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Aneros Blogs > Blessings Abound (by STARR831)

The "Golden Years" Are Here

It's been quite some time since I entered anything into my blog. I've been on my aneros journey for over 6 years now; and, I've recently retired - some 4 weeks ago. I haven't found a new rhythm in my daily schedule yet. A couple of health issues have arisen in the past 3 weeks, with eye surgery scheduled for next week. I find myself with time on my hands and wanting more than ever to share with like-minded men --- who thus far have been very elusive. As the days slip by, I am constantly reminded that the "Golden Years" are here for better or worse. I have come to the conclusion that I'd better use whatever means of arousal I can get while I can still get aroused - not clear sailing though for a straight but curious Christian guy.

I did not sleep well last night --- waking up around 2:30 am and didn't get back to bed until after 4. I was still wide awake and knew I needed to at least relax. Sooooo - I cleared my rectum for action, lubed my hole and slid my trusty mgx into place. Even after all this time, I relish the cool kiss of my mgx as it contacts the rim of my hole. It glided into its snuggling place against my supple prostate; and, I completely relaxed into my semi-fetal position. Instantly, I could feel the welcoming tension of my prostate as it received attention. Being so completely relaxed, and thanking God for this time of solitude and joy, my waves built slowly, steadily --- higher and higher. My breathing was full belly breaths --- paced to the building waves. Once this process starts, I know there WILL be a full-body orgasm; and, true to form, each building wave climaxed into a full body O. Over and over this process went on. My thoughts and mind seemed to rise and drift --- while my foreskin-covered cock gathered precum that eventually drooled down onto my inner leg. A couple of times, I reached down to gather some precum with a finger and rubbed it on my lips --- savouring its salty taste. Eventually, it was time to slip my mgx slowly out through my slippery hole. I then reached around and slide three fingers into my hole until they could tickle my then aroused prostate. Three fingers nicely fill my hole; and, they have a way of each touching and stimulating different parts of my engorged prostate. Although short in length, I love this part of my sessions. After which, I lay my flacid cock between my thumb and index finger, glide my foreskin tightly back and massage my frenulum in a tiny-circle fashion. My cock always responds quickly to this attention and fills quickly --- with veins bulging its entire length. Waves and O's continued while I did this; and, finally, I fisted my slippery cock until cum squirted into my awaiting hand. I immediately held my cum-filled palm over my mouth and savoured it dripping slowly down onto my tongue.

As I finish this blog entry, I have an amazing glow and buzzing from my cock-tip all the way back to my hole. This, I know, is definately going to help my Golden Years be truly GOLDEN.

Would love to share on Skype: Starr493 or by other means --- honestly and respectfully.

Take care and may God bless!

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A-Less --- NEVER Far Away

It's been raining off and on here; and, the sun is just now trying to come out for a bit. I'm home ---trying to take a few days off from work --- something going on in my chest but I'm trying to ignore it. While alone for a bit, I decided to sit a bit and relax here with my computer. I'm leaning back in my old office chair with my legs spread. Peace, blessed peace surrounds me, and my sac and balls are rolling ever so gently --- sending a wonderful sense of warmth and fullness outward and beyond. I close my eyes and breathe deeply, thanking God for these moments --- just He and I. The warmth slowly spreads back to my butt cheeks and hole --- my perineum swells; and, I rejoice. My prostate starts to pulse slowly in rhythm to the life that surrounds me at the moment. Slowly I breathe in and out --- the warmth expands. A tightness forms in my hole and tightens more --- pulsing more distinctly as my cock comes alive. What a joyous feeling --- tighter and tighter. I can hear the pressure building in my ear --- another deep breath. My hole pulses, my lips tingle. Another deep breath, another breath and another. O Lord I thank you! Tighter, tighter and tighter still. How I wish I could share this joy! Tighter and tighter, my ass swells and tightens --- higher and higher --- a deep deep breath as my hole tightens even more. My prostate pulses harder--my breast contorts --- OOOOOOO! Even tighter --- my cock sucks in and tightens more, more, more --- my hole continues to tighten; and, the base of my cock is in sinc with my hole, Again my breast contorts --- precum pumps through my cock and drools out over the end of my foreskin. Again my ass tightens, more cock pulses --- three more pulses surge up through my flacid cock . My lips tingle and my hole pulses. What amazing joy! How I pray I could connect with each of you now to share this joy of which no words can describe in truth!!! Relaxing now. My ass and butt cheeks release the tension that had built. My cock still lies in flacid. Joy --- as the glow of the past few moments washes over and over my manly parts. Praise be to God!

