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Enjoying the journey

Lube: 4 ml walnut natural jelly

While I've averaged at least four to five sessions per week since finally getting this blog established, I think I may be holding back from writing about them with the idea that I would wait until "something significant" happened. But as it might take a year or more before I master the rewiring process, it might be useful to share my baby steps along the way.

Rather than trying to retroactively recount previous sessions, I'll try just "jumping in."

As I work from home, I have the luxury of scheduling sessions in the middle of the day, and this one happened mid-day. (Most of my Aneros sessions happen at night before bed--frequently falling asleep before they get going, unfortunately.)

I started the session on my back, waiting for the lube to distribute itself. Early on I tried to follow a pattern of focusing on relaxation for the first 20 to 30 minutes, and then work with practiced contractions. These days I tend towards working with contractions sooner, having developed a fine level of control over muscles all along the length of my rectum. I'm finding that the most pleasant sensations become available with the slightest contractions, with the trick of trying to keep relaxed to the point where it is almost like "pushing" -- trying to find the "sweet spot" where each tiny movement brushes against the prostate. Delicious.

Today's session was nice in that it had some P-waves, accompanied by a series of involuntaries that were felt oh so close to some of the ecstasies I felt that first amazing week.

While I started on my back, the really delicious sensations started once I shifted over to lying on my right side, in a fetal position.

The session ended due to the urge to pee, which I suspect may be due, in part, to water absorbed by my colon after irrigating prior to the session.

A few thoughts about anal douching prior to sessions.... While I have a pretty good awareness about the emptiness of my rectum, I've found I get more sensation when I irrigate first. Initially, I tended to overdo the pre-cleaning to the point where peristalsis got stimulated...which sometimes created the need for further cleanup. I use a bulb-style anal irrigator, and now try to limit myself to around one liter of water, which is three or four bulbs of water.

There's also been a bit of discussion on the forum about the safety of various lubes. I tend towards oil-based lubricants like natural jelly and shea butter. After most sessions I try to expel as much lube as I can without straining too hard. It might not be necessary, but it may be wise to limit opportunities for oil absorption long term.

(Entry typed using the Dvorak simplified keyboard)