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Why It Works

The unique pleasure men can achieve with the Aneros is incredible. Here we explain the relationship between the prostate, anal contractions, and Aneros.

The prostate, perineum, and anal sphincter hold important roles in sexual orgasms and may have further roles not yet fully known. The patented, innovative design of the Aneros Massager simultaneously stimulates all three of these erogenous zones directly to further unleash their potential in creating intense, dry multiple orgasms.

The important nerves that control the sexual organs, including those controlling erection, orgasm, and ejaculation, converge at the prostate and the perineum area. For this reason, prostate and perineum massage have been very effective means for healthier and enhanced sexual functions since ancient times. Classic sexual tomes such as the Kama Sutra expound upon the vast sexual potential hidden within this area. For most men, this area has never before been directly stimulated in a way to trigger orgasms. The nerves located here are deep within the body – an untapped source of pleasure and sexual ecstasy – never before as easily stimulated until now.

The innovative design of the Aneros allows for effective, simultaneous massage of the prostate, the juncture point of the left and right ampulla of vases and seminal vesicles, and the acupressure point of the perineum. The nerves at the seminal vesicle and the ampulla of vas are the same group of nerves that lead to and through the testicles, and the perineum region is an innervation bridge to the nerves distributed to penis and the scrotum. Thus, the Aneros enables stimulation of all internal and external organs at the same time both directly and indirectly.

Testimonials from numerous users of the Aneros Massager elaborate on the experience of intense, dry orgasms unlike any they have experienced before without any external sexual organ stimulation. This leads us to believe that there are other factors involved here that differentiate this from a regular orgasm. Ordinarily when the brain is stimulated either physically (external sexual organ stimulation) or spiritually (emotionally or mentally) the brain sends trigger signals to the nerves responsible for orgasm. It is believed that the Aneros releases those nerves from control by the brain and directly stimulates those nerves resulting in a touch sensitive, pure quality orgasm. Thus, intense, prolonged, multiple orgasms can be achieved by directly stimulating those nerves, eliminating the secondary pathway. Furthermore, when this new method is combined with spiritual stimulation, the orgasm is intensified.

The anal sphincter also plays an important role in sexual orgasm. The anal sphincter contracts and relaxes repeatedly during orgasm. Without these anal contractions, orgasms would be diluted and less climactic. With stronger anal contractions, more intense orgasms can be achieved. This is because the nerves that branch out to the anal and the rectal area are also distributed throughout the external sex organs. In fact, there are even a few people who are capable of achieving orgasm just by voluntary contractions of the anal sphincter, but unfacilitated, this is very difficult.

Voluntary contraction and relaxation of the anal sphincter during use of the Aneros strengthens and tones the PC muscles. This is the basis of Kegel Exercises, established in aiding problems of the lower tracts such as urinary incontinence. Toning that results from use of the Aneros not only sensitizes and activates the nerves within this area, but also strengthens the muscles to increase the massage pressure applied to the prostate and perineum. Furthermore, since anal contractions play a large role in orgasm, better control of these muscles can help improve, control, and intensify the orgasms.

We conclude that this new high quality orgasm can only be achieved when the Aneros stimulates all internal and external sexual organs including the anus itself by its own contraction. Furthermore, the nerves are freed from being under control of the brain so that besides the orgasm the Aneros Massager allows all the nerves within this area to pronounce their own distinct expression of pleasures as described below.

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