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Quick time and interruption

Great session today that, as so many do, ended up creating even more questions in my mind.

I started on my left side and got some great pulses going and then switched on my back. Had a good 1/2 hour of sustained high level pleasure. Then something odd/new happened.

Usually, I get involuntaries that feel great and that feeling turns into what I'd describe as a warm, expanding, internal orb in my midsection. It feels like the helix actually doubles in size, though I imagine it's my prostate swelling/filling. Invariably I find myself conracting - even when I don't want to be - and the feeling lasts for awhile (30 seconds maybe?) and then dissipates. When it dissipates I'm able to relax, and the relaxation can restart the flutters.Then the process repeats itself.

Today, I started to be able to control the flexing ever so slightly, and I was able to concentrate on that warm orb feeling inside me. I would focus in on that feeling, and I was able to slighly relax my sphincter/PC. The added benefit was as I was concentrating on the feeling I noticed the flutters would start without me even being aware. But now, with me already concentrating on the feelings the new flutters would take me to extreme heights.

I really thought I might be on to a breakthrough today when lo and behold I thought I heard someone come home. So, I quickly dressed (with helix still in) and checked. Grrrr, nobody there; it was all in my head. I laid back down but realized it had spiked my addrenalin and that by the time I got back "into it" someone would be home. So, it left me wondering if I was on the verge of a new level or if that's as good as it was going to get.

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excitedly confused

I had another session Saturday evening and it was wonderful. Did something I hadn't done since my very first or second session, and that was after starting on my back I laid on my LEFT side. Results were immediate. I was hardly contracting, in fact for a good part of this portion of the session I wasn't contracting at all, but I could feel involuntaries. These weren't big involuntaries like when I'm on my back. They were more subtle. And then, I could feel a slight buzz running from my sweet spot up through my dick. I focused a bit on that and realized it wasn't just a buzz, but my urethral tube was in fact lightly contracting at a very rapid pace. The feeling grew and I thought I was going to have a penile orgasm, but then the feeling at the base (internal by my sweet spot) overtook those feelings and it was like a had a glowing orb inside of me that lasted a minute or two. Then the cock flutters started again and the same thing repeated itself. I rolled unto my back to see if I could coax the elusive super O. Unfortunately, that was as good as it got. Had a great time on my back with the helix riding me (as an aside, that is the coolest feeling in the world - being fucked by this little plastic thing that has no motor while I'm doing nothing or next to nothing to provoke it.) But, no super O, and I don't know if the others count as dry O's or just P waves or what. But I do know that my last couple sessions have been enormously enjoyable.

All cynics and frustrated users take note: cool things can start to happen the less you do, and the more you're relaxed and open your mind. This is much more a mental excercise than I ever realized.

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this journey is insane

Ok, first, some catching up to do since the last time I blogged. First, I've had in total about 6 session since I last posted here. The first three were good, but endlessly frustrating. They got that way because they were too good. Or, too good without any release or "payday". It got so bad I had to take matters into my own hand after one session; that's something I try very hard not to do so that I don't confuse the rewiring. Well, after posting in the forum of my frustration I got some sound advice. The gist of it all was to forget trying to O, and just concentrate on the subtle, using only very small contractions. Ok, what the hay, I decided to give it a try....

Holy Shit!!!! The first time I did this it was amazing. Whereas I usually get the flutters/involuntaries and they would almost "interrupt" the mood, these were vastly different. This wasn't flutters, this was a complete takeover by the Helix and my body. It was dancing around and fucking me like crazy...and it wasn't my doing! It's like it came alive all by itself. It felt great, and I found it a big turnon too. Not sure why, but in that instant the idea of my wife fucking me really got my mind going. Safe to say, it had me at great heights. And this was going on for 5 to 10 minutes straight. Whenever the involuntaries would slow down or stop all it took was the slightest contraction of either my sphincter or PC to get them going again. When I tired I turned on my side and just did some even softer contractions leading to very nice feelings.