It is a challenge to remember the sequence of events and to accurately describe any session AFTER the fact. During the above less session, I simply closed my eyes and typed as my session unfolded --- editing somewhat afterwards.

My ride continues to be a welcomed blessing from a way too busy and stressful world. Would love to share more as another cold and snowy winter prepares to overtake us here in Maine!

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Beyond ...

My hole yearned to embrace an aneros --- it had been since Monday. I yawned; and immediately, my old frame was gripped in a full-body orgasm. I had 30 minutes at most; butt, it would be worth it. I quickly lubed my ass and eupho, bent my knees halfway to my chest, and slowly slid my cool, cool eupho in through my yearning sphincters. I immediately focused on sharing these moments with my God --- in praise, intense and total praise and thanksgiving I fully believe my creation is no hap-hazard quirk of chance, rather a carefully thought out work of intricate creation --- deep within the darkness of my mother's womb.

The winter here in Maine was harsh; and, my body was wracked with repeated viruses. It has been just over two weeks since the last virus left me unconscious on our bathroom floor. Needless to say, my aneros sessions have been few and far between. I have come to cherish each and every one of them as nothing short of a blessing --- I take none of them for granted!

Shortly after my eupho slid firmly up against my prostate, my ass tightened, my left breast convulsed and my prostate started to orgasm --- nothing unusual. What was unusual developed when my first O did not release; but, instead recycled and caused my ass and prostate to continue to ratchet to another level of tightness --- no refractory period!

My praises to God remained focused. My acknowledgement of His worthiness reached symphonic levels. I leaned my right shoulder towards my pillow and reached for my right breast with my left hand. by now, I could easily locate two nodes an inch to the right of my nipple. I massaged them firmly --- almost playing them like the keys of a keyboard.

My ass puckered tighter and tighter as my prostate forced precum again and again out through my flaccid cock 'til precum drooled down the inside of my leg. Again and again O's cascaded throughout my 64+ year old frame AND again and again my praises to God lifted upwards to His heavenly throne.

To know such powerful and intense joy after a season of such misery is an experience that defies words. In essence, this morning's aneros session was a 30 minute continuous super-O; a 30 minute period of extreme praise to God and 30 minutes of realizing again how fearfully and wonderfully made my male body REALLY is! The connection of my breast nodes to my prostate, testicles, anus and cock is allowing each new session to access new levels of intensity and levels praise.

My ride to work only brought more pulsations and pleasure. As I sit here in my office chair, my whole perineum is swollen and pulsating --- as if to magnify of my God-provided joy beyond ...

While the time since my last post has slipped by quickly, I still yearn to share with other men the fullness of our God-given lives and the awesome blessing of our sexual journies as men.

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Never Far Away

It has been a while since my last blog entry. As the days slip by one into another, I realize it's been four years since I started my aneros journey. I'm now quickly approaching 64; and, issues of aging and related health issues crowd close and tempt to overwhelm at times. This afternoon, I sit by my open office window --- feeling the Spring breeze upon my bare arms and face --- it's been a busy day --- time to sit and reflect a bit.

As I type, I'm also aware of the slow pulse within my prostate - now spreading gently into my balls ---prodding me to remember this morning's early session --- a duet with my trusty mgx leading off and my ice finishing. My sessions continue to take place every other day; and, yes, they are usually sessions where I start off with either my favorite eupho or mgx and finishing up with my ice. Lately, I've been using my new lube, Slippery Stuff, injecting directly into my rectum and lubing generously my tools.

