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Aneros Blogs > HelixNewbie's first ride (by HelixNewbie)

Now, time for some fun

OK, let's get this going. Remembering the guide, I started with breathing. And thinking "don't touch my cock".

Got to the light flexing stage. Started getting some trembling in the legs. Is this good? Then all of a sudden I've got a rock hard cock. Harder than I've been for some time. It distracted my thoughts, and then I'm back to square one.

Working at getting things going again. Very slow though, but nice. Finally getting some twitching in my legs. Slowly building the intensity of my contractions. By this time I'm completely flacid :(

Decided that I needed to hurry up. Things were going well, but I was impatient. So I grabbed my cock. I would need to find some wood before I could get anyway. But what happened next was a shock. I just exploded with cum. So imtense that I'm not sure exactly what happened, but there's more cum than I've ever seen before.

Still not hands free, but was the best orgasm I can remember. So looking forward to my next ride, but need to give it a rest for a few days I think

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Time for some learning

Been thinking about how to improve. Found a great guide here, and can see that I'd not invested enough time in the session. Also realised how different this was to using any other toy. This definitely isn't like a vibrator. It needs time and attention.

Decided to try out the Helix again, but this time just to get used to it. Slipped it in for an hour, and got on with an otherwise normal Sunday afternoon.

Caught myself clamping down on it by accident. So my body is learning what it's about.

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My first ride

Never had a toy up my arse before. Have tried a finger from time to time, but nothing else. So I was keen to take things easy.

I'm not gay, but I'm also not shy of exploring some anal delights. Truth is, I have wanted to get an anal toy for a long time. But what would my wife say!

I ordered a beginner's butt plug, to warm up with, and a Helix. That was a week ago. Been thinking about getting it inside me all week. Decided to tell my wife what I was up to, and she was OK with it.

I started out with the tiny butt plug. Well lubed, and relaxed. It almost fell in. Warmed up for a while, trying to learn to relax my muscle. Swapped to the Helix. No trouble at all. went right in. Having never put toys in there before, I was surprised at how much it got pulled inside. Good job it has handles!

I'd read the guide it came with. Did some relaxing, then tried some muscle flexing. Not a lot happened. A few sensations, but they were subtle. Kept at it for a while. Things where building, but it was slow. Would a finger be better? Was I doing it right? I don't know.

Decided I'd tried long enough, so I finished things off by hand. Was a good cum, but nothing special. More learning needed.

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