Then, I tried again last week. This time my goal was to just relax and, if I could, even fall asleep. I relaxed for about ten minutes, then did some very light contractions until some involuntaries started. Then I turned onto my right side and tried to just relax and zone out. After some time of relaxation, and my mind coming back from the slight dream state it was in I started some light, rocking contractions. I'd lightly contract the sphincter and then "roll" that into a light contraction of the PC muscle. I wasn't really holding any contraction for more than a few seconds. Well, this started to drive me wild. I don't have the words or command on my language to explain how wonderful this felt. I could feel a glow in my abdomen that grew and grew into what I can only describe as an orgasm type of experience. I'm not sure if it was the "dry O" or not but I can tell you this: it was NOT at the tip of the penis. It was more internal. But, the feeling - that warm expanding buzz - was the same. It wasn't overly intense, but it felt like an internal O. And here's the cool part; instead of lasting for a few seconds it lasted about 20 seconds or more. Then, keeping the same mindset it wasn't more than a minute and another one hit me, again lasting about 20 seconds or more. It was fantastic, and for the first time with my aneros I felt....fulfillment, satisfaction, release. Again, none of this was in my penis, and while my penis got hard on occassion through the session it wasn't at the time of these gifts. Was it a dry O? That's the big question. I immediately went to the forum to see if anyone else's experience sounded like mine: inconclusive. But, as I said, I was satisfied, happy to end the session, and it was my first session feeling like a went over the top of something.

That brings us to today. I had another session today and it started much differently than most. My plan was to again just relax and do nothing, maybe fall asleep, and then see where that state brought me. Not today. All I did was insert the Helix and it was giving me some cool sensations. I managed to relax for about 5 minutes before it was calling me to do some contractions. Well, after another nice (but not as powerful) period of some involuntaries I rolled on my side and tried to take things real slow. I tried the rolling contractions, had some light nipple play, and just tried to concentrate on how things felt. I'm not really sure what happened (although I can't wait to try and repeat it). At some point things were feeling REALLY good again, and I thought/hoped I'd have that same mini/quasi/whatever it was Dry O experience again. Not to be today. But I received something that was better. I found myself being so overcome by the unprecedented feelings in me - and not just my butt/prostate, the feelings were strong enough to be throughout my core - that I was letting out these low moans, grunts, and wimpers. That might not mean much to most, but suffice to say I'm not audibly inclined as it relates to sex. But, I couldn't help myself. I was almost wimpering at times and that only made things feel better. There was no "release", no "end", but I was on this heavenly plateau of pleasure for about 5 minutes straight. It felt as if I'd either explode in euphoria, or it would fade away. It did neither; it just stayed there, second after second, minute after minute. I didn't know how long I could take was like riding the edge of the greatest orgasm on earth but never going over. Finally I couldn't take it and allowed my mind/body to bring me slowly down. I was expecting to feel the most sexually frustrated that I've ever felt given that there was no "climax", but strangely I didn't. Once I recovered I found myself feeling very sexy, aroused (mentally), but also very satisfied. No frustration at all. Then, just when I was deciding to try and get my groove back to see if I could return to this wonderland my wife came home. She knows about the Helix, in fact one of my sessions that I didn't blog about was her watching me have a (very) short session before sex. Sex with the Helix was great, but that's another story. Anyway, I still wasn't comfortable with her coming home, and finding me naked in bed with my Helix in, so I ended the session right then.

Does anyone know what the heck that was that happened to me? As I write this I'm quesitoning myself because, while there never appeared to be a "going over the edge", it just in hindsight felt so damned good and fulfilling. Was it a super O, or the start of one? Who knows; I certain that I don't know. All I know is was an absolutely incredible experience of pleasure. And the other day (with the quasi dry Os) just felt so satisfying. So, for all the frustrated users, or naysayers, or beginners, or people thinking about whether they should try putting this crazy thing up where the sun don't shine, all I can say is this: this is becoming incredible, and I've gone from skeptic to KNOWING I'm on a path, and that path is taking me places I never imagined I could go.

Hope I can keep this progress up! Thanks for reading.