This morning was no different. I slid my mgx in through my anus; and, it instantly snuggled against my prostate. I lay still, on my left side with my knees bent upwards towards my chest. I connected with God and praised Him for this time alone with Him --- blessed by unspeakable joy --- never to be taken for granted. After a few moments, my prostate started to ramp up --- subtly at first butt then more aggressively. Nowadays, my O's cascade upwards without breaking in between. The first contraction set off a series of O's that clamped tighter and tighter --- one after another. My cock gave the sensation of erecting as my foreskin seemed to slide back; and, it wasn't long before precum was being forced from within to drool onto my leg.

The clock seemed to tick faster; and, I knew I needed to give my ice a turn BUTT at the same time, I really didn't want to end my magx's fantastic dance. As I slid my mgx out through my anus, I was blessed with a wonderfully tight and arousing O --- thank you my creator God for this time!

My ice quickly took over and drove deep and upwards. It seemed to almost slide directly into my cock shaft as it settled in. My O's were intense; and, I clasped my two hands together to focus and ride them out. I prayed for a close brother who so much wants to experience such joy. The clock seemed to tick even faster.

I rolled a bit to my right and started to caress my right breast with the palm of my left hand-soon feeling the mammary glands between my nipple & arm pit. They seemed aroused. As I manipulated them they seemed to drive the intensity of my orgasms --- I was in awe again as to the fearful and wonderful way in which my God had knit me together within my mother's womb!

Alas, the clock was winning again. Super O's rebounded again and again - shaking my frame from head to toe; butt, I knew I had to withdraw and focus on the new day I had been blessed to live. My ice reluctantly slid out through my slippery anus AND CLENCH! another good-by O.

Lying on my back, with my knees bent towards my chest, I slid in two fingers for a quick farewell tickle of my prostate --- it was supple and received the gesture well. Ending with a quick "tiny-circle" dance on my frenulum, cum spurted from my cock slit as if to christen the God-given day ahead.

And now, the clock on my wall says it's time to transition again. But as I do, the afterglow of this morning's session is never far away. I've come to welcome the glow below whenever it shines and wherever it may go. Such a sense of fullness and balance, intensity and peace --- an ever present reminder of my God's love and provision!

May you know the joy of His presence as you go forth into the night ahead!

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Rolling Balls and Tingling Foreskin

It's a quiet afternoon for a change; and, I'm sitting in my office chair --- leaning a bit forward typing this entry. I've just taken a deep full-belly breath, let it out, and meditate upon the joyful radiations and tinglings moving outward from behind my sac, into my scrotum, balls and up through my shaft to the very tip of my foreskin. You would think that after 3 years now, such an experience would become boring or at least diminish BUT it doesn't! The afterglow continued from this morning's short solo time of massage.

When I awoke, my Beloved had already arisen and left the bedroom. It was chilly, so I pulled the blankets up over my shoulders. The clock said I had only 30 minutes left before taking on the new day beyond. I started to massage my breasts firmly in circular motions. After several minutes I moved my hands down to the top of my short-haired bush and started some firm circular motions with two fingers on each hand --- exploring the area for just the right spot AND then I found it. I massaged this spot and soon I could feel my prostate awakening underneath. Deep miniwaves rolled into larger ones until my left breast clenched hard followed (almost immediately) by a dry O. My fingers moved downward and pressed firmly into the depressin on top of the base of my cock. Again the waves built and CLENCHED.

As the clock quickly ticked the minutes away, I rolled from my back onto my left side, reached my right arm around to my butt crack, slid my middle finger down over my anus until it reached the base of my sac. Slightly pressing downward on my raphe, I tickled the cord underneath until another CLENCH. Quickly my middle finger moved back to my sweet spot between my anus and cock root --- firm pressure and CLENCH!

Without missing a beat, I moistened my middle finger with saliva, pressed it against my anus, in through my sphincters and snuggled it against my waiting prostate. "Come here" my finger motioned; and, it did! Repeated clenches and a series of orgasms later, I withdrew my finger, moistened my thumb and inserted it also. I've found my thumb always inserts easily and gives a whole new world of contact and sensation --- each small rotation brings forth a new buffet of joy.

