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Benefits for Men

The Aneros prostate stimulator can used solo in a variety of positions to achieve stronger penile orgasms or, with patience and practice, incredible full-body prostate-centric orgasms.

Pleasure For Men
The Aneros prostate stimulator will facilitate your attainment of the continuous male “Super-O” orgasm experience by using anal sphincter-induced prostate and perineum stimulation. Users have reported continuous full body non-ejaculatory orgasms of up to an hour at a time, all without touching the penis. For some men, the Super-O will happen very quickly. For others, it will take practice (this is called “the path to the Super-O”), but every man is believed to have this capability inside of him.

Right out of the box, the Aneros prostate stimulator can be used during masturbation to greatly enhance a traditional penile orgasm by massaging the prostate during masturbation. The subsequent ejaculation is a much stronger orgasm.

For more stories about how the Aneros prostate stimulator is changing the way men think about what is possible sexually, visit the Forum and Testimonials pages.

The Aneros prostate stimulator can open up a whole new world for you and is truly expanding the limits of sexual pleasure which a man can attain.

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