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Don't Let the Perfect Be the Enemy of the Good

Ok, even though I've always told myself that I'm not going to be results oriented with my Aneros, it never fails that as soon as things feel good I find my mind not only enjoying the sensations, but also wondering if I'm finally going to cum. I'd find myself contracting harder and faster, and while it would feel good, I certainly hadn't come close to an orgasm.

On the forums B gave me a polite reminder about the "less is more" stategy so I went into my session yesterday determined to adhere to it.

I won't go into great detail about the session itself, but will say it was the most enjoyable yet. I committed to relaxation and when I did use contractions they were light to moderate. Boy oh boy, what great results. I was just having a heck of a time. I mean, it felt great. Beyond great. It was the first time where I realized that I might actually orgasm from this funny little thing in my butt. In fact, I was getting awfully close to orgasm (no erection really). The sensations as they were, LOL, might have been better than an orgasm; that's how good it felt. And they lasted...minutes at a time rather than seconds. Now, I don't know if I would have orgasmed or not, but at the peak of my pleasure my wife called me on the phone. I didn't answer, and rode the pleasure through the ringing, but I think it knocked me off my game enough that it made an O impossible. Like I said, I don't know if I would have anyway, but man did it feel good. Had some follow up waves, but didn't reach the same level. Nevertheless, they felt darn goooood! In fact, I ended the session not because I didn't think there was anymore pleasure to get. On the contrary, I ended it because of a time constraint, and had to do it while I was really enjoying my buzz. Needless to say, even withdrawing the Helix was massively pleasureable, and I had such wonderful sensations for over an hour afterwards. Even today (the next day), if I stop and slightly contract my sphincter I can feel that little buzz reverberate.

Point is, even if I never orgasm, I would take the feelings I had yesterday any day of the week and twice on Tuesday. Here's hoping my journey continues on a positive tract.

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The Proverbial Quickie

Well, it was an hour well spent. No dry or wet O's to speak of, but enjoyable. First, I think I need more than an hour for a session, or at least have available more than an hour. Because by the time I think I got into the right mental and physical frame of mind I was already having to check the clock every so often to see how much time I had left.

The first half hour nothing much happened. Good relaxation, some good minibuzz. The 2nd half hour was good.

I was using contractions and they felt really good. During one period I incorporated some nipple play, and with the warm buzz in my behind I really felt like I wanted to cum. In fact, I even started to get a hardon. That was enjoyable.

And, after that the contraction periods were all enjoyable. I mean, they felt so damn good; I can still feel a buzz and the session ended over a 1/2 hour ago. But here's my dilemna; how to I take something that feels SO GOOD and have it overcome me in the form of an orgasm.

LOL, it's almost making sexually frustrated to have such great sensations but without a culmination. I'll remain patient, hoping that I'm overrun one of these times. But man, when I'm in the groove contracting fairly hard on the helix, it can really create a warm, fulfilling, and tantalizing buzz. I hope that that feeling ISN'T the 'dry orgasm' people are speaking of because their is no peak or satistaction or release (and I'm not talking about ejaculation). But darn if it isn't pleasurable.

The other thing I'm starting to wonder about is if I should use a different device. The helix feels good, creates a little buzz, etc., but doesn't send strong feelings through me unless I'm contracting really hard and sucking the thing pretty far in. Could this be an indication that my prostate is 'higher' and I should be using a longer Aneros? Maybe I'll pose this on the boards and see.

BTW, interestingly enough, there was very minimal twitching involved. Just a little on my way to the start of feeling really good, but after that hardly any of note.

Always interested in feedback.

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This isn't a fork in the road, it's a spoon

What I learned today will hopefully help me on my road to the super O. I've read so many recommendations about letting your body go, and letting it guide the way. I understood the words, but never the true meaning until today. And, there is not a fork in the road with two or three options; there is a spoon with options and paths so close to each other but distinctly different making an almost infinite number of paths to take.

I started the session giving the hypaneros session a try. The induction and relaxation was very good and I think set the tone for the rest of the day. Once it got into contractions part Alana was way ahead of where my progress was so rather than let those "unsuccessful" thoughts creep into my mind I just turned it off. Then while I was relaxing with my eyes open a bit I put on the recommended video of women cumming. All I know is this cocktail worked!

