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Aneros Blogs > CAN'T WAIT! (by HxC)


SO, it's getting along nicely. I think I may be reaching the mini/dry-o stage.

With mini and dry-o's, d you get the same satisfaction sense, but it's just less intense?

Today, I didn't feel any satisfaction, but I felt like I was nearing a peak.

First, I ingested a certain herb, took a shower, slipped the helix in, did 20 breathing exercises, turned on my side and started doing light, 4s contractions. After some p-waves, I was able to get to the point where I had some random involuntary twitches around my legs and genitalia. I felt some twitches in my PC muscles and around my groin/anus; I don't know if these are special or not. I kept on going and started to get the growing feeling before an orgasm, but it wasn't normal, it was more centralized inside my waist, and partly in my penis. This died down and happened about 4 times, but nothing more. I ended jerking off.

I hope this means that I'm on the right track, I think that I was focusing on the feelings too much, and I tried thinking about different things every 20-30 contractions.

I tried thinking of the feelings, the breathing, my body as a whole, the contractions, but I think I'm thinking too hard. What should I be focusing on?

Any commentary would be awesome.

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Progress is at hand

So, since my first entry, I've had numerous sessions to account for. I can't describe them all, but I can give detailed timelines.

-Relaxed, slight pleasure around penis, anus, perineum
-heavy breathing (like an orgasm), large muscle quaking throught body, yet no pleasure
-no shaking, some pleasure in penis
-heavy breathing, medium/large muscle quaking, slight/medium pleasure
-lengthened feeling before an orgasm (no satisfaction), twitching around genitalia, very "hot" anus, perineum, penis

2 of these times, I inhaled a special herb and found positive results. Generally, I first relax and breathe for 10-15m after watching an adult movie, showering, or lying in bed. As I get more in tune with my body, I lie on my back, close my eyes and think about the prostate area, and "feel" it. Then I lube up the helix and my anus, and slip it in slowly, and then I get used to it's temperature and it's fitting, and I get comfortable. I consistently inhale slowly, hold for 4-6 seconds, and exhale slowly after relaxing. I almost always do this, and so far, it has yielded somewhat random results, haha.

I'm REALLY looking forward to everything on this journey though, it's surprising what I find, but I'm always optimistic about my journey. I've had my helix for around 4-5 months so far.

Input and opinions are greatly appreciated.

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First time

So, I had my first session. Showered, cleaned, lubed, ready to go.

I initially inserted it while laying on my side, then i turned onto my back laying normally. I started doing some deep breathing while contracting, as if when i breathed in, i contracted. They were intermediate contractions, nothing small or big. After about 30 minutes, I think I had my first p-wave.

It didn't feel like any orgasm, but it definitely felt like a wave. A strange feeling occured during it; As I felt my heartbeat, it felt as if the beat was going up and down my back, it was... very strange, to say the least. Such as they are.

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