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The Aneros prostate stimulator is extremely versatile in a variety of ways. In this area you will learn about all the benefits the Aneros provides.

The Aneros prostate stimulator provides a wide variety of benefits for men. Women also receive great secondary benefits as well, because their men’s sexual performance can increase dramatically with consistent use of the Aneros prostate stimulator.

The Aneros prostate stimulator is absolutely incredible for men during solo sessions. A man can teach himself to have a wide variety of sexual sensations when using the Aneros prostate stimulator, culminating in the ultimate pleasure of the Super-O.

In addition, due to its patented hands-free design, the Aneros prostate stimulator can also be used to great effect during traditional intercourse and oral sex for more intense, stronger penile orgasms. It’s a great way to increase the intimacy between a man and his partner.

At its roots, the Aneros prostate stimulator promotes prostate health by increasing blood flow and relieving congestion in the prostate area. Prostate massage has long been documented as an effective alternative means of maintaining a healthy prostate. A healthier prostate means better sex for man.

3 Responses to “Overview”

  1. Ken says:

    While I am new to prostate massage, I am looking forward to using an Aneros prostate massager for prostate health.

  2. Accipiter7 says:

    I understand there is a research program or a study or is it a simple collection of data going on. I would like to participate. How do I get involved? I believe I have my choices narrowed down to the Helix. Will be oedering soon

  3. Satisfied... says:

    I think my dick grew cause of your thing, I’m not even kidding when I write this, the thing when used, produces some of the most intense moments of tumescence my penis has ever seen before. After some sessions, I sometimes laugh at how tired my penis feels and looks. Hey if their is a magical back door to the bedroom, aneros massagers hold the key, thanks and happy trails.

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