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How It Works

A key feature of the Aneros is the fact that it is a hands-free device. In this section we explain why being hands-free makes the Aneros effective, safe, and versatile.

Sphincter Detail

The Aneros converts the body’s own anal-sphincter muscle contractions into fuel for itself. Each “squeeze” of the anal-sphincter causes the Aneros to pivot forward, providing a direct internal massage of the prostate. When the man “relaxes” the sphincter muscle, the Aneros pivots back, pressing on the pernieum for an external prostate massage. The man’s body becomes in tune with this cycle of squeezing and relaxing, and he begins to experience involuntary contractions of the sphincter muscle.

This virtually simultaneous stimulation of the prostate and perineum enables a man to experience a wide variety of mind-blowing sensations.

4 Responses to “How It Works”

  1. michael collier says:

    wish i had a aneros

  2. latin love says:

    I’m doing research for some product training on the aneros. I’m consulting for a store that carries the product. aside from my profession. As a woman who has a lot of background knowledge, I am still delighted at the information and the aneros tool for male prostate massage as well as the benefits. Pretty cool guys. Loooove it!!!

    I also believe that the reason thes kinds of tools work so well is most men sit alot blocking energy to the root chakra. The root chakra is male warrior energy. When blocked a man can feel stressed, ungrounded, flighty. It isn’t normal for the body to be blocked int he root chakra.

    Men are very connected to their package, its how he connects to the world.

    I have a large male clientel as a professional Massage Therapist, 15 yrs. experience. They are ALWAYS TIGHT IN THE INNER THIGH AREA AS WELL AS THE ROOT CHAKRA. The energy in this area, not having an efficient release does affect the “whole body”.
    I highly recommend yoga and mediation as well. Kundalini yoga is what I recommend to my clients, as well as taking a Tantric course for self awareness.

    After reading the information I will definitely refer this product for prostate health to my clients.

  3. Carl says:

    I purchased my Aneros about a year ago. the first time i used it , i used it incorrectly. I pulled out today and followed the directions to the letter. I imagined that was my g spot i stimulated.

  4. Erik Tessman says:

    I have GOT tot get one NOW!

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