I had the penile flutters, or repurcussions, that I've had before. But this time, out of nowhere I also found my ass fluttering at the same time as my penis. This lasted for several seconds (not sure how to quantify it). That was very enjoyable. Sadly, I had no more episodes of butt fluttering. However, things did get better...much better.

After some relaxation I endeavored to get lucky with those again. This time my body fooled me. To make a long story short over the course of a long session i had maybe four or five episodes where my ass wasn't shaking, but everything esle was! The first started when, for reasons completely unknown, my shoulders started shuddering, that grew into my face (yes my face was quivering), and lower legs, torso...probably most parts of me except my ass, LOL. If I hadn't read this site I would have freaked out mightily at the mini seizure, but I didn't; I just rode it out. While that was I neat experience, shaking in and by itself doesn't necessarily feel good (I've never considered getting the shivers in cold as "pleasant"). But, I was in for a treat that will forever solidy my belief in what I'm doing with this thing up my butt!

During a couple of these shuttering periods (not all of them unfortunately) I felt a warmth in my prostate that I have never felt before. I could feel the Helix against me, and it felt rock hard. But it felt something else too; it felt very warm. That warmth was like a little isolated flame, but then it started to grow. It grew to encompass my pelvis and possibly my abdomen too. For the first time using my Helix I understood how people can actually orgasm with these things. I didn't get to orgasm, but for the first time during a session I felt it possible, and I felt like I REALLY WANTED to. I think the excitement of these growing sensations only served to bat them down as my conscious mind would start to take over my thoughts.

Anyway, this happened a couple times and it was marvelous. After each I found myself a bit wore out so I would relax for a moment and found something very cool there. Once I totally relaxed the Helix seemed like was just buzzing down there. Then the buzzing would fade because it would be replaced by a thumping...I assume the thumping was the helix bouncing off of me with the beat of my heart. This would make the Helix feel "bigger" and it would beg a I'd oblige. I'd hold the contraction and on a couple of occasions it felt great, pulling the helix in deep. The pressure against me seemed to make the helix double its size inside of me (though that was probably me expanding), and that large, hard pressure sometimes would expand into pleasure that I would hold unto the shaking began again.

All I can say is "wow". I didn't orgasm, I didn't have a super O, but I definitely felt things I have never felt before. It was very cool to combine losing control of my body with pleasure.

I don't know if I was near an orgasm, or if I made a fatal mistake that prevented one, or if I'll ever have one. But, I do know that this experience is real, this actually happened, and it is close to what I've read in other testimonials so I figure I'm on a path, the right path, and just have to let my body and mind find its way.

Great, fun day though. For everyone who hasn't tried this...I'm nowhere yet in terms of orgasm, but there is definitely some funky stuff that happens as long as you empty your mind enough to allow it. Sorry so long, a bit excited I suppose, LOL.

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3rd Time the Charm?

Had a morning session today cause the house was empty. Today I laid on my right side for the first hour, and then rolled to my left side. For previous sessions I was on my left side so I thought I'd see if it made a difference.

Some pleasant buzz and pressure, though very, very light, while relaxing. I have found with the sessions its a constant mental battle to keep your conscious only focused on the sensations and your subconscious within the realm of the session. The more leeway you give your subconscious the more crazy stuff you end up getting distracted by. But, you have to give it some rope to get to that surreal state. At least, that's my impression as a newb after three sessions.

Anyway, some good light buzz while relaxing. This time I made a much more concerted effort when I started the contractions not to start slamming away if they felt good. I tried to keep them spaced, moderate, and at regular intervals. I got some penis fluttereing again in response to the contractions, and this time it seemed a bit more widespread. My ass wasn't fluttering, but it just seemed to include a bit more of me; maybe my balls and penis? Strange, but nice sensation. I remembered from the forum to enjoy the flutters, so I'd occassionally stop all contractions when a flutter occurred and just let it be. That was nice. Also, some of my best times in this session were the ensuing 3 minutes or so after I'd stop contractions and just go back to relaxation. I could feel a buzz and it would start to build a bit in my mind, but it never approached anything where I'd say "this could be the start of an O". Nevertheless, very peaceful and pleasant.