Butt, alas, the clock signaled the need to move on. I had planned for a regular aneros session --- would have to wait. What DID happen, however, has continued some 8 hours later; and, now, as I prepare to end this submission, my manly equipment below STILL roll on with fullness and yes, satisfaction.

I continue to praise my creator God for this journey! I praise Him and Him alone for these blessed gifts of joy. His anchor holds! I recently heard that God loves me as much today, as He did yesterday and will tomorrow! I believe this; and, because of this, I accepted His gifts with praise and Thanksgiving.

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A New Year --- Off and Running!

Another day, another birthday and another session --- each a gift, a blessing to cherish in this journey of life! It is now afternoon; and, as I sit in my chair typing, the fullness of my prostate radiates warmth and delight upwards and throughout my scrotum, balls and cock --- the afterglow of my synthro session this early morning.

It was early as I lay spreaad-eagle and nude in my bed with the peacefull coolness of a new Maine day surrounding me. My prayers said, I was completely relaxed --- contemplating the milestone of reaching 63 years. I looked forward to sharing the day with my Beloved and grandson (as I had the day off from work) and, later on, with relatives and friends. Now, however, was my time --- alone with myself and my God.

I lubed my anus well and then my syn, assumed my usual position on my left side w/my legs in a semifetal position, and gently slid my syn in through my sphincter rings. I love my syn. It seems to have two modes --- a gentle persistent presence when my Beloved inserts it before each of our snuggle times and an aggressive mode when I use it solo. This morning, it was obvious, we were alone. After a little teasing as I tried to insert, once in, it instantly took over and grabbed my prostate with its velvety assertiveness.

As my journey has progressed, my O's and super-O's have extended more and more. This morning, my syn skillfully orchestrated a continual series of O's and supers --- building layer upon layer until grabbing and shaking my body with intensity. Time and time again, shimmering bolts of energy grabbed my prostate and lifted me to heights above and beyond --- causing me to fly off the mountain top and to swoop into my Beloved's presence.

In fact, as I continue writing, my afterglow is assuming a life of its own, lifting me almost out of my chair. I remember, sometime into this morning's session, a surge of precum dropping from the tip of my foreskin and drooling slowly down the inside of my leg. My cock even swelled to rest heavily and warmly on my bush. I lifted my paises to God; and, thanked Him for creating me, protecting me, providing for my every need!

As with all sessions, the time (no matter how long I have) always slips by too quickly. This session had been special! I withdrew my syn, lifted both legs off my bed, and slid two of my fingers into my rectum, and gently teased my engorged prostate further.

A few more final slow deep breaths, another "praise be to God"; and, my new year was off and running.

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Purity and Icicles

The new year has started off with new mysteries concerning health; and,as is often the case, many questions and no answers. After a full abdominal scan, I spent a week waiting and pondering various scenarios pending a diagnosis --- only to find more bloodwork needed to be done. Here in Maine, winter has also decided to settle in with 0 degree temps and brisk winds --- to be expected, I know, BUT still not appreciated after 62 years.

