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Why BLOG? A blog is a great way for you and other Aneros users to follow our progress with your Aneros. It is very interesting to see post by post how a fellow user discovers new things about his body along the journey to the Super Orgasm. A blog is an easy way to track this progression.


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2014-04-23 22:40:04

Talk About Prostate Massage

So my mind had been running wild with fantasies for a couple of days and I decided to make a move. I approached my husband that morning and asked him what e had planned for the rest of the day. He didn't have much to do except get a haircut. I let him know that I'd like to have a little... More

2014-04-21 20:15:13

Great session and a new idea

I had a wonderful session this afternoon with my wife. Started with the Vice with Vaseline. She gave me a mind blowing bj that had me climbing off the ceiling ! She teased me with her tongue and manipulated the Vice. Excellent sensations as she pushed and tugged. Freaking awesome especially with th... More

My Journey [61 entries]

2014-04-21 12:51:44

21 + 1

This will be short and sweet as im still trying to recover. I eneded my tantra no ejackulation challenge today. Yes 22 days of no cumming. I didnt start til 12 midnight. I turned on some very sexy slow music and got completely naked. It was rather hot so the room was already sizzling and adding my ... More

2014-04-20 22:09:16

The Mystery of My Sexuality Part 3: Orgasm

April 19, 2014

This wonderful sexy trip I am on never ceases to deliver profoundly new erotic experiences. The combination of my expanded orgasmic ability and my newly discovered mindful sexual response has rewarded me with manifest new orgasmic experiences and profoundly intense pleasurab... More

2014-04-20 15:46:18

Working again

Havn't used mine for about a week after getting a cold and finding out, it just doesn't work very well when your sick lol.

I was a bit worried it was newitice actually )something new being more pleasurable etc until you get used to it(....because I tried to use it a few ... More

Shiny new tricks [8 entries]

2014-04-20 12:13:34

What has aneros-use ever done for me?

There are obvious things that aneros use, and other techniques, have done for me. For one, I am now a multi-orgasmic man, and could perhaps even claim to have had many super-Os.

Is this what aneros use has done for me? Well it is a small part of it for sure. There seem to be other knock-o... More

Backdoor Hammock [10 entries]

2014-04-18 00:39:22

In a Haze

It's been a while since I've blogged. I actually wrote a blog a week or two ago, but my Internet connection cut out and I lost the draft. I just didn't feel like rewriting it.

There haven't been any real big developments lately. Once in a while I still have a super-O ... More

00Doublebagel [6 entries]

2014-04-14 10:52:39


After my last two sessions with my progasm ice, I was eager to see if there would be any changes with my syn. I lubed up and inserted for an overnight session. That's one thing I cannot do with the Ice. It felt good going in, and as usual it felt very good as I walked around and up-and-down ... More

D's journey [1 entry]

2014-04-12 12:41:57


I have better understanding of the relaxed and aroused mentality that others have posted. Thursday night after I did some prep and warm up and one good puff of some good herb, I laid on the couch with my legs draped over the arm and got comfortable. The hour that followed was full of contractions a... More

Reflections [6 entries]

2014-04-07 19:31:20


This is a continuation of my last blog post. I had the house to myself, and despite the last few consecutive nights of aneros use knew exactly what my body craved. And Eupho wasn't going to cut it. I wanted to test the reverse Kegal on the ICE and see what happened, most of all I wanted that... More

AneRico Blog [1 entry]

2014-04-07 10:13:02

Aneros Girl Showed Me Something

We were sitting in a bar we like to frequent. Though I've only known her a short while, we've both been coming to this place for years.

A guy approaches our table. I've seen him around over the years. Disheveled clothing, obvious physical disorder of some type that has twi... More

2014-04-06 10:21:47

Pelvic relaxation

Years ago I remember reading a post from another user here, I think it was darwin, but I can't remember clearly if that's who it was. He mentioned how he has pelvic pain, uses a Therawand toy to help him with that and mentioned the book “A Headache in the Pelvis” as being really helpfu... More

The inside track [2 entries]

2014-04-02 20:59:01

Manual contractions to the rescue

In a surprising U-turn from my previous post. I've started to experiment more with manual contractions.

