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It's been several weeks since my last ride, which had been a dud session. Having what I now think was a minor hemorrhoid )that's now subsided(, it was uncomfortable to have a decent ride for too long. Sometimes it's all about my bowel for the week, and it just didn't want to cooperate. But Thursday ended up being "the night", so I lubed up and mounted. The pressure on my perineum seemed more aggressive this time, but over the long break, it may have become baby soft. Ha! Do we really get calloused there? My anus was weak, too. Guess I gotta get back to the ass gym. I managed to arrive at a couple Supers before quitting. Plus, a fart wanted to escape, and then things just get crunchy feeling when that happens. Attempting again tonight!

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Since my last post, I've learned how to reconcile both partnered sex and riding my Aneros. It just involves timing... Aneros weekDAYs, sex weekENDs. Easy. Lately, my sessions are kind of duds, and I'm pretty sure it's because I'm using Rite Aid brand KY jelly. KY is a bit too viscous and once my Aneros locks-in, it won't move enough. I was having mind-blowing experiences with Swiss Navy lube, which isn't any cheaper online as it is from a retail shop. )Worth every pump, though.(

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I'm starting to believe that I can't make this Aneros experience work unless I keep it secret from my partner. That is... it's use. I'm not gonna super-o in front of him. I look like a seizure case. Plus, I want him to try it out, use it right, but he gives up so fast. First it was about piquing his interest, but he doesn't know what to expect. Now it's about my own journey with the device. What disturbs me is that I may be starting to prefer working with Aneros than sex with him.

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On and off I've been working with the Progasm Jr. Made lots of progress and I'm able to reach the super-o very quickly within about 20 minutes. I think the intermittent sessions have really powered up my anus, much to the delight of my partner.

Current setup to the super-o:

Laying on my right side, pad between the knees. I pull my knees closer to my chest (opens the ass a bit more). I keep the anus voluntarily contracted, then begin to bring in the PC muscles. This kicks off the auto-fucking. Since the muscles have gotten so much stronger, the anal pumping makes me grunt loudly. This is my favorite part.

When I decide to have a super-o, I straighten my legs a bit and the convulsions begin. My legs shake and I begin crushing the pillow between my arms. I feel like the convulsions last only about 10-12 seconds, then I'm exhausted and need to stop. It's not that I'm out of shape, but the full body flexing uses up a lot of energy. I realized that I kept ejaculating before because the rapid thrusting was making my scrotum swing and this indirectly stimulated my penis. I have managed to keep from ejaculating for three sessions now.

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Since my last entry, I've practiced about three times. The last time I got my leg to shake a bit, like a dog being scratched in just the right place. This time, I took it to a whole new level. I had today off from work, and I had just come home horny from the gym. As usual, I was wearing my jockstrap and cup. My ass was ready to work, so I slipped in the Aneros and I laid down on my right side, knees bent. To heighten my arousal, I had a long loop of erotic pictures on a screen next to the bed. For the first hour, I was trying hard to maintain that partial contraction, experiencing lots of involuntary anal pumping.
Finally, I straightened my legs a bit and lightly flexed my glutes to add pressure to the P-tab on my perineum. At the same time, I was doing valley breathing into my stomach. I got a little bit of leg shaking, then I rested.
About 5 minutes later, I continued the partial contraction, a bit tighter this time. Again, I straightened my legs, squeezing my butt closed over the Aneros. As I beared down into my stomach and tugged my left nipple, I began spasming all over, thrusting uncontrollably like a jackhammer.
This freaked me out but it felt great. The spasming lasted about 10 seconds, but it could have been longer. I also realized after the spasming stopped that my butthole was still pumping by itself and I'd thrown a strong boner.
I rested again for a while, then started the same technique. I began shaking and thrusting wildly again, my erection began poking outside the side of my jockstrap. Unfortunately, the friction from thrusting began stimulating my cock, and I instantly ejaculated onto my stomach. I think maybe this experience was the fabled super orgasm, at least before I unloaded. What a rush! My heart rate was up for at least 10 minutes afterward.

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I haven't been using the Aneros for more than a week due to work stuff, but now I'm trying for more. I began training again yesterday, holding a partial PC contraction, then slowly contracting my anus. Involuntary contractions come and go this way.

Today, I got down on all fours in front of the mirror to see what was going on back there. As the Wiki explained, the P-tab has problems staying in place and it would rotate off my perineum. However, I was able to generate some visible involuntary spasms in front of the mirror, which looked great.

XTube seems to have a lot of Aneros users, though most of them are jerking-off with it. That isn't what I want to do. In fact, a lot of XTube submissions are using the Aneros for Kegels, which I believe just makes you sore down there. But XTube does give me some idea about what's happening in other men.

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Day 2. Burning out my PC/anal muscles yesterday really opened some new doors today. I lubed up, then prepared the Aneros. While not really part of a session, I walked around with it inserted, doing PC/anal clamps. I took a drive, still plugged, still practicing contractions. By the time evening rolled around, the perineum tab was making me a little sore, so I slipped it out.

My partner left town after dark, so I was alone tonight. He knows I get off from wearing jockstraps and athletic cups, and tonight was no exception. It's kind of a denial/sexual frustration thing. My favorite combo is the Bauer sport cup )no longer in production( held in place with a black Bike Performance supporter. The cup is in direct contact with my groin; there's no pocket. In anticipation of a *real* session tonight with the Progasm Jr., I felt I needed to block access to my front.

Again, I relubed and inserted the Aneros. This time, my PC/anal muscles were already exhausted. Lying on my side, eyes closed, I practiced partial contractions. After about 30 minutes, the muscles were getting beyond tired. Then magic happened. My asshole and PC muscles began fighting against each other causing a throbbing sensation. I had to fight my conscious control over it )I didn't want to control it(. An hour later, I had accomplished about four or five of these throbbing spasms, but with limited durations because I kept trying to control them. Erections alternated between the spasmodic episodes. I guess the more I learn to relax, the more responsiveness I get, right?

Finally, I rolled onto my stomach which seemed to get more pressure from the P-tab into the mix. Then I felt my scrotum brush the inside of the athletic cup. Apparently, it was enough to cause a full-blown ejaculation; I began pumping a watered down version of my normal semen load. It was similar to when I've had my prostate milked and produced this cloudy non-sticky fluid.

Not too bad for Day 2!

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When I started college in 2001, I remember reading about the Aneros and immediately wanting one. So 13 years later, I finally got one... for my man. It was a gift, though we both knew *I* would be first to try it. I've done the basic anal plugs before, most of which have a tapered tip design that puts an uncomfortable point somewhere in the rectum. Just getting these things past the anal sphincters sometimes wrecked me for the rest of the week. )So I'm a tight ass.(

Several reviews from various sources shied me away from ordering the full-sized Progasm; instead, I chose the Jr. size. )We're trying this together after all.(

With my partner egging me on to christen this shining black alien device, I took the dive.

From the Aneros forum, a lot of men seemed to have good luck with an initial coat of petroleum jelly followed by a topcoat of water-based lube. At the receiving end, I prelubed the same way: petroleum jelly in and around the anus and a small injection of water-base into the rectum.

With all this slippery stuff going on, the Progasm Jr. pretty much found its own way in. I think one forum poster described the feeling as "your gland being gripped from inside and out," which is an accurate description.

I didn't wait; I began contracting immediately. PC and anal contractions, funny enough, are part of my full body workout routine. I've been able to have distinct anal and PC contractions for years and can control them individually.

This was just the introduction. It was a good session; no orgasmic motions, as expected, but I got a good PC/anal workout.

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