About the ONLY place pedictably warm is in bed under a few layers of blankets --- AND that's where I was early this morning when I pushed a glob of KY gel into my anus and over my mgx. I have come to welcome the coolness of my aneros as it slides through my anal rings into place against my rectum. Its cool pressure against my prostate quickly sends the message of a pending journey of pleasure, peace and praise. My thoughts thank God for this reminder of his love for me. I slip deeper and deeper into this journey and find myself on a mountain top where I had spent many times, years ago, talking with God and marveling at his creation --- both within and surrounding me. As I hear the calls of the birds and breeze in the leaves, I am well aware of the rhythmic pulsation of warmth exuding from my prostate --- upward and outward through my scrotum and penis (much in the same manner it is pulsating as I write this entry). My mgx moves often --- nudging against my prostate AND each time it does, a new surge of precum flows from the tip of my penis and runs down the inner side of my leg. I love that feeling and will use a finger to bring a drop or two to my tongue. By now, I am experiencing a strong current of energy flowing throughout my body --- causing me to tremble, not wildly by any means, but enough for me to marvel at how completely these sessions involve my total being. From time to time, a major orgasm will cause my left breast to contort and THEN my prostate to clench --- PRAISE be to God! How remarkable such joy is still possible while other parts of me experience pain and uncertainty!!! My mgx is held in place only by the p-tab and handle --- otherwise it is fully pulled into my rectum. The waves continue with an orchestrated rhythm of power and warmth. I finally slide my mgx out through my anus; and, as always, upon its withdrawal, my anus clenches tight and another final surge of precum pushes out and runs down my leg. I then slide my middle finger into the inner chamber for a joyous finale. It touches the bottom of my prostate and causes a significant 0 of joy. My rectum closes around it and my pulse sends the message of life for another day. The final withdrawal of my finger ends another session along this journey of blessings --- or does it? Now, over seven hours later, I am experiencing forceful waves, 0's and oozing precum --- reminding me STILL of God's hand upon my being and journey to come.

I rejoice in the purity of my journey and walk with God. He is my anchor admidst the storm; and, he provides these harbors of peace when all else is in turmoil. All honor and glory is HIS! It is my sincere prayer the aneros journey will bring countless other men closer to God --- for we ARE wonderfully and marvelously made!!!

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Morning Joy AND So Much More!

At the age of 62, I am more and more aware of the pace at which I am growing old. It happens to all people; but, now, I am consciously aware the end of my earthly life is closer with each passing day. Each time I look into a mirror there is another droop or sag. I've had ear surgeries, heart surgery, back surgery; and now, I have a condition my doctor calls neuropathy. My legs are stiff when I go to stand up; and, I doze off whenever I sit to listen to anyone speak for more than ten minutes. There's no doubt about it, I'm getting old. The one area, however, that does not hurt or feel older OR fail to work is my manly area down below! AND I don't for a moment take it for granted nor feel it is an accident!!!

This morning, in the darkness of our bedroom, after my morning prayers, I decided to use one of my long neglected peridise. I chose the one that had the largest end bulb, applied some K-Y Sensitive Gel to my anus and tool, and inserted it into place. I sleep nude, so I assumed my usual fetal position, breathed deeply and just relaxed. The cool quietness surrounded me; and, I found myself rejoicing to my God about these times of closeness with Him. In the moments that followed, my rejoicing became intense praise unto Him --- a spiritual oneness unmatched in intensity by anything I have ever experienced.

My anal rings clenched the peridise tightly; and, the familiar tingle at the base of my penis grew and grew and grew. With swelling warmth and upward momentum, the waves lifted my pulsating prostate until my left breast gave its gripping signal --- the super O was to immediately follow. My frail frame convulsed again and again; and, tremors shook me for minutes at a time.

Memories of standing naked upon the granite of a mountain top and of oneness with my Beloved became vivid in my mind as I praised my creator God for His grace and mercy upon His humble servant. If this is but a faint whisper of the intensity of my eternal worship of Him, I am overwhelmed with joy and anticipation!

For about half an hour, I rode the waves in joy. At the end of one and before another started, I slipped the peridise out of my anus --- then slid my right middle finger down my back, along my butt crack and in through my anal rings. Once fully inserted, I pushed the fingernail side of my finger firmly up against my prostate. My rectum closed tightly around my finger; and, I could feel my pulse beating against my finger --- a reminder of my God-given life. My prostate responded quickly, clenched and orgasmed. My anal rings tightened also; and, the ride began. Finally, I slid my finger SLOWLY out through my anus --- a joy in itself --- and reinserted my peridise for a while longer.

All the time during this session, precum oozed and formed a cool wet stream down my inner leg. Periodically, I could sense a special force building within that would climax with a noticeable surge of precum. What a gracious God to permit an aging man, such as myself, to experience such pleasure and intense joy!

At last the clock determined it was time to conclude this session. Butt not until I had withdrawn my peridise AND another O matured to a climax. Throughout my breakfast on our livingroom couch, I could feel my prostate full, warm and surging --- the morning's blessings was continuing! AND the ride to work was simply amazing with chairgasms the full 18 miles. Praise be to God!!!

