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Great for Couples

The Aneros prostate stimulator is extremely versatile in a variety of ways. In this area you will learn about all the benefits the Aneros provides.

Great For Couples
Using an Aneros prostate stimulator is a great way for a man and woman to share, explore and expand their sexual horizons together as a couple. The primary benefit for couples is better, more satisfying sex.

Due to its hands-free mechanism, a man can use the Aneros prostate stimulator in a wide variety of positions during traditional intercourse. During intercourse, as the man thrusts he contracts his pc and sphincter muscle at the same time. This causes the Aneros prostate stimulator to move, stimulating his prostate. The stimulation increases blood flow to the urogenital area of the body, so as a result the man will have a harder erection, be able to control his orgasm and last longer, and when he ejaculates, he will empty much more fully, with a substantially stronger, longer orgasm.

His partner will also enjoy the benefit of an increased performance. With the Aneros prostate stimulator, it’s possible for a man to experience a temporary “Viagra-like” boost in his sex drive, naturally and with none of the chemical side effects.

From an intimacy perspective, the prostate play with the Aneros prostate stimulator brings an added dimension to the bedroom for the adventurous couple looking for new ways to enjoy each other’s bodies. One customer wrote on our forum saying he was changed forever after experiencing a Super-O, and having the experience made him want to be a better husband to his wife!

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