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Goldenboy Blog by goldenboy [108 entries + 15285 views]
July 24, 2016
"The Art of Self-Tantra: Way Beyond Masturbation"

I stumbled upon this "session" quite by accident. Here are the details as I remember them....... Background: As I usually do, I dosed on some binaurals early this AM. I had already ejaculated about 2 days ago, so I was not looking for anything too stimulating. I tried several 'benign' doses b... More

A Voyage of Discovery by Citizen71 [4 entries + 479 views]
July 20, 2016
Hitting the Super-O...and again...and again.

It's only my third session in and I can hardly believe that I am posting this. Experienced my first super-o last night in an incredible session that I wish could have lasted for ever. My wife is still away so the opportunity was there to build upon the previous night - but I did not expect the exp... More

My Journey by JD05 [22 entries + 8999 views]
July 15, 2016
Still enjoying it!

Just checking in and its been so fun to play with different ones and enjoy the different sensations. Definitely circling the drain and able to get close to the edge, but no Super-O yet! Enjoying the ride! More

Gringo's Blog by GGringo [8 entries + 890 views]
July 14, 2016
Progress or not?

Finally got a chance to enjoy a session last night and my tool of choice was my Helix Syn. The session was great but I cheated a little. Initially, I was not that horny so I tuned in on some good porn, something I have been trying to avoid. It's hard to just watch a little; it's like Lays chips, ... More

The Official Aneros Company Blog by support [2 entries + 426 views]
July 7, 2016
First post - more to come

welcome! More

My Journey by BigOluver [72 entries + 65616 views]
July 2, 2016
Still here and still letting Aneros use me any way it wants

Hey guys. I have neglected my Aneros family for way to long. I'm still riding and still having full body orgasm frequently. I'm writing this today to inform you all on a new way i ride my toys. I usually just lay on my back with my hands stroking my nipples an letting the toy do its job. But i saw a... More

Gradus ad Aneros Parnassum by BigGlansDC [148 entries + 88509 views]
July 2, 2016
Saturday morning, 7/2/16 session, oh those Aneros smaller models

Hi guys, I am rediscovering the Aneros smaller models in a new, more exciting way these days. I will be brief in saying that Eupho Syn and Helix Syn have that soft, daft touch which make my educated prostate and anal areas with surrounding musculature turn wild with erotic delight. Eupho Syn i... More

Lingamans Story by [0 entry + 1098 views]
June 5, 2016
sex redefined by prostatephun [1 entry + 940 views]
May 27, 2016
On the shelf - with nocternal relief

Last night while my wife was out late I decided to have a session. I was looking for a pretty quick fix, so I slid in my trusty blue progasm. Since its just plastic, no silicone, I used some silicone lube and it slid in nicely. I sat in the recliner for a while reading, but put my book aside as I... More

by itsjinlie001 [0 entry + 12 views]
April 24, 2016
A to Z


A anal sphincter

The ring of muscles surrounding the anus. There are two rings, the outer and the inner. The outer is under voluntary control. The inner is not (it is controlled by the autonomic nervous system but can be trained to relax therapeutically with biofeedback). To identify this muscle, squeeze your anus as though you are holding back gas. This is the muscle that primarily drives the motion of the Aneros.

B Benign Prostate Hyperplasia

Or BPH. A non-cancerous enlarging of the prostate common in middle aged and older men, often causing urinary symptoms. BPH is one of the prostate ailments that the Aneros was originally developed to help treat. (from the wiki)


see Benign Prostate Hyperplasia

H hands-free

The patented design of our massagers allows them to be used completely – hands-free. This is an advantage over other prostate massagers. It allows an Aneros massager to be used in any position the user wants. More importantly, it frees the user to focus solely on the sensations instead of making a conscious effort to manually manipulate the massager. This subtle freedom is important for bringing the mind and body together during a session, which by many experience users is considered a required technique to master in order to achieve a Super-O.

J journey to the Super-O

Aneros massagers can be enjoyed in many different ways – to enhance a strength and pleasure of penile orgasms during partnered or solo sex, or solely for the pleasures derived from prostate orgasms. The ultimate experience for the route is the Super-O. The practice and understanding of how an Aneros massager, the body, and mind play off of one another to eventually achieve a Super-O is now commonly referred to as the “Journey to the Super-O” by our community members. For some men, this learning period is short in duration. For others, it can take quite some time. There are some key milestones on this journey – they can be viewed

K Kundalini Tab

Also known as the K-Tab.  Curves upwards to rest above the anus between the buttocks to pressure on an acupressure spot there. Named after the yoga concept that there is a serpent of power located at the base of the body’s trunk. The K-Tab and the arm that it extends from has taken the place of the handle seen in other Aneros models. (adapted from the wiki)

P PC muscle

The pubococcygeus muscle, one of a number of muscles in the pelvic floor. It is a hammock-like muscle, found in both sexes, that stretches from the pubic bone to the coccyx (tail bone) forming the floor of the pelvic cavity and supporting the pelvic organs. The PC muscle is largely involved in sexual response and contracting during orgasm. It is believed that strengthening leads to longer, more powerful orgasms. (from the wiki)

pelvic floor

The set of muscles that span the area beneath the pelvis, supporting the pelvic organs. (from the wiki)


The area between the scrotum and anus. The perineum provides external access to the prostate and a pudendal nerve acupressure spot.

perineum tab

On Aneros devices, the front arm which curves upward to press on the perineum during an Aneros session.   This actions prevents external prostate stimulation.  It also acts as a fulcrum against which the device can pivot to perform the internal prostate stimulation.


Aneros massagers are made from 3 different types of plastic. All are FDA approved and medical-grade, non-porous, and each has the right density for the right weight and balance for that particular model.


Inflammation of the prostate. Although there are many suspected causes, (bacterial infection, auto-immune response and neuromuscular tension), prostatitis remains an intractable disease which is often times unresponsive to traditional forms of treatment. Before the advent of antibiotics prostate massage was the first line form of treatment. In recent years with many people turning to holistic and homeopathic forms of medicine, prostate massage has been enjoying resurgence. (from the wiki)


Prostate specific antigen. A chemical produced in the prostate and measured in the blood as an indication of cellular activity in the prostate. Abnormally high levels of PSA may indicate health concerns such as inflammation or cancer. The PSA measurement may be elevated by ejaculation, and any form of anal play, including the Aneros. Ask your doctor for a recommended period of abstention prior to taking this test (the Aneros manufacturer suggests a few days to a week). (from the wiki)

S silicone

We call our silicone “Velvet Touch” for its luxurious, matte finish which is designed to hold lubricant. Silicone is used in our Syn models as well as the Vice and deVice.


An abbreviation of Super orgasm. An overwhelmingly strong non-ejaculatory orgasmic event. Orgasms that have no refractory period allowing them to be repeated multiple times.  Though different for each man, the Super-O is considered to be the ultimate pleasure a man can achieve.

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