I had intended to write this entry earlier today; but, this day has been hectic; and, now, just before heading home in the cold darkness of Maine, I am again praising my God for His encircling love. He has provided me with a joy unknown before my aneros journey began. The end of this blessed season of joy WILL come, I know; but, until it does, I will NOT take it for granted nor cheapen it in any way.

My chairgasms continue as I conclude --- a continuing reminder of my planned creation --- by the hand of God Himself! My brothers, I leave you with these words: "Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is the present --- let's open and enjoy it!" All praise be to God!

Psalm 139

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The Joys of this Day

Nights here in Maine are quickly cooling off; and, the extra quilt on the bed last night provided a welcomed coziness. I awoke very early this morning; and, in the darkness, my hand wandered down to my newly shaven, velvet-soft perineum, scrotum and penis. Before long, one of my fingers pressed firmly into that sweet spot in front of my anus; and, as expected, my prostate soon awakened. I then moved upwards for some nip brushes --- followed by some gentle prostate massage just above my newly shaven bush. The p-waves came and went with some rising upward, ever upward into O's. Once well underway, I assumed a semi-fetal position, hugged my shoulders, and drifted in and out of sleep.

Some time after, my Beloved awoke and got up to start her day. More time had passed than I had expected, however, a good half-hour remained before, I too, needed to get up. After a brief visit to the bathroom, I lubed my anus and eupho and settled in. My eupho was cool as it slid slowly through my anal channel; and, then, as it entered my rectum, it was grabbed firmly into place.

Wasting no time, my eupho's magic took over --- sending repeating pressure radiating warmly up through my scrotum, testicles and penis. These waves soon turned into full-body temors with another wave close behind --- pulsating gently into a final clench!

The intensity of my O's repeatedly squeezed distinct bursts of precum out to the tip of my penis. My thoughts became drenched in the awesome presence of Christ's love for me! Love phrases of hymns ran non-stop through my mind --- what an amazing experience to be blessed with at the beginning of a new day!!!

The clock keep reminding me that this, like every other session, was quickly running out of time. I clenced my hands together as the O's intensified --- my out-stretched arms and clenched hands seemed to help channel the energy that was surging throughout my frail frame --- to the point I could hear the energy coursing in my almost deaf ear.

As I slowly slipped my eupho out through my anus, the contractions continued. Setting my eupho aside, I slid my middle finger high into my anus until it touched the engourged bottom portion of my prostate. My finger tip lightly brushed this area --- triggering another round of O's AND as each one climaxed, my anal rings clamped tightly around my inserted finger. The force of these contractions allowed me to feel my actual pulse beating ---blessed reassurance of my God-given life for another day. Finally and with praise within my heart, I withdrew my finger and arose to go forth for another day. As I touched a droplet of precum to my lips, there was no doubt that I was a man --- blessed by the love of God Himself --- and, it is to Him I give all honor and glory for the joys of this day!!!

Psalm 139

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Never Ending

It's been a warm and humid day here in Maine. My morning was full and busy --- without any time for reflection. Now, this afternoon however, I sit in my office chair and the afterglow of my night's mgx session and this morning's brief peridise session, seem to sweep outward and upward --- warmly buzzing and gently pulsating throughout my testicles, scrotum and penis. Breathing deeply, I coax the gentle waves into a breast orgasm and then a soon-to-follow, slowly building super O. The contraction is intense and sends energy throughout my frame --- and then it lingers --- building once again and again. My butt muscles lift me off my chair as the pulsating waves build again and move upward, outward. The pulsations leave no part of my testicles, shaft, glans and foreskin untouched. Each contraction grips my frame and being in such a way that I can only respond with a sincere and joyous "Praise the Lord!" This joy is no accident and it is real --- how should I be blessed in such a manner?!? These concrete reminders of God's love for me have now reached a point where they are more ongoing than not. As this journey continues, I find it hard to imagine a more intense and joyful display of my Father's never ending love for me!

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