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After my last two sessions with my progasm ice, I was eager to see if there would be any changes with my syn. I lubed up and inserted for an overnight session. That's one thing I cannot do with the Ice. It felt good going in, and as usual it felt very good as I walked around and up-and-down the stairs during normal activities. I fell asleep with it in me and twice during the night I felt the stirrings and movements that turned into Super-O's! I have slept with the syn numerous times, but this is the first time I've reached Super-O during sleep! It was very exciting, but I had to temper my enjoyment so that I didn't wake my wife who was sleeping next to me.
Although this was very pleasurable, and it was during sleep, I don't think my syn will ever give me the body-racking, convulsive Super-O's that the Ice gives me. Hopefully, I will be proven wrong.

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Last night was my 2nd session with my Progasm Ice. After my last session 3days earlier, I couldn't wait 'til I could play with Ice again. I didn't have much time, so I lubed up and went straight to the Ice. It felt like I was being split in half, but once it was in, it felt so good. I could feel it stroking my prostate almost immediately. I started rubbing my nipples, and I was off to the races. Waves rolled over me and I had several Super O's. The feeling is so incredible. Even a short session left me in an altered state and as relaxed as a limp noodle. It took all of my will power not to ejaculate when I finished, but hopefully it is one step closer to being rewired.

I love that with the Ice, I don't have to do anything to reach Nirvana. With my helix syn, I really have to use different techniques to get to that place )do nothing, contractions, concentrated breathing, etc.(. The Ice is automatic for my body!

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OMG! Never Felt Anything Like This!

OMG is all I can say!

After much debate with myself over which model to buy, I purchased my 2nd Aneros. I originally planned to buy the Progasm Jr. as my 2nd, but wound up getting the Progasm Ice last Thursday. I was going over the dimensions of the P-Jr vs. my helix syn last week and thought that even though the shape is totally different, the size wasn't much different. I then read multiple posts in the Forum about the Progasm Ice, and how great the experience was. I looked at the dimensions on the site, and thought "Eh, not that big a difference". I found a retailer in the area that had the P-Ice in-stock and set out to make my purchase.

The store had the P-Ice, P-Jr, and my helix syn, out on display. When you hold all three next to each other in your hands for comparison, the P-Ice is HUGE! A little background: until I started playing with my Syn last November, I really didn't have much anal experience, at least not experience that I thought was pleasurable. The idea of anal was always better than the act. Aneros has opened a whole new world to me and awoken my prostate to pleasure! The P-Ice scared me to be truthful, and I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get it in me, but I figured that I if I was going to buy a 2nd, I should get something drastically different. And from other users descriptions in the Forum, I knew the P-Ice was the right choice.

So last Friday I got ready for this monster. I knew I was going to have to loosen up and work my way up to the Ice if it was going to be pleasurable. I inserted 1 of my homemade shea butter inserts and my syn to start. it always feels so good when it gets past the external ring and sucks itself into me! I had some things to do around the house and walking around, and up-and-down the stairs, felt so good. I could feel the syn moving inside me and working its magic. I laid down and felt some nice waves and tremors, to start things off. My prostate was coming to life and feeling very good, but I couldn't stand the anticipation of playing with the Ice! I removed the syn and lubed the Ice. I was very nervous thinking about the Forum thread about the proper technique for inserting the Ice. "Would I be able to get it in me?" it was HUGE in my hands. I laid on the floor on my left side with my left leg straight and my right leg bent and braced on my closet door frame. This is the position I usually use for insertion. I went vey slowly, pushing gently, but constantly. It finally slid in, but I guess the difference in circumference of the "neck" wasn't enough to give that satisfying "pop" and locking in-place. I laid on my side breathing deeply and enjoying the fullness. The tip had already started massaging my prostate just from my breathing. I turned to my back and started some contractions and caressing my nipples. Then the waves, shakes, MMO's, and Super O's, took over my body! I lost track of how many times I came )dry(! I was flopping around on the floor like a fish out of water, and it wouldn't stop! It was so good. I would come down to earth for a few minutes, and it would start again! During one of the Super O's I counted over 30 times I thought I was ejaculating, but wasn't. Twice I tried sitting up, but the tabs would come in contact with the floor which pushed the Ice deeper into me, which started everything over again. The third time I tried to stop and get up, I rolled onto my side to break the cycle! I might still be there on the floor if I tried to sit up!

Previously, I had Super O's and MMO's using my syn, but nothing like what the Ice did to me! This was life changing it felt so good! All I could think of was, "This feeling is why people do drugs!" I cannot wait for my next session!

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I was excited to write this entry! After my early success, I've been disappointed lately because I haven't been able to reach MMO's and Super O's. My sessions are always nice and enjoyable, but I just couldn't get that over the top experience for about the last month.

Last night though, I made a huge step in my journey to rewiring! I had my first Aneros-less experience. I had played with my Helix Syn the night before and wore it while having sex with my wife for a huge explosion. I also knew I'd be playing with it on Friday night, so I didn't do anything last night. I was lying in bed on my left side with my right leg bent talking to my wife while she read a book. All of a sudden I could feel something inside. I half consciously started thinking about the feeling and making contractions. It felt so good and I could "feel" my prostate like my aneros was touching it. I got rock hard and I was on the verge of a dry orgasm, but I made the mistake of moving my body pillow! I can't wait to insert my Helix tonight!

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Further Journey

I've had numerous sessions since my last entry, with varying degrees of "success". Let me start out by saying that all of the sessions have been pleasurable, and I really enjoy having my helix inside of me.
After the success of my MMO session, I couldn't wait to have more. In my next session I had the leg/body shaking feelings, but I just couldn't get off with dry orgasms. It felt great, but after the my last experience I was disappointed. I had a few more sessions where I couldn't even get this feeling again which really scared me that I wasn't going to achieve the MMO's again! I do have to say these were short and rushed.
After these sessions, I continued to wear my aneros for various periods while doing daily activity and I love the full feeling and pleasant feelings it creates. Last Friday night I had more time to enjoy a long session, and I got my MMO's again! I agree with other bloggers that you just have to relax, take your time, and let the pleasure take over. I started out on my stomach which felt good and got me primed for my back with my feet flat on the bed while I watched some porn. My nipples are definitely a source of pleasure to me, but I teased myself by not touching them yet. I then put a pillow under my butt and started to touch my nipples. This really got me going. I then stretched my legs out and squeezed them together. This started the magic! My MMO's shook my body, and it felt like I was cumming, but only leaking. It felt so good and I totally lost track of time and how many times I dry-came! I slept with the aneros inside and I know in the twilight of my sleep I had more pleasurable feelings, but no dry cumming.

I am addicted to my aneros and think about when I can inset it again all day! I look forward to more adventures!

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1st Experience

Wow! This session was amazing.
This was the third time using my Aneros, but the first chance I really had to relax and not rush the experience. I took a hot bath to relax and cleaned myself with several enemas. I inserted my helix while on my side with the top leg in the fetal position. It went in so easily. I did some PC contractions to get used to the feeling, then rolled onto my back with my knees bent and feet flat on the bed while I watched some porn. Everything felt great.
The PC contractions then took over and I had 2-3 dry, multiple orgasms while playing with my nipples. At first I didn't realize what was happening. After I did realize "It had happened", I worked on doing it again, which worked 2 more times!
I am hooked on the feeling!

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