that we must integrate Aneros use into our existing relationships.

Brian Mayfield made a comment once about how Aneros users (sooner or later) hit the “snow ball effect” where all sorts of sensations just start cavalcading together. I don’t know when the avalanche will hit; I just know I have to keep logging the time until it does.

Before I began using this product and joined this forum I thought I knew what pleasure was. I thought I was pretty in touch with my body. This process has awakened not just my prostate but my perception of what sensations my body is possible of producing and translating. My traditional orgasms are many times more pleasurable than before. This little device has helped open up numerous erogenous zones. It has rejuvenated my sexual relationship with my wife – the importance of a few rousing kick starts over the years cannot be underestimated. In addition, the forum discussions here have provided many thought provoking threads in which to help me think through my ever changing world view. This whole experience has been a big net plus.

Big thanks go to Mrs. J4. I am fortunate that my SO chose to embrace my journey rather that be threatened, indifferent or contemptuous. I maintain that this endeavor does not risk disease, drugs or infidelity.

I have been plateaued in front of one milestone for a long time – the one that goes “Surprise attack of very serious pleasure”. So in commemoration, I’ve decided to put my own little list of milestones together.

Right after the first Milestone, “First Insertion”, I would put:

• OK, no super-O. Recalibrated expectations and started the real journey.

It also seems to me, that Aneros use has a couple of multifaceted integration points into ones life. In my wiki, I would put:
• I told my significant other about my Aneros use.
• I had my first embarrassing “walking around naked in the high school gym locker room with my Aneros hanging out” dream.
• Successful integration of Aneros use into sexual encounters with my partner.
• Extraordinary results combining Aneros use during couple play.

My own personal grinder milestones:

• Have an efficient routine for lube, hygiene, lube insertion and feel comfortable with the whole session process.
• Have the ability to block out 2 or 3 one to two hour blocks to have sessions on a weekly basis.
• The Aneros really has my interest – Joined the forum as an active member.
• Been around long enough to purchase a second Aneros because one just doesn’t fit all my needs.
• Been around long enough to purchase a Progasm because it just sounds to cool not to try.
• I now have a couple forum buddies I am constantly PM’ing with updates and techniques. We are all at about the same place on the journey and the camaraderie is really encouraging and keeps me going
• Grinders use their resources – not just to keep finding new techniques to try but also in networking with like minded individuals and experts to avoid frustrations and work their way out of negative thoughts and get encouragement and avoid common “expectation” traps.

And last but not least:

• There is no such thing as a dud session… some sessions are merely better than others.

So onward and inward for year two. I’ve run quite the gambit of Aneros accelerators: Progasms, Peridices, Fish Oil, KSMO and, of course, Alana. I think maybe a Eupho and some yoga classes are in my future.

Good sessions to all!


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11 month anniversary (updated 6/22)

Nothing new or super - but I have retained a heightened prostate feeling since the last full moon. I'm able to feel the 'tension' whenever I choose to focus on it - lurking and pulsing around.

Here’s an excerpt of what I wrote the day after the Full Moon: I had a fantastic session. The best of the month. The fun part is that I have established an evening session during Full Moons with my SO and it turns out she really delights in making me jump around for a half hour or so. It’s during couple time that I can see the effects of rewiring first hand: The 20 fold increase in overall body sensitivity, the way her touches set me off uncontrollably, the evident body reactions and consequent struggle to relax, the altered breathing patterns, the amplified ‘wow factor’ of traditional orgasms - she can totally feel what’s going on and gets off on it too.

A new (Anerosless) contraction exercise is fun but yielding no new feelings. I do it because I think it maintains a certain level of prostate excitement. It goes like this: There is a muscle, seemingly right next to the prostate that I can contract rhythmically and quickly. Sort of as fast you can say “num, num, num, num”. What particular muscle this is, I haven’t a clue. But I can keep going for a while and it is fun to do in airplanes or driving around in cars and when lying down or smoking cigars (I feel a little haiku coming on!). And then you relax completely. And then you do it again. Sometimes, after the ‘relax completely’ phase, I get a couple of involuntary contractions.

As with this entire process, it seems that for me, I just have to keep ramping up the arousal, with as little ‘release’ as possible, until, at some distant, undetermined point, the sensations will overload my pleasure circuitry and cascade into never ending orgasmic pandemonium. Why some people’s overloads are set so low and some peoples so high is a riddle of genetic proportions. Go nurture or nature that!


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Grinding Away

I haven’t really had a bad session since starting the KSMO. One thing the KSMO really helps with is with the discipline to only use the Aneros three times a week. The Peridise is my weapon of choice since it produces results with a minimum of effort and a maximum of mobility.

I have 4 different kinds of sessions 1) Aneros 2) KSMO 3) The session I like to have when I lay down in bed at night and my prostate starts throbbing and I just relax and focus without either Aneros or KSMO and 4) My favorite, but least frequent, sessions with my SO. Not included are general spousal sex sessions which end in ejaculation and kick off another cycle of arousal building.

All these sessions result in intense sensations that I don’t know how they can keep going without release. And oh how sensitive my nipples have become! The general cycle of orgasm starts out with arousal building with session types 1, 2 and 3 and end when the wife wants it to or I need a good nights sleep - ‘cause otherwise, as the days pass by, the little walnut keeps me awake longer and longer.

Still, despite the constant cycle of arousal building, intense sensations and p-waves there have been no breakthrough moments of mini-o’s, dry-o’s or super-o’s.

It is fortunate that nature has provided our brain with such a thick, compelling viscous soup of chemicals to keep our male arousal cycle from becoming boring and repetitious. Other-wise my logical, rational, clear-thinking brain would have curtailed this activity long ago as insane (doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results). I know, I know, I just said the E-Word. But c’mon, it’s pretty funny. I’m a grown man doomed to blog my long, long journey!

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