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Why BLOG? A blog is a great way for you and other Aneros users to follow our progress with your Aneros. It is very interesting to see post by post how a fellow user discovers new things about his body along the journey to the Super Orgasm. A blog is an easy way to track this progression.


Recently Updated Blogs
2015-09-01 20:55:38

My Sexuality, My Fantasies and the Tao of Eros

Tao: the unconditional and unknowable source and guiding principle of all reality; the process of nature by which all things change and which is to be followed for a life of harmony. The Tao is the path, the art or the skill of doing something in harmony with the core meaning of life.

2015-08-31 19:27:46

Sleeping with syn

After resting 2 nights and the pending travel time this evening was my last chance to spend with my friend Helix. I lubed up well and went to bed. Very nice falling asleep with the prostate being massaged. I woke up slightly aroused and need to urinate. I was able to pee with out removal which I did... More

LTG Notes [10 entries]

2015-08-30 19:32:04

Found Reliable way for me to get Dry-O's with Helix

Had another intense session today with the Helix. Did the same as last session - warmed up the prostate without the helix till I could feel it itching occasionally, then when the prostate was more aroused to the point of feeling it swelled occasionally, I inserted the Helix.

It worked grea... More

My Journey [16 entries]

2015-08-26 18:37:26

Another positive evening

really pleased with tonight- was able to generate mini-os quicker and again probably 6 or so. They were also more intense and could definitely feel something much bigger was lurking with moments of increased body heat and definite pulse spikes. But alas, the super-o wasnt to be. Although I had a m... More

Got My 1st SUPER "o" [4 entries]

2015-08-22 20:11:20

My 1st VICE unaided " Wet Orgasm"

Since my last blog i have just being having such great orgasmic times using the Vice. For me its a
super "plug" as i like to call it. When its well lubed it fits so snug and always feels "full" and hot in my anus. I go through my usual routine before a session and,would norma... More

2015-08-20 03:11:17

A quickie and anticipation

Wow, it's been awhile. Due to a busy summer schedule, there's been no "me" time. Finally yesterday before work there was some alone time. While watching some porn, I became overcome by desire and so after lubing up the Maximus, standing in front of the computer I dropped my sho... More

2015-08-19 21:53:17

Another mini-O after months and months.

I finally have had another mini-O with my Progasm! And it was glorious feeling! Only about 7.5 months since my last one. And it hasn't been for a lack of trying. What I find odd is that this was only a few hours later after I had a super-T today. Totally unexpected as my ass and prostate was fe... More

2015-08-17 23:20:04

Not so Silent Seduction

His lips are clean now, but I dare not stop kissing him. It started off me just wanting to lick my nectar from his he's become my fountain of youth...I cant stop drinking from him if I tried. This journey is far from over if I have anything to say about it. My heart is racing...I... More

2015-08-01 21:20:49

Three weeks away from Aneros and wanting it so bad!

Hi guys,

From July 11 until this evening Saturday August 1, I was forced do without Aneros. I had a financial emergency come up which caused me to suspend my Aneros sessions. Yet, the Aless continued unabated during the interim, and wow, I wanted to have a session real bad. Fortunately the ... More

Blessings Abound [13 entries]

2015-07-31 11:45:30

The "Golden Years" Are Here

It's been quite some time since I entered anything into my blog. I've been on my aneros journey for over 6 years now; and, I've recently retired - some 4 weeks ago. I haven't found a new rhythm in my daily schedule yet. A couple of health issues have arisen in the past 3 weeks... More

2015-07-26 22:52:52

Surrender and Take It Like the Man that You ARE!

Time is tapping on my shoulder and I have to be somewhere, so I'll make this quick. During my life thus far, I've had numerous dalliances with men of my own ilk and while some were satisfying many were not. However, it's the satisfying ones that I draw on from time to time as a trigge... More

thugofalltrades [9 entries]

2015-07-20 00:25:34

Ghost Butt

Writing this the day after because I had to savor the events... Been about 2 weeks since my last ride, and my taint softened up a bit again. I only say this because when I ride more consistently, my perineum gets tougher and the P-tab isn't so aggressive feeling.

