• Saturday Morning Syn

    I woke up Saturday morning in the mood for a session, so I got up, took a shower and cleaned myself inside and out. My Helix Syn was already in the bathroom so I thought I would go ahead and insert it so as not to disturb my girlfriend, who I thought was still sleeping. All the lube supplies were in the bedroom, so I searched to see what was available in the bathroom. Ended up finding some petroleum jelly and vitamin E oil, so went with that...

    To this point, I have had limited success with the Helix Syn. It was my first Aneros device, and was lucky to experience some minor contractions and sensations on only it's second use, but it was nowhere in comparison to the experiences with the Tempo and Progasm Jr.

    Helix Syn inserted, into bed, I start by relaxing and just clearing my mind of everything, including the Helix Syn inside me. I find if I try and concentrate on it too soon, I clench up and things just don't move along. Instead of then starting out with the Kegel exercises, I like to use slow gentle hip thrusts to try and move the Helix up and down over my prostrate. The slower the better, you can also incorporate slow breathing to help further manipulate the device in rhythm with your hip movements.

    Stage 3 of this process is to start incorporating anal contractions and Kegel exercises with your hip thrusts and breathing to move the Helix from shallow to deep inside your anal canal. At the bottom of your hip thrust, you are doing anal contractions and as you move up in your hip contractions, you are releasing your anal contractions and starting a slow Kegel til you reach the top of your hip thrust. It is like stoking a fire, but in extreme slow motion. Another way to think of it is your anal contractions are playing catch with the Helix with your Kegel exercises. The hip thrusts are the continuity between the 2 regions.

    If your Helix is not moving free at this point, you need more lube. As you are doing all this, it is ok to stop when the head of the Helix hits your prostate, it is an amazing feeling, and you'll start to feel that "tickle". There is no right or wrong amount of time for any stage of this exercise.

    Of course, my girlfriend was awake this whole time, and enjoying in secret the fact I was enjoying myself so much. I have to say a big word of thanks to her, she has been so supportive throughout these sessions and so far, she has been a beneficiary multiple times over. She begins her light touch of my chest hairs, nipples, head and just about everywhere else. She has enjoyed the learning process and finding all the new buttons I have now that I have been rewired by the Aneros devices. As I explained in a previous post, my brief instruction to her was to imagine what I do to her that she enjoys so much and do the same touches and motions to me. Of course, all this without touching my penis. I start having deep contractions and mini-o's that were amazing, by this point, the Helix is moving on it's own, completely involuntarily and without thinking!

    She then pulls out a vibrator and lays it on me between my abdomen and my penis, this is an amazing feeling that brings on several more mini-o's, each building in intensity. She slowly moves it up and down my abdomen and penis and I continue with the intense orgasms. I use my hand to help her re-position the vibrator on my perineum. The mini-o's continue to intensify, wave after wave until I have several super-o's, they keep coming, each more intense than the last. I am completely out of breath and you could tender a fire in my month since it is so dry.

    By this point, I can't breath anymore, so I breathlessly ask her to go down on me. The combination of the vibrator on my perineum and her sucking me keeps the orgasms coming. The mini-o's keep coming, so much so, they are almost distracting and fighting for attention from the blow job. I finally have to ask my girlfriend to turn off the vibrator so I could concentrate more on the sensations in my penis. The mini-o's keep coming, how many I've had to this point, I have lost count. I am just in this blissful state of euphoria that is hard to describe.
    I finally ask her to get on top and ride me. My penis is super sensitive now, not in a bad way, but in a way I can feel every inch of her inside, every movement, it is an incredible feeling, like it felt when sex was new. My prostate problems must have desensitized my penis, but after a week of using the Aneros devices, it is fully awake!! As she rides me, I continue to have mini-o's and they play with the nerves in my penis, it is like a continuous orgasm for as long as she is riding me. The mini-o's are so distracting and overwhelming, you almost cannot have a traditional penis orgasm.

    My body by this time is so blown away by the experience I am ready to come, so I start concentrating on my penis and the feeling of being inside of her, the mini-o's continually try and distract me, but I concentrate harder and finally I have a super-T that goes on for what feels like several minutes, all while the mini-o's continue. This is what I call a Super-OMG!

    My girlfriend rides me awhile longer, she must have several orgasms during this time and we finally both collapse. The feelings of afterglow and euphoria continue throughout the day and it must have been the most relaxing and peaceful Saturday I can ever remember...

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  • Curious about the Tempo!