I still think it's important to learn the skill of being able to let go and experience the involuntaries when the time is right. But after a disappointing dry spell, trying to c... More

euphemisms [15 entries]

2014-03-28 18:05:22

Coming out

I've been thinking about how I came out as gay at 32 years old recently. I noticed in chat how straight people don't understand what an earth shaking event it is to initially acknowledge yourself as gay. Some people come out early and some later but is it always a big change in how we thin... More

DarkEngine [20 entries]

2014-03-26 13:14:12

Life in the Endgame

That's that, I suppose. I've come as far as I'll get.
Super-O's don't seem all that amazing to me, but I'm still holding onto the possibility that these amazing orgies haven't truly occurred yet. Perhaps I haven't fully let myself go in sessions.

... More

Life as Convell [1 entry]

2014-03-22 00:48:32

Sexual experiences with Mrs Con

As i spoon with her I'm slowly rubbing my hands up and down her body. I begin teasing her body, stopping my hands at her breast and moaning in her ear as we grind our hips against each other. I start to kiss her neck and lightly bite her earlobe, all while pinching her nipple with my free hand... More

2014-03-21 01:45:27

50th Anniversary of Gay/Bi Youth: memories celebration sessions

I first thought about this in the context of things at and posted this first quote over there:

"50th Anniversary and more

So grateful for now entering 8th year of glorious ecstatic orgasmic energies mutual prostates/Gspots loving adventures practice with my wife, ... More

2014-03-09 07:25:16

My first 5 sessions with helix

Hi guys

I got my helix 2 weeks ago and did 5 sessions so far.

For each session I put no pressure on myself. I try to have no mental representation of what a Super O could be and try to listen to my body. I tried several positions. The one I prefer is on my back with a pillow under... More

2014-03-08 20:18:47

From the Glans Penis to the Prostate

Hi guys,

I believe that most guys from their earliest years until they arrive into the adult years are very much focused upon their penises. I think that most guys experience in their earliest years the tactile pleasure the penis has for them. I know that was my own experience.

For... More

SpeedoSmoothy's Blog [3 entries]

2014-03-03 22:50:05

Aneros And Penile Semen Ejaculation

Aneros And Penile Semen Ejaculation

As others have mentioned that when you have a penile semen ejaculation through either sex with a partner or through masturbation, you ejaculate then go through a refractory period of time where your sexual interest declines and you cannot raise an erectio... More

2014-02-25 09:33:23

sleeping with big red

Well I had to try it sooner or later and "you know what they say" "the sooner the better" SO...... I bought a progasim red ice during the sale on the site (thanks aneros for having sales i'm not really sure I could afford the best without them #BrokeCollegeBoy). An... More

Helixsynuser [1 entry]

2014-02-17 08:27:04

My 1st session

1st use, started out shooting some aneros marksman lube into my rectum and lubed up the helix Syn with coconut oil, slid in very easily with no problems. I alternated between my back and side and slowly rocked back and forth, felt good but no oh's or groans during my 1st session. Looking forwar... More

iamroconnor [5 entries]

2014-02-14 18:47:03

Stimulating the Prostate to Orgasm (II): Probes, Prostate Massagers, and Vibrators

From the Guide to Prostate Sex at:

In the first post in this series, I gave some general advice about how to approach learning to have prostate orgasms and talked about the easiest way to try to stimulate th... More

2014-02-13 14:52:48

surprise! - further steps

Yesterday I did my sixt session. Mostly I practice every fourth day so that there are 3 full days between a session. Often this fails because I have no time or aren't in the mood. So I had two weeks of abstinence between my last two sessions.

And I experienced the benefits of that! Wh... More

The Dude [16 entries]

2014-02-12 12:08:56

Chat Inspiration: Morning Coffee

Comment during chat session other day got me thinking:

"I love how we contain our bursting sexual mayhem when ordering coffee at Starbucks."

On the way to work. Standing in line at the Buck for morning cup ‘o 4-buck joe. Squirming in my business suit as my buried Pr... More

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