Towards the end of the session I thought I made some progress with contractions. I would do a couple moderate to firm contractions and then hold. The pressure/buzz I'd feel was very nice and was at times strong. While the feeling is completely different from penile stimulation, it felt nice to the point where I could see from doing this that it might someday turn into an orgasm - but it would have to be an orgasm with a feeling unlike anything I've had because the underlying sensation is so different. So....I'm hopeful. The one issue is fatigue. It seems like any possible orgasm is farther away than my ability to continually contract my anus muscles, albeit even only at 50-60%. But, I'll work on that. All I know for certain is that it felt nice, it was an 1 1/2 of relaxation, and I think I can see where this can lead, even if the hurdle is still very high, and very far away.

Maybe we'll try again tomorrow if the opportunity presents itself.

Thanks for reading, comments always welcome.

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My Second Date

OK, the house cleared for a bit today and thought I could squeeze in my second session. I did about an your, and I'm disappointed because as I'm typing this about an hour after that no one is still home...meaning I could have had another hour with the helix! But, at about the hour mark my mind started making mental checks of the time and somewhere deep there was the worry of being interrupted so I thought it better to just end things during a point of relaxation.

This time I put a light coat of vaseline on the helix, a finger full of lube around my rim, and used a plastic dropper to put about 4 ml inside. Shooting the lube in was a strange feeling for sure!

This time I never got into strong, panting, breathless periods of contractions, though I still ran into the same problems as before. When I would contract I would alternate what I would do. Sometimes I would do a 50% contraction and just hold it, then release on an inhale. This seemed to have the effect of moving the helix out. Sometimes I would use short, repeating, 35% contractions (maybe try to do 4 during an exhale, and then rest on the inhale). This felt very nice but would lead to the same problem as the first time. I would always seem to increase the contractions strength and rate so that right when it could (perhaps) start to really feel good, it would become one long, sustained, hard contraction. Great, but this will never get me to the promised land.

I also used a lot of relaxation and had a very nice time with this. After a period of contraction I would just lie there, relaxed, trying to focus on the pressure or slight buzz in my ass. I would try to allow my mind to think of or envision erotic scenarios while doing this. When I would do this effectively I could get to semi-conscious, trance-like (you know what I'm talking about, when you're awake but your mind is clearly absorbed elsewhere like when reading a book). During these times I could feel the sensastions gather some strength, and I almost wished I could be sleeping and just let them go on their own. But, invariably, the feelings would get knocked back down by one conscious thought or another. So, I would return to contracting and the cycle would start over again.

Now, in this session there was never any sensations that I thought could ever lead to the doors of an orgasm, but there were a couple interesting things. First, a few times when things were going nicely I would contract my sphincter and that would result in maybe four or five quick contractions in what felt like a tube running all the way from inside my ass up through my dick. I don't know how to describe it other than like a hydraulic repercussion effect: squeeze once in the buttocks and get that plus for a five mini-squeezes is rapid succession through the "tube" or line. This was interesting for two reasons. First, it made plain that somthing inside was connected all the way through to the penis. Second, I had NOTHING to do with those mini, rapid fire contractions through the tube. That was an "effect" from my "cause". So, that's encouraging. Hopefully someday we'll find a way for those involuntary reverberations to go throughout the body. Oh, btw, they felt nice.

The 2 other notable things about this session were that during some periods of conttraction I introduced some nipple play, and one time that resulted in the beginnings of an erection. Also, one time I moved during the session (shifting weight), and while I had a moment touched my flacid cock to find the tip of the head wet. I don't know if it was some precum that oozed out, or maybe I had a drop of lube left on my finger. But, other than the one start of an erection (that never got beyond half mast and lasted maybe 30 seconds) my cock was limp the entire time. If it was precum then that would be an interesting development.