    Having some limited success )first 2 sessions( with the Helix Syn and over the top Super-Os with the Progasm Jr, I was curious how the Tempo would do, so naturally that was the plan for last night. I lubed up and the Tempo slid right in without much of a fight from me. Really didn't feel it like the PJ )Progasm Jr.(, but I could tell it was there. It just barely touches the prostate and the muscles around it, so it sort of tickles, or at least that is as close to describing the sensation as I can. Within a few minutes, I can feel the waves starting to build. Unlike the PJ, it wasn't WHAM! It was more like a freight train in the distance down the track, you could sense it coming, but couldn't judge the speed. The waves slowly built up until suddenly WHAM, WHAM, WHAM, I was doubled over again in contractions, my month was opened, but I couldn't speak or yell. I keep mouthing the word wow wow wow. It must have gone on for 30 minutes, slow build up, then POW, a number of super-o's in a row. I was doing almost nothing, not thinking of anything in particular, not doing any exercises, just enjoying the ride from the Tempo!

    My girlfriend comes in and I tell her that I have "borrowed" her Tempo, and she can see that I'm convulsing, she comes to bed and says, "you're hot". But of course, I've already had a 30 minute workout!

    She begins to run her hands over my body as she had the several nights before, which sends wave after wave. We kiss passionately, and I'd say I haven't felt like kissing that way in YEARS! The deep kisses only magnify the affect.

    She then goes down on me and the combination of sensations is almost too much. My penis is now extremely sensitive, but receptive, and I can feel every little swirl of her tongue and movement of her lips. I think the prostate issues had numbed my penis, but I could feel EVERYTHING now! It was absolutely nuts!

    She finally gets on top of me and we go at it for awhile, she just as excited as I was, and enjoying the deep penetration and finally I unload, and I can feel every gush from my penis.

    Normally, I would be spent and want to stop, not this night. My girlfriend continues to grind on me and I continue to enjoy the sensations, like tug of war between my penis and prostate.

    Guess I never realized how insatiable she was, because last night, she continued to ride me and she got it as long as she wanted it, with no complaints from me and I stayed full erect the whole time.

    After we finished, she mentioned, this room smells like sex, I don't think I've smelled that in a long time! You know, she was right! :(

    We laid there for a little while, just recovering and I continue having shocks and contractions from the Tempo and I am completely spent, so I get up to go to the bathroom and remove it. I return to bed, and I continue to have after shocks and some mini-o's. Amazing!

    You know, now I'm curious to see if I could now have better results with the Helix Syn now that I am fully rewired! But that will be another story.....

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  • Progasm Jr and Tempo -- A whole new level for couples!

    Not completely satisfied with the Helix Syn, due mainly to my penchant for being a gadget freak more than anything, I decided to stop by a local Adult toy store and pick up a Progasm Jr and Tempo.

    I was very fortunate to experience some mini-Os with the Helix Syn on only the 2nd session, but was not prepared for the immediate results offered by the Progasm Jr! Quick lesson here, if you have not experienced any results with another model, TRY THE PROGASM JR!

    As before, I told my girlfriend I was going to lay down, relax and "start my therapy", to which this time she did not roll her eyes!

    While the Helix Syn is not compatible with silicone lubes, the Progasm Jr is, which is fortunate as it is slightly bigger and longer than the Helix Syn. So this time used the silicone lube on the PJ )Progasm Jr(. Laid down at 9:40PM with my relaxing music, and again started out on my stomach. IN LESS THAN 5 minutes, the contractions started coming in waves, each set getting stronger and stronger. I have up to this point not done anything, no movement, no exercises, the PJ just "knows" where to go and immediately pushes my easy button!

    To change things up, I start moving my hips forward and back, I can feel the tip of the PJ nuzzled up against my bladder and prostate, with my hips, I can move the tip of the PJ slowly up and down from my bladder to my prostate and back again. It is an amazing feeling that I did not experience with the smaller Helix Syn. I am 6 foot tall, so maybe the PJ is a better fit for taller gentlemen?

    I lost count of the contractions and O's, I must have had several super-o's, because I got into that state were you are laughing and crying and disbelief all at the same time, saw stars and contractions that just doubled me over, bringing my knees all the way to my chin. You just have this feeling of disbelief, like is this really happening, and WHY dammit, am I only NOW finding out this is even possible, I've been robbed all these years! I'm straight and 49 years old by the way!

    After about an hour, maybe less, I have no idea of time at this point, my girlfriend comes to bed and I communicated what has transpired so far, so she begins to gently rub my head, chest, and lightly run her fingers up and down my wrists and squeeze my ear lobes. Each different touch brought new shocks to my body. The more her touch tickled, the greater the shock and contraction. It was like every nerve in my body was connected to my prostate through my spine.