Oh, and no sex of any ... More

I'm Addicted [38 entries]

2015-07-12 02:35:52

Tantric sex

I’m a bit disillusioned with orgasming using the aneros method. I have had some good success but it seems to take hours of effort to get any returns at the moment, probably just me. I have been meaning to read about tantric sex for a while and found some good information this morning; it’s simil... More

2015-07-05 01:56:09

Further Steps

Since the last writing, I've used my Aneros three more times. Each time, I learn something new, and occasionally I learn things through other activity not involving the Aneros.

My second ride was nowhere near as powerful an experience as my first. Frankly, my first ride has yet to be ... More

2015-06-30 13:19:09

Reprograming apparently will be a long process

When my wife went to visit family, I finally had an opportunity to dedicate some time without limitations. Because of my recent non-events, I acquired a Helix Classic and a VICE in the hopes I could finally achieve a p-orgasm.
I have concluded that the neuropathy that I have in my feet from my ... More

2015-06-18 15:14:20


Planning my first session for tomorrow evening....keeping my expectations low but still excited. Have downloaded a number of erotic soundtracks to play while I experience my first session. Schedule a workout and an massage right after work to relax me before experiencing.

Aneros shipped d... More

2015-06-15 22:37:31

Maximus . . . Optimus

braveneworld's review and endorsement of the maximus classic ( convinced me to buy one. As I imagined, the maximus and MGX have a lot in common because of their similar shapes. Both have an assertive presence... More

My Journey [71 entries]

2015-06-13 11:47:57

I felt every drop

Hello my fine gentlemen. I write this still with a smile on my face from last nights session. So In a previous blog I wrote I was doing the 21 day challenge of not having a wet orgasm. I have doe it before but with a few years of prostate play under my belt I wanted to see how different not coming f... More

Blog the Journey [1 entry]

2015-06-03 19:10:54

The beginning

So the jouney of a thousand miles begins with single step. Today I began my jouney with a good session. More

DarkEngine's blog [31 entries]

2015-06-02 09:00:22

Concentration & Abstaining

I should probably mention again that my blog only really receives entries on new developments. Given that I'm somewhat at the end-point of my journey, it's less and less apparent that new sensations and heights come up. But hey! Great sessions nonetheless.

Otherwise there has been... More

My Aneros Journey [34 entries]

2015-05-22 22:40:38

My 21 (actually 23) Day Challenge

My 21 Day Challenge

I was encouraged by one of my Aneros friends to take up the 21 Day Challenge. It is a challenge to refrain from ejaculation for 21 Days. There are benefits, so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

During the time I was on the challenge (which ended up to be 2... More

gdunn [1 entry]

2015-05-18 15:26:41

my first entry

More than 2 years I bought my Helix Syn. It took me some 6 months to get on track.

My mistake in the beginning was too many expectations, looking actually for ejac and thus involving too often my cock.

Thnx to chatting here online and reading the forum I got slowly on the right tra... More

Chris' Journey [16 entries]

2015-05-17 01:03:16

Crossing the finish line

Well, it finally happened. Session before last I had my first Super-O. I know I've speculated that I might have reached that before, but there has always been some doubt in my mind. This time, there is no doubt at all. It felt exactly like I've read on the forums and wiki. And it is a... More

2015-04-17 13:49:57

Third session - a quickie

Wow! What a difference a day makes!

After the disappointment of my 2nd session, I wanted to give myself some time before I tried again. But my anus had different ideas. The prostate soreness that I had experienced during the 2nd session was completely gone, and in fact it was feeling pre... More

2015-04-11 10:28:43

Awesome Session

Started the day with a sexy text to her telling I couldn't wait fuck her wet pussy. Sent a cell shot of my semi erection to her cell to entice her for the afternoon. She responded that she was "biting her lip".. Got home and took a relaxing shower, washed away the day.

The ph... More

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