All in all, no major progress. The session was pleasant and relaxing. One hiccup in the process, which I'd like some feedback to, is reading the forums many people have talked about the helix moving on its own, and being able to feel it move. Other than when I relax after a contraction and the helix seems to reposition itself I never feel the helix actually move unless I contract. And, even when I contract I don't know that I feel it move so much as I just feel it making contact with me. Am I not using enough lube, or is there some trick to making it move by itselft?

Thanks, hope people will comment.

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1st Session Ever

My first session was about a week ago. Very interesting, very frustrating, and very promising all in the same session.

I finanlly had the family out of the house for a few hours so it was time for the first test drive. I used Liquid Silk as a lubricant with a small amount of vaseline on the helix. The only note on lubricant is that I didn't have a method of putting any inside, so I could only lube up the entry and the helix and hope that would suffice. BTW, during the session I did squirt more lube on the entry.

I did some breathing to relax before insertion. When I did insert I was pleasantly surprised. Like the forum said, I pushed the helix in maybe a third of the way in and just held it there, trying to get my muscles to relax. Amazingly, after a minute or so they did relax and it pulled the helix right into place. Let me tell you, that was a very cool sensation.

I laid on my left side with my right leg raised toward my check and just breathed for a couple minutes to try and further relax and get comfortable with the helix.

When I started slow contractions it felt nice, not pleasurable. For example, when someone strokes my dick that feels pleasurable; there is no doubt that the nerve triggers produce a wholly sexual response. This was different. It was not unpleasant by any means. But, it felt more like a pressure, a pressing maybe I'd call it a buzzing more than anything else. As I said, it was nice.

The session went along with periods of me contracting my sphincter and buttocks, as well as lying still. I also rolled unto my back a couple of times, and near the end I got off the bed and tried kneeling next to the bed with my head and arms resting on the mattress.

The good was this: At times, contracting was very cool because my muscles were moving the helix (assumably against my prostate). This was physcially pleasing. It was also psychologically pleasing as I felt for the first time in my life that I was experiencing what a woman feels like during intercourse. What made this doubly nice is I gained an understanding and appreciation for how a woman can fuck a guy, i.e. how she can use her muscles to move a dick around in her however she prefers. I've noticed women contracting around my dick before, but always assumed that they were doing that solely for my pleasure. How wrong I was! Those contractions were very nice and at times seemed to build into a nice sensation, or at least a more pronounced buzzing. This was good and bad. Good because it felt good, bad because whenever this occurred I started thinking about "how to I get to an orgasm from here". That thought invariably would set me back because I would find myself trying to fuck myself so fast and hard (by contracting) that I couldn't space out my contractions; instead of 4 quick contraction it would become one hard contraction. My calculus was that I was doomed, because the long held contraction would feel nice but I knew would never bring about anything close to an orgasm. But, when I'd relax and then start the short, rhythmic contractions that would feel great, but would inevitably end up with me not being able to maintain the sphincter control to continue them for very long. So, good and frustrating at the same time.

Also, I spent some time just relaxing and this would produce a nice buzzing sensation. I would try to key on this sensationto let it grow, and it would build some but never seemed like the feeling could ever mount a run at growing into anything approaching an orgasm. So, as pleasant as it might have felt after five or ten minutes I would end up returing to the contractions.

Someone came home so I had to end the session more abruptly than I would have liked, but after and hour and a half I thought it was a decent first time around the track. The good: ended up with some nice, different sensations. Much different than how anything related to the cock feels. Frustrating: at no time did I feel like anything remotely related to an orgasm was anywhere in my neighborhood; I guess I was hoping for some beginners luck. Also, I was frustrated with how to manage the session. Contractions could feel good but were hard to control. So hard, in fact, that it would lead always to holding a strong contraction. I think I have to learn how to keep my muscle control up. Relaxing with the helix would feel very nice, soothing almost, but could never see that building into something on its own. Promise: these new sensations are there to be felt, there was a real high feeling my sphincter tighten around the helix causing it to move, and the pleasant buzz received while relaxing with it was enjoyable. So, since this was the maiden voyage I figure there is a long ways worth of improvement to make and am hoping I can build on the foundation laid.

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