    I breathlessly told my girlfriend this was absolutely the most profound experience I've ever had. The shocks and contractions just kept coming and there was pre-cum all over my girlfriends leg where my penis was resting. My girlfriend had perverse enjoyment in watching me come over and over again to every one of her touches, but I had to stop and come up for air and somehow was able to position the PJ so it would stop getting me off so I could focus some attention on my girlfriend!

    We had talked about the Peridise and getting one for her, but the Adult toy store had the Tempo, so decided to pick that one up instead, it really looked like it would be more stimulating and easier to take care of since it was steel. I got some silicon lube and warmed it up and spread it on my girlfriends anus and cunt. I gently drew circles around the opening of her anus with my fingers to try and relax her. We are both not experienced with anal play in depth, except for some shallow stimulation, so I try and go slow. She says it isn't happening and that more stimulation is required, so I focus on her cunt and clit for awhile. Did not have good luck getting the Tempo in while lying on her back, so I suggest she gets on all fours doggie style, which does the trick and she slowly takes the Tempo into her anus, with a few moans on the way in.

    She flips back over and I continue to stimulate her cunt, clit and g-spot with my fingers. I am also lightly tapping and moving the end of the Tempo and she is moaning and grinding her hips and begins having orgasms and convulsing as I had been only minutes before. I then go down on her as I had the night before and as I do, I can feel her anus pucker and contract around the end of the Tempo and she continues to moan in delight. It seemed like she could have gone on this way forever and I'm getting off just by watching her.

    I finally move back up for some intense missionary, Tempo in her, PJ in me and we go at it like high school kids for awhile till my legs get weak and I give out. We both just lay there with an unspoken WOW on both our lips!

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  • Well, THAT was quick!

    Just received the Helix Syn this week due to some experienced prostate issues, IE. frequent night urination, slow flow and not much force on ejaculation. Aneros kept coming up in internet searches when researching prostate therapy, so thought I'd give it a try.

    Being the "manly man" I am, was hesitant to bring up the purchase with my girlfriend, even though in the past she has been receptive to trying new things. So I brought out the box, and began the conversation in a matter of fact, I have been experiencing prostate issues and in researching therapies, this is what kept coming up. I continued, in addition to providing therapy for prostate issues, it has some interesting side effects. Then I pointed her to the Aneros web site and forums.

    She was receptive to the idea, but was worried it would take the place of her, and I assured her, through my own reading of the forums, this wasn't the case, and that it would enhance it instead. Little was I to believe that it would be so soon!

    Reading through the forums, I did not have high expectations for any immediate results and just tried as suggested to try and enjoy the new experiences, and in fact, my first session on
    Thursday was uneventful. None of the conditions were right, so I didn't have a high expectation. I work from home, so did it early in the morning while working on my computer.

    All that changed on Friday night. About 9PM, I told my girlfriend, I was going to go lay down for awhile and "start my therapy". She rolled her eyes and said ok. I put on some relaxing music and laid down on the bed on my stomach. For me, movement of the Helix was easier on my stomach and doing the exercises, but compared to later, I was not fully relaxed. After an hour of just relaxing and doing exercises, my girlfriend comes in and strokes my leg and almost immediately, things start to "loosen up!" I told her, that felt good, don't stop. So she rubbed my feet and legs for a few more minutes and then she went to finish up some homework before bed. I could really feel the Helix start to move after that and my breathing started to increase. The exercises were
    much easier after that, just felt like there was more "room in there" to play with.

    After she came to bed, I told her what affect she had when she rubbed my feet and she began to rub my forehead. As she continued, I could slowly feel the contractions come on and start to intensify. I was so relaxed, the Helix just started moving on it's own, with just a little help from me grinding my hips forward and back. At this point, the contractions kept getting stronger til I started moaning and sighing. Based on her earlier concern of being left out, I tried to be as communicative as possible so she could share the experience. To compare the feeling of the contractions, I'd have to say it almost feels like the sensation when you are riding on a roller coaster and pulling positive g's, but instead of momentary feelings, the feelings keep coming and getting stronger. After rubbing my head, I moved her hands down to my chest and nipples and she began lightly stroking my chest hair and teasing my nipples, this sent me absolutely over the top and experienced a few strong contractions. In all, this lasted 10 to 15 minutes, maybe longer, I had no sense of time by this point.

