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Welcome to the Aneros Learning Center.
Before you embark on your Aneros experience, it’s important to learn as much as you can about it. Here we tell you about the special design, mechanism, and reasons why the Aneros works so well.

The Aneros is a hands-free, internationally patented device specifically designed for prostate, or Male G-Spot stimulation. Using no batteries or electronically induced vibrations, the Aneros transforms the body’s own energy into amazing sensations. The mechanism is simple, but extremely effective.

With the Aneros, a man can achieve strong, continuous full-body orgasms previously unattainable through conventional sexual techniques. These orgasms are so earth-shattering that they deserve a special nickname – The Super Orgasm, or as our enthusiasts prefer, The “Super-O.” A Super-O is entirely different from a traditional penile orgasm – it is characterized by pleasure starting from the lower abdomen that awashes the entire body in a state of bliss.

The man does not ejaculate during a Super-O. This means there is no “recharging” or “time out” period needed. Through practice, a man can have these orgasms, one after the other during sessions lasting for an hour or more at a time. Even short sessions can feel long as our customers have reported that during Super-O sessions their “beds shake uncontrollably” and they “lose all track and sense of time.”

The Aneros can also be used to great effect during traditional sexual encounters. During oral sex and traditional intercourse, when the man uses the Aneros he will be harder, last longer, have better control. His prostate will empty more fully during ejaculation, which means a more intense and satisfying orgasm. This increased sexual performance is a great secondary benefit for the partner as well. The Aneros is a great way to explore and expand your intimacy with your partner.

2 Responses to “Overview”

  1. decatur1945 says:

    Use the aneros prostate massager occassionally, but just recently came on the idea of using it in conjunction with a penis pump. This is probably nothing really new but it was to me. It was a very nice expereince, not sure if there are any long term benefits but it seemed to be a good idea and my erections seemed to be firmer.

  2. Bryan says:

    I have some problems with orgasm because of nerve damage caused by testicular cancer surgery (lymph nodes were removed from spleen, nerves damaged from this)
    I lost allot of the sensations from climax and ejaculation I had retrograde ejaculation(my cum would go into my bladder and the sensation from forward ejaculation was lost.I was very depressed by this. The wonderful sensations of orgasm were lost.
    But when I started using the Aneros some of the great sensations of orgasm came back. I was impressed by it.

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