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Aneros Blogs > Getting very close...need some tips though! (by Gmo810)

Getting closer

Previous uses i liked the feeling but nothing great until last night...i really relaxed and kind of enjoyed each sensation...this time though i did something alittle different instead of thrusting my body hard i just simply used my anal muscles...quick contractions and didnt use my whole body...i started feeling really hot and disorientated, almost felt like the aneros was not even there anymore but pure crazy sensations anal wise...i started getting waves of pleasure but started dying down..and go back alil bit more and died down....any advice on how to get to the next step? tips? tricks? my 10th use maybe and i feel like im starting to make some lead way...when i got done with the mini waves of pleasure i ended up penile stimulation and oh my! when i was about 10-15 spurts of a lot of cum...crazy!...i guess thats a sign im getting closer.

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