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A key feature of the Aneros is the fact that it is a hands-free device. In this section we explain why being hands-free makes the Aneros effective, safe, and versatile.

Movement For An Effective Massage

From the Random House House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2006:

mas·sage 1. the act or art of treating the body by rubbing, kneading, patting, or the like, to stimulate circulation, increase suppleness, relieve tension, etc.


Aneros Pivot Point

The hallmark of any effective massage is continual movement and manipulation of the muscles. For example, during a back massage a massage therapist seeks to relax a muscle by repeating a cycle: apply pressure, release pressure. When the therapist quickly rubs the muscle, the cycle is fast. When deeper, kneading-type strokes are used, these are still cycles, just slower. This movement of the muscle is what promotes healthy circulation, increasing blood flow and providing fresh nutrients to the treated area. When this stagnation is released, the muscle can begin to heal itself.

Stimulation Needs Movement
Plesaurable stimulation relies on movement as well. Consider the body’s traditional erogenous zones – the penis, nipples, and clitoris. Pleasurable sensations derived from these are the result of some kind of stimulation. In every case, the stimulation is tied to some active movement – the flick of a tongue, the use of hands or fingers, the mouth during oral sex, or thrusting during intercourse.

Movement is the key, but it is quality of the movement that takes the pleasure to another level. Think back to some of the greatest sexual experiences of your life. Chances are, yours and your lover’s bodies moved rhythmically together, almost as one. The Aneros works on this same principle – by moving with each contraction, the Aneros works perfectly in tune with your body. The Aneros stimulates without distraction. This freedom facilitates your mind and body acting harmoniously as a single entity, allowing you to focus only on the incredible feelings you are experiencing.

The Aneros Is Designed To Move
As the world’s only medically patented prostate massager, the Aneros is precisely anatomically designed to massage and stimulate the prostate.

Though the prostate gland is not a technically a muscle and traditionally is not considered to be an erogenous zone, it shares characteristics of both, particulary in the way it responds to massage and stimulation. For a hard (stagnated) or enlarged prostate, massage has shown to be effective in shrinking and softening the prostate, in effect, promoting its healing. This concept is similar to the way traditional therapeutic massage can shrink and soften your shoulder and back muscles. Like a penis or clitoris, the prostate can be stimulated by massage. Similar to these sexual organs, stimulation of the prostate is heightened with mental or visual arousal.

The Aneros is designed to move inside the man’s body in order to provide an effective, active prostate massage. It is not stagnant like an unmoving “prostate plug” under the guise of being a massager nor does it masquerade movement by using numbing vibrations like some of our imitations and knock-offs. The Aneros provides true movement through its patented hands-free mechanism. A contracted sphincter muscle causes the Aneros to pivot forward, stroking the prostate. A relaxed sphincter causes the Aneros to pivot back, providing an external prostate massage via the perineum. This cycle of contracting and relaxing is the engine which drives the movement of the Aneros which results in extremely pleasurable sensations. The more frequent the contractions, the faster the cycles; the stronger the contractions, the deeper the massage.

Every subtle curve of each Aneros model has a purpose, to achieve the ideas of our patents, giving a man the ability to administer a self-propelled, hands-free prostate massage solely via muscular contractions of his own body. The pleasurable sensations follow.

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  1. Tyciol says:

    Um, ‘soften’ perhaps, but massage does not ‘shrink’ muscles. A lot of guys would not get back/shoulder massages if that happened because we like having large muscular backs and shoulders. Massage might help with inflammation or getting rid of lactate or something, but that mass is not actually muscles, so it’s not itself shrinking, just contaminants.

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