    After this point, I don't think my girlfriend could take it anymore, so she started playing with my penis and completely switched gears, but by this time, I didn't care. I had such a complete feeling of euphoria and afterglow, I was ready for anything. Since I was having all )well most of( the fun up to this point, I decided to go down on her and return the favor for taking such good care of me that night. Then we continued with some heavy and passionate missionary with the Helix still in, including a pillow under her lower back, so I could get some deeper penetration. We continued this way until she could no longer breath and collapsed, both spent and bodies shaking!

    Today, will be a day of rest, but am looking forward to more "therapy" tomorrow!

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4 Item(s)

A to Z


A anal sphincter

The ring of muscles surrounding the anus. There are two rings, the outer and the inner. The outer is under voluntary control. The inner is not (it is controlled by the autonomic nervous system but can be trained to relax therapeutically with biofeedback). To identify this muscle, squeeze your anus as though you are holding back gas. This is the muscle that primarily drives the motion of the Aneros.

B Benign Prostate Hyperplasia

Or BPH. A non-cancerous enlarging of the prostate common in middle aged and older men, often causing urinary symptoms. BPH is one of the prostate ailments that the Aneros was originally developed to help treat. (from the wiki)


see Benign Prostate Hyperplasia

H hands-free

The patented design of our massagers allows them to be used completely – hands-free. This is an advantage over other prostate massagers. It allows an Aneros massager to be used in any position the user wants. More importantly, it frees the user to focus solely on the sensations instead of making a conscious effort to manually manipulate the massager. This subtle freedom is important for bringing the mind and body together during a session, which by many experience users is considered a required technique to master in order to achieve a Super-O.

J journey to the Super-O

Aneros massagers can be enjoyed in many different ways – to enhance a strength and pleasure of penile orgasms during partnered or solo sex, or solely for the pleasures derived from prostate orgasms. The ultimate experience for the route is the Super-O. The practice and understanding of how an Aneros massager, the body, and mind play off of one another to eventually achieve a Super-O is now commonly referred to as the “Journey to the Super-O” by our community members. For some men, this learning period is short in duration. For others, it can take quite some time. There are some key milestones on this journey – they can be viewed

K Kundalini Tab

Also known as the K-Tab.  Curves upwards to rest above the anus between the buttocks to pressure on an acupressure spot there. Named after the yoga concept that there is a serpent of power located at the base of the body’s trunk. The K-Tab and the arm that it extends from has taken the place of the handle seen in other Aneros models. (adapted from the wiki)

P PC muscle

The pubococcygeus muscle, one of a number of muscles in the pelvic floor. It is a hammock-like muscle, found in both sexes, that stretches from the pubic bone to the coccyx (tail bone) forming the floor of the pelvic cavity and supporting the pelvic organs. The PC muscle is largely involved in sexual response and contracting during orgasm. It is believed that strengthening leads to longer, more powerful orgasms. (from the wiki)

pelvic floor

The set of muscles that span the area beneath the pelvis, supporting the pelvic organs. (from the wiki)


The area between the scrotum and anus. The perineum provides external access to the prostate and a pudendal nerve acupressure spot.

perineum tab

On Aneros devices, the front arm which curves upward to press on the perineum during an Aneros session.   This actions prevents external prostate stimulation.  It also acts as a fulcrum against which the device can pivot to perform the internal prostate stimulation.


Aneros massagers are made from 3 different types of plastic. All are FDA approved and medical-grade, non-porous, and each has the right density for the right weight and balance for that particular model.


Inflammation of the prostate. Although there are many suspected causes, (bacterial infection, auto-immune response and neuromuscular tension), prostatitis remains an intractable disease which is often times unresponsive to traditional forms of treatment. Before the advent of antibiotics prostate massage was the first line form of treatment. In recent years with many people turning to holistic and homeopathic forms of medicine, prostate massage has been enjoying resurgence. (from the wiki)


Prostate specific antigen. A chemical produced in the prostate and measured in the blood as an indication of cellular activity in the prostate. Abnormally high levels of PSA may indicate health concerns such as inflammation or cancer. The PSA measurement may be elevated by ejaculation, and any form of anal play, including the Aneros. Ask your doctor for a recommended period of abstention prior to taking this test (the Aneros manufacturer suggests a few days to a week). (from the wiki)

S silicone

We call our silicone “Velvet Touch” for its luxurious, matte finish which is designed to hold lubricant. Silicone is used in our Syn models as well as the Vice and deVice.


An abbreviation of Super orgasm. An overwhelmingly strong non-ejaculatory orgasmic event. Orgasms that have no refractory period allowing them to be repeated multiple times.  Though different for each man, the Super-O is considered to be the ultimate pleasure